Williamsville Senior Meghan Hall's perspective on National Student Walkout Day

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Tuesday, March 13th

Meghan Hall, a senior at Williamsville South High School, speaks with WBEN's Mike Baggerman about March 14th's National Student Walkout Day. Hear why this is an important issue for students in Western New York, what they hope to achieve with this walkout, and what students plan to do following Wednesday's walkout.


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Who are participating in the national school walkout tomorrow can you explain just why you won't want to do this chart so it this lockout is. To remember it alleged that relies in part Clinton all seventeen of them as well as protest on school. How many students from Williams Phil are going to be participating in this. Well I can't speak for the other two high schools I do know that created a petition that. Encompasses community members students parents and alumni and has. Over 500 signatures at this point and while we don't have it wait to generally gauge exactly how many students will be talking tomorrow. By Vasquez to be somewhere around 304. Tell me exactly how this school wacko is going to work is it. I've heard other schools their plan is. The kids can go into the hallway for seventeen minutes go counterclockwise wonder what you. Your school's policy short so I went out we are going to be balking at the front door we'll be talking on the at a school and all of the students who are participating in walk out. We'll go into the football field bleachers it myself and four other students we'll be talking at the lockout so will be down on the field. And we will be light streaming for any community members who like to watch. I it once we get out onto the football field this time clock will run for seventeen minutes and at the end of the seventeen minutes Alvis in the back in time so. And how supportive has the administration and teachers that community into your plan to protest is this is. A pretty controversial topic the idea of kids leaving the school for seventeen minutes and doesn't settled too low and people are receptive and people and you've talked. I understand why people would be hesitant about the issue however. My school's administration has been really open and accepting to our ideas. We've been working I'm very clean it though they cannot technically endorse it because it is walking out of the school during the school day which does technically create destruction. However they've been really are willing to work on safety especially and just logistics in general we've seen a lot of compromise that and and they've. Have come through the district so things have changed over time but generally they've been supportive and the community and being out and it. Whatever anybody who's a into the interview that they are going to ask. Are these students can be staged outside you that you're going to the football field do you as somebody who's who physically going to the protests. Have any concern about safety. You know there's always going to be like concern about safety however I can tell you is that we are going to the football field. In lieu of that front of the school just you Beecher at that there's an added element of safety Eric. I can also tell you that the Everett police. It's reassuring to an. I'm thinking of the one rebel kid who's gonna take out of the school I get a chance to finally go home for a little bit. Can what can you say to kind of calm the fears that people have or maybe teachers and that some of their students and leave but not come back. I can say about that is that I think a lot of postings were involved every discipline and understand that this is. A thing of respect and I think that needs to be taken seriously why do now that of course there are out wires to every situation. I can say that what we've received so far has been fully expect. And the other thing that I can say is that all seem to. Respectfully participate faced no disciplinary action however any student who chooses to do something that. Would face disciplinary actions I think that's a big deterring factor as the school told you what that disciplinary action would be if they said they'll on campus they have not just because I don't think they really expect people to do fat content and mostly we've spent working on the students who. Are going to be. You know peaceful. What will the Williams or how students do after the protests obviously you're gonna go back in the classroom but. This is such an issue that's been captivating the entire country the nationals will walk out. But after the walk album. Where do you go there so we know that that's a huge issue. We as students are really committed to continuing to make sure that school safety. Is a issue at the forefront of what we. I know that that was a how we will be hosting paid. Discussion regarding the Second Amendment with. Speakers from both sides as well as an interpretation of the Second Amendment that will be at some point within the next probably 21 to follow up on Iraq now. I have also suggested in the board meeting that the district assemble a committee on and school safety with students teachers board members and administrators. So I'm hoping that they'll take that into consideration and even though my time telling us out is coming to an end soon. I hope that it will be time something that they consider for an exterior and the following years. And I know that as an advocate myself I will continue to speak out about school safety and I know that a lot of Mike Palestinian organizers. As well and you're going to college after this so you say you're gonna continue advocating first hole where you want to go to college and what I do want to get their toes constantly address it's been great so I have not committed to college yet I am. Sort of deciding between decaying universe in Pittsburg in Ohio state university in climate. Pat and I think on those campuses is there is definitely an outlet and a need for a social activism. And I think that some of that already exists though right. And not 100% sure that something about this particular issue access but I do know that on a college campus it is rather easy to. Assemble a group of students with advisor and create your own club or it. Issue I'd group are anything like that so if there is sent a group at these school that I do choose to attend I intend to create one hopefully. And that meantime over the summer sort of IA. We'll be continuing to act at K Chris issue via social media. Because I think at that it is they're really powerful tool when considering he's like what is the biggest misconception. About this national student walkout that you want the public to. I think the biggest misconception that we've run into so far is that. People think that we are directly protesting I can. And I just wanna say that that is not true we are protesting and schools which has come about sort of answering all of gun violence. But we are not directly protesting the Second Amendment this is more of a tribute to the lives lie in not only part things but other school shootings as well. And we are just continuing to work on on it as opposed to the issue of gun violence. Last question of guff for how safe do you feel Williams they'll schools are. I feel the killings of schools are very safe. Like I said in my address at the board meeting here I definitely think the what is the schools have done a very good job analyzing their possession on school safety here here. I always think that there's room for improvement I hope that the district we'll continue to. Look at that. But you know I thinks students all over the kind of country do you feel safe in the schools but ultimately there's no way to know. Who could be neck like as money for as many. Precautions that you put in place they're always could be an up and that is really we're looking here.