What Is Your Perfect Day? 7/20 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 2

Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, July 20th

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News radio 930 WBS. Yeah. You know for the longest time we thought UConn came in from Alaska could back up earlier they're athletic they're both launched I bet on Huskies to an early look at this war. It's Tom Bauerle you've got to get now at the time that was a really big deal. And David Bellamy the best at what they do its hourly and they'll be nobody on these guys that know. On news radio 930 W. Diluted guardians of the galaxy coach and they just brought the story to me it's James gone. He's Gregory's written a lot of what might pay the toll collectors want my favorite novels. The James Gunn. Has. I think he's a brilliant funny guy also directing gardens galaxy and the Scooby Doo franchise who give hate him for this do we do for its. But anyway he just busted by. A conservative. Commentator. From always yen. Which is one American news. At farm all these what these tweets that he sent in like 20082009. That really were. I don't think there at all to be taken seriously. And he's trying to be funny and he's you know just being irreverent and little dark with his humor but he makes a lot of jokes. At least 81115. Jokes. About. You know having relations. With wind died with children which is never funny of course and I don't know why. He would think that would would be funny but I think he's just trying to push the envelope bowl or you know this was ten years ago. I don't know anyway he's been fired from making guardians of the galaxy three that was a huge franchise. And a lot of money for him and you know papers his career obviously but anyway it just shows that. We talked about this was social media deleting your tweets after one daily mantra doesn't mean this would never happen to Matt Drudge. At all this would not capitalism deletes all the stuff. But when we last year we were talking about the best day ever. What is your best day and and this is from the New York Post eight they had the what is it the US hi bush blueberry council. Has the best they ever so what we decide to do. Was to go through the top ten answers of what America 2000 people were surveyed by the US hi bush blueberry council. As to what I the top ten mood boosters so we're gonna use the family feud. Sound effect. So the top ten answers are on the board at number ten. Is. At the click. Yet seem afraid you haven't seen in a very long time that number ten. Number nine. A meaningful long hog from someone you love eight. A long hot shower that can also be and he never really horrible day but neither here and there number seven. Is are realizing that it's a beautiful sunny days outside. Number six. Performing a small gesture of kindness for another person. Five. Heading a dog. And what the best thing ever petted dog. Would total about four. A small gesture of kindness from somebody in your life three. Lying in bed listening to rating thoughts. Never. Being able to sleep without alarm clock and the number one answer. Finding money in your pocket or money you didn't know you bad Eric. That is the family feud top ten mood boosters of the best thing ever so where you go to a third of the best day ever. For meet the best ever. Use fall it's a nice crisp fall morning with leaves changing. And maybe some do on the grass. And you'd have a nice cup a copy EC the ski income and drinking coffee fields are about to play. That would be really great in the duels win of course that. Certainly by the US hi bush blueberry council they also got into comfort foods three. Most popular. According to 2000 people who answered a survey by blueberry people. Much to the chagrin of the blueberry people none of the answers were blue beer related. But the top three feel good comfort foods you ready for this. Number one or number three is coffee. You can give me that can get them yet. It. Coffee. True is. They didn't and the number one feel good comfort food. Is straight. Great comfort for. I have a comfort food like eat and eat when I'm sad that I don't you went out. You know and I don't do you comfort food though. Who used to work as Nia. Short order what you wish for coach of the suit suggests Scioscia. So you when you look food at your food eat. So what is your comfort food the worst day ever. The car broke down. You lost your shoes what what what would you. Fried chicken for. And you gotta go three so fried chicken. Macaroni ancient holy macaroni cheese. And and. Now these are all hall Megan Agilent in Oklahoma got. Homemade Mac and cheese and chicken. Omid agitators like panache helium or mashed potatoes on one that you make your KFC bulls. Born right. Ed go to your called industrial and I thirty sterner 3180616. To BBN your taxes it threes and threes here. The other one is this chick filet common too cheap to log so it is that Rhode Island and explode. Like you ever in the used to call it I'd check to one. There's some people that pronounced Cheektowaga electric to log in and now it's shaped to blog because of chick filet. Rag. There's a chick filet coming to buffalo can be Cheektowaga and they're already talking about a second Shipley there hasn't been a first cheerfully. But it's that good. They want a second so you have peace package of something in the anchor bar has done as. Ops. Of the old miniature French regional franchise moved one here and there. So says that they want. Chiefly to come outside of a that is one and ride public grief has cheerfully. But Mike comfort food according to this text or threes your countries or is coffee flavored ice cream bacon bits on top party done that joke. Pretty dog can be while. And then now I I texted the best day ever. Is someone who wrote. Blueberry jam you know what. I was gonna say blueberry jam for the for the cash go to court because the cash Woodward was jam but I did not wanna confuse people. Who who would have you know what blueberry him. But now it is I did say. That the word would have nothing to do blueberries but there's still blueberry all detectors. Yes you're all funny all on top of it. And slow the game slowed the party. So what wrote that I would have been except particularly in kiosk form and that was the guy yesterday who had trouble with the Kia. And then oh Bennett say. Venison Baxter app fried in butter burba and an ice with heavy jail. So we need to designated drivers here asking me. Fitness and backs to wrap fried in butter. Vanish in Baxter apps should the best ever is when I woke up. Tuna fish but with your lip and toast and tomato soup made with milk. What. Soup and grilled cheese sandwich. Ever it'll never gets old but in school they ruined. The school version for me of tomato soup and and grow cheese. Was not as good as it should be in. And show but whole. Tomato soup grilled cheese. In the it is me. Just don't split in two. Out to the best way to resurrect the gallery of balls to put a chick full time I'm with you on that one. Absolutely with the one. I think chick filet is one of the most incredible experience that you ever with the achievements which. And dance and someone wrote that chowder is their favorite liver and liver. Is. Well. Very few if it's done right. I've never had a good labor in. The I've had it once and it was rose yeah but that's but if that is your comfort food that they. Liver is just tough. Where. I would assume you know maybe that cow eating was all I didn't know it was it. Hi is there a glass of cold milk. And the best ever when every light green light. Would you put a second should fully in the south towns of the northbound I mean. I don't seem like Amherst or Williams bill or someone. Every jump right across the street from there but of Korea but why would you put why would you do the same area I don't and I understand the chief logging is is becoming. Well it has been for very long time at the epicenter of all the commerce in Western New York. Trains roads is a popular area there's a lot of things that are going away from tree and it may be checked fully convert some more. You know traffic out that way. Or I sometimes get ignored a lot lot of people or two parties to I would love chick filet. That's. Does that doesn't make sense of these people and their liberty to go and that's. Love liver and onions that their comfort food scoreboard all this up because the New York Post. Has an article on a survey conducted. And I'm not making this up the US hide bush blueberry council. To 2000 people and asked them what was the best day you've ever had what makes something the best they ever know I'm sure the US hide bush. Blueberry council was really hoping that a lot of people are with the blueberries or something related to blueberries. Not so much people sleeping without an eruption with them alarm clock fighting money in your pocket and got into comfort food. What is that the three best. Foods that puts you in a good note and they were ice cream number one big hit number two and coffee number three you would think that. Beginning in ice cream are kind of like you know. Their naughty food and the best for you you can you know one over indulge and bake it in and and scream but coffee. It's something we do a lot I don't necessarily drink pop because I. Want to you know I mean like I'm not a joy and I do I drink it because I'm I'm tired and need it to live. But some people just want to. Little while back in the and have an extra copy with their bacon and their ice cream the other thing we asked is that the the chick filet is on WB and economic future shop cheerfully that there's a second (%expletive) like. There are people that want a second Shipley Cheektowaga the first one is even opened yet mind you but they want a second ship fully in and in Cheektowaga and we said what would be the thing you would want. More restaurants. Store or is what ever they are the smoke on the water the team title on people want wanna block port. And these are a lot a lot for people as sore asking your comfort food. Gretzky and what would you want more of in in terms of the store or restaurant. It is to check the links to many in Cheektowaga I'm telling you what you before G all of it. And then of course we have the what makes the best day ever welcome back about early building you don't get you updated on this breaking news. We have idea really don't have a lot of details but the. Hopefully suggest weeded out breaking news obviously there was an officer related shooting. And we're looking at Como avenue and McKinley parkway. Familiar with the with the city of buffalo. About six blocks I would say from what mercy hospital to care Algeria. South Park School is if you're gonna put to us some landmarks that if you are by that area obviously wanna stay out of law enforcement way. Awful please. Have a presence there we have no information whatsoever who was involved with the officer. Injured at the officer. You know fire his service firearm. He or she we have no information whatsoever we're gonna watch this really give updates but we're asking you appear in the area. Sport obviously you saw what happened or have information that happened in. And you can safely episode of call 830930. Or texas' 309 threes here but we really have no more information and when I pointed. It responsibly speculate as to what happened but. We're hoping that the the only follow up visit did we know that there was a hostage situation that preceded the shooting. So we are. We're just gonna give you the information as we get it and keep you updated. Disappointing because we had such high hopes for positive show and who knows what but we hope everyone safe. And we hope the situation is under control and you know that's all all we have right now but we know that's Como avenue and and McKinley parkway in not too far from her teacher care. South Park. You know high school. South Park you know anyway that's the section that's all we know hostage situation. Officer police officer buffalo police involved in any officer related shooting. And that was hostage situation before that. And we'll keep you updated as we get more information back to our topic but of course I will take your calls and your text messages if you don't talk. Or have information about what happened. Moments ago world we're assuming this happened last you know thirty minutes ago. That's a breaking story right now we'll keep you updated keep it locked you Debbie BM dot com radio dot com Tom Parker any. Breaking news Tampa it is all in your traffic weather everything. So watch is if you're in that airy stay away obviously from where the police are they'll get in their way. But they would give us updates and and we'll go live if there's a press conference. We will keep you up to date the best we can let's go too well and we were talking before about the best tea. Right what is the best ever there was a New York Post did a survey from the US hi bush blueberry council. I'm not a jet the US hide bush blueberry council. On the best day ever dated top ten answers in the first one was the best day ever. Is sleeping without the use of an alarm clock going right through into sleep until you wake up uninterrupted. And then there was finding new money. Yeah. Money in your pocket. And then put a portly not a lot of blueberries and then I got to. The comfort foods what foods actually put you in a better mood 2000 people were surveyed. And it turned out three was coffee. Two was bacon. And number one was ice cream on people it's they sturdy screens watching Oprah once. It was in college Oprah Winfrey said she was sad one day and she ate a punch bowl of achieves its. And I thought to myself man oh man with a lot of cheese you know I love cheese it's like the next guy. That's pretty crazy and we got into a check flight. They wanna put a second chick filet and in Cheektowaga. And they're at they've been a first one that opened so what place in buffalo landmark restaurant you know what what's the war. Would you want another one of adware would go I mean the other chiefly to be in Cheektowaga is kind of weird I mean and we need. Five chuckle that's a good cheerfully it. Two was bad enough the ball and she to watch a baby. Orchard Park in two Amherst Williams bill who knows. East Aurora. They could use one you know cheerfully. But at any rate will keep you locked and updated on everything that's going on it 030930 start at 3180616. WB and and we have got. With author and all those audio. Okay so. Got it's from WI DB. Do you have. A to a player and a. So at 2:30 PM today. Crawford who's received the call for suicidal man. The weapon inside the house and we'll do 616 came out great upon arrival officers did hear a couple shots fired from. Assistance was requested from the gulf of police swat team faces names. A short time after that these subject didn't come out of the house put another. Female. He's subject was carrying a shotgun. Officers. Yes the suspect can drop the gun drop the gun he refused to respond to me. Repressive police force team one of officers to shoot the suspect and and the suspect was immediately transported to PC MC release we. Question this surgery. It's 34 year old white male suspect. Officer at this time. The department has instituted influencing policy. Homicides. As evidence and photo unit just pitch the scene and we've already recovered some video. Reduces rolls the fast talking to neighbors witnesses. As well as some people live bullets and it just one. We're looking into the car. Obviously advance that this is the first time. Person to. I today is the voice of captain Jeff Rinaldo from awful police department giving us I think the entire story I don't know if there's anything more that can be. Speculated Ian 34 year old white. Mail that was home. Appeared via hostage situation there were shots were fired inside the home he then came out with a woman with a twelve gauge shotgun. Officers believe that the firearm discharge. Where there was an accident on purpose whatever and at that time it appears a powerful police officers at the scene. You know. Constantly were requested him to drop the firearm he did not comply. The situation was neutralized by buffalo police engaging. The suspect who had a firearm twelve gauge shotgun in his hand and being or me out of discharge outside definitely discharge inside. And had a woman and hostage situation that individual 34 year old suspect. Is in surgery at EC MC. And the it's pretty much all we have right now well. At least the good news is that the situation is over that no innocent people were injured and no police officers. In doing their duty. Again. Pretty much that that net of currency about the way that the captain and although audio courtesy of WI VP we think Kyra. Our friend agenda for buffalo forgiveness that update. All right so back to on the phone calls. 8030 my thirty start at 310616. WB and I don't I don't really know what we where we can go with this habit if you talk about the shooting if you were there. You have any information. You'd hear the IDB Colin talk about it. We can do that it'll three on my thirty start at 31806. Point six W via text threes and 30. And we were talking about the best day ever. We're talking about this New York Post survey that was done. The basically was asking what do them the things that could change your moved right it was conducted by the US hide bush. Blueberry council. That polled 2000. Americans. Always wrote in sorry David I've only trust the strawberry council. The blood pressure spousal is breaking news. Into comfort through what foods. What you better. And and of course we segued into the chick filet which for me it's a wonderful wonderful snack is that. Should police which write well they've they've got. One location hasn't even opened yet achieved while already they're talking about a second location and wide to NG the blog about. But the point 14 that's a good typically is in world. What would you want another one of your in your neighbor to articulate your backyard maybe party's media. A white capsule or maybe it's just another store we are and other weird smoke on the water which could top lot of people opt for one. So that your foot in the eastern pills in the best they ever. What is the best day ever for you what's the temperature like what are you eating and what he's doing and make it PG thirteen let's go to Texas Terry. Best ever way what's on your mind. Well you Redman want it on tech told Bear Stearns. That. That it it's. I don't need a deep to fourteen. Operation. To. He can go back there again and it one on. Realizing that it. That he Atlantic approximately like 225000. People. I am unaware that paired in the he debate is that. Buffalo area that happen out there let. When you only have wandered too. A line. Drive through it is. Outrageous that stretch out the main street it's going to be on and are slightly absolutely actors that go out. Multiple locations such small area analysts say it at. Alive no matter how long it is bad here in any line like McDonald Burger King or anything like that regardless how short and fast there it (%expletive) Delicious. Give them money before and blew my lab model out. Now. The thing about chick filet so the particularly sound in my opinion Kerry is a extra pickles mustard. And you'd take it without. I'm already in the it's the number one let him do is pick it up from my hot spots on them it's gonna stop some. Does your number two the Clinton number two. Now I have to ask you though not. Does that failed joke but I have to ask you the the number one case so what's that the the waffle Fries are big in the cheerfully to. Yes people love the lawful for my thing is is that it. Crazy though that you get you know you're you're bringing chiefly to buffalo which is a huge deal to art in Rochester I'd been the one in Rochester in that thing is to us. They're doing crazy business there are people out the door every single a particularly. It's a new thing. But you don't. If you like government Buffalo Wild Wings you know that franchise won all over the country. Everyone thought that these are buffalo wings bright and always would say hey. You know when you get buffalo wings like I don't need to go to buffalo I go to Buffalo Wild Wings and fly it all pump the brakes there body. The cost the same experience. Up my life skills do that man shoots that there are a couple of occasions lap traffic correct or else. I'll bring her out there. One place that the local place that. Come close but it should not cramping especially not actually in the city eaten away that's part of it. We just shows that looks outside. Drumstick she buffalo wing and you could be a medieval festival you know ethernet circulate these are big big win some of these other franchises don't they don't have the size of the way. Two small. It's just skin and a phone with them opt not to pick thank you put I'm wearing ethnic an awful. You know what it's to an Italian that's like putting ketchup on tossed him. Exactly has just disrespectful. Extract out here they leave let it be for the national buffalo and outlining these days that's it that's BitTorrent may Alice pack as Mike Barack beard. Even toyed with the notion that back opened up. A rat rat you know having credibility beard from buffalo but I don't aka service skills. What war you know. Servers with a smile even even in Texas it's important Kerry Wood good document and lay off the 151 Texas hold them. Take Kerry. It was a military. The perfect day we're still doing this 803 on 930 starry night 3180616. WB and your perfect day why are we talking about as well the post which we get tons. Oh the archives your post Washington Post. New York Times has an article today. From the US hide bush blueberry council. Now the blueberry people decide to do a survey 2000 Americans what is put to good. And they said the things that make you have a good it's good night's sleep. That you were eaten up all your sleepy. And they determined through this survey when they hadn't spent a quarter million dollars to these questions. Of the people pretty good sample. And they have a lot of questions spent a lot of money on this. I bet you were disappointed not a lot of people said Lugar trees or anything related lenders. There was a lot of good information in this survey comfort foods were one of the questions what food put to good ice cream bacon cough. What are the things that make a perfect day sleeping with a alarm clock finding money you know we had an pocket. Dog. Having a random stranger proforma kind gesture. You know letting have a parking it's overrated or for sharing your luggage. Whatever you know as someone doing it kind gesture. So we ask you did the board is blow up the it. People call him the show left and right 03093. Start 930. 180616. Media and the tuchman comfort food you can talk about. What makes the best date ever for you and the other one is the chuckling story which is one thing. Take comfort foods short budget. I used to work with a guy and he texted him did you remember that five years ago Hewitt really bad day. And you've got your car and you went to McDonald's and that your story this guy and I want to McDonald's and watered like. I'm in Paris to say how many doubles. There are ridiculous amount of meat. And I was very upset. Today eight. Probably five doubles in before we got toward that it was it was you know it was also. That was my comfort food I needed McDonald's in that moment. That was what led me to both Cairo and if I could be honest. Hadley and the chiropractic and revolution health quarters they tag and right after being accurate. We're go to break we come back we'll talk more about your comfort food ice cold beer pizza a wet weather and do some people's comfort. Best ever it's about it's about experiences with friends some people are best ever seven degrees sunny and all the ammo I can shoot at the range. It involves an activity involved for involves alcohol maybe it's the bills at the weather what is it we note your best ever at the top heavy cash code word. Were also gonna have top pocket with nose in traffic weather and get up on the situation with a powerful please option issue. It appears to be hostage situation. To a twelve gauge cops did that job. According to the story we have right now. Neutral as the target target. The suspect is on surgery AT&T will give updates tumble. That's so much more Bartley bill being back at it.