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Talking hockey with Mike Gilbert of the sabres joining us live in studio Mike good to have you in your line thanks for haven't got to be an exciting time for. It is training camp you know start at the end of last week plates of priests using games we have dealers say -- music art prospects game tonight but. More importantly the you know talk to world junior championships which. Be taken place later on in December the reason why it's so important to talk about this now and to tell people about tickets for this outdoor game is I remembered the last world juniors here in buffalo great showing by the fans whenever the US played but. Especially whenever Canada played they love the world junior hockey we don't want the stadium to be overrun with Canadian. Exactly. World junior championships is like March Madness here in the United States that's excitement as they have in Canada. And the 29 of December we're going to be playing Canada in an outdoor game US Chris Cannon at new airfield the first time has ever meant a double IHF event. Outside and it's going to be here in buffalo also will be sent in another you know first here. And we think it'll be a lot like the winter classic I mean that was a great day you know ten years ago. It was just Hakim was an event people came out early this little but the snow that day it was a great atmosphere and open have the same amount. 129 to December this year. Yeah actually. Fans could go to the world junior game here in her field and then go to the winter classic in New York crane they can do both and that's the winter classic as I'm not on the first this is on the 29 on that Friday. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon so it'll be hockey filled stretch with 31 games being played in buffalo. Over a ten day period of 22 games at two keybank center. Eight games at Harbour side and then one game into their field so it's first time it's ever been this event has ever had another first as. All wondering when one campus for three ranks users are in a separate city a different location last time we did that nagger. Well because we bill harbors them and we built that lead to cope with this in mind. We could have all the games right down there in downtown buffalo it's going to be a great atmosphere by the arena but even better I would say about the stadium up until now people can get tickets in this game is part of the ticket packages but right exactly if you bought a package you know 31 game back injury W noticeably the first opportunity people live over the by individual game tickets. For a game and that'll be. Today at 10 o'clock at starts receiver season ticket holders bills' season ticket holders my one buffalo. And USA hockey members today Monday at 10 o'clock it goes on sale the general public and we have about 50000 tickets to sell. We just have no idea how quickly they're gonna go if you go back to you know ten years ago wanna outdoor game happened in the NHL one. Is sold out 24 minutes. And I'm not suggest that's gonna happen now we just don't know and and new people build a log out and I think once they realized while this event we announced a year and a half ago. Let's hear it's you know it's three months away and that's that's coming up real quick and I think a lot of people are gonna and one of the part of it and don't be such a fun day. And this is where future NHL players' comfort tools to players that did the buffalo fans can really focus in on one. Casey medals that who we draft him in the first round eighth overall in June. I was at university of Minnesota he will be playing in the game. I mean they have an announcer rosters yeah he's that good he'll be there that a guy who's in our training camp right now cliff do. There's going to be playing for Canada mostly they won't select these teams until December. But cliff as one of the best age eligible players and Canada so you almost like the plan that's hood got EC right now on the sabres uniform. Feel fast forward if you must not have you learned you know team Canada. And you know his future teammate. Will be another team Casey mills that yet should be pretty interest pretty cool to kinda get that altogether and do I have to say one of the best atmosphere is I can remember being adds. In signed an arena stadium. Anywhere which USA Canada the last time this turner it was held in buffalo so I can't wait to see what that's like January fields yeah and that last year I was in Montreal for the championship game and USB candidate in Canada for the gold medal and has to be the first time these two teams of plates and stand. And there was not many USC fans and that and that opened Montreal last year and when we scored in overtime and I'm known chair and that can look at rallied. Should temper this a little bit but yet it is exciting you know having an outdoor like that and you know in gun and one hand Canada's our friend of the north. But when he gets a hockey now think the French have to put aside. And it'll be a pretty good party out there that day absolutely got to keep some of those Canadian fans out of the stadium so bring your US jerseys and all of that because we won Iowa. Still other. I was not sit around but Phil newer fields but what's in the fine around our place if you say there yeah. New airfields at Muirfield would do as much red white and blue as we possibly can where do you get tickets you can get tickets at buffalo world juniors dot com that's that the website and you can do and all the entries not just that came also to one of my packages are there. Goes on selling general public Monday at 10 AM. Today attending and we start a preset now for sabres season ticket holders those season ticket although my one buffalo. And USA hockey members as well are it's all the info therein of course you find it WBN dot com two way if you wanna get tickets to the outdoor game it happens the 29. Of December and Mike we're gonna have to have your banking here soon because a lot of new things for the sabres to talk about you that's right around the corner threat around the corner with the opening their ages of the fifth of October and it's once it's starts it it goes fast somehow as of Friday the players in Jennifer's home game was Monday. Yes three days later and we played Tuesday at Penn State against Pittsburgh and it was an exciting one that was I was there for the game man is because you know it's called the blue marine and Carrie was in the fans the students at demeaning instantly chit chat and thank you Terry. And their plane up to in the press are up in the in his suite it was really nice that and he's done so much for that that place and for College Hockey I think sometimes we don't understand because we're just not there about. To see this giant arena what's his name on it and a he's like Corel Tina an article Mike Gilbert with the sabres and ticket information for the outdoor world junior game. WB Ian dot com and you combine all the info tickets go on sale for season ticket holders to date general public on Monday.