White House Debrief - Kenneth Moton


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Kenneth mountain joins us alive from the White House this morning the president wrapping up his Asia trip truck tying up some. Loose sense that Kenneth what is the big take away from this trip in your mind. What the biggest way the biggest take away according to the president when he spoke to reporters before league in the Philippines that there's a more united front when dealing with the threat of North Korea. I'm he feels that the US Japan and China as he set all have their acts together when it comes to on how to deal with the North Korea that nuclear arise North Korea. He also talked about his son relationship with China because tray with a big issue for the president I'm for this marathon thirteen day tour. And he says that he believes that with China with president she's in pain on the he believes relationship is not necessarily close one or footage of a bat rather one based on respect. Artist Kenneth not reporting live from the White House.