Yanny or Laurel? An Audio Clip That Is Dividing The Internet 5/16 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 1

Bauerle and Bellavia
Wednesday, May 16th

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News we're the only 930 WBA. And yeah. So I think I've said this before a pick their PR department is utterly incompetent. And I think we should probably some terrorism is to. Well on the beaming content is no joke it oh I'm sorry I didn't know you were accusing. It's Tom Bauerle you know what been there done that and it's weird you're. But now you know that you guys I'm sorry I'm a grown up than David Bellamy this whole thing really. You enjoy that I'd its hourly and Olivia I mean. I would immediately changed topics on news radio 930 WB. Hey good game is solidly enveloped the area under his radio 930 W. UPE. And welcome to the show so good to be with view. And David. I haven't told you this yet on here often here or in any way shape or form but. I'm afraid David vet tell me you're you're in Iraq War hero. And I just want you to know that I do see some value in chemical agents and chemical weapons and David not only. Get a giant carpenter and crawl on the in the bath today. But another one crawled on me when I was trying to put some stuff up on FaceBook from home earlier this morning. So the good people from Ashland pest control abused them before they're sponsors of the radio station. They're coming out on Friday and they're going to use Saddam was chemical agents on the pants because. I love adds there's some of the smartest creatures on the world they are very intelligent but I draw the line when they start of when they start to comment on my house that's where we got to divide between nature and humanity. I can enter user Michael. I don't note yesterday it was my Mike majors. Now. Are all about folks will will bring it to a few wouldn't jostle. We will bring you the pulse it tones of they know that's a no go. That's humorless which Mike's. This is do you wanna do it take to on this. You know. And yet doesn't nothing's happened. That's unfortunate. That's unfortunate. We're working and getting that rectified this is going to be something that's required and engineers bill. Oh. That I can he had a ago I can hear it now. Yeah that's all that through this all that for it would be here because. And I. Dan pointless point. That we knew when you talk about them. You know Parker an awful mess up your porch or mass of any wood or a park in the garage. All the porch. It'll culturally out ruin your summer and future Summers dough with around corporate no I yeah see those carpenter jeans on them with little. Hammer holder yes you know the arbiter and whistling at me as I walked they're wearing bugle boys they're like New York construction workers they got cargo pants on carpenter do you are you happy. To watch this phenomenon that it. It's everywhere now there was talking about this what do you hear what he sees its overseas book is that a pink dress that a blue dress well you know this this goes beyond. This goes beyond. Huge year do you hear moral or do you hear Yoni. Because to me this has wrapped the questions and red amber or four occasions and yes I intentionally mispronounced that word betray us and it. This example. That we're gonna play on the radio right now well let's go to first of all what everyone's talking about what do you hear. Yeah world. Yea. And then I hear laurel I hear laurel as well I heard yeah Audi when I recorded that no way. This is well and say no hope things bounce it. Before. It would Gotti before. Johnny this guy's in laurel boggled that the patents what what can you. Guys we wanna hear your telephone call and you can text is what did you just hear a bear on the radio because I'm gonna tell you a little secret. All morning long. Why listen to this and I heard Yani can it was a it was yummy as a clear as a bell I've heard Yoni I've got headphones on now and it's clear as a bell I heard oral. Weytman Lou here again. This is the actual yeah. I hear laurel true there is this is that C here's what is happening. I think this is a prank. And I think so I was messing with us here by the way is Paul Ryan speaker that he has debated. We'd his decision is it moral. Or is it Yoni I elected to something that is just so obvious. It is laurel and not. All right but yet would he target but it never and never be any. But there but there's there's there's question here it goes higher lower home now or later oral all morning long I heard Johnny. Now the other thing more I think with the Yoni recording. So this is the laurel. Okay what did you hear right here fail what did I regulated here mattered Yoni. Okay cedars and this is not a prank. This is not a frank there is something up out this that. And I'm not even sure you know I thought the hearing issue. Because. You know sometimes when you have like I am outwardly hearing it's okay. But at home it was as clear as a bell Yani now the exact same recording played through headphones here I'm hearing at laurel. We played it in wingers office not more than 45 minutes ago and I heard it Yani has cleared out well now I'm hearing more. Now I'm hearing morals while. Let's just assume happy with the Russians. Yeah old yeah old yeah old. Laurel. Yeah world. How long one so you're you heard just now when you heard Yemeni. Know what I just played here I just played it again in here for me and John and I don't. That don't hear what I am playing right now with the center for oral I don't believe it. Putting an oral. There there's two different recordings. I don't know because we're used. On your career because. I don't think so David because he's using the exact same reporting that were planned over the so you're seeing that our speakers you hear laurel but those speakers you'd hear yeah correct. We have them doctor they could please fix this well I have reached out to doctor Steven Pearl Lowe with a cure. Saudi apology because there's got to be a scientific explanation for years I wonder you know part of me wonders if maybe. What you hear depends on whether you have high frequency or low frequency hearing loss but now I'm starting to wonder if it has something to do with these speakers through which we are listening. To the voice because all day Yani is what I heard and I couldn't believe it when you just played it it's almost as if they switch recordings but I know I'm hearings and recording. We're used in the same source broke. The that's just crazy quit after a run into the next room well a David if Gillette commit our run into the next room and listen to what filtering the absolute octagon but I did what I hear all this is what we're hearing. Yeah world. Laurel and the world yeah. House huge credit Thomas gonna try to make the argument that in the other room that recording is actually saying Yoni. And then this recording is is laurel. And meanwhile. Turkey said all is more accurately warrant Israel. David did I just went into filled room and here it is this is bizarre we were both listening to the exact same recording. I heard laurel he heard Yoni. I think Phil's line Melky stuff at it's not line. I think if I didn't set I don't understand just explain the phenomena Debbie. Did you really see of a blue dress or did you see astray addressed that last one but there's got to believe that brown as the blue it has it there's got to be. A there's got to be a scientific explanation for Venus Anna and hopefully we'll hear from doctor per loaf or cure all Realogy. Unless today he's not available today so I heard it other cell phone to people heard it differently on this himself so in other words it's the same recording but people here are differently. So I. Most believe that if it wasn't that five minutes ago I heard Yoni. And now I'm hearing more dude all day long I have heard Yoni. And yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Whoa. So this is something else this is interesting and your station I hear laurel on TV I hear Yani. At some people say the same thing they hear record low unemployment. And then another stations they hear that he's having sexual relations with a with a porn star. Both see this more seat this yeah. This is what I think is absolutely fascinating about that you've got to scientific explanation for this by all means call because we'd like to hear it. 8030930. Start by 3180616. WB Ian my goat to audio would you guys not getting back with me. But there's got to be some science to news is that the speaker is that they had phones because it is the same recording were not jerking around with the recording. But the issue here here's what I go to this David. You've got half the country that thinks the country's heading in. The wrong direction OK they hear a set of facts and they hear laurel. Another group of the country here's the same set of facts and they hear Yoni. It is a great example to me. How the same stimuli. Can produce varied results in different people. You've got objectively. The same sound being made. But half the people are gonna one way the other half are here and it the other way. And UI I think about this in terms of the political spectrum David. You've got to have the country that thinks the other half of the country is bat poop crazy. Yeah again I I think you're absolutely right in no matter what you hear you can hear the same statistic the same fact. It comes out to different people here completely different. Today we heard that that. President states paid his attorney. And part of the retainer went to. Payoff the non disclosure agreement with stormy Daniels. That's the information to people will say that impeachable offense. He wasn't president when it happened. But both say it's an impeachable that the person will say. Everyone does that it might be disgusted by his. Personal choices that ten years before he was president of what does that really impact his presidency. Does it impact us does that change anything. Phone number on here. Is 8030930. Start at thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB. See most shows are just scratching the surface timers as far as. Do you hear in laurel. Do you hear Yoni. But I think there's a far greater lesson in this I really do here's Dave in buffalo on WBE and Dave you are on hello. Yeah I ordered it as a partial like oh cool that's substantially subliminal messages being an ex it and everything I've heard that more. But I deal with electronic and audio equipment. Yeah. Like your MP3. Players use and they've digital compression. Where they've tracked belt and there. They think people here. And they're probably manipulating. Don't and so on peace cycle close that thing for connecting and so forth and you're getting people. Bet you're wanting moral or. Dollars here Yani curtain I've heard either directly be your worker speakers or what have you about had more. Now as much as we wanna pursue that we don't attached to says the traffic light is out at union wrote and William street union and William trappers quite reportedly out according to texture don't know if that's true but they just wanted to pass that on to use guys. Okay but you're not arguing that they're switching the word what you're arguing is what. Actually like the formula oxygen Michael cook six type deal. Defines Psycho acoustics. Other than like Charles Manson screaming. All we had not not step but. What we'll look at what MP3 so is it uses the data compression and to do that face the track doubt things that they. Assume people came here. And you can manipulate. Are on your audio. Sound what you hear that way and barring don't studies. Where. And the data reduction that I'm used in and keep trees and it actually causing problems. It makes people more store all of sub but because you're not hearing what you're supposed to we'll be airing in real life there's there's attracting think now. So that you came here. But why would the same amount really follow that but thank him try to figure out David wipe the same person could hear. Like again all morning long all there was Yani and you played it and I hear moral I went to the other room and we lists Phil and I listen to it together. And I heard moral he heard Yani. Yeah. Oh. All I can think. Is it evil is amongst. But what does this do okay is this not a tremendous demonstration. I love I love that I really think that's a brilliant point. But is this not a tremendous demonstration of how. In a court of law you know we've always heard eyewitness testimony is absolutely positively not reliable. Because here we have. Millions of people conceivably listening to others okay. And they're listening to the exact same thing but their brains are interpreting the exact same stimuli in two. Different way days. So when somebody testifies in court this is what I saw is that what they release all. Because the next person might have seen something entirely different remind me that never make a code word moral. Our Oregon are Yani of that would be the worse than Oro. Let's go to Dan and Toronto we are the number one conservative leaning show in Toronto and riders say all of Canada. Daniel on WB Ian. Page I'm David great dark view I'm sorry if I'm yelling of momma hands free soul you know I want it made a lot of arm. I heard the first time you played it right after I'm in my car right now the first I hired you played it after 3 o'clock hour I heard you Annie. Clear the spirit bell next setter on your plate I heard laurel. And the next time you played a group of them -- yeah I mean again and then the next time after that I heard laurels but really weird. And this is all through the same speaker. And it it. It is it is actually soap for notes to me now that the word is moral that I can actually hear that is not a good thing for is that the headphones yet even without the headphones in the other room. I heard laurel. I'm lakers computer it was definitely yeah oh absolutely oh my home computer I've got Klipsch speakers on my home computer because I was not bad I heard Johnny. But. I wonder happening do your preconceived notion of what it should be at all. No point I was well we were given a choice before we listened to it's either Yani or laurel. You know maybe it's a line from them from. Some movie I don't know but. Dan anything else I mean if you have something else to say about the ramifications. Of this I think. This is such a great. Let's get really news and you know in in some. In some court cases where the using wiretaps the defense will hire ought ability experts to argue to the jury that what you were hearing. Seemingly on the which the government made. It's not really what you were hearing on the tapes the government may yet have all these fancy credentials. And I think this is an example. That. Defense attorneys are going to be turning to again and again some review on the jury are hearing oral some view of the jury are hearing Yoni. So how can we trust that these government tapes really are saying go whack this guy at such and such addressed he's actually saying wanted to go by a watermelon at wegmans. Really take advantage of people that have mental illness. You know their hair and a voice in there had been but if someone. There is a voice there and what they're hearing Yoni. Barbara and I are here in laurel barber started voices they could ought to have spotted an ill prepared we don't have cyclical lows this every. What do dog barks to you but to sub people they hear kill your parents. While the infamous son of Sam pitchers don't listen don't follow the advice of the god of folic tell by the way he's a son of Sam David Berkowitz the dog told me to do we thought that was BS I think he was covering up for his buddies in the coal and I don't buy his alleged conversion to christianity whatsoever did have a Border Collie there very intelligent the hustle never ends with these guys. Okay. Our live television and news radio 930 WBE. And meant. I am not only fascinated by why some people here moral and other people here Yani but I'm even more fascinated. At what this tells us about how people interpret stimuli. And why half the country thinks the other half of the country is bat poop crazy. Now joining us from Acura Saudi analogy is said doctor Michael Schmidt Mike I know what. Well excellent we have something we'd like to play for you right now we want you to listen to this we're gonna play a couple of times. Yeah world. Loral. Loral. Loral. Loral. Are right now that was more than a couple of times. What did you hear Mike. Well I don't let her immoral. Or very clearly. It's funny eight hours and reduce the the morning obviously I think what everybody else. And it might experience when they're just going like the first time I heard that I uttered Barry. They're clearly. Yeah. The personal and I. And had to work really hard to hear the other option to laurel and very outlook space through laurel. It here and it extremely didn't you know like. Like very clearly and now I am now impossible this year that you are so little and carpenter went out and experience what I experience but I am actually you know I'm fascinated by that there. So you know it's it person because at home I heard Yani that I try to hear immoral and I could not figure out how anybody could conceivably get laurel out of that now all I'm hearing is moral and I don't understand how anybody could possibly perceive Yoni. Now you are an audio colleges you worry train audio colleges you're a doctor of Saudi elegy. What is the scientific. Explanation. Well I don't know that it looked pretty flat but you know just leave that that it that who who. Stimulate. You know I'm actually people with hearing it's all people all. Won their first that would what you're hearing when they haven't been aided oh for years. I lived what they're hearing lots for years and years and years. The moment today that they perceive the new. I don't at levels that are more normal but they're not used to they perceive. Very strict than it echoes in their own boy. And other things like maybe not CNET and speech. You're simulate you frequently. And you get it. Some hours maybe days and notes down just managed. So and the old at the brain and a very adaptive. I know my brain was messed up I didn't think was quite that plastic. Mike because again and I heard Yani Yani Yani. All morning long. And now all they hear is an oracle moral moral now people it's funny because people on the top exporter getting Abby were getting like I think the moral. Or for people are really getting upset about this. But I I'm one of those people who heard Yoni and now I hear moral. And I'm curious a couple of theories I wanna bounce off review. Is this in anyway shape or form an indication of whether somebody has high range high frequency hearing loss were low frequency hearing loss. I'd I don't think so I mean there that might affect. Perception through some degree but now I don't think that the kids at all because look what happened that you and I. What happened to me what is the same thing you're reporting and I heard one thing and like I kind of try to figure the other way. And that and error or a combination of its do analysis. Strictly law I know hey I really do my own research on us. All this this is a Ph.D. topic just waiting to be written about in in site collections and whatever you need to do for ought to elegy but you know the other idea I had Mike is does it have anything to do with the frequency response of the speaker or headphone through which we are listening. Well I can't say for sure without really look important but I did hear a period that their view different. That's gonna I don't know. If that particular. Will. I don't think so and I'll play alive because Phil Kennedy and I listened to the exact same recording at the exact same time out of the exact same speaker in the exact same room. I heard laurel he heard yummy. You know I hit it shipment and I knew about it I don't think big and I don't experience. I kind of had to work hard to hear the other person and now that's all I'm hearing it and I can't really hear an original. All and they do. It's a whole you know it's our credit the turn of don't know how the brain Alter perception you know. Doctor Mike Schmidt is a doctor or ideology whether good friends at a cure all Realogy. And a Mike and if you feel comfortable getting into this aspect of it but. You know what fascinates me about this is I think of a courtroom situation where there are people who were ought ability experts who make a lot of money trying to convince a jury that. The bad things are hearing on a tape. Really are bad things that the government sets they're they're not hearing about a murder for hire their hearing about a guy going to the store to get grapefruit. This to me would be an exhibit I wanna introduce. As a demonstration. Of a different people can perceive the exact same sound. As saying two different bench. Well I think. I think your hunger something there I mean it certainly with a lot land to people are listening to the same recording and you're completely different thing. Quote in the battle it stop or two ago and for sure. Yeah I I can't wait to have a chance to get to some of the legal sights to see went you know again this is going to be used and in courtrooms. But I think this is fascinating Michael if after your research is done. If by you wanna drop me an email or have Steve but I attacks me he's got my cellphone number feel free because I we would love to get to the bottom others. There are certainly. Could have I don't know two looking at all but I will. Well that's what it is it's fascinating and it's leaping beyond ideology world through our economic might not. Well ideology or sport he would and that's it's blowing up right now. All my OK first of all I did not know there was an ideology world but it makes perfect sense but I'm fascinated that even the experts are a little bit baffled by this. They are imperative that old thing your program at the time but I looked up or get back he'll. If I find something they just they were inaudible. And Mike last August or September you gave me again to cure audio elegy the greatest curing exam ever and I have to tell you how much I love my phone act hearing aids from a cure audio elegy. Well they determine who we are working Purdue and I actually went to work we're gear so that all of us. A writer and editor editor Mike thanks a million doctor Michael Schmidt with a cure all ideology he is a doctor of all the Al Majid folks I learned more about hearing in one hour with doctor Michael Schmidt that I had learned in my entire life previously and that includes massage school which is satellite medical school except more condensed and we don't bring out knives so so the the the doctor usually pretty much confirms what other people. Claimed to be experts. Are confirming that depending on. That proximity to the speaker the amount of base or the bottom. The amount of pitch yet however he's he's leaning more to the theory that this is an indication of the pledged to shifty. Of the human brain. Well see that's what's so fascinating big study recently. Talking about transfer marine memory. From animal am right. And so you would take a lab rat in the lab that has never gone through the maze before and you inject. Brain cells there. Whatever that side of the fluid in the brain suffers from a raft of them in times and the threat of the first time five achieve in school. The other thing is they hear things different. So as the brain. You know evolves there more there listening for different keywords that they wouldn't. And so the idea is that we can transfer memories. We can also odd transfer other things from from person to person but. This ideology to meet its first all of that there's FaceBook cardiology group. Is it a DC circuit just for cardiologists. Called can you hear that. There's another one called here this is the Italian urgent. Report as. Like where you were gone before if we lived in a world. Where at any moment. You can hear something and see both sides can you imagine having a disease. Where you could see both sides of every argument this is like a Twilight Zone episode it would be called a being a woman I. Know me know. Shares of Burgos Twitter not a serious could you imagine that if you were able to see both sides are at the same time and never be able to beat but can you hear it ball. What you understand both sides and it ain't pledge you. Let's say the yeah out by the way you know way when you text us bomb you know really sorry if you don't like what we're talking about but my radio has an off button and I use it I don't waste my time texting people were talking about something I don't care about so basically my response is a bite me and our CIA overlord gave us until four out of me. Are controlled by a butcher rabbis. That was that was the conspiracy they work for the CIA rabbis who work for the CIA now this is an interesting text okay. Have two radios on heard Yoni Antoine and moral on the other twenty feet away as I was walking toward the other that is fascinating to me. And then there's David you know that were successful radio team. Because have you noticed the increase in texts either saying David needs to get lost or Tom you need to retire. I mean it's like once a day now at least actually several times that they were start to get these top. David would make a better year witness seat they're trying to get me to hate you. And to feel insecure about the fact that used the show is hourly and Olivia other retired Obama years. Players between your big years yet if I don't think you're yours are that big now. You know either way I mean you know they say that a thirty year in effect mean the same paragraph. I really could care less crap crap but. Jimmy are fascinated by the fact. That you could have. One story come out and you see this with a any emotional. Thing then whether it's a sports team or at your your politics. Whatever you five motivates you. And you know emotionally. What you're passionate about and all of a sudden. A a trade happens we draft a young untested unproven quarterback in the first round you've got to love it it's the best. I hated it the worst decision ever what do we think. And now evidence comes out what trump. This is going to be the end of trop this is the best thing for who cares. This to me is the we are extrapolating. From what we're. Early today two different things yet this bit. To me that's the fascinating part about Sarah and we're taking your calls at 8030930. Start at 93180616. WB yep what you hear but past the obvious what you hear what are the implications on WB yeah let's get to that on WBE and David could you demonstrate the audio again for those who don't know what these guys are we play this. He. Limbo in buffalo not oral not Yani but Linder in buffalo you're on WB Ian. I'm like hey what they do a limited view it more roller party. I do we got out on a street cop law. You know what though that's probably. How mostly though I think she's not somebody you and your if you have someone you know that has a name like that Lori and her whatever it is that you little laurel street. That it rings true to your brain C here. Why and that site all of America that could not look at what we're we're I'm recording come out. And I think outlander recording but you're not there where Kenny. Think in the Russians. No it it it popped up on the Internet and it went viral and it went viral for the very reason that it's so interest in him. You know Linda I'm gonna blow you away here because if you don't listen to the recording for awhile and you go back maybe 9 o'clock tonight and you listen to it again here's what's gonna amp up your mind it might very well soundly Jonny to you. Bogeyed another translation Elian. Bad music yeah there's a blade of a pan flute and dentist office bare footed married to a Actividentity. I know what is the definition of Yoni. Wonder what set off haircut and mud this is an actual court said that you the answer to a I don't know what it is either but I know that you've got the you know Holland notes moustache when your money. What about our other colleagues my number of port town to calm me brilliant cacophony. Pain. I'm a comment. That I want it to not be a little bug but not on Eric dom Cobb back Leyland number problem. I well at its best email me because honestly I don't talk on the phone. So I got this email Tom at W imovie and dot com. She's she I guess you. You said something what kind of are similar I don't know maybe she says of an oil and maybe this us open she liked or maybe it was he. We don't know I I don't know but that naive I literally I beat an athlete alive because. This to be talking on the phone is like work that I do get four hours a day so even with my closest friends with less than I called you. Made yet with us and I called we spoke on the phone. Ages and ages I just it's a that I just don't do that even with my kids that'll feel that. It is at 355. At news radio 930 WBE and hourly and bella yeah.