Yanny or Laurel? An Audio Clip That Is Dividing The Internet 5/16 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 2

Bauerle and Bellavia
Wednesday, May 16th

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News radio 930 WBA. And it's. My doctor recommends Camel Cigarettes yeah. Sound off board Chester. Its top hourly while I. Walk off. Chesterfield kings dies at an annual low price just feel like. Apparently it is indeed the ability you know repeated national spirit doctor do all branches of medicine. Doctors in all parts of the country were asked what cigarettes did you smoke doctor. Once again the brand name most was camel its hourly and they'll be yes according to this repeated nationwide survey. More doctors smoke camels than any other cigarette on news radio 930 W. Welcome back and I'm fascinated Ibis. And it's. It's not a puppet because we're gonna email us now for people. Who are either hearing moral. Or Yoni and if you don't know about. We are speaking this is actually blowing up on the Internet and it is especially blowing up believe it or not according to doctor Michael Schmidt with a cure ought Realogy. On the various. Bawdy elegy message boards and audio elegy community. On line. And there is a bit of audio that is out there on the Internet. And it's it's fascinating because people are either hearing moral. Or they're hearing Yani. And I will tell you in my personal case this morning I heard Yani. No matter how many times. They played it no matter how many times I've played it I've heard Yani. And I tried to hear laurel and I could not hear. Now the last time we played this I heard laurel. I've been hearing laurel since 3 o'clock tonight we had a meeting. And we listened to this very tape in the meeting. The both of us who bird as clear as a bell Yani it was Yani Yani Yani. We David to this studio we played the exact same recording and the exact same two people are hearing laurel. So let's lets it rip and see if we hear the same thing this time now we've governor years of break from what is clearly going to be the ear worm plaguing the rest of your life. Laurel. Yeah old laurel do you Earl. But what he's here and now Phil are you here what are you hearing. From their right here laurel. How much Sean Sean hasn't even waited in Charlotte here spoken since June 2070 got a daughter took of our house oval since yesterday he's one. John's her morals and yesterday okay. All right well all day and let's do that again. He. He. He. OK I have and I. Okay. That's about a second long can you play it from the half second point forward. In other words just played the last part of. Yeah. You can you chop Britain have. What in other words chocolate midway and that has played the last like a half second of it. America. Oh. No boundary oral man. I was gonna hear it got me give. Good when you when you hit it the last time you hit it yes or how is buttered Yani. That's obviously moral right to me it's more. But if you go right to this point. If somebody says. You know Oral Roberts. Or illness and that's where my mind was going Oral Roberts in the perennials no girls oral B toothbrushes that's exactly what I was thinking I was left when that word comes up on word escapes you know words gave will accept oral as the word but not able you know that. When I mean that's that's just not right. It is. Yeah I like playing words scoops it is up for thirteen news radio 930 WB and optionally 60000 points and were scoops points were dollars and a political all right so what are you hearing but what. You know what ramifications and send it to take the stuff one step further and to me is it any wonder if we can't agree. I'm what a specific sound is saying. And again I started off hearing Yani and now I hear more. But just ponder this for a minute. Do we accept the premise that half the country thinks the other half of the country is bat poop crazy. Do we except there's that trump people cannot understand the never trappers. The people who hate trop think that the people who voted for trump are nothing but a bunch of brain dead credence you have the exact same results Russians say this but you know we we have the same. Economic numbers at which we're looking the same unemployment numbers which we're looking and yet we have two different interpretations. Of the exact same stimuli. IE the presidency of Donald Trump. So he could it be that may be people are wired differently. Two to perceive. To different outcomes from the same single stimuli. And also I think this really is a dramatic demonstration. And the fallibility. Of your witness testimony as well as eyewitness testimony. Because if you're in this one little example. That is a second long if that. To have so many different people hearing two and sometimes more different words from the same exemplar. I think illustrates. You know. Every what. What is it what you're hearing might not be which are hearing what you're saying may not be what your cigarette what what what you're seeing might not be what you say it. I think that's it's especially when it comes to today's political climate that spot on. And I also share the fate. People are not on the Yankees guy I'm never going to be Red Sox fan when it comes to the Red Sox it doesn't matter I'm able to appreciate. You know talent and guys are doing impressive thing but I will always err on the side. But the Red Sox the city of Boston and the patriots are always wrong. I'm gonna do that naturally because I have a natural prejudice against. Sports fans and sports teams from Boston I don't like him. Right yet so I'm always looking for the negative at what it was like oh well it turns out to Tom Brady's not guilty of I'm I'm not hearing that I'm hearing nobody was accused. Exactly. At what you. What are you guys make of all of this and the ramifications. Of we'd love to hear from especially people were doctors nurses people and a little something about hearing. Or anybody who way has some strong opinions I'm. The deeper element to all this causes not just to me it's not just what's on the surface it is the implications. Of this for human behavior poor decisions we make me at the same people looking at the same spreadsheets. And the same investment opportunities one person is gonna see the glass half full the other is gonna see it at that the mean this is a great example to me of humanity. And and what makes individuals individuals. And I don't think I'm reading too much into. 8030930. Is the phone number starlet thirty in the cell phone 180616. W beat he'd end. We don't wanna hear from you guys what are you hearing but what are the implications of this more importantly. David give us give us the button again you're the man in charge of button. The old. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's non stop laurel yep that's what I'm here but you know what just as but here's here's what I am just having a real difficult time. Understanding is why this morning as much as I tried to hear oral I could not your world it was about doing it for me. From irate listened on the speakers at home. And as clear as a bell it was Yoni. Even when I tried to hear laurel I couldn't I could not understand the other side no matter how much I tried. No matter how open to a wise I could not here moral. At all all I heard was yummy now no matter how much and try and I cannot hear Yani all I'm here and is more. Not surprising. Ya mean I can even hear the well being formed in the guys myself. Brad. 8030 and I thirty start 3180616. WBE. But what if this is just like a bunch of kids. Sit around waiting for their finals and the like hey here's what we did. We send out a piece of audio that's laurel. And another one. It's Yani. Put out there to do it sounds identical. To mix them up people won't know which one they're sharing. And jokes on us. I don't think that's the case because we've got a text from somebody who had two radios on at the same time and at what they heard oral. On the other they heard Yoni and in the exact same room at the exact same moment through the exact same speaker Phil heard Yani I heard laurel. So I don't think it's that a bathroom I I think that that defeats that that argument. 8030930. Starlet 3180616. WB. The end. Anywhere out there is there a a courtroom by qualified. Ought ability expert that wants to chime in on this because you know what you guys make a lot of money trying to convince the jury. That when the person on the tape is saying I'll pay you 50000 dollars to kill bella via. Actually I'm really saying. I will gladly take it your kids softball game. Mean that's your job in a court this is a major controversy. On the Internet. What do you hear Yani or moral. Unfortunately. He. Now popular science David oh let's get a simple calls and cared about the show you would switch your opinion mid. Made segment you know I mean that's that's you know if we were just there for the ratings we will magically all I hear me. You know I apparently they're hearing Yoni I don't. Let's go to Linda but we heard this or saying it would Ab but it's a different speaker at a different place in a different section of that. What is at bat. Or is it the last visit the of the human brain in the brain's ability to adapt if you wanna follow people dedicated their lives hearing then yes. Okay. What are they gonna hurt all right here's Linda and my clearance on WB EM Linda. I there anchored. This morning on fox I heard Yani clearance today. I've heard it's driving. In the car and on my phone for you guys than it was clearly laurel. And just a few minutes ago it changed again. What was it that. Are. Are right so what what do you think the explanation is here Linda. You know on facts thinks that maybe they. But I have no idea how it's changed so quickly that they are reporting that. I assume you didn't do anything different deal is yet so I had no idea. I am I'm starting to wonder more and more about the the speaker through which you are listening and the fact that we got the text from the person who set on one radio it was laurel on the other it was Johnny you. Makes me wonder about of the interaction between. The speaker response to various frequencies as well as the individual's. Personal hearing loss. Well this same phone its ban on speaker phone lines and roundup in my hair. Has given me two different. Give me laurel and yeah. So do you think it's something external. That is going into you or do you think it is your internal interpretation. Of what your pick him up. I think it's got to be the latter but. That's what what could be different. So you're you're gonna go with the plaster city of the brain theory now when you consider this little exercise. What do you think the greater. The greater lesson curious. I'm yes I think it does have implications for court cases this stuff like that. But. Also for public political opinion. I mean I think this this little exercise I think dramatizes. How a country can be so wildly. And effectively divided politically. I am on Monday it. Old. Right Linda thank you very much. All right let's. Go to jeans in Amherst on WB and Jeanne. LO common data things should take my call appreciate show that that. That is right there I don't know how to prove it you know those pictures that you'll look at where you look at it one way and it looked like an old which is yes the big nose right. And then you look at other way to beautiful woman look on her shoulder would have been the same way this audio is just. Both word being overtly about themselves at the person's perception. And which one they're gonna own and I. I think that is as good a theory as any the only thing is generally with the visual stimulation. If I say right now find the which OK here's the which now find the beautiful woman oh there's a beautiful woman. As many times as we have heard this I am trying to make myself through Yani after hearing Yani all boring and all of Garrett has. Earl. And I've never knew what it and then the other one is like a bit of a person who you know they can hear. Something totally based on what they wanna hear if you said. Did you hear the laurel audio everyone says yes I heard galore I didn't hear that. But who couldn't be the first one have the guts to say I heard Yani. I mean if you didn't if you didn't know that this was a choice between Yoni laurel I joy a lot of people listening to that would been like he had. I can go to the doctor because Andrew and same moral. I'm hearing Yoni. But I don't have the courage to say that. Because I don't stoned in the square but that's how it started this would see the blue dress but. No it's it's broken bat but is there a stain on the ludicrous. Oaks very different story. Bureau child's play the audio and say what did you just hear repeat that. I wonder what my kids are here. We need. Or what our kids hearing. Because their brains haven't been quite so. Formed as the adult brain a wonderful child is more likely to hear both. At different times. We need to figure all right guys if you have kids have them listen to this audio clip and you tell us your report to us what they're hearing literate David. Here we go. Yeah. Okay how old is your kid and what is your kid hearing you know maybe it does except. This is to me this is like really fast and think about the the implications for advertising. It is of the hourly ability at a news radio 930 WB EM. Volley develop via the great Yoni. And moral controversy if you don't know what we're talking about a you've probably been in the cave for the last twelve to 24 hours. There's a major traffic backed up David. I'm sorry it's too many microphones. I think it's a repressing if you look like the president. Here is so we got to back up all the way it looks like the Grand Island bridge we just sent out a text from the the traffic laboratory. And we wanna tell bill if you let Alan know whatever he needs he has a from a major back out. Again one night into port at the south grand and we're also back it up. The two Bank of the West. So of your having issues where we view it you're angry. We're gonna ask you to be patient because we live in a world. Where people are hearing weird things he. He he now did you near laurel. Did you hear Yani. Or did you hear the cry of help. From from pet the past three years ago I heard no collusion milk who know coach Packard Thurman Thomas responding to our two lead on Twitter a very counter which I'm having his number retired. On the Monday night home game against New England as if you need any other reason to be there. Third third counselor number 34 retired. 803. All right thirty start at 3180616. WBE. And now one theory that is out there is that the what what the reason people are very different things is they are. Are both were birds in the same recording one was overlaid at a higher frequency that the other group that I cannot. On the back in the development of FaceBook page which. So you can check that out. Don't know if that is about what explanation about. I just think the from the vivid deeper ramifications of this. Are put to me what makes this so fascinating it is. You you've got all these people here in the exact same thing and you get people here and Yani you got people hearing oral. And I don't even think to go any further with what that meetings at me for politics. What it means for advertising what it means more just life in general and you know your perception of the world around you this kind of cool to me here's a gene in buffalo WB yeah. Hey are you got to do it eight. Yeah I'm here at laurel. And have you always heard moral. Yeah I didn't think that this morning I mean I've been checking out on your auto the root out. You know and did television even talk radio. Now Michael rule it. Out. It doesn't know where mere yeah. It. City OK here's here's work it's weird though because I was here in Yardley. All day until 310 and when we came on the year and put the headphones on and then. As hard as I tried dear Laura before now that's all I can heal her eye candy or Yani anymore. OK well let up I didn't put it must burial system and Eudora amplifier in the little bit. Just to make sure what you're hearing the law and it still came out the same way got a pretty. Not external system not poet if it was found that indeed it would pick it up. Lots say that that seems to be that the biggest thing years it depend on the the speaker system that comes out. You know if you're hearing it from the same one you probably not gonna get any sort of I. When we put our are our headphones on when we went the other room that's what it seemed all chipped in but Jeanne saying that this is laurel. I wonder if it's our domination of the of the speaker. In combo with whatever an individual's personal hearing loss happens to be. I'm sorry what did you say whatever to the pet and I'd stand up but what do you make of the deeper ramifications. As far as that did. People looking at the same facts that come into a completely different conclusion. Well actually. I think earlier advocates in our people help me. I got sick power that I'm here once you see or hear one saying it would take it to a totally different perception is accused week. They would use even a courtroom or somebody is kept apart Corbett a personal. Can be sure. Where we here at temple last. That is going on right now and people are two totally different. L I wonder if I don't know what the rules of evidence but I wonder if defense attorneys are going to be allowed to introduce this as an exhibit of the dangers of audio recording and trying to interpret what people are saying goes a big deal at the a couple of the job got he trials. Drop that big big it was but yet we are told may have been skewed. And the jury can just absolutely through dump on the Gotti movie which is a lot of remember John Travolta all horrible hey Jim thanks for the call. 8030930. Stern I'm 3180616. WBE and then. On the line we have Mike on a cellphone by. They had it on guys this neighbor lives. I think that it that this period that I have access on my underwear what these guys posted on your radio station apparently I'd I haven't seen it but. About the Tucson golf related I actually hear them all simultaneously. Paul loses some. What you hear is Lonnie is part I think of him. The most important thing is that you have to believe that your hearing words for so that's the stages that there. In your mind just want to make me just a lot easier sounds right right exactly so you it watcher told it's a word your listening for a work. And I think. That that defect which has put headphones and you're now predominately during world we're here having an example side especially as we get older I know for myself. I've lost most of the higher registers. And soul I tend to your lower register as batter so every time I've heard it so far on the radio I hear laurel. But I kind of here hints that smog that's painter right above it that clearly sent Yani. And I think if you're hearing is sensitive and if you believe it's a word and you believed you should hear one of Dole's words. You're gonna pick up on the very first clue that tells you it's a word and you're gonna ignore one and here's the other. Well. I mean you raised an interest in Puerto our brains are conditioned to kind of fill in gaps up or to create shapes for example where there are none. There is a phenomenon of the ghost hunters talk about this a lot the cold matrix matrix thing. Where somebody can see what is just a cloud of smoke but the brain interprets that as a human face. Right I think it all begins with believing that you're hearing a word. And you're actually in some cases given a choice between two words and I think your brain just that says okay I'm about to hear a word. And whichever you know when you start to tear meaning. You pick up I'm not on the frequency. That the word that the word that you're going to hear assault near Cape Town he said you heard Yani could very clearly earlier in the day. All day long including about fifteen minutes before showtime. Right and you were you budget are not listening to a had phone that I think you also try hearing lots issues right. But yes but I I did listen through three different speakers and heard Yoni with everyone. Another point that I don't think anyone really a lot of people felt the mansion is that Tom good talk on the phone but he watches ghost chasers. Polish no I think I watched ghost hunters in quite some time maybe into the phones now watching that crap TV we need him there. But it is it is something to be said about what you want to hear what you're expecting here. I'm again you know when your thinking that there's a word but there was into the backwards music. They play an album backwards at won't hear like Paul's dad Paul said they were intentionally putting things in records to make it sound. You know cool and what happened there are things that people were hearing that. It is ever smoked marijuana. But but a lot of people are hearing things that nothing that were never meant to be words. But it would yet it's sad backward masking thing was always a bunch equipped and I think The Beatles definitely played with the thought they had fun with it yet it absolutely. Anything else traditional. Now at the right thing I do thank you very much of what we're all talking about what the world is talking about this is. So right now moral on Twitter if you if you moral back how you're doing great. And got over. It goes through ups are pretty sure John he's already taken I'm sure that happens again for awhile and he's doing quite well on his own but I wonder whatever happened to be amazing some fear and his pan flute and often worry he's married to Linda Evans. Yeah you may oh yeah Ali but but do we know what they did with the amazing as the future Malick did not as that's constrains them to our very disconcerting. All right 803 on my third let's get back to the calls on WBE and what are you hearing but what are the ramifications. Of of this I think they're more enormous Andy mince them is even I could even articulate. Here's Tracy in Lancaster WB Ian Tracy. I yanked but I love the topic 800 feet so interesting when my friend and that you last night and I heard laurel. And so I decide death my husband and I finally hit twelve. And I didn't tell them what the options aren't so quick and and you tell me what you hear. And now the cats missing. Now how can run. Why are husbands as well. And my son does not me and my wife husband start laughing thinking that my son being a Joker can be like to joke around. And but no that's what I parent my husband like I thought I turned my phone and I'm like what it felt right. And so this is the same ball solid and put that on the morning I'm not a wake up by encourage your your army. So we have to Yani that you are also too old folks fear here of Arnold. And my kids here Yani. I wonder if any other parents have done this experiment if you have we wanted to hear from you. You know we actually have. Parent with a kid on the line. Tracy thank you for the call let's go to win a line to. It's Michael RWB Ian Michael hello. And Michael how old are you. You're champ car I want you to hear this done exactly. What you hear. Which year. Michael did you hear. Oh moral of the safer said in my who could hear me out just days villages have. Eight Michael because you are young man we we digital hold on okay because. We have something that everybody needs to here and there called commercials a news radio 930 WB. Let's get back to Michael ten years old and pew. And we've been playing the game that everybody's playing right now it's not really game this is some serious stuff folks when you consider how is it possible to human beings can hear the exact same sound it. And some human beings are one footing and other human beings here is something else might that goes some way to explaining the vast. Golf in the American political scene right now given the perception of the president of the United States so Michael you're near laurel. A. I hear the oil but before irony in that. Dangerous on different web site I agree on. Stroll what do you think is this theory. That what you are here rain is basically that there are two words on the same bit of audio and there is like an overlay the of one of the words on top of the other. What I think now. I think that looms as a very strong like possibility Michael I think you've gotten your first lesson in adulthood. Things can be very difficult they are often not what they appear to be. Some people here laurel some people here here yeah I mean something clear at the exact same time. Confusing have you ever heard both at the exact same time Michael. Immediate ten years old your hearing is going to be better than any adults. All right thank you Michael for the call and Michaels on every glorious day let's get back to the call fouls on WB yeah this is. Pete and I were falls Pete you're on an hourly and Belvedere. They get it doing so that it has plenty of props that you didn't great thing every day we love was that to you that we're all work this morning and but the first that we heard that about 724720. Six's Lauren it got we sell them like Johnny almost. It took like people to let the public war one play in the how. Idle mode that South Korea I don't know the year to do a book that we get. But it does sound like more I think they've played a Yoni filed today. And the old Mexico there's not let you know what do we know so for certain that this on book dubbed. What we're playing this file is what they play this morning. That's what I took from the Internet that was thrown out last night but what what was playing this board can you take the file from the mortgage. I can grab it exacts a voter who doubts well let's let's clarify. Our seventh. Forties rather than somewhere in there this morning nearly mortgage all we all heard it clearly we also outage army. Which you know what we will we're gonna go back during the break and we're gonna play the exact sound they were playing this morning to test your theory. All right here's here's some audio right now. That's what that green got all the time it. Always try. And they have to debate right there we're gonna get the actual audio from earlier today playing both together and see if there than ever it's.