White House Update - Karen Travers


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Let's go live to the White House and correspondent Karen Travers who's back from some vacation Karen the president appears to be. Pushing harder for his anti illegal immigration agenda especially if you found his Twitter this weekend. Yet there is it tweet on Sunday where the president says that when somebody comes in he writes we must immediately with no judges or court cases. Bring them back from where they came to this is a really pretty incredible assertion of federal government's power and it's also almost certainly unconstitutional the Supreme Court has repeatedly said that. Even non citizens have some basic rights and that migrants are entitled to due process. The ACLU's said that what the president wrote in that tweed is illegal and unconstitutional. But it certainly shows that. Italy doubling down on this hardline stance. As there has been. A lot of questions and criticisms. Over the past few days about that executive order. And what his administration is in is not doing to handle this situation at the board how these suites going over with Republicans. In Washington they're hoping to pass some sort of immigration measure but they're gonna need the support of at least some Democrats yet and in the you're hearing from some Republicans over the weekend some former senior officials from the White House who were saying that. This is just not a consistent policy and they are not sure what the White House is signaling they'll say something in meetings the president and tweets it. The president also is tweeting over the weekend that it would be easy for the house to pass an immigration bill. That's not necessarily true nothing is very easy right now in the House of Representatives but it's unlikely that there eating gonna get the votes together for this broader immigration bill which of course as you probably heard all last week it's not going anywhere in the senate anyway now I know understand that the president's going to South Carolina today does this have anything to do with immigration. Now he's actually going on effort campaign and governor Henry McMaster is. Any Republican primary runoff tomorrow he is the current governor but he seeking his first full term in office. He was elevated to that top spot after Nikki Haley left to be the ambassador to the UN. So the president going down there to give them a boost McMaster was he early trump supporter during any 2016 Republican primaries so this is a bit of returning the favor aren't Karen thank you for the update its Karen Travers joining us live this morning from the White House.