It's #MoveDay to Oishei Children's Hospital

Patients moving one by one via ambulance

November 10, 2017 - 8:41 am

Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - Right on schedule, at 7:01am, 12 year old Olivia Reger was whisked out of Women and Children's Hospital on Bryant Street.  The scene was more like that of a celebrity surrounded by a paparazzi of photographers and media as she was bundled in blankets and wheeled into the first ambulance waiting to make the short trip to Oishei Children's Hospital.

Once aboard that ambulance marked with the graphic "It's Moving Day", Reger was taken down Bryant Street to Delaware Avenue and down Ellicott to the lobby entrance of the new Oishei Childrens Hospital.  That scenario will be repeated throughout moving day as the Kaleida team executes a well rehearsed minute-by-minute plan.

"We've had a great day so far," Cassie Church, clinical lead coordinator, said at 11 a.m. "Our pediatric intensive care unit has successfully and safely moved 12 patients over to our new facility. Hematology Oncology made it over there safely with six patients. At this moment in time we have safely transferred one mother from labor and delivery."

NICU had six patients leave the building and head to the Oishei Children's Hospital as of the last update at 11 a.m.

Patients moving from old to new are being ushered through the lobby of the new hospital and are greeted by an attentive medical team that accepts them and moves them to the appropriate floor and hospital location.

Kaleida President and CEO Jody Lomeo told WBEN "there were a lot of tears" as the goodbyes to the longtime facility.  The day began in the command center on Bryant Street with a brief prayer as the staff set out to execute a plan they've rehearsed multiple times in recent months.  Board Chairman Frank Curci describes the move day operation as a "military operation".  Even the unseasonably frigid temperatures in the 20's isn't chilling spirits and efforts here as Lomeo said, "this is hospital moving weather, it could be much worse".

As the move operation settled into motion, word came out that what would be the last birth at the old hospital had occurred and the new lullaby signifying a newborn was played at the Oishei facility.  A couple patients were admitted to the Oishei Emergency Department early in the process and most of the neo-natal patients had been successfully transported to the new hospital.

Dozens of volunteers are on hand for the move day effort and are gathering on the 2nd floor for periodic breaks in the action and sharing their reflections of the old hospital and excitement for the new.

UPDATE: Children's Hospital Move

Children's Hospital gives an 11:00am update on the move from Women and Children's Hospital to the new Oishei Children's Hospital

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