White House Tracking Florence - Karen Travers


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Let's go live to the White House now this morning correspondent Karen Travers is there nothing up from the president this morning on Twitter but. Boy the hurricane in Puerto Rico last year scene yesterday to be overshadowing this one. Yet it's incredible because there was sort of self inflicted controversy at the White House when the president we did yesterday and that 3000 people did not die in the hurricane that hit Puerto Rico he each. Outplayed Democrat he says that the increased death poll that recently was made official by the government of Puerto Rico was. Quote done by the Democrats in order can make me look as bad as possible. It was notable that he did not have people in Capitol Hill Republicans say that they agreed with the president on this and our tickets have been responsive and is that you don't. Noticed is how it happened. This study of independent researchers at George Washington University. Last month raising the death cult for 64. At 2975. To that now became the official count. But the government of Puerto Rico. The president though it. Really community well he wrote on Twitter that if a person died for any reason like old eighties they were added onto the list did this study found that. At the problems from Maria in Puerto Rico lasted for months. Back on electricity really big issue getting food and water and health care to people that needed it and that led to loss of life. Instant to be clear that's kind of what they were looking at when they're looking at in new death toll Amanda study that was done in Puerto Rico was. Things that might have result whether it's a power outage show a loss of health care medicine that resulted in death that's part of that new tally. By the storm and dust these guests will be attributed to this story mean comparing it keyed up if you get to a car accident and then had injuries. And aren't getting the care you need and die a week later he got in the car accident not something else yeah that's sort of what people were saying that you could compare it Q. But the White House continuing his defense the president on this one but I can't say. How many deaths the White House believes is the accurate number they throughout a bunch of other statistics saying what they were some studies that had at last may be enough out 1000 ranged. But we done got an official number from the White House as to what they had decided is the death count. Karen has it on. Publicly come out and backed up what the president is suggesting. That no I mean that you get a good that he had Republicans and Hillary China distance themselves through that is certainly there were commentators and analysts to retain that he had appointed. I need to. Storm itself the rain the flood. The wind didn't kill 3000 people but that's not what this study is looking at that's not how the government of Puerto Rico. Without setting Modesto. You know looking at what might have prompted the president to tweet that I'm thinking the only thing could've been. His own comments about Puerto Rico before in the and the backlash to that day is that the the only thing that really you think of Vick could have prompted him to tweet day yesterday. Al edited added the president all week he's continuing to talk about Puerto Rico while. The White House says he's totally focused on her came to Florida but that's certainly. He'd we didn't see the president yesterday saw we had released tweets about Puerto Rico instead of a message from the president looking forward. Giving you know every assurances or warnings to people who are dealing with the potential impact now from Florence. Our pets Karen Travers reporting live from the White House this morning.