White House Matters: From Gov't Shutdown to Slurred Speech - Karen Travers


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Karen Travers is with a slide at the White House this morning president Trump's speech about Jerusalem. Is making news not for what he said but. For how he set it and Karen before you comment for our listeners say let's just bring your clip of of that and got less. United church thank you very much Karen you what is the what are you hearing back on the ass. And White House would not comment on this officially we've certainly asked questions but a lot of speculation on Twitter that. Maybe it was that dry mouth thing we saw the president had a couple weeks ago when he that speech after his Asia trip remember he stopped twice and drank from a bottle of water. And bringing in mind that Marco Rubio moment I think that you know I was that you and not clear yesterday if he had any water there but certainly in the final 45 seconds or minute or so that speech he'd seen it. Idiots. Stuck on I unclear but no official comment from the white house on this but it's certainly caught many people's ears yesterday social media is exploding though talking about his health. Yeah and you know I think if there is something concerning Hewitt in the White House would push back strongly you weigh in on this the fact they're just letting ago assuming as it going to be some other thing that social media explodes about at some point this morning for Howell is the reaction now to the president's announcement that truce on would be observed is Israel's capital. As expected I mean we had enough details at a time to know what the president was going to say end you know the concern in the region is really for tomorrow. After Friday prayers about what might be violent backlash activist. You are today we're starting here from colleagues about some skirmishes in the west bank and Ramallah in particular but. The Israelis welcomed as they were thrilled to hear of this announcement from the president. And the White House says this with president making good irony key campaign promise and it was always a matter of when that not. Also at the White House today looking ahead to the possibility of of averting some sort of government shut down. Meetings with senator Schumer and Nancy Pelosi Paul Ryan Mitch McConnell all together at the White House in one room. All together closed press unfortunately so we will get to see ads and I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see any of those leaders come out afterwards and talked to the press of the this chance for do over at the White House. Remember this was the meeting at the Democrats bailed on last week after the president tweeted that he didn't see a deal taking shape to from the government heavily to shut down. There is not a big sense of urgency in Washington it's actually really striking because I've covered a lot of cities urgent deadline did. There's so many twisted turned and countdown clocks and breathless anticipation and today everybody's like. Get this died it's not only president trump who's sounded not as confident saying yesterday that next shutdown would happen. The house is gonna vote short term plan from the government through December 22 but there could be some sticking points in the senate so we'll see how that. Goes over the course but the deadline is tomorrow round midnight yes. And you think back about all the times we've done this before and it was like complete pandemonium in Washington. You're just not seen Republican leaders feel good that they can do this. December 22 when I mean how long term deal which means that we get the eighteenth is gonna be another layer of drama are right that's Karen Travers live at the White House this morning.