Nikolas Cruz

Niagara County, NY (WBEN) - The Niagara County Sheriff's Department has announced that two students have been charged with falsely reporting an incident in separate events at different schools. In Starpoint, a school resource officer was made aware of a where one student overheard another saying he...
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Photo Courtesy Dick's Sporting Goods
(ABC News) Dick's Sporting Goods Inc., one of the largest retailers of its kind in the United States, is taking new steps to curtail the sale of firearms in its 700-plus stores, including ending sales of assault-style rifles and banning the sale of guns to people younger than 21, the company...
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South Florida Sun-Sentinel via AP
(WBEN/ABC/AP) Students are returning to class at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School today for the first time since the mass shooting at the Parkland, Florida, school that killed 17 people and sent shockwaves across the nation. The walkway leading onto the campus is lined with flowers and...
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AP photo
(WBEN) As the debate over guns in America continues to percolate across the country, Congressman Brian Higgins wants to see congressional hearings to try and craft a bill that perhaps Republicans and Democrats could both support. And by including law enforcement opinions in such an open forum, he...
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AP Photo
Dave Debo
February 16, 2018 - 7:14 am
(WBEN) In Florida, the gun that prosecutors say Nikolas Cruz used at that Florida High School was an A-R 15-that police say he bought legally, despite having shown some threatening behaviors in the past. And in New York State, even with one of the nation's toughest gun control laws, chances are, he...
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