White House Whiplash On Trump Topics - Arlette Saenz


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Next we're going live to the White House this morning another duel over. For the second time this week the White House in cleanup mode over the president's words involving Russia. Correspondent Ireland sciences following this one happened yesterday or like. Well the White House so we went in to clean up mode for this second. A day in a row trying to clear up some confusion about president Trump's comments regarding Russia died yesterday. My colleague Cecilia Vega directly asked the president if he thinks Russia is still targeting. The US the president answered no when she followed up again in a second time. He answered no that directly contradicts what his intelligence community has been saying Dan Coates Director of National Intelligence said that. Russia is being gauged it ongoing and pervasive efforts to undermine. American democracy. Now the White House a few hours later tried to say that his known didn't exactly mean no he was saying no I'm not answering questions but. The president said no twice and he actually went on to answer questions from another reporter but we've seen this White House. I'm trying to clear of buying and clean up. Some missteps from the president regarding misstatements on Russia. Does it seem that the president is speaking tougher may be on Russia in the past couple days given the backlash from the original meeting. Well the president in the apple spree mastered a sad that no one has been tougher on Russia than him and he didn't interview. With CBS news where he was asked if he holds Vladimir Putin directly oversee her solely responsible. For meddling in the 2016 election he said he would because. Gluten is in charge of that country and he claimed that in his sit down which was a private. A sit down it was only him Vladimir Putin and the two interpreter in the room he says that he told proven that he can. Debt that we can no longer have mentally in the US elections. And sent him we're not going to deal with that anymore and that's the way it's going to be so president trump is facing a lot of pressure to take a bit of a tougher stance. On gluten after that. Summit and press conference when he seems to side with gluten over his own intelligence community targets are let science lined at the White House this morning.