Will You Watch Football This Season? 9/14 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 2

Friday, September 14th

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News radio 930 WBA. And yeah it's Tom Bauerle in David Bellamy got its hourly and they'll be on news radio 930 W yeah. Are right it's an admin to report news radio 930 WBE. And while they've notified that you are the Buffalo Bills and a lot of manual or the National Football League and how you know you're just you're just all about it now before we talk about whether people are going to be watching the bills on Sunday and whether there looking forward to tailgating or whether they've given up on the NFL because of all the shenanigans. You know we forget that not only do we have the Buffalo Bills but it also beat the old nemesis of the Dallas Cowboys there's don't kick around. I think that's part of leadership is to have some of the guys that have gone home before that. Have been disappointed debt to share with everybody involved for me it's a reminder. Asked they've been here 23 years. And it is your reminder I've been here when it was glory over days and I've been here when it was. And so having said that. Oh Mason Torino. That is yeah Jerry Jones you have to respect. Via owner of the Dallas Cowboys. I've never quite heard the expression used in quite that way about Jerry Jones clearly sent. What should the expression be like the Springsteen song glory days. I think everybody was mad I think he's confuse them but I. That's an interesting choice of words. When you're trying to describe glory days and twice it comes out his glory holdings. Make it much like ice fisherman also refer I mean he must have been thinking about ice fisherman because ice fishermen will refer to a spot where the fish are biting through the highest ago called wet spot for the glory at all. Well. Here's what we know that they're going through something. I don't think it's cataclysmic as buffalo. But there's a little bit. Folks that are upset in the direction there's been recent rebuilt in Dallas in. It appears that it was missing. It but you've got this we haven't been this excited for starting quarterback since what Emanuel. And I hope. The Yankees. There was a lot of pessimism even when he was drafted. We reached it again it each game you'll die in the draft but this is the highest draft choice in the first round for bills quarterback in. Many many years. It was at this kid in and again this is the future but unfortunately. You know it's gonna get hurt beak is the line. Is going to be the protect him. Does that affect me do you take your kids to say use our first game. Of what can arguably via. The beginning. Or back involved did you mean to say the glory hold is back at buffalo I didn't mean to say okay. This could be store went pilot field opened. There were folks didn't care about the book of lies and but in 1986. Well with eighty east's I wanna say 87. Whatever. If you open they went out Andy. Wanted to see the first game at pilot field minutes we also thought it immediately baseball team but yet read up like this second to stadium. Was completed we found at the Bob which is gonna get the Major League Baseball team is liked the last brick replay and they can say yeah we're not gonna get a Major League team collectively they went to the Colorado Rockies but 888814. Idiot so 88. You know. This this could be genius fantastic could be. You know more of the same but I feel the excitement at least. Peter and Nate Peter and in reliever Matt the team. Does that change. And he changed the bills mop in the parking lot those guys to handle celebrate. At 214 season it's all operating tables and thrown people wrong. Yeah putting people through tables so on and on Sunday it will with the bills dismal getting to the season. Has that affected your Sunday plans are you gonna be watching the bills are you taking part in the NFL or you still steamed over meal. As a new game I'm sick of everything being called gay. Because first of all the whole Watergate expression is kind of David anyway. You're talking like few generations back sale but it sure what it if if people know what that means or know the significance of adding the word gay after every scandal but. Our have you given up on the NFL had to give up on the Buffalo Bills or is it full steam ahead damn the torpedoes for you. The phone number is 8030930. That's 8030930. Start 930 on the cellphone. 180616. WBZ am. But traffic text what the hell is going on on the 190 north. I don't know but Alan Harris one ever report coming up about seven minutes and if you know what's going on in the 190 or feel free to text Allen and the Volkswagen portrait parked export at 3809. Freezer of its 30930. David gonna check our FaceBook. A lot of people who've commented that what they're doing on Sunday they have to root out the NFL and it doesn't seem like they're going back. Because of the politics. Numbers are certainly in decline Thursday night football honestly I think it's just Thursday football and never was an idea it worked for Thanksgiving. And there was a time when people just couldn't get enough football and what happened college football started to respond games. Monday Night Football games on Tuesday and again and every day of the week you can turn on TV and sees some sort of for Opel going and and maybe Thursday night is just in decline because of the exits on Thursday night but. This Sunday numbers were and that is alarming normally on the opening weekend you see a little bit of a ball. Is it politics is it that the game has changed is that the penalties if that the fact that politics. I think it's hard to argue that. Hard to argue a hard argued Austin is hard to argue against your point that the one difference between. State's head injuries or the fact that there's too many penalties while this was going on before people started kneel at the end of Hannibal was. A disaster but. Our folks annoyed the telecast project in Nike. You know it's not the right. To me it just seems like it's the perfect storm for this to happen in and make your product. And desire dude it's it's a branding issue for how many decades were fans of the NFL told what do group rate patriotic league the National Football League was that we found out that pretend the military showed up the military was actually being charged to show up by the NFL as a part of its recruitment budget which says so a lot of people act. And when you are branding yourself as this. In all American sport when you're doing yourself as where in league with our theory you know based sickly the NFL was supposed to be. You know god family apple pie guy and pick up trucks and we found out over the past couple of seasons that that was simply a myth now the NFL I don't think the other fell even knows what it's brand visited more not a big problem. It's tough because you coupon you know first of all four. Is not a cheap game to play the the whole reason I baseball you know took over in basketball was real popular in soccer. Maintained its global status what do you need to play soccer ball right you can makeshift field makeshift goals. You know baseball was to a stick and a ball and you can go out whether you were in an hour earlier in the field to play baseball. You know for all. Of the same you know you throw the ball around to tackle each other things grade. And of course he got into this hole like on my son is have to go through this almost. Junior college or approach to tackle football star and if I DT June cattle with the head up and so they're not lowering their shall there and now you've got this. You know RP able to leave that after key play for her four or five years. This can actually reduce their quality of life that there's problems the CTE concussion thing that. We got professional athletes college athletes can keep suicide or violent what is the cause of that. Is it our society in general I mean I always think the only way to diagnose. GTE is to have a brain after someone's dead. So as to say that everyone has an app CT at some while they were seen soccer players cheerleader with CT. You know there there are many other veterans my goodness gracious you wanted to are battling your brain put a Kevlar on I have a 155. Daisy chain blobs outside your vehicle though rattle your brain there's people that didn't cautions all the time and what effect does that have over time so I think football has been unfairly maligned. But also don't forget football rappers ads across X of America many people pull politically I think it always goes down to politics. Eroding football erodes a demographic that some people seem to be a war against today. But you know what David for awhile I would've thought that the National Football League if it was in any danger whatsoever it was going to be an external threat for example you just talked about the a traumatic brain injuries that the people allegedly go to when they're playing football. It up for some reason don't seem to happen and hockey and wrestling or basketball or soccer even though do but I thought it was going to be. I thought that up. I was gonna be declared a public health medicine there are a lot of rule changes that they came about football during the Teddy Roosevelt era because of so many horrible injuries on the field but. As it turns out. The end of the or the beginning of the possible end of the National Football League turned out to be what we like to call an unforced error turned out to you. From the inside as it seems to me watching the politics of the NFL that it's rotting from the inside out not for me outside and where you know oh up. Favorite of ours has got mark Epstein and he writes with the new English review. And he wrote a piece back in July that. Did he basically blames Barack Obama. And Colin cabinet for destroying the NFL that this was actually you know according to him he says that. You know this would you fundamentally wanna change America one of the things you've fundamentally change the things that America likes to do. And he makes. Critical. Do you disagree that do you think that there was. There was a movement afoot to essentially say look. Life's not fair. And football's not fair I mean the one thing about football. Is that it has a rolls right and everyone is allowed to play within the confines of the rules it doesn't matter if you're black or what if you're gay if you're a span I. He kept a ball and you stand in bounds. Your in play right and life is not like that there are so many different things in business and in your your job your profession where. Even though you're doing everything by the book someone else can get an unfair advantage based on things you can't control sports are supposed to be boiled down. To the most basic. Tenets of America. Pat has the NFL committed suicide are you still NFL and Buffalo Bills crazy 8030930. Start 93180616. WB EM let's go to Rambo Jim indoor title Wanda WB Ian Rambo urgent. And act guy what I do it I watched the bills game I feel like I have to do I'm obligated to cure for home. Old county. However the bill stock they'd lose and Ayman Al won't it even more of an excuse not to watch anymore football games after the bills game. No way are you ever in a foul mood Rambo Jim. No I would never been all vote. When the final score is. It just so you know Rambo Jim IE talk to somebody after your last phone call to their show who is very concerned for your well being they thought that you were a gonna have a stroke be you're gonna blow out your voice box. Yeah I mean I am I've never learned what that you'd think. I've never I mean my whole life I was told you do not accept losing app for any reason whatsoever. It must. Wing scum bag and taken over America they're quite happy in this country into war with all the stupid liberalism. I would okay to boot camp by the trophy no matter OK who wanted to go. And look at that and I while. The American people winner and it will not operate a booster got right in general Patton. It's us Internet. You exit of two American people don't want the people and percent of the population of the country. It hurt her that I feel about that's a little straw Obama. I can't take it anymore I can't take looting and I don't have a leg I. Like losing either but I'm not advocating enemy Sheen mean a half of the population ever accused of talk all the time about the left being unhinged when you see something like that makes. Right maybe I get a little carried away however I think about that and upper. What I don't. Come orbiter and corporate. The flag because. They want. A list of exactly who this is the United Nations slash. But I don't know ward get our common home. People wept I gave it. Even females walking around now Bittermann arm and leg from Tom and now. They're not gonna and that's it they're gonna end up. App free military aggregate anyone ever going to be a revolutionary war that put a uniform on and and gave it to give. Original thought is that I am a 100%. On your side as being offended by and you went to disrespect the flag. But what are the things this last year has taught me is that these these people are willfully ignore. They really are they they have no idea and so what it becomes is we have a society of people would just troll. Its attention. Its. Upsets. This really fires up people and this is what I do this is the equivalent of Roseanne Barr or you know grabbing her crotch while she sings the National Anthem. It's done to offend it's done to upset. And what it shows is that they'd just either don't understand the issue or they do in the intentionally do it in either case. They're going to end up paying the price I think they are anyway when when it comes to a new collective bargaining agreement. And they start talking TV revenue do you think CBS and Fox News is gonna pay the billions of dollars in pay in the past. I don't think so. All nobody player they would get what they don't understand it. And revenue goes doubt about the owner of a. Hey Jim you got to hold on because if if we don't get our revenue you wont have hourly and bella vehicle listen to one WB and so stay with us if you would. Horror Tuesday. It is up for 36 news radio 930 WBE and hourly and bella via on the radio with you on a Friday and the bills hold openers coming up against San Diego on Sunday and the question is. In your household and here we are a year after the F that dealing controversy really came into full public view and really get discussed an awful lot. Is the NFL beds you or is the NFL alive and well the only reason I would even go to any party were the bills are being shown is not to watch the football game but just to hang out with my friends honest to god. All this is like Burton at the steak time I couldn't care less about the Buffalo Bills I couldn't care less about the National Football League. And the mile controversy simply may be say a ha. It. But if I mean it's like it's like steely gain in the field. If Steely Dan means no you know what I'm saying if it's slightly then the old for the National Anthem I wouldn't go to was deleted ship she would that would mean so. Because you love steely eyed and lovable before so it's kind of like well it was OK I'd watch the games but now you it's repugnant because we've defended. Its its repugnant peca and Bob Morton. You were a fly to Billy Bob Thornton Chicago he has you column stage play the guitar with a Escude being Goliath c.'s entry. Everything but I must deal for the flat out that he slaps the flag out of handed like policy is the issue you know like you know what. I appreciate. The acting you know job and I love the idea that your friend in your. But you have offended me. You were dead. That is a powerful message lest they offered me the role of the HR pup and stuff got done I take it. No matter. Can reduce your friend. Take for Tom to sell his soul. No but it's not for sale at any price so you're you say right now. That you would never ever if there was like Roger hunter's first of this report aborted we have abuse Roger Waters more than. Is abused himself put his anti separatism and putting stars of David on pigs. Did this guy that is one of the most. Of his generation he's probably topped one. Pink Floyd great Bain Roger Waters all all. Because he's taking a stance than unified morally repugnant. You know I think that that's an excellent point because when I listen or watch Pink Floyd like. Pompeii or whatever. If I'm involved in watching a Pink Floyd video I don't focus unpaved I'm and Roger Waters I focus on Dave Gilmour. Because of that because of Roger Waters like oh yeah it's David Gilmour singing with that unbelievable voice and playing guitar in his own unique way. Aria and there's did you hear. Yes I mean it doesn't matter if it targeted notes yours soon we both will probably work out would you love job you love it's always. This is when you look up. You can say it looked up economy's output too but you get jot notes on on the microphone and all of a sudden he starts talking about you know we wrote this song because of course the you know Jews run everything. Lol would you stop it in your view. You know I'd ask him to explain himself. I would ask him to explain himself but the NFL guys they've had ample opportunity to explain to dad and I still don't know what the hell they're issues here. Did the more they explore the more I find it obviously this is something that they think is a cool club to be apart so is the NFL fed to you guys they don't story on my thirties starlet 3180616. WBBM. We go back to Rambo gym and worked on Wanda who assay. Yeah object I would approved. What we are great nation uses our military secured before mom died I love the break to bomb public money I would make it work overtime. And month to me. Only as of the date of this or that eighth guy. Who work over time. With high school equivalency diplomas and high school diploma. Hunkered down to dollars that you're contrite heart like my mother that I dirt country in the world would that you did. My arm at this early. The great names in a break in the third and the money you guys are getting paid well. He's done about us. Should I mean first of all I I would think that the job rain is not an easy job one I think you're worth every. But you can't I mean when your make and I. Honor thousand dollars a year with a high school equivalency diploma. Every when you watch and is a murderer so yes I would say if Europe world. Why is it your foot in couldn't pay me enough to get everyone around me. Is convicted of of island and he's with the major they don't kill each other or my friends yeah. I. Every. Other number two while attempted hit job with high school support and deported but this golf. Good. To. We're taught people the curious about people around to get paid millions of dollars that. They're very well aware of the circumstances. Which most of these NFL players themselves. Football save their lives football gave them. You know an incredible lifestyle I think we're all appreciative of in the ones that aren't appreciative that they don't play football there well let. Look at it this way I have no issue with what NFL players maker what professional athletes make because nobody is overpaid if you look let's put it this way if somebody is willing to cut you a check for twenty million dollars to run a football you are not overpay. By by definition you are not overpaid because somebody believes that you were worth that kind of money and that I think about what kind of revenues being generated for the owners so got no issue with the players getting their piece of the pie. But this time it. It is just another example an illustration to me and hopefully people listening that they ought to be grateful for being in the United States of America because. The skills they have that serve them well in the United States of America so they can have a fleet of bent and rolls Royces would be of absolutely no use and Africa where you. Europe is again though I'd I believed that the hole and the protests that. He's it's it's a it's a popular pretty club group which they know there's no substance to mean those Nike ads are sputtering. In separate combined. What do you inspired to do oh you just hope things like eight if you're dreaming if someone sit your dreams are crazy. Then you know your dreams are crazy enough. It's all that hole the bottom Erica the whole thing is that dream mead and being great in going out there and working hard. And what is the poster child doing. And a vote clubs that called Colin Capp predictive to try Audi a play football. And by the way if you go back to the last seen average Cisco four uniter Buffalo Bills game. You're gonna hear the secondary the Buffalo Bills I don't college cabinet has ever eat because these horrible. Completely. An honest on the football team or the week before because. Present a very good quarterback so. We understand he's trying to make block. He's got a lot of popularity right now but are people doing that that's count cabinet are people doing this beak is a chance to get it Nike deal. I mean look there's a lot please why. Popular people one stand again. In the details for you look at a lot of courage to be why isn't. Urged jerk which is stupid and good does it ever wins the popular rebel what we're just doing its core. After jibe at the music video and and says that trumpet is like I'm Doug takes courage today. This what your doing to me is just everything it's like a shock tie it twenty you're gonna stay wide we do that. One final point about the thing about the let you guys already know are part of a block like what I'd bet. How have you tied at confederate flag you better at the start rights over the top of the uptight at bat. Why don't have a confederate flag but I I see hoopla if it's got to be the United States flag is not supposed to be under any other banter whether it says sparked anger whatever. We're expecting. It but always being and over the and you're gonna. I think they've ever let go loyal to start in points. I don't care what looked like you're part of. Awestruck thank you Jim and or struck me debris ironic that people protest the confederate flag which flew over a slave nation for four years and then the American flag which is on for how many deck it's over a slave nation and we start we used I know what the ultimate goal is the ultimate goal is totally denigrate and do away with the American flag and eventually the constitution and the declaration of independence and everything else from Americana that would be the big picture fifty that if the a thousand feet looked at it is the National Football League dead for to you and for you or are you a big. Fan as you are a bit of football that they've got to turn the question around and ask you because I know that you live bring you eat sleep and everything else football. You can't tell me that you view the National Football League now in the same way as you viewed it did ten years ago or even five years ago for that matter. I don't put. I think the problem here is that the that the NFL had a really good solution. To this problem. There were gonna find the of the athletes decided to protest and this was their policy meeting all the harmony. Completely showed what cowards they aren't just kind of backed regional thing but. Splitting the baby. You know time when this whole thing started the one the first thing you said what why we feel. That was really the solution all along was to stop putting a camera eyes and at that particular slide at the very beginning I sent her some free advice disparate rebel OK don't show the protests go to commercial or do the end to all the players are still in the locker room problems solved. So what what what is how does split debate how to we get to the point where champions that while. What I don't know what they're doing their locker room. They could be drinking human blood before every game I would never know because I care for there to show me what's going in on in the locker room but yet. When we have you know the anthem protests and they're on camera ever knows what's going on what he'd do you view. Help. Spread. You know behavior that's immature or this is that these are young man. That think they're doing something that some day kids will take today off school and celebrate nobody cares it's offensive and by the way. I'm sure there's people on the other side. There are certainly people on the right wing that try to and just to get a response on the left. They each for all those guys that make a living doing that. That's what you wanna do great in them yet to be a part of it I don't like the NFL doesn't want Democrats and Republicans to go to their games makes cents. Other kicker for me David was last season gold star mothers day and you and it is this is gold star mothers are moms who have lost a child in combat in skirt were in the service of the United States of America. And when they were kneeling on that particular Barry that was like game set match as far as I was concerned. With the National Football League we're asking you guys is the NFL bad tee you or is it still America's pork in your household. 8030930. Start I 3180616. WB EM. And Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys made folks were out the only people going through a little bit of famine right now. I think that's part of leadership is to have some of the guys that have gone before the death. Have been disappointed debt to share with everybody involved for me it's a reminder. After you've been here 23 years. And it is your reminder I've been here when it was Gloria go days and I've been here when it was. And so having said that. I won't Mason's Oreo. All right Thursday Jerry Jones. Of the Dallas Cowboys in your household is the NFL dead that or is it alive and kick him let's go to Dave in Amherst on WB Ian date. And around amen sir I'd act soldier creed are what make started yelling. I bail my Bible Belt jacket active adult. I said I'm a former they'd been good all of our former and former soldier. And I felt so little blurb in there. From a magazine I get it in Saudi Arabia date that any protests will Mac beat calorie. A hundred honored to wanna keep your head and. Oh did you get a response from the Buffalo Bills. Matt. So all our. Hot on Sundays what do you do I mean you tempted at all I presume if you were season ticket holder that you were one point in your life for very die hard dedicated fan what are you what he'd do on Sundays during football season. I. Work. That's. Now I am one game. Audited among the other. Because you're what. I'm watching the other being. But you're not watching the bills that sounds a little weird. Now out on our own wearing. Are you use and you you said your stuff back to the bills with this article talking about how he is a letter saying that your former soldier your very very offended and yet you add to the NFL's ratings so the NFL is alive and well in your house actually. Well they don't parents. I'm getting my money. All right fair and Dave thank you. You know it's. That's valuable. That's how you vote. If you. Missed. Aside. Bernard Arctic answer. You can goal you can achieve. You know. I like to protest governor Mel my jacket back and continue to watch your product. That is that Buffalo Bills football is war ball to me it's about you it's. It's. It's. It's up there and how much like him. And it's the one. Always loved it it's high note totally disagrees with me. You know Monday through Friday night show or tweet picture. You know a lot. Mark cards swear in jurors and where managers and Sunday and double high five each other because that's our region that team if we got a field goal last Sunday. He supports are important to be one. That brought you bring people and used it to people. I'd probably two doubling Barack Obama say that the very people. Two guys are using. Its. Its chances are. If we don't want Asian yet all. People. You would mean years. There was you know in NASCAR there's a guy he was using the word. The folks that came out and said. And the word word that a who cares BP to use the word if your major weak minded. Throw a couple of days. That beat the plea of not yet you could outwardly a lot of weight and whatever group on the first I think it's absolutely cowardly act. And it's unnecessary. I hope nobody is benefitted. By the new protests. Couldn't buy it every what is the test in north. It's what do we do not think that stock does it hurt the other foul their ratings for the NFL and ultimately the NFL's money is just not a ratings and as you said before the providers of content to viewers are not going to pay an. Inflated price for the rights to football games that fewer people are watching. Again you're you're you're you I'm not disagreeing with you Tom I'm just saying I don't. Weirdest Gil where do we go from here Serena Williams pays a fine she's you know her behaviors repugnant what am I supposed to do now am I supposed to. Not watched a tennis match up buyer merchandise. I mean again. Why why can't we just say I disagree I think it's ridiculous stop doing. And the league said stop doing it we will find you in the and the and the that the unions came out so well. Instead if you if you really protest we will find you wouldn't suspend you and Miami Dolphins are Melian protest. Not know what do nothing about it well and at the end of all is digging its own grave and that's that's their business and it's it was good to million.