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Monday, April 16th

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News radio 930 WBE. So I think I've said this before a pick their PR department is utterly in but. And I think we should probably some terrorism is to. Well the beaming counted as no joke noted that all fired up sorry I didn't know what you're accusing. It's Tom Bauerle you know what been there done that as it's weird you're. But now you don't speak up I'm sorry I'm a grown up than David Bellamy don't hold that really you enjoy the I'd its hourly and Olivia I mean I. I would immediately change topics a new radio in kind third Dudley here. It's stuck in traffic but it is what a bitch about whether or not yourself about 803 Oda thirty start at 310616. WB EM. So. You know James comedy comedy that was on TV last night. With grilling interview just a hard very difficult interview with that George Stephanopoulos. From ABC who basically is. You can do your own Google search and Figaro why we are so skeptical that bird George Stephanopoulos. But David there tell me during the break that this shoot yet Jim Cummings wife. A Coleman's wife as a pejorative is Stephanopoulos is wise Stephanopoulos this episode this problem as it is talking about you know morality in. All this produced a step up. His wife and loosen up and April 24 it's as self help book called. I asked Al Lee her name's Ali Wentworth and they're kind of a power couple and in New York circles. George Stephanopoulos of course percent as the great job ABC. His wife where it's an actress in now model I believe now she writes self help books but she talked about sex life for chapter after chapter now. It's so. Outrageously. Over the top. Even after him you know fifteen years of marriage they still are are just very you know chase each other around the house to where they don't have threatens what. Hasn't there lose your that are reds because. They they always do is is paying out as as a couple. That's great stuff but again. You know the these people didn't do. This is too much of from patient. You know article that was a time Edwards did Alley Wentworth loses friends over sex life with George Stephanopoulos did this and why does this story seem like BO estimate what was about to tell you I was the only reason this story is out is because of the games Kobe interview I ever was talking about Stephanopoulos ever wins. Google leaning between Stephanopoulos so as eighty dutiful wife she is writing them which is written a book to be really pitched. Add you know and now is doing PR based on her husband's. Interview when James told me. Again stormy Daniels gets upset and when they set the right wing was obsessed with sex yeah it really has never been the case. This for every it's kind of just absurd. I mean it's just. Alley Wentworth talk sports addicts with George Stephanopoulos. And this is the guy they said interviewed gene called me about the Donald Trump's alleged proclivities. That trend well. So this weather. You were you know opportunity David in your other life you don't do a lot of traveling and and a group there. You may have been in warmer climates in recent days that's very true. In fact that you might have had a very very early morning flight that's pleasurable wicked Jews seventy degrees. You were you know if it is it was you know that the ice storm to sleep the whatever but this is not. Coming you think of early April snow. This is a very uncommon and western York unfortunately people talk about possible that cliche it does nothing but sleet and rain at this horrible with our. Look. You would think that we could we could handle this these conditions in April and we could drive my mother was no problem but evidently some people some people are visiting Western New York that cannot draw I'd. And it cost us some problems on our major terrific. But if you purposely haven't ever play forever. And ever actually. Patsy reports. Interruption in bird it. Oh. Available to mr. McCain UWB yet in 309 threes are one. Would be the trees. Are giant ice storms that are. But this. This whether it's ultimately there will echo but this where there it is absolutely. Demoralized. I'm sorry I think there's. You know here's a few object do object peca is I think the last summer we have with battery. Last summer we had to weigh recollection. We get on the days that 60s70s. Here's my judgment it's probably days to we have where it was eighty degrees and sunny for like 80% of the day. Eighty degrees and Sunday 80% of the day I'd probably last summer being one of those Summers and I just remember that fall. Was actually in many respects better than winner with air better than summer but that once winter and it. It just latched on to us and it just bit into us it circus around that you to a for the dogs. If you know this is but again it it always strikes me is just the the what is the argument here that we're we're getting dissed and there was a time there was a point there was a lot of the Pennsylvania with a 61 degree difference man did you see that. Her once at a Pennsylvania that you were dumping when the Western New York there was freedom I think I wanna ask people if Dave what if have you ever kept separate. If you play on the here in part because of the weather you you would never knew that your buffalo native. Would I eat buffalo I did he obviously. Who would recognize you. Publics who cares who cares at publics. I still live I used to live in Florida well I I look at this point well if I gotta give serious thought to get heavier here. This this is just not the whale well if what what upsets you more than whether or the tax. Wolf golf ID OK. We pay its subtle highest taxes. In the entire country right. I've got to pay high taxes humans we'll get paradise I ask you. Driving into work every day the UC paradise IC potholes. Icy roads about a B smooth as glass to plastic bags and true greens well then repeat the it is the season. But would you ever consider moving out of Western New York based on the weather. And at this point I would be terrified the older I get the less and less tolerance I have. For winter I don't ski anymore I don't wanna ski anymore and frankly for health concerns it's not healthy for me to be ethical climate. We think is that when I it when you go other places that you look at real traffic I mean there are cities where every single day. They're doing traffic on the tents because it's just horrible we really have. A good. Situation were we he commute back and forth. We have all you know you don't have to they're there would be times where you could live without a medium side mr. market mid market. And guess what you'd ever so large you know Paul McCartney you know never got the concert she never had an NFL football game. We've got a lot of things that. Major markets have. And now we don't really have to deal with a lot of that's Saint Louis and Saint Louis is there was a bigger city is still a bigger city than to than buffalo the traffic was never really got bed there. When I lived in Tampa bed. In the 1989. Bets before they relieved at anything in terms of infrastructure improvements to traffic was hell I mean you would leave at 5:30 AM 4:9 o'clock shift with delivery than usual for me so wanted to beat the traffic. But as far as you know it's. This this winter is pretty much putting me over the edge yup it's time to clean up the house put the for sale sign up and and check out here is I can't act of honestly David I can't do this much blogger account of the American I don't think I've got a movie you're listening. Any of the ship oh. Oh earned him a bit of both well but let's go to edge. I don't want a WBE NAJ you are on the WBBM. Yeah Alex doesn't occur he is I laughed I steadily. In mid April and now. I think god they're Marshall verbal to allow under very what you're going to war or April. You know the same guy or give our iPhone all the Joseph. And I'm pretty good about climate not they're brought about by addition trial greens dried. Do you really know after falling forty feet and her younger days you really wanna climb up on your roof investor the satellite mission there at their companies on do you have for it from the grass is soft. I'd still. It's got that side so did you get at them like knicks have ever had settle I have always been a cable guy to like cut that cable because. You know some 250 bucks a month was a quite worth the anymore for that I was watching. Look at other shopping channel lol yeah. But. What what caused your days to go a lot of you. There's not much in play extra until. Now. Well we've we've we've got a coming down here again I mean I'm sorry about is. Early April it's mid April and Reba my gallium freezing and it's really. A big deal with people's satellite dishes though you think with today's technology. Then a little but the smell like what age is talking about you if eight it was built in satellite service it should have been some pretty bad winter days. An AG UN US bureau satellite service it during the worst of the winner. There. Are no where and what about an hour and it's a way that's that's weird thing and have you better that you. I don't like it's just the typical. And that is depends on reliable and underline pebble but it it got very open protests. For what you get. And fortunately most of what I wanna watch and YouTube and where there's so much election. There are likely the only drove it doesn't do. Cable and the way to go now who. Hager is Dave from wheat fields here Tom wants out of buffalo but I'd be okay listening to go via in beaver. David you've definitely done Florida. Yeah that's right. Yeah how well you know what's on that here's a thing about Florida though. Did somebody awful people there. You don't even feel like you you can walk around literally. You can walk around angry and a grocery store and see a Buffalo Sabres bumper sticker so with a bill had I mean kind of random if you look at the it was a for Saint Petersburg as a very large population. Buffalo ex pat. It's unified in the Miami won't buy it but think about this I mean you know try to sell me lives things were were April 15 and the weather's like this. And at the end of the day adding we get the right up my state taxes anymore. So since Britney pan am I your satellite dish I'm not sure that well I'm a sharp camp feels about half the snipers are talking about not plastic coating I don't know if by the satellite companies would agree with them who knows dragged our eight. And then the other bird and prepare and get out there were a broom by from magnetic which ramp. Yet after the break damage you suffered in your fault I don't know that I want anymore. Yeah thank you for let thank you very much he's the yeah I mean but that's dangerous to get get it becomes appointment time we're you do not go on roofs and ultimately hire people to do. All right with the weather ever get you out of here has look at it it's a pro fifteenth and everywhere I was this weekend people were bitching about the weather Saturday night ice storm. Niagara county was not a power a lot of it. Transit road was African masks I learned along time ago that if you ever wanted to Stevie impact as they've local radio person you made on people's lives. What you put into pail of water and you take it out and you look at the water that's about as much impact as you so you know it certainly isn't an ego thing. But as far as Florida and you think Florida make. Recessed in Texas. Florida well here's thing and we. The issue Texas. I mean. Dear it's. There's a cross section of Texas that isn't really all like great I mean Fort Bliss area it's desert I mean you want. You wouldn't you're if you be out in in that tundra just nothingness and hop in all the nonsense and oh by our bills place these are these are you gotta go. You gotta wallet and west of Iraqis. There if if you and is really at this time a year via the eastern side of Texas I think is probably more suitable to your looking for but in Florida. And on the and you got everything you want to see palm trees don't see smooth road so it's always been some once in awhile now does it loose guys. Yeah. Normal about it but I also wanna see like I. Seven rounds more than that him and his record and rhetoric until it. No income tax no state income decks scored some words of Pam I thought it was spam to put on by satellite dish. Ball suited and and I liked to have your putting spam and you're satellite is that's not a good thing. But but here's the deal when when your eyes. At a daily today. Wit and do it it's always that first day we go through fall. You know rain there's some black ice made some leagues people always warning you about Halloween in not hitting children ever went always you know let's talk about traffic driving safe at night all all the warnings are up to the first snowfall. There's always a day where it was just totally do this again. How to do it again. And today is that day we pretty much about hadn't. But were also carrier coming up to that inexplicable time of the year were eventually it will be dry it will be sunny. There will be no logical reason for it and yet there's going to be ridiculous accidents. Happens every single year we'll have as many accidents on a drive sunny today. But dry sunny evening as we've got right now it's like the sun is you know on the Horizon Lines pipa. Or maybe they're just not used to it now I mean because what shall establish. Doesn't it it's so when did a study of you know everyone out and suvs. And is there like in overconfidence that we had if we have four wheel drive yes if you're an all wheel drive vehicle. And you're cruising a year ahead I can handle buffalo lived here all my life I drove ringer wheeled cars in this well I'd certainly handle all wheel. And the car is upside down a tree in the 400 ever. It's never like the spurs are concerned they need good donuts in Florida. With the NC Ringo that. Parents are in need your own paint he met her because as the weather goes as as this weather. As you thinking about perhaps. Relocating because no big secret of seriously considering it because I just can't do this anymore. It is a six Tony six newsroom tonight thirty WB EN. I back to the army and Bellamy we are it's kind of like the did the darkest half hour the dark has 22 minutes I don't know what you want to call it that we're here. And which would talk about other Regan to call me when he didn't do. Store meat whatever you wanna talk about black. There is some important business to take care of it happens to be the 58 annual. Western New York armed forces week it's coming up got two people here in studio Tom Hurley. And George bull alert talking about. Western New York armed force weeks only asked Tom real quick what is going on here west do we talk about veterans day Memorial Day armed forces week. I mean did we're we're talking anyone who has served in the military this is an entire week dedicated to them. It it is David and you know there's a there's a group of veterans that that resides in the community that has been part of a committee that that goes back to 1960. And this year than navy's hosting the committee. We pay tribute to the men and women in armed the United States armed forces. And we've got some events. Basically we we we call a week but it's actually more like more like ten days. Ten days of it's nothing but armed forces who could be against that. So let's hear are about some of these things we've got going on where people can attend how they can she show up and if they're veterans themselves how they can take part as well what's so the first thing kimono. Well all day that's the beautiful thing you don't you don't have to be a veteran to participate you can be a supporter of veterans. We get the armed forces launch in which is on Thursday the tenth of may. It's at Salvatore is telling gardens to thank everybody in the audience knows. Knows where that is. And we we have a lot generic Salvatore is only bringing it to distinguish speaker with. With the military background for that. We have by an armed forces ball on a Saturday that. Twelfth of may again that's a sell out tours as well and at that that that event we we we pay tribute to. Fort fourteen distinguished. Service people that have a connection to Western New York whether they're active duty or are or reserved. So we got the tenth of may the armed forces launching which is that Salvador's the twelve meg which is that Salvador's and the twentieth of may is. That's the big is that there is that the final. Yet that's the final event Dave and that's that that's going to be a river works and it's a salute to our armed forces. Starts about twelve noon Claudia plan. Cards and military base and that'll be participating in that. And that's that's a that's a free event. The other events of the launch in and the and the ball there's a there's a there's tickets and charge associated with those but the yes salute to the armed forces that one's. That was free of charge in an open to the entire community. Well George Weller argued Jordan that your on this committee as well I tell me now what would the the proceeds of the armed forces week where they go. Proceeds this year going to the peace freedom and she is which is the military lives is open at the mayor's fault if the buffalo Niagara Falls international airport. And it's it's a comfort station for. Military personnel who are traveling through. Through Western New York you know I've ever heard a lot about this a lot if you put a lot of hard work and in raising funds basically veterans that are coming through to the airport. Have a place to kind of its capital like you know you don't have to spend a 180000. Miles delta to enjoy a hot cup of coffee. You can actually hang out with people. That you served or may you know just other people that have served to kind of hang out and enjoy yourself at the airport. Maniac and part of that is just often times. You know these these are people that are. You know can be traveling alone her you know waiting for. Loved ones so it gives them just you know I guess a little bit of a better spot there to relax him. In Western New York isn't big enough to hit the USO. Sponsors and lounge so this is this lounges totally. Self supporting nonprofit that. The only really can use them some extra help getting. Getting. You know time after veterans in there and service members to to enjoy it. So let's say at the airport or here I am and you know when you talk about the airport it's. It's not just for obviously western New Yorkers other people are traveling through buffalo the first thing they're gonna see is that hey Western New York they actually care about veterans. They care of people serve the country and it represented the community and how we feel about people who served. And again we're not just talking about Iraq Afghanistan we're not just talk about Vietnam and World War II were talking about anyone who has put the uniform on. And people who support service. So doesn't that combat it's not. You know the Cold War Jim it every single person who's ever sir armed forces week pretty inclusive of all service. Tom I Hurley. What what is a website that people could give more information on. Yeah today if people want more information about the the and the entire week and the three different activities that we've got gone www. Western New York armed forces weak dot com WNYAFW. And if you're of the military persuade Asian whiskey November Yankee. Elf a fox trot whiskey dot com. You should know what that means a share of the military persuasion not George or another got here stormy Daniels let me ask you. Now that would help her. But it helped out a big topic here. When you talk about this Western New York freedom lounge. How much goes into it first what are they building this is this an annex to the airport how much money we hoping to raise for his freedom on. Love the freedom. Lounges exe up and running at the airport. Paula however. There is talking to moving from the locations it's it's at right now right now it's down by the a huge camping area. But you're talking about a movie in a bind to the concourse. So that it is better access for. For people that are actually. You know in. Tramp the hacking the the security gates and that have places to deal relax while waiting for flights. And it's obviously accessible for all people who handicapped people directions the people in wheelchairs or service disorder yes absolutely individuals and it doesn't take dogs as well the services and it service dog stories flow now is there any space there have been some debate here as to what service animals. We hit the compose. Service your herbal that was promptly destroyed in Australia I couldn't. That's what some. You're even a part of this for how long. They've had been on the committee for. Probably. Five years and social what what do our armed forces week keeps you doing this for five years we're really. Well it's an app it's an opportunity for for us in the community recognized. The people that are that are currently serving so so for example this. Armed forces ball. We're gonna recognize fourteen the service people that. That are that are in our community that are that are serving whether it's active duty. Reserve or in the per in the guard. So we wanna recognize their accomplishments. We want to let people on the community at large know that. There is that there is a large group of veterans that are here in the community. And that. The ones that may be retired are here to support. The ones that were in the uniform now. They've got Tom Curley there with the armed forces. I should take western New York's our fourth week committee for five years. George Ball or how long you've been doing this. I've been doing it for just four years again probably you're not a porno let's get back to the people actually been doing this for a chunk of time mrs. And George puke yeah we we talk all the time about this stuff. This obviously means something view your own background serving your country. What do you see about this Western New York area you've been around the country as soon. Where after it we really this is no nonsense we really do care about people who serve. And and we really do find ways to go out of our way to support people's you know one of the things that I've I've really events of you know I surprised with his. It's how many organizations out there to support to military. And that this this particular group of veterans and put the armed forces we community together. Really are trying to. Give it. In real big thank you act by you know Hannity. And the a couple of that a lot going on us. And so I've done like a job a lot going on ten may detect the made to Thursday are forced luncheon. The armed forces ball is on Saturday the twelfth of may the twentieth is the big salute to armed forces that goes from twelve. I knew at buffalo river works the tenth in the twelve the ball and the launch an important Salvador's. WNY. Eight FW dot com Western New York AFW dot com. Is out for more information Tom her early George forward thank you guys very much we come back we're gonna get more on our we live at seasonal whether they were having with the traffic issues. We're gonna talk a little bit more about the economy and the stormy Daniels stop and wrap up. This show like a nice. What what we call it a gift was to make sure would gift. Or was it just kind of a package a parcel whatever was Phil Kennedy agrees will be background of this about the velvet. What do back to now. Hourly and bella via we got a lot of calls a wanna get your calls eagle three on I thirty start I thirty. 10616. WB and you text and 309 through your sort of brought in the Al Gore smokes crack I don't believe that you can back that up sir. But if he has come to buffalo. There is no global warming now you just said he smoked crack so. I don't over you take your professional opinion on global warming. But at any rate I here's where we're rat we're talking about what happened yesterday. I Karen Travers has a a story on a Trump's reaction to James called me after that big blockbuster interview is literally blockbuster you know. But yourself what do I care drivers and save president trump did not engage with reporters as he walked across the White House South Lawn to board Marine One. With a light rain falling the president stopped to bring aid to the press that ignored the questions about the ABC interview with former FBI director James call me mister president. It taught me the president has to Florida got a funny though that there's a person that literally you speedy we know that was actually said like he's just so I was just like. Look the president. I don't know. How pleasant and. You know like sure yeah. Ellie that all of might give they use that at any rate a lot is happening even this morning we started to show talking about retirement home we won't know what enough happening. The did Michael Cohen the attorney for Donald Trump released the third. The secret client turned out we Sean Hannity well. Here's what done. Michael. Heaven god he who is the attorney for stormy Daniels had to say about China Hannity. I think it speaks volumes and I think Sean Hannity got thrown under the bus. By Michael Collins council today was clearly more concerned about protecting the president they're protecting Sean Hannity but we're gonna let them sort that out. OK. Again I'm listening to a porn star's attorney. Big comments about whoever well Sean Hannity. Made his only statement here's what Sean Hannity had to say about coach Michael Cohen. Michael never represented me in any matter. I never retained him and then in the traditional sense as a retaining a lawyer. Men aren't gonna ride again I didn't even if you did I don't really understand how this is why we would get into it but. Here is the big take away James combing that we do George Stephanopoulos had an interview yesterday. A Sunday ABC news nine point seven million viewers watched it half Roseanne but who's counting. Here is James got himself he was a big thing anyway I don't think he's. Medically unfit to be president I think he's morally unfit to be president okay games that's great New Orleans fit coming from a guy who. May. Or may now here's the deal. If they have Bob let us put that if there's some evidence that perhaps. Donald Trump has colluded Russia. There's more evidence perhaps that you perjured yourself. There's more evidence perhaps that your higher loyalty is to yourself and evidently. This. This woman who married who. It's controlling your politics I know why they brought Coleman's wife into the as good colleagues' wife. Was was devers was devastated Patrice. Coal McKeon is what she had to say. I want a woman president really badly and I supported Hillary Clinton a lot of my friends worked for her. And that's devastated when she lost. Yeah I wanna Shetland pony really badly when I was like seven years old. I want a miniature horse I wonder ride that miniature horse all over. Liberal new York and never have happened but I wanted it badly that you know what when I didn't get my Shetland pony. I ain't got over and Patrice only. Maybe he that's something you should practice for your own children. If he really fell. The key to saving the country rather than selling books why did you wait until an inch mean if you are not under oath and selling a book on underwrote. Okay. The biggest Kellyanne Conway thing I just think there's better people who can. You know. Defend the president but that's getting into their here is. Former FBI director James called me. Talking to what's your name the San Francisco Republican Party. Hillary Haggan bock. I'm sorry I didn't book and here's what she had to say hey why she's speaking we don't know. In my opinion he has no moral act that's so it's really hard to look at anything he's saying ends. Take as fact so that's according three Republican in San Francisco this or four of them Michael said the one of them. And in Hillary pocket bock and her Hoggan book is is the other. End out here is the job. Oh he is a some sound of the reporters when stormy day feels she decided to show up today. To witness that he green and Michael Cohen was having in Manhattan hears that the south and that natural sound. Of stormy Daniels all the reporters pretty crazy. All kept everyone well yeah I mean you would think that this was like that you know. Our our Julia Roberts not a paid actress who. You know would have eight. Human palpable love virus would favor in her contracts which he makes movies but you didn't know you'd be shocked here James coney more James Komi Annan. Why he believes. That well if he's just bashing trump. The person she's moral equivalents insurance through. Who talks about and treats women like their pieces of meat who lives. Constantly about matters big and small and since the American people believe it. A person's not fit to be president of the United States. You know it's an interesting. About human intelligence of your particular your course or read a book on underwent a but when when someone does this would there would there language it's. It tends to be an example of it's a non truth with when they what they add like sort of what do we talked a lot. Instantly upon matters big and small. Holes there really tells that someone who is to actually inventing something trying to create some of the things. Person NC tomorrow report insurance through. Who talks about and treats women like their pieces of meat who lives. Yet and that that is actually a really big Talbott who would have asked bill meaning amount outlined three bill you're on without Bob May be its borrowing ability. It is. You know we got your Shetland pony but that's how little little horse they're two days so there's there. Who. And wow shoot from the hip already go what's on your mind. Yeah it was kind of knowing that folic somewhat of lawyers barking over because a tree branches on today about. Are my did not want that the only thing I had an off from that what I call the testicle neat testimony and TP. I didn't need to see him talking with. Clinton to conserve and I don't Stephanopoulos there. My takeaways from the whole thing Eric crop is doing a great job trump is right this is the best that the left has I'm just imagine how bad things because Hillary won. And we just need to stand back a left. You know what I tell you bill there's a lot of truth to that I mean this is a patent. Bill appreciate your call thank you this is one of those things where you can have to think yourself Dix is they're throwing everything they have at the wall bills right. Lot of lot of good points there. Why why they so desperate what is the real argument behind either they're so desperate here is Jessica Levinson. Making her she's a loyal schooled on Los Angeles and here is an interview she's talking about. The take away from the FBI. I think that any other FBI director was either far aired a step down. The circumstances would be different and we wouldn't be as interested but what he has to say it tells us something about the current president I really doesn't. It gives you an opinion about the current president and the thing is nobody keying errors. Nobody cares at nine point seven million people watched that you can say whatever you want here's the reality. I want you guys to to mark this down right this in your book April 16 2000 nicotine in the year of our lord. When Justice Kennedy decides he no longer wants to be on the Supreme Court. There will be blood in the streets what you're seeing how you have to know the whole idea is going to manifest by 300 full. You're talking about the net the way either did courts will see law for the next thirty years. That is going to be off a kill the did that the left of the Democrats are gonna die down and furthermore. Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She's god you know she's done auditioning for the Dell's cowboy cheerleaders intensive. You could lose two Supreme Court justice is before the mid term election. And that's what's gonna happen stay chill here. Won't walk you through the apocalypse or.