Winter Is Here - Meteorologist Jon Hitchcock


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We're live with Jon Hitchcock meteorologists at the National Weather Service in buffalo. John I saw my first snowplow of the season coming in from the south towns this morning. Yeah good morning Susan in a multi most of us are they're going to be going to avoid the metro area we're going to be. In between lake effects snow bands for the most part it's going to be one band up near Lake Ontario. But I think part of nagger Orleans and Tennessee counties this morning. And then another banner across covered here starting NATO about the south council from about until it's huge topic Eldorado county. Of those very might see another wanted to which is mainly through late this morning so obese and put travelled until well south of buffalo. But by and large city in Manchuria idea pretty easy morning commute this morning. Yeah I can definitely see the split where where it's snowing and where it's not an and good thing too for the buffalo area but not a major event today but certainly want to keep attended pay attention to right. Absolutely and this is the first time we've had slick roads this also in the southern tier where they're getting some accumulate this morning. I just remembered slowdown and take these you know 300 countries dropped very quickly last evening so there could be a little bit of black sites underneath that knows well. Get this story though for me is this cold this morning and we herald temperatures beat today. Other back they go very far today were into the low twenties now the warning. And we expect tight in the mid upper twenties today so the record coldest high for today was thirty degrees not a believer to break that we were. And the 29 at midnight and we shouldn't get above that again this afternoon so. The coldest they had record today it likely for a November 10. Boy okay any rebound coming sound. A we have a very cold night tonight lows in the mid teens in the Manchurian maybe even some single digits in the covered here Bally's. And I can also be a record low tonight that's tomorrow's much better read of high pressure building in. And only make it to the mid thirties tomorrow but they'll be light wind sunshine so make it feel a lot better and we're back in the forties for Sunday. John thanks we appreciate it as Jon Hitchcock. Over at the National Weather Service in buffalo.