White House Taking Stock After Korea Summit - Kenneth Moton


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Let's go live to Washington now we're joined by Kenneth mountainous the president. Finally making his return from Singapore was a long flight back in Kenneth I'm guessing no Washington still buzzing after that summit in Singapore. A Brian Washington is by the thing the president is buzzing I'm sure that he actually is not asleep right now even though we haven't seen any new tweets from there as soon as Air Force One landed two hours ago we got a number of tweets I've been pretty busy this morning. Going through them I'm the president and yet he's back here in Washington but is also back to the political reality of trying to. I'm not only hammer out the details of this I deal with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un but it's also selling it to congress to the American people into the international community. And the reaction as he what's he saying about the reaction as he's getting to that seal. Well you know what he got a number tweets that we saw here arm the president said just land it long trip but everybody can now feel much safer than the day I took office there is no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea the president even saying that. I'm reminding us that President Obama told him when he took office number that transition. That first meeting that the the president elect pat with President Obama you think your biggest threat is North Korea. President trump said President Obama said it I took care of it and he ended his we would no longer sleep well did you to deal with this issue North Korea. No wind should we expect that next meeting to happen because this was described this kind of the first in a step of meetings do we have any idea yet. We don't just like there remember things from here including the exact details of this deal om we only got back essentially one sheet of what the we'd upon on their members of congress on both sides of Republicans and Democrats who say they need more than need to be secretary of state Mike Pompeo. Who's actually in South Korea. This morning at this hour a Canadian officials over there and so you've got these diplomatic officials who spread out now. On not only to get international community together. But to talk to congress and the president drop actually call members. His party. It's GOP senators are in the weekly lunch yesterday on Capitol Hill and gave them some details is that he sounded very upbeat he sound optimistic. And they believe you get this deal done but Democrats. They are blasting the presidency and it appears that he gave up a number of concessions. For some big promises of denuclearization. Artist correspondent Kenneth mode and reporting life from the White House this morning.