White House Weathering Weekend "Storm" - Karen Travers


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Let's go now to Washington Karen Travers joining us live from the White House well over the weekend it was either Mahler or call me or McCabe that was the target of the president's suites either way. President taking aim at the FBI in turn at three's the question yet again. If he's ready defy your Robert Mueller how serious. Of thoughts is being put into that in Washington. The White House lawyer who's handling the Russian matter Ty cobb's that a statement last night that the president is not considering or discussing the firing of Robert Mueller. That need not be enough to calm some of feed errors in alarm bells that are going off. Among not just Democrats but Republicans you had a lot of warnings over the weekend from Republican allies of the president included. Who are saying do not fire Robert Mueller Lindsey Graham is close ally of the president said this would be the beginning of the end of president trumps presidency. John McCain issued a statement through tweets saying it's critical of the smaller be allowed to complete thorough investigation. Tree Audi and other Republicans said. Let it play its course if you've done nothing wrong just let this ago. Democrats are even stronger statements not surprisingly saying this would be constitutional crisis if the president does this. Karen the president questioned the political makeup of Robert Muller's team but. You've done some investigation ABC has and they're not all Democrats right now they're not Mueller himself as a registered Republican and he was named FBI director by president George W. Bush served ten years in the position straddling the Bush Administration two years of the Obama administration. Now Komi coming out with a book key tweet did kind of backed debt the president not tagging him but so was vocal on Twitter over the weekend did surprise people that. He's kind of taking this more publicly. Now I mean coming. In tweeting a lot since he left his position last year he also has a book to sell and that book will be out in one month he says. The American people hear his story and they can judge who is honorable and who is not. That's correspondent Karen Travers joining us live this morning from the White House.