Yanny or Laurel? An Audio Clip That Is Dividing The Internet 5/16 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 3

Bauerle and Bellavia
Wednesday, May 16th

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News radio 930 WB yen. Donald Trump is a man who loved to be admired and respected like many who doesn't pass stormy Daniels rough. He he really. Well for the week we hit a twenty minutes and that's over it without stormy Daniels there. It's Tom Bauer Leahy he's got a real problem folks in David Bellamy. No I appreciate that more than you know. As big of swap. All the hall. It's the hourly and they'll be. Actually no credibility due to begin speaking further on news radio 930 W. Yeah it is really develop our job we've been talking for three hours if you can believe that I can't believe it and what are the the things that we're talking about. Outside of the tunnel that were digging out of this building here. If you're a that there's this audio that is what you eat in his Hillary the V battle of Saint Petersburg crater that's right. Where when you look at at at this that would the morning show started the day talking about this and it's because everyone to work place. They these it started out with the little things on FaceBook that was like what do you see right. The famous glass to glass or take. Two it's a woman's figure or to wine glass or two faces are about the kids or it's something else. Well they did it again with a viral. Picture of the dress and it was and what color dressed easy. It was weird because depending on the light at your phone or whatever you did it changed and you thought wait a minute. What does this mean now it's with these audio. Clip and we're gonna play it and you tell us what you saw a what you hear ball or play. Bull old versions and see if there's a difference erratic so here's the original one we've been playing. He laurels. Yeah. Yeah oh yeah. That's how I both agree as do many callers hear more correct laurel okay. This is what we heard in chip lingers office and what the morning show play. I still here I'm still here are like now it gets OK here is okay it's true confession time. During the break we were both. Getting real paranoid about whether we had been duped and whether we're playing two different bits of audio and that their credibility was going to be absolutely zero instead of point one I don't know what my turn off the but we do atom and assert we're gonna play him I feel so much better now. I really I was. I was so worried that we're gonna your Yani. Is also like twenty years younger than everyone so thank you do his ears. Are they actually hearing what modeled yours here I thought this whistle let's say. Artillery ears are bad enough but now it's to the point where like you're misinterpreting words. And really deal like this so people. And a cool little viral video you might be some people that are thinking of dementia. They're hearing words and it turns out. It's some prankster double looping. Words that audio and you figured the mine don't have dementia but would you and your coffee cup but it Medusa the. It is thirteen minutes after five news radio 930 WBBM. Start to wonder. Are all man. Let's get back to the calls but you know folks is it's not just what do you hear from copying copies yeah I kind of news now Nelly now that would be of note here it's about. Members to videotape with would you ever at the video that you showed me of the guy used the it was moved coffee thing they did that. They tested it and the guys got after all all member of the state trooper on the side at all yeah you do that that's no joke that's a serious felony. Well there will be no serious felonies committed in this room who were some low grade felonies but here's series let let's see if what you hear it again. And again the one we've been playing all day. It's the same. After those who don't know who didn't listen earlier at first all I heard was Yani and I tried to make my brain here and moral in it couldn't hear moral. So this is this is like eat the audio version of adaptive camouflage. In meta material and I'm Libby you're about stuff like that mean minutes before we heard moral we heard we get. I mean the brave is fast and remember folks the brain fills in gaps and the brain. When it looks out at something that automatically fills stuff and it's always done it always will do it and and if you're liberal all of this in. Trump's idea that hold out his plan to get you off of store meaning but here's here's where we're going with this year's ago with this and and and if it's not just what you're hearing. But it's why are you hearing what you're hearing and do you understand now a little bit more about the golf that exists in America. How how it is that wanna half of the country thinks the other half of the country is absolutely. A lunatic. Here is act court in Evans and WBE and Kurt you're on you're on. Hello I low. I got a I got one question and I'll go ahead and throw in my two cents here once but it was at a party. I had a bit. The file that you guys are using assists. A computer files it digital you're playing from a computer. And who needs to know that information so there. Well we're alternative just got to curiosity about what he would team what are the alternatives yet they're all they're all digital the raw coming from me. Question these MP four files. Okay well. Here's our applicants somewhere there's a nerd every big lab that's what say you idiots okay here's here's what I think it happened. You have. A background noise wildness set up it's. The main. File extension. An inside that are all you have two words. And some sort of subs grip it changes the word depending Haim I'll walk you get a play button and something like. No because we're operating on the same work it which are hearing is they're recording. And there's no possible way to go back and change the dynamic I think it's definitely a goof but I think that the layering of the word makes more sense to media. I about what your saying only works if we are using something directly from the Internet and that site was able to manipulate the word we have recorded what you're hearing your hearing she Atlantic recording not a dynamic. Our group like that it it is like at. Downloadable audio via a sure but but that would yet that that's aged are more likely that one word is on top of the other at a higher frequency when I just realized these were MP threes anyway they're not the MP four files. Why would we event GeForce. Spirit that's in nick at it if. You could you could you could make it look like it MP3 file. By. Cambodian. Yeah I mean I guess you could that if if I would I'd I would that the Pope before he did you know and obviously. But I don't know it it's doubly confusing right and I was able department and yesterday. And early this morning all right it was Narnia I heard was Johnnie to and I'm so frustrated by. What I Clark got to work today I got Ari are you guys are beat and it. Moral floor a long long so current. I have a question. Because the crux I mean to me the interest in part about this is not so much for Yoni vs moral footing but what does this mean in the bigger picture. Well I would never trust a a digital recording that I didn't make myself ever. If I was sitting at a jury and the best the prosecution could do was audiotape I don't know that I could vote to convict. If I would feel paperwork audio tape because. You know audio tape you'd actually have to physically edit something digital convene listen. I got to take what did OK so now I don't wanna jump down the whole conspiracy. Hole here but what Curtis talking about though. Here is something happening right now with television Paul and movies. Where actors are literally have their deathbed signing agreements. That they are going to live on after they die they're basically allow interface to be you know three being passed and mapped so that it can be used. On characters in the future the October been doing that for five years I was gonna say some local real idea what he thirteen it. But but my point is that. If that's the case you are going to start to see real faces. I'm bodies. An and that technology will be so potent in press OK here's yields could actually watch a newest clip. Of like a famous person doing something horrible to give everyone the guy only detector with G eggs endeavors that technology exists to make Donald Trump look like he's in a hotel room so academic. Terror. Well yeah but in my point is that you can put people little horrible situations. And then when it's turned out terrifically to be false it doesn't matter because you've lost your sponsors your bureau without a job. And I deal. Oh yeah all because a fake digitally altered videotape review with a carrot. Can happen. Thank you guys that care. Thank you very much glad you called. All right let's get back to the calls. David for those are just getting out of work the audio goes like this. He. What do you hear. What word do you hear. And this is Jim in Williams Ville next up on WB Ian gem. Yes sir good afternoon gentlemen. Very well I have my own little area about. But they've all your screener. Sometime ago when you guys burst or good player crowd this sometime after three ambulances meet or locker growth or very when you can play it. Play that recording. I myself. Thought they heard the last part of the yacht all of it but like these any and I urge and I and then it switched a moral. That's you mean when I asked David to play the last part of and yet because I did too that's why I asked him to play the last part of it because he thought I heard Yani. That he there's a parked there yes. Yeah it's it's a piece of ya me. The most thing I was gonna suggest that any other part of that and the police now little old action. But do you ever remember what let me mention at where and you wait for the movie theaters will take years ago. They would have so little little changes in the bill that. Yeah they may actually made that a law that you could not put because they would literally put like one. You know why what is it 24 frames per smoke camel they would throw in a little reference to like someone eating delicious popcorn Coco and then you're good where the second. I must have been popcorn you know look great dedicating your brain that was a stupid though because the single best seller popcorn is the smell of pop popcorn. That's the single biggest enticement. Outs anyway but here's the key jewel mad too if the future of advertising was just. You know you've checked the box and now your brain is open to whatever I dumping and future of advertising is your cell phone is gonna send you messages like hate don't you really want a cheeseburger every time you go by McDonald's. Or it's the implant. A bit too. What the previous collar ethnic tensions where they're like. What you play here it I would put it. One person might hear laurels somebody else here Yani. Like they are sold like. One if you are in the other. I don't know but this is what I imagined. Liberals talk about what they're passing around a jewel. You know what I'm saying this word is totally broken down into what That '70s Show and being. Because everyone's like do you think that maybe just maybe yeah I mean. I overheard their conversation like my freshman year drought people that we did you hear that. If you think kids that guy. Or is he saying kiss those guys because this could be a real move these are a mess that is missed just Jimi Hendrix by the way purple haze that's one of the greatest misheard lyrics of all time. There's a lot of them out to you it. Ever sang a song lyric but a lot of confidence. And just a fire in your belly only to find out you were complete idiot you can't solve a by the Sneaker Pimps. And I sit there in the military. And this song comes on. And it's that you know what I'm talking about it as a song popularly ninety's and they beat the chorus is. A 12012. And I was yelling screaming and singing. Oh what's up oh what's up. And everyone is like are you. Stupid that was the most humiliate an expert well a but I would tell you that I've ever heard that song a million god I would have swore that I mean the Olympics yeah that was. Didn't that and I admit I Soviet plot would have been a moral person on the world of an world would be on in the world to be on I don't know what what do keyword. It is ever right when I when I was a kid in the eagles' hotel California came out. When they were singing warm smell of Kol leak tests. I thought they were saying something else. Thanks for the call hall yeah. Never set as normal. The Russian won national. It is 526 news radio 930 WBE. Powell and you. 140. It is maybe thirteen alleged wrote a California game. Let's get back to the calls on WB and it is a bill in Eden registering bill what's going on. Simon David I got a lot to you honestly because I've heard all it's like out of the street what are talking like the story of the tree all man once said boy it sure as it today has. And second and says no it's not it's Thursday and of violence as a corporate drink. I don't know what they're sure that I was hearing Lou Lang worked wedge. What. Glad you costs. At the air this morning on earth am I heard it sounded a little bit like Jared. And I can't guarantee any any happy you know we're like yeah do you spend odd in likened this is instructions and Alec yeah. Yeah that's Richard analyst. You know what bill you bring up an actual point. And so we were talking in the break. And we're actually going to do it in to this audio and stretching out and make it super slow. So we can hear what these sounds are in real time. Rather than because right now we're hearing that there might be too words and so if we can stretch it out and hear it and it could definitely start like you any. You all know once and for all. Seek knowledge so I'm certain that people are hearing things so differently over the radio that somebody thinks you just said Tom I'm gonna stretch you out. You know put me on the rack balancing. I don't think he initially it was like that and I am I how many Kia so or you bench without hearing. I listed I am blown away when there are some old people to get really worked up at the music's too loud. And that you go to like you know kids are always upset about the loud noises it's a bit. I'm telling you L all alive is louder than any Metallica account that you could ever go. At it. Yes well. All these people would go to Q a stroke the louder than anything daring like there is nothing you are going to hear louder. Then trans Siberian orchestra up here is amazing fingered it is the sixteenth have made and we have yet to run a single ad for TS those Christmas concerts aren't you glad that the WPA and finally got on the right track with a trained community. Bill anything else for him. Yeah I was looking like my old Jiri I don't eat extract and that's been great that they felt they lower level people. A bill that fire. This is bill's tight five. The column or on the local buyer. He's got a lot wrong. These you don't got his game bill. There aren't but listed for every one of these days. We Jaya. And the recruitment. Handy drops the Mike bill thanks a lot excellent job that's got so watch your strength a couple of those to gather that was in the best call you've ever. But tomorrow I'll take what if it's serious bill at some point oh there is political bill. You know I'd point to but humorist bill. In his element is very funny but there's also just he's a little corn. You know little little corny at times but there are moments like this. Just heard got a quick to all there were four or five solid eight joke she is that he does not pick up the phone unless he is material to share your stuff yeah let's go too well Honda Grand Island. I WB EM. There we asked you guys earlier if your kids watch your kids are hearing because kids hearing is different than grown up hearing. Mean kids you know if you're more like dogs and grown ups do have a much better hype Quincy response to our kid whistle aka hello you're on WB EM. Good afternoon gentlemen thanks for taking my call of course I'm yeah we started. That the day we start today pretty early every day we got up at 6 o'clock. And the first thing that we heard. On WBBM. Was Yani. That was what about myself a fifteen year old a thirteen year old woods with him kicked woods had phones and YouTube video or something so he wasn't part of so that you know we continued leader Yani there was no question about it but we we couldn't understand how anybody could hear anything else. And the day progresses I go to work they go to school and I was pulling out of the driveway at work this afternoon. And I have my radio set WB hand. And as I was pulling out into my lane record Yani. Twice. In by the time I got to the street light our current laurel. And I I couldn't believe it. You know what the same thing happened to me and I'm still in a stunned state of shock over because. I'd like you Al I'm sure that you tried to hear more when you were hearing Yani but your brain couldn't process like that. Yeah it is said that Tom and email. All always right just sent us it's a tool to help you identify. Bull laurel and Yoni simultaneously. The New York Times is on it. By the way no rushing collusion if your cat but they felt a tool to separate Yani. From laurel. And that we will have that up on FaceBook pages and over the top. But that I guess that they finally broke in that an I guess what it turns out Jonathan wrote me an email. And he says it's all about the background noise when he's in his car he years laurel because according to Jonathan it's a soundproof environment. When he's at home he hears Yani but only with the water running. Would background interference. The higher pitched Yoni makes it through with out any periods all you can hear is laurel. That his job at it. So so what what you're saying is that it has more to do with the way our brains are processing the digital. I'm recording it and the way that the signal enters our brains. And the background noise in particular what what the brain is focused there's distractions you different. My thirteen year old finally. But he was he was here this afternoon I'm home not cooking dinner. Can you while the two of you were playing the recording and back again. Mike fifteen year old and myself could only hear laurel and he said to us how ridiculous if you Yani that's all I can hear. And and he's rushed into it so he was during the same recording. At the same time that we were hearing a hearing something different plea. My fifteen year old had been at an apple cup on its phone. And he was playing at the same time we were having a discussion. The fifteen year old and myself we're hearing laurel very clearly much thirteen year old was still hearing yeah army. So. Is it an individual experience. Well you know I like what to Wear the New York Times is going with this because the first time I heard laurel it was with headphones on. What was Shalit's release area but what is beer goes is that a soundproof room Marie when they mobile and they're not on Saber you're do you have noise cancellation yeah your phone yeah yeah yeah that's that's what target. Are you that again that there's no outside distraction from you hearing that noise but what's weird is still hearing laurel without the headphones in the next room it's almost like once that trail is poised for your brain and that trail is what stays clear. It sounds mention that we're in a radio studio of the that they have suffered. It. Instead outside engagements so. What do you think the larger ramifications of this little exercise have been because that's where I think the fascination lies. Okay the larger ramifications. I think it's a mysterious. It's so many people. Of an older generation remembering. The parent sting bears some verses baron's team bears. There are people that will swear that there it was Bernstein bears others swear it was baron stain bears. Stained. It's you know it's I think that the ramifications are that that there are times when we can in communication. What other people. There's nobody that calls them the big efforts to if you do fair. Way. Have you wick gave birth and. People elsewhere it's baron Steen bears and others say it was Bernstein bears. Oh I see you Tuesday I think you're seeing bears stained bears and I'm like a visibly innings that IQ go. Okay so are my only point here is that that we do. You know what we the human mind to switch the brain is set up an apparent pattern recognition device. And for fort solemn. Or some. Unknown reason to get all the same way people scorn they see that for Europe potent so forth and others can be looking in the same place and Nazi. Anything at all like I think it just cut. It has everything to do with the observer and little to do with the actual fortune popped up what's being seen or heard. I think you're a Smart guy and out. It makes sense all right well thank you very much. And the hole I mean you argue that the and that's stealthy hunter and it. I put it in the visual context. With I mean with camouflage all point of the even old school camouflage is blend in with the environment weather's like the snow camouflage or. You know that the military was doing like the digital uniform camera body it's it's great it's fascinating stuff. David we actually have a listener admitting that we have driven her crazy but maybe not the way we'd like it's Melissa in north tunnel on the New York on WBE and Melissa what's going on. Yeah. Hi guys I'm thanks for taking my call I'm actually from how Wanda. But elite I call it all day I've been hearing it from our eyes. Pulled it up and I saw live in it that way look in their unique computer. Now I am streaming it in my Google home. Is an ability to it that you guys and I mr. clack. Are there is that Lyle. I did my husband I've been hearing here he is here as well. Half an hour ago I got up on the porch outside you mentioned. The house and when he played it again I heard yeah. I don't know and I haven't. Yet at all right now. I don't know I don't know. See you aren't changed locations so I guess the acoustics of the room were altered as well as the background dollars which seems to be key Yunus. Well I would I'm a port airport and enclosed and right now which that we are actually screens open because not and that more. So it. Or maybe get sorted I don't know how they're grown our chance to each other I just one block from the porch. Into the family very rare that Google wallet planning and you've played at and it's a young. Laurel. Yeah world. The what do you hear that the UI I here well I've only heard Yoni onetime. And are very very weird. Are you are saved by any chance now. Chris which you go here or sink and turn the water and I think it's a background noise that they are you on a cell phone. Okay go to let's sync right now and then turn the water and and let us know what the water's running we'll probably hear a patella is just be sure we're gonna play again. We this is is the sound of Melissa in Taiwan to go through person is in her in her home right now. I'm willing to say you're adding. I sure that water scantily clad. OK here we go. What was that now are trying to put on speakerphone. What are the area up. The army. Are out to get. What do you now. Oh well. There's this is a this is mysterious I'm back to Lucifer she. A back to a Romanian content for I think it has. Erica all right Melissa thank you for the call sorry to drive you crazy. Thank god now we went in our labs here apparently bell of the infield can be slow down the audio all listen to this. The hair and. And. That is obviously. Laurel a tsunami here and anybody out there here Yani you can't hear you on what you slowed down like babies and holes. Anybody who's hearing Yani when we slow it down text us at 3093030930. We'll check the facts were during public optimism primes wife laurel. I could have maybe one of the guardians of the galaxy involved.