Youth Football - Cleve Hill Coach Glenn Graham


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Many high school football teams are getting ready to hit the field to end there's more concern it seems than ever before. As more information comes out about the dangers of the sport join us live is Klan grand. He's picked Cleveland hill high school football coach Glenn we're glad you could join us have you noticed. A big change in participation in football. Well it depends on the school program and our program. We have seen much of the change. Although the schools and other districts and compared to change. Their participation offers. How is coaching and depth practices things like that changed over the last ten years or so when it kind of becomes clear that may be. You know banging heads every day is not the best thing going forward in life. Four and you know there has been to see huge revolution. A lot of what we do you read gracious. Well the wind practice. How impeached tackle blocking. Yeah of course and then. The support that you get district like ours don't have certified by the traditional. The PR home we're always. Very aware what goes on to succeed or. A player's name. So you he practices that are quite different from what it was like ten years ago twenty years ago or forty years to complete a school. Glenn do you find yourself addressing concerns from parents more than ever before. You don't want to equity. I think part of what happens at a school like there are other small community and and won't do you know we've got and called is crucial if we have to protect the kids are good. Huge peninsula and of course she thought what was available to answer questions that should be available for questions. I should. Com parents sects I think understandably may be asking a little bit more questions but what about the kids themselves is there any hesitation from the kids or are they finding themselves having to be. I don't know maybe held back from doing you know more than they should at this point in their around you you know playing career will call. One you know but what ultimately cat again that our guys understand. You know he's yeah. It's Arnold for us. And include big tanker in terms of players and they're more likely to point out when they think somebody could get that might be hypocrites I don't know if they secretly monitor and then it's just not right. Well elliptical and golf or they'll alert our trainer and won't be going twelve process. Second almost individuals to make sure that everything's okay key plot to ensure that they get to the way people. In terms of equipment today how to helmets changed. With respect to concussions are out there. Out helmets and I'm wondering how much they've changed in the last few years with respect to all this concern about concussions. Formula I believe it changed. We deal over the last. Thirty plus years and I've been coaching. I couldn't go what you get right now. Better yet. To put it in. You see intrusions on the would protect your job you'd see that it is but more. Comfortable but at the same time. It's much more equipment. The Egyptian whom I hope you can kill them and see if they can your condition has he's rejected. I would put that rested. Some troops. Over the that I could go. Did you see maybe going forward in the future looking at the next ten years more schools having their combined programs. Are you mentioned over Cleve Phil maybe not says so much of a decline in enrollment dropped from what you're seeing. Around the city around the area. And I think that the trend that's not going to go away. Soon but I actually on the web has been with. They're all grown. Up students. Across the region. And I think another in this a lot of schools. Also a lot of sports so. That was the pool. You have school. And some sports are just. More. Difficult to practice so there's one more appeal to keep motorsports. Bush's. Sport like football and that's what what questions will be better actors shouldn't but I think overall the trend. Schools combined could picture that provide opportunities is something that you received or. Output quickly. Glimmer we're glad you could join us this morning thanks at Glen Graham is the football coach. At Cleve hill high school.