White House: Weekend Review With Lana Zak


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Let's go live to the White House is where we find love is they act in London the president commenting. On special counsel Robert smaller lots of speculation that he could fire Moeller. President trump says he's not considering it. He you told reporters here at the White House yesterday that that he is ninth. Planning on firing Robert dollar and perhaps even had a little bit of fun with that thing what are you surprised. Remember. People have been asking his administration has Press Secretary that they questioned and they had not provided an answer leading some speculation. Especially given. From the posturing that we've seen by prominent Republicans over and congress perhaps sending out that they. Would allow for the presidents to consider firing Robert Pollard but. He tried to dispel that rumor yesterday in a fairly definitive way though with president from you know nothing is ever. Fully definitive well we also heard though that the term transition team is accusing Muller of unlawful conduct. And that's right they're accusing his. His investigation of obtaining these transition emails illegally. Of course according to then that an investigation. They have not done so they have. They have followed all proper protocols and part of what makes it's difficult is. Oh if if the allegations are true what appears to have happened is that that. That emails that were. We're part of the transition team. And transition team emails went through to the GSA. To they were government property and and we aired. And according to. What they would have signed off on in order to get that email account as part of the transition team. It it is they're told that it could be part of the public record so. It is possible that that the investigation has obtained those emails as part of the government record. Though they will not confirm or not at this point aren't Lana thanks you that's alana sack joining us live from the White House WB and whose time is 708 the death of an anti bank's chairman. This weekend. Touching many people throughout Western New York the new shocked many people around the area Sunday as they learn that M&T chairman and CEO Robert Wilmer says died. It's a fair game in Erie county are so many lives. Up professionally and personally I can't go anywhere within the cultural community and buffalo and Erie county with how. Being touched by the impact of problem. Erie county controller stuff bomb high Lusa that bloomers had a strong voice in the culture of the area of not to mention. Business and education. Heavily bastard. An education I don't what literature.