Yanny or Laurel? An Audio Clip That Is Dividing The Internet 5/16 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 4

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Wednesday, May 16th

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News radio 930 WB EN yeah. Where were among the that rare where in the top 100 somewhere we just got her results are doing very well yeah certainly certainly time for big break. As for The Beatles. He's Tom Bauer Leahy you it would give at bachelorette. That could charm his way fuel battles and David Bellamy rest assured that history will remember you was okay. It's the hourly and they'll be that well yesterday so it was really disappoint on news radio 930 WD. You know we're gonna edit new wrinkle. To this hour the show first of all I cannot believe that we spent so much time talking about this but obviously this is sweeping America and we look. Guys you got to understand some about talk radio if we're not talking about what people are talking about. We end up like frankly a lot of newspapers. We end up you know in in the ash heap of history. So we were both well aware that this is not everybody's cup at three. But I'm gonna tell an upset this a million times our folks. However exciting or however boring you think a particular topic is I assure you. Bet I could bring in Jesus Christ. Adolf Hitler and Moammar Qaddafi for an in studio discussion about life and some people would still say. This topic socks on Schwarzenegger added Ian Rodgers. You got to understand is just the way things are all right we're never gonna please everybody all the time no matter what the topic here's OK so here here's. New York Times that they had that app that we are talking about here is as the home changes absurd the pitch changes. You'll hear a different version so we have. The basically the oral your pitchers changing as your head cold sets them and give me your cold I'm going to be so pissed off as soon at least I can record laurel changes over to Yani to hear me. Coral. Loral. Loral. Loral. Now I haven't for those who are a little bit confused. Weep and I wanna commend the New York Times and this do you don't often say that but I have to commend the New York Times. For what they put up on the web site and we have that posted on the buy hourly envelop via FaceBook page. And you can actually adjust this yourself and let me know let us both low. If you win you adjusted here's what I found out. Sometimes. I. I have to move it only slightly to the left of center to hear laurel. Other times I've got to move almost all the way to the and figure laurel it changes so that lends credence to what does doctor Michael Schmidt from richer cardiology told us earlier about the class this is the of the brain because this and it was the same the background noise was the same the only. Be the only thing that apparently was fluid was my break. But don't make any comments because your brain is this why you know I'm a normal you know. Guy. Surprisingly enough. So what 8030930. Is the number and we're gonna expand the moral verses Yoni debate you know we're gonna take your explanations. And I give them folks I cannot emphasize this enough what I find most fascinating about this two things number one I think this goes a long way. As a practical demonstration of why we have to America as we have truck loving America trump eating America same guy saying that. Same economy and yet. Half the country thinks the guy is the savior and a half the country thinks the guys African lunatic. Okay same information. Different interpretations. Of that information I think this is a great metaphor. Also in terms of a courtroom situation. I mentioned this earlier I'll mention it again. A lot of criminal defendants when faced with audio evidence they were all higher ought ability evidence that will try to convince a jury. That way and John Gotti is on tape talking about going over to bust somebody up. That is really saying hey could you pick me up a fight Romaine salad. Their portability experts and frankly if it was a defense attorney I would keep this little exercise and be and I would see it again I don't know what the rules of evidence are don't know how this would fly at this my daughter about that the blah school kid. But numbers worked that in subtly. But. I'm very I'm very proud of Aaron and I'm proud of myself and the Joni Mitchell song is they paved paradise. To put upon parking lot not. A pair of gay guys put upon parking. That's very that's the new wrinkle this hour and David is responsible for it because. The the song lyrics that you have most often miss hurt and guys. I am so guilty of this there are songs I've heard a million times and I think I know the lyrics and minister I start to learn the chords for the song that are with the lyrics and I'm like oh my god I've been singing it wrong this law. Did did you know that this idea of the lyric I wanna hold your hand The Beatles yes when they sing I get high. Yes I'd get high yes many people to this day believe it's I can't hide I can't hide Wohl. You know what I believe that so what song leader is I can't hide I can't hide that's my boy I've been singing for the longest I've. I get high. I get a high did not say that they say I can't hide honestly I thought they saying vote. Really I thought it was vote yet while I've I've learned to play that song yet. I will. But those are famous song probably never as well as John visualize the guitar player for the local band flip side Richard Garcia and her buy hourly and belt via FaceBook page. When I go out of the weekends they try to put some stuff on FaceBook live because I'd like to support our local musicians. And please don't give me the troll about lord just go and seek cover bands you know there's a reason for that we all like that with which we are familiar and I like to see local bands doing their interpretations of songs I know. Does that mean I don't like local bands that do original stuff. No in fact that two hills reignited that played the cold over the weekend I wanted to see him. But as I was only there on Friday united and feel like making the drive to the cove twice in the same weekend and I want to thank the management at the cold for moving the colds bus away from the handicaps but it in there to have occupied that just didn't look good but I'm glad Nicole took my constructive criticism. And I'm glad it's such a great venue for local music I think thing. The AC DC's are dirty deeds done dirt cheap all ordinary you're not going merit what. Dirty deeds done which she. I mean her fodder that. Bad mood on the arise Jon Fogarty CC are even his own daughter thought he was singing there's a bathroom on the right there sort of error there so what song lyrics that you murdered this is a great demonstration again same stimuli. Different interpretation. And the next time you think about Hamachi your neighbor who loves Donald Trump. Well actually listened to bishop of the next to thank you your neighbor who hates Donald Trump. Think just remember this exercise that. People can experience the same thing but come up with different interpretations. I only variable is the human brain Elton job hold me closer Tony Dan and oh yeah. At a course one of the most famous Jimi Hendrix purple always texts me like this that's. Many people David believe. Excuse me while I kiss this guy. An early gay rights at the right exactly and go your own way for years has been song as you can grow your room we eat. That way that that well today at bat as much as I'd like to see Fleetwood Mac. Without Lindsey Buckingham what's the point cure the guys tool. Yeah he's sorry he's big and without him I'm less inclined to wanna go if you thought that Lindsey Buckingham was the problem just listen to him explain the situation and you immediately realize he is. Problem well I'm I'm man crush distilled bottled Fagan Steely Dan we're gonna say it is about Libya we're doing the yeah on the they say yeah I mean or are they say. Moral. And what song lyrics parrot you also miss heard horror missed interpreted all Bedford man. It is earth band and a song that was actually written by Bruce Springsteen but the boss did everything that was that was tempered and back in the seventies. Wrapped up like a deuce in the middle of that guy that's right there's an eighth grade and we have a whole classroom discussion about. Dues. Being something other than dues many people for years thought Johnny cash's I can see clearly now is actually. I can see clearly now little rain is gone when it's the rain. Johnny Cash huge in my first Johnny Cash apps Johnny Cash it's your job and our let's we're gonna take some calls obviously as we like talking to you guys 8030 my thirty started thirty. 180616. WB Ian you've got to set the interplay between the two of us gets tighter and better over time. As a relief is let's get back to the calls on WB the and the moral verses you need debate. And this song lyrics that you had massacred and I'm embarrassed folks I'm embarrassed that is many times and is ever certain songs. When I go I looked the lyrics up home much I screwed them up here is. Robert in Cheektowaga Robert you are WB Ian welcome. Hello guys from being. The first time I heard dot well you Annie and oral. Audio. Google and on FaceBook shared by a sister and what I listen to it. I'd heard Humboldt simultaneously. Valid art with what you guys have been discussing it might have been ordered different. Frequency you know armed. I don't know how to explain that every time I hear on the radio now our own hearing oral. So that might be people might be being played at a different you know speed earned what have you. Apparently what it is is it if it is both at the same time but it different pitches there. Is that David what you're getting out of his New York Times thing layer are bold words are in the bit by it depends on the pitch exactly. And come also with the parents' fingers thanks armed. That there's this thing that one called the Mandela sex. There people believe that Nelson Mandela died in the nineties and prisoners something I don't know what date they coined the term. Because there's a lot of other examples of how people remember things differently such as the bears and bears. Our market to go running out of my head right now while it reserves and it was. I didn't know. Until that I did not know until this very day it was part CDO along I did not know until this very today about the Mandela affect somebody you guys to email that. No I don't know I definitely am aware of it is I'm into. I'm a little bit into it and here's appears that this is kind of like someone is sort of wanted it. Plus Chevrolet conspiracy through those guys just as the human mind what what's a conspiracy theory though. Alternate universe. You know someone out there like ship is part of the population to a different universe little bit wild and crazy book. I don't SATA I can't I can't go there with you I mean I think there is some. You can't go to guy who we knew we didn't start by shifting the universe and all I care. Why I cannot go to alternate universe is well okay hey they don't exist and that's crazy or BE I'm not Smart enough to grasp it. And oftentimes BA I'm not Smart enough to grasp it seems to be the likely choice. A have followed by our new guys. Thanks very much appreciate the call we've by the way half hour on big foot last week just you know. Investors were. Here's the text yourself right hourly wrapped up like a huge LOO well. I don't know if they agree with the interpretation. Or if they say that and the one who's wrapped up like that huge either way it works for very. It is 625 spot in Bellevue your afternoon radio als on news radio 930 WB. The man. It's removal program and an awful and they. Lyric she says produced but there's not a doubt in my mind you say and do which I'm sorry if he's clearly saying it. Regardless of what Springsteen wrote. And that's the man for man and his current ban version of the song which was like the song on the radio and as in junior high school. It is hourly and all of it under for the 930 WBE. And so felt we are. ND. We're talking about the controversy which is swept the country. More on there. I'm sore moral her moral or you enemy. What are you here. Yeah laurels. Yeah. Yeah world laurel do you now. Funny story. And I don't end there I am very happy that I'm not alone in this and therefore don't need to question my sanity. At least on this front but it is. The situation where when I first heard this exact same thing at all. I heard Yani I tried to your laurel I could not make my brain here moral we got into the radio station we listen to it that Tim wingers computer. It was Yemeni. Yan. Yet we come into the studio I put on the headphones. Moral immoral war only wants. Did I hear what I thought was the ending to yen. But I wanna know what you hear but. You know this is a fascinating exercise not just in what you hear but what your kids here. Are your kids hearing something different that what you work your at some of the techsters at least one of the callers has made that observation. Younger people typically have better hearing than older people. That's not a big surprise. And we also wanna find out about our early in bill via speaking of Manfred Mann and blinded by the light. Is there a song whose lyrics you have absolutely. Butchered. Over the years. Richard Woodward met 28030. And I thirty. Start by 3180616. WBE. And and what interests me about this whole subject. Are the larger ramifications. Involving human communication. And human perception. Here is art and the falls on WBBM IR. Paul good afternoon loosened. My wife and I were watching. Sulphide and there's a panel of five people. And they played that true words. And the people on the panel disagreed with each other's arms that they heard Yani some say that they are bore. You know what's interesting about that is. Want part. I'm sitting able to fifteen feet away from that table. My wife is almost in front of the TV. I hear Loral Loral Loral space she says I heard Yani Yani Yani. They played it twice and the same results from fifteen feet away I hear laurel. Right front of the TV she years idiotic clear as a bell. Well what what do you make of all this because I mean I've got me and I think some might early theories are actually being proven true by the staying in the New York Times but there what do you think is gonna. But the thing is that they're not even similar to each other. But that that's a part because you people player commercial. You played it for years. Art Golden Nugget bingo it's like a little slow song race thing. The first time I heard it I said my captors saying Tommy naked eagle nominee meg of the year and this. My wife she's a Verizon loosened the airplanes Tommy magazine. And she's saying you're right. And it took me awhile but I understand they were saying Golden Nugget bingo. But it's sound more like Tommy mega digital that it those. Golden Nugget bingo not your ears place strange tricks. But there's some missiles remarkable. That this is good that we're going operated on a number of years but how could that two people. Sitting in the same room. Different distances away from the TV. Here two different things and I mean. Here well see I think what this demonstrates is something I said very early I think that one of the variables is the differences human beings have in their abilities to hear different frequencies and different pitches. So I think that is one variable that changes. Another variable is the background noise. And another variable is the speaker through which the word is being played. So there are three. Variables that are at play in this whole thing and if you drove access are to the Internet. Though guard I wish it did because I got to commend the New York Times and I want anybody who does have access to the Internet to go to the Bauerle ability of FaceBook page there's a link to the New York Times piece to scroll through the comments. Here's a link to the New York Times and what's bizarre news. You can move they control lever between Yoni. And laurel. And depending. On wind you do it. Because if it change it changes. How far you have to go left and to hear I think it's moral and how far you have to go right. To hear Yani. The same person listening to the same record and within seconds sometimes you just have to move it. A little bit past setter and the other times you have to go practically total left or the right tier one word or the other and I want people to do that its permanent home and then call in and report the result. Isn't there a little frightening. When they can make words it has since come out of your mall that you didn't it didn't really say. Well you know what. It's things like this don't frightened because there's always a logical explanation. And that's what we've been trying to to achieve. Today I mean look here are are there there there is more in heaven and earth Horatio than is dreamt of in your philosophy there's a lot of weird stuff up on this planet okay. Guess I told my wife it's like watching a magician do enact. And it's it's just found the until they show you how it's done. Well you know. It's it's funny. What what you said earlier because. Have you heard any of what we've talked about today as far as the the possible ramifications of bears in a court of law. Yes I. That's the part that I think is frightening. Yeah and and frankly again this is a tremendous. Demonstration. Of being able to create reasonable doubt in a juror's mind that the government's tape. What you think you're hearing and what you were being told you're hearing may not be orchard Arab. Yes that's why I say what more they'll they'll they'll. Try have lead to more progress in this field. And they'll they'll be able to do things that we've never dreamt up there that left part frightening parts. Well OK it is technology. Can be frightening because when what you're seeing is not what you are seeing it. It believe me. It is that what what you're hearing okay. Is kind of an audio version of what is the new wave in military camouflage which is believe it or not and visibility. And you can achieve it with non Linear optics with the material known as a meta material. You can achieve with adaptive camouflage Wear and an individual wearing the right equipment can actually. Blend in with the background. And you get this to me is an audio demonstration. Of what is currently being worked by our military for better. Infiltration capabilities. I cannot. Time I got to tell you your vocabulary is something. Let's go too far and all I think what you're very. Well probably not because my views on homosexuals in John's terps were pretty different I'm glad you called them that thank you you. All right and I mean you can you can look all that stuff up online it's fascinating if it truly is I mean we have come so far for from old school camouflaged there was snow camouflage and World War II in the Korean War war the desert camouflage used in desert storm. The human eyes and optics can be manipulative and at this where. If you can reform act light. In a certain way. You can blend into the background without anybody even knowing you were there. And there's various technologies. And materials that can be used to reflect light. It is it for it it's one of the most fascinating areas. Research going on now with our military and leading universities. Let's get back to the calls a WBE. And it is. And let me just tell you a little Acxiom. If you can hide things by bending light. If you bend light the other way you can bring them out it's called the iPad the photo Booth stretch. Feature. Here is appropriate in west Seneca on WBE. NN and a bike and figure out what you think the Russians could do anyway here's Maria in west Seneca high. I'm sorry they're great. This is really weird because. I didn't leave this I even did and it was it scam. And my husband could not always what. What don't you believe that this is like saying you don't believe in an eclipse what what precisely do you know apple. I thought it was. Like a lot of people that kid fooling around we're hearing two different class. Whether it's kids falling around is immaterial I think it's not even arguable that some people are going Yemeni and others are hearing more world you disagree with a. Well I did disagree on that aspect. I've been near my hard bitten and not think about that he was. It's it's not. Not like that every. Right Jack. If you are still in my life election I didn't even tell him cute cute one at the word that just sat there that there acute here. Now I heard oral every single time. He hurt me we get it straight time he heard an. And I was reading something act. One theory is that people that came here. High frequencies. Here at the end here at the guitar player so I'm wondering. If you aren't meant something to do. Where. Musical ability or something all. I don't know that it has something to do a musical ability I think the more likely explanation is is that a your husband probably has as every guitar player has some degree. Of hearing damage. And at that hearing to damage can affect your ability typically beat your high end but sometimes local and so minute let that set I think there's three variables going on here there's background noise there are Pete there's speakers through which people are hearing it. And there's also one's individual. Hearing deficits. I think that's why it if you do if you did you have access to the Internet Maria. On the volley ability of FaceBook page scroll down through the comments and go to the New York Times that. And topic and and observe how weird it is that you and we'll have the little knob it. See you can play around with that and your ability to hear each word is gonna change every time you do it that's that's what's freaky I mean it's not like scary but it's it's a great demonstration of yours. Right right. Yeah I totally. I totally changing light not the guys. I really do not it was a joke I I had to do it three times and I could not believe. Carrying yes and I and plowing him I've heard Laura and me and believed I was hearing tomorrow now. Actually called well. As I've said this a few times but no matter how many times earlier today I tried to get my brain to hear moral. Let you know when you look at the famous picture of hits on which no to beautiful woman. You know I can always train my brain to pick up act there is though rich and here's the point to look at to see the which bears a beautiful girl. I could not do that with my ears like could not figure out I couldn't hear laurel if my life depended on it earlier. And ever since they came on the air for nothing but laurel. Right right. With that one split second exception of here at the other on it it kinda. Great because. You you're happy or other hurt and you. Well you know what. Here's what I would suggest instead of letting it drive you crazy because there's enough in this world that will drive you crazy if you would give to your. Use it as a learning experience and I've been trying to emphasize this all day long. There's a reason we are a bipolar country right now there's a reason were divided country right now. If one word can divide a country so much what it's just imagine why it is that one president. Different people looking at the same guy doing the same thing can have such different interpretations. Of whether he is Satan incarnate or the savior of the republic. Right are great. I agree and last but not least Maria song lyrics that you must any song lyric. I ally in your entire. I call. Well that's unfortunate that. Were were also adding that into the mix the final hour program. Are. At a dairy Maria well thank you very much a magical. Am I right. And if you're just joining us David cited earlier one of the best examples of that of all time Jimi Hendrix the song purple days the actual lyrics excuse me while I kiss. Sky. So many people even to this day think he's singing excuse me while I kiss this guy. An early gay rights proclamation. Update and another famous one. My dating myself for what credence Clearwater Jon Fogarty there's a bad mood on the rise. Records and that's on. There's a bad mood on their eyes so many people here there's a bathroom on the right. Actually Fogarty lives. Is that he'd be the actually jokes about it. Let's go to Germany in Ottawa Canada on WB and Judy first of all have you tried that exercise in the New York Times. I strongly recommended because it'll offer UH fascinating insight into this. Okay what this is what happened. The first time I heard there's guys listened to for like an hours so I felt my bet I do work. Etiquette here in Italy and investors say tomorrow. And then. Later Adam went inside me get dinner. And it hit the rate Illini your laurels. At. Different environments with different background noises. Up and then I came back. I picked is more work and I hurtful but they were treated and voices. Well. You don't Wear this pitch and frequency is also fascinating. It in terms of camouflage. One of the things that there were searching right now in this whole new wave of camouflage news. How is it possible. Not just to hide the visual traces of somebody but how do you hide the audio traces. Of somebody. And they're actually developing technology. Where somebody could literally be running across concrete and they have the ability to block out those sounds. I mean and let's put it this way this exercise. That you know between the Yene and the moral. Is a demonstration. Of you and get people's brains to play tricks on them in terms of audio. What a weird thing was after I came out and any guy played it again. And I heard yeah me and it Arum I think both of them its belt ticket into the position like I hear it in the EP MD. It's what it is it's it's the pitch and what I was describing before is if you take the ambient noise of a if you take the ambient noise of a certain area. And you'd jacked up the frequency. Of that ambient noise you jacked up the volume of that. The noise is that his background noise of like footsteps. The equipment being dragged you could actually cover that up. And this this whole exercise in New York Times. It is fascinating validation of that. I better go check. It set out against. All I strongly usage asked that I mean you know the New York Times obviously very anti truck paper but I have with this story Dave they get a good job. Which who do you go to the Bali in bella via FaceBook page and scroll down into the comets and you'll see it. Out. All right thank you very much that we have time for more calls it 030930. Start at 930 and 180616. WBE and it is the hourly and bella via. Coming up of course tomorrow I don't think we're going to be talking about the moral yummy controversy. Unless. We get the definitive explanation but frankly I think the closest we're gonna. To a definitive explanation. Is going to be. Who the contents of the New York Times article and basically. It deals with it each of carry it deals with pitch. And what I want you guys to do and we're probably not have time for more calls are about that. But what I want you guys to do is if you go to the New York Times article about this particular story. Aren't. At home with your own computer in your own everything you feel comfortable where. Sees how weird it is that sometimes. You have to go practically all the way right or left to hear one word or the other. In and other times you just move it a little bit a little bit past the center point the mid line and you'll hear it. And your ability to hear whatever word it is either Yani or laurel. Is gonna change sometimes in the matter of seconds. That is a fascinating. Exercise with tremendous implications. Really. Not just for advertise sync but in courtrooms. And just in understanding the basics of human nature. Thanks to Sean Murphy thanks to Bill Kennedy it is hourly envelop we will see you tomorrow between three and 700 radio in my thirty W beat yet might get a little joke Bieber to. He's sending.