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Friday, July 20th

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News radio 930 WBA. And I thought that's fun to be million delusional and it's Tom Bauerle you know what been there done that and it's weird you're. But now you know that you guys I'm sorry I'm a grown up than David Bellamy let's shoot anyone agrees to you today. I would doubt that David its hourly and they'll be I think I'm living in real bill I think I'm living in reality land it on news radio 930 W. And about shortly and bella Vietnam dies off again today we are gonna wrap up. This week ago broadcast team core. Story and Missouri that I can get out of here at horrible. Especially CNET. Gentlemen that the tickets phone now is shooting video you'd see this boat misery of some of Branson Missouri. Seventeen people killed. Just. One of those things is. The youngest victim one years old the old seventy people. Urged upon sites into whatever they wanted the storm kicks in in. Captured gonna be lawsuits in Italy and l.s but right now these. People. Really in in in pain is just horrible horrible story so I'd start your weekend with the big bomber. Talked about death on the waters. I actually I thought we'd just do the opposite of that. Account to get into a little bit of water safety and will do that during that. Later on the show but right now I saw. I was emailed this whole the New York Post and this fascinates me. It's Americans will try to do anything to improve their mood by Tyler Schmoll. That is his last name Schmoll. Americans will do anything to improve their moves so it was a stuff that was compact. This was was conducted. By the US hi bush blueberry council now I say that because. What do you think their special interest drag the US hi bush blueberry council. Well they asked 2000 Americans what makes eight perfect day they call positively. Bluetooth all you get it. 2000 Americans were asked what makes a perfect day that is a great topic for Friday going into the weekend. What is a perfect day well according to the US hi bush blueberry council and by the way let's let's take it over under as to how many of these answers have blueberries in them. I mean you asked 101000 buffalo audience. You know it was if it was sponsored by the wing council of Western New York wings are going to be in there at some point I'd. You're gonna have some would fill at view you know what I would make a perfect day. Wings I love them blue cheese so the bush blueberry council yes there's one in there that says blueberry pie but. The top ten have nothing to do blueberries and I think it's really in an interesting to look at the top ten mood boosters for Americans. 58%. Liked to find money in their pocket that they didn't know they had. So 50%. Of these people surveyed if they have money in their pocket automatically the day cannot be destroyed if you feel. If it's following the money. Maybe you win a little money or you forgot. I've heard a story resource on what part of bank account in which I don't know you know medium talking few. You know Donald Trump junior I don't know how to people have banks bank accounts with thousands of dollars that they forgot about it. This individual have a new found a bank account with with the box in there and boom their whole day had changed 55%. I'd be able to us if they are able to sleep without an alarm set their day is perfect. A perfect day. So according to the study. The average per in 2000 Americans were surveyed by the blueberry council. The perfect day starts giving out of bed at 8:15 AM. And it would crawling into bed at 10:50 PM. The perfect day is clear skies with temperatures of 74 degrees after night. And the perfect day also is. Lying in bed listening to rain fall outside. Which is weird because it was cloudless and 74 but somehow ignited and fiftieth starts to rain a little bit people love that what makes sure perfect day. I will talk about it team if we could talk about you know. Politics and boats capsized and cats and dogs living together in total anarchy or. Weekend it's God's what makes the perfect day for you to focus on going into the weekend the perfect day. 58%. Believe it's finding money. There's been able asleep my alarm and nice light rain falling here falling asleep. One of them as a small gesture of kindness from somebody in your life. Almost half of the 2000 people had been a dog is up there. Performing a small gesture of kindness for someone else. Or. A sunny beautiful day a long hot shower depending on that that can have a double edged sword. If you must take a long each hour that probably it's been a bad guy. But a long hot shower to begin your day. Is a wonderful thing according to 44%. And I laughed and was seen different you haven't seen for a long time what is your perfect day I gotta tell you asleep at the very important part for me if I was. The blueberry counsel for it if I was if it's asked me you know a question and I found out that there with the blueberry council. I would want to break the survey and just have everything related to blueberries. You know just to get really excited. I mean how confident are you that blueberries are the center of American life that you someone paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to conduct this study. And third they had to be disappointed that in the top ten nothing was blueberry related. But of course there's they're tried to push their blueberries. My whole point here is that asleep I. I think sleep has a huge part of what makes perfect the older we get the more we Beasley. On in erupted sleep view of children where you have pets. You know sometimes. You you have nothing on the schedule but something else wakes you up construction near a dog licking your face or child screaming. My sister's in the washing machine where image that was a Tuesday show I don't wanna get. We we talked about mom machine with a girl found herself in front loader now when you begin only positives today. So I eat it if it is it sleep is it performing tie missed the dog petting thing. Nope that's gonna relieve. Make it a perfect I mean unless you've been away from a dog for a period of time may be if you were like trapped in a cave entirely and deceive your dog again. Pet of the dog might mean more acute than anything just call it 030930. Start at 310616. WBX. Shopped in light. What is the perfect day according to 2000. People. That were surveyed by the blow the high bush blueberry council. That's what it is. The the folks that the US hi bush blueberry council. Has determined that a perfect day according to 2000 Americans. Has to do with the odd and and other people answered walking to from hot outside hot. Degrees outside air conditioned room. And this is all the New York Post and then it goes into the perfect days is Wiki up at 8:15 in the morning sure that is the perfect day. I'm like to wake up early get things done but I was sleeping at 815. And if your day starts at 5 in the morning or 6 that morning at 815 news. Quote unquote sleepy and but it it's a perfect day. Ago 10 o'clock in the morning if it's a perfect if I can sleep all the way to ten uninterrupted. That would be a perfect getting to bed at 1050. I don't think that the time has really do what a perfect day is blot. The weather's perfect weather is 74 degrees according to 2000 people. In buffalo I would say too much cooler I love autumn I think it's a nice cool Craig's day. Leaves are changing. Little red on your nose when your outside people toss around football. That's buffalo weather that is home to me that's what a perfect day would be. A beautiful fall day. With a nice hot cup of coffee. And if the blueberry council were asking me I'd say. Blueberry flavored coffee. I would fight somebody waved to put blueberries that I'm like you know what the best day in my life would be random blueberry stranger. I would so yeah. A blueberry muffin. Followed by a blueberry cup of coffee. In February might blue jeans. With four blueberries in the hand. Does it turns out that tough fighting money in your pocket is the number one finding new money 50%. Found that is a mood booster to to to most Americans 50% 55 said that they'd like to be follow sleep with the without long arm. Lying in bed listening to rainfall outside. In a small gesture of kindness from random street have come that jaded that a small gesture of kind if you remember like holding the door to. Hold the door for people anymore. I know it's it's tainted now because. You know if you're holding the door for a woman what does that mean you. You know some misogynist. I can't open my door I don't think people like I think a few people like that they're idiots. But for the most part of the people appreciate but if half the people surveyed are looking for just a small gesture of kindness. From our random stranger. To me is kind of sadness right there that's all it takes to make it a perfect day. Dog is another weird thing. I think 40% of the people serving here most of recently lost their their man's best round because that seems like it's not dead deal but. If I was gonna go. We have the perfect day I think would be a fall day. It would be a little chill in the air you know nice hot cup of coffee. Hear from you my friends all three and thirty start I 310616. WB and up perfect day what does a perfect day for you and here's my next question. When's the last time you had that perfect day and if we could. Talk about sex at all that would be great if if we just. Let the tax board has blown up. With what they're perfect day would be to keep it PG thirteen week you know and in pain of focus and things that we all want to talk about it and hopefully this this happens to me maybe it's. Rain at night I don't consider. I'm confused as to why we're focusing on what we're doing when we go to bed at night. Because I would think that a perfect day would start in the morning. And that it would be part but it like you're saying that your perfect days because of the night's sleep you had. It's a new thing I never thought about you beat Texas at 30930. You can call us at 803 on I thirty start at thirty what do voters excellence instantly via the courts people critics it. Very. And already jumping on let's go to Jenna. On a cell phone Gemma what is your perfect day. I currently Gaby you have a wake up in the morning with. How an alarm I. Every guy that's the number it's like family few top ten answers are on the board Jana that is number true. And doubt where way to rattle our Plaxo if I told you you're perfect date they this survey says the perfect day starts at 815. It's a little early for sleeping with the analog clock. Manager your children. And. OK but when when the kids were younger what was your average day start. Early 6 o'clock great 7 in the morning. I'm either vote. 815 asleep and and what he would be Amish what are what's going on here. Beginning at 10 AM right and sleep in and so what do you think about this whole idea of when you think of found the money have you ever had a situation where you reached into a pocket or jacket. Found ten blocks that really make your day. Well it makes me happy permanent. It right that you spend enough of these stupid that your light while. Absolutely so for you know it's all about the sleep if you could put a top five list together it would be sleep and then found money. And what would you say the last time you went to bed and thought this was a perfect date is that happened in the last three months. Alia. That act this morning and a verdict egg and I walk up without alarm clock in the morning. I. You woke up total 1 o'clock this morning. Without an alarm clock this morning so today could technically he's not I don't know how those calls get angina but we could say officially. That this might be actually a perfect. Excellent C I don't know what it's all about your productivity now arch audible alarm that this survey was sponsored by the the US hop a bush blueberry can counsel why trying to get involved. I mean they're outreach to push blueberries on display. And I think it wasted their money if they thought 2000 Americans we're gonna just respond with blueberry themed Bastia. Like a blueberry chart blueberry pie bluebird. It's a Jenna Greg call and I hope today is the best ever. All right that is from sponge Bob square pants if I could. As my best ever let's go back to the phones and a three on I thirty start at 310616. WP at all look at this person this is so sweet so does Texas wrote that. Perfectly for me it's listening to buy hourly and Olivia. That is amazing thank you so much a crisp fall morning having copy would my wife on the front porch and alma. I don't know why I don't know you know what I'm a chilly what that would be might not I'm not seen drinking Cobb with your wife of course I'm ashamed. Drinking coffee porch. Alma you know you can you can put your town in there. But if you're with someone that you love and care about or your with a friend fall morning coffee. I don't know anything more perfect in western York's other area where realism. And fall crisp day. In a beautiful cup off. If he's so set the warmth of the Summers and while engaging in multi hour handshake with David bill. Well see you that is the contest a multi hour change. That's a little. It's a little troublesome but no I appreciate that there. Join my. Pate who knows let's go to Rick in Toronto. Rick what you are perfect day is different in candidate Rick you have different perfect days north of the border. I'm not necessarily but I had a perfect day yesterday awful. I was down by an outside. Sipping Beers millennium spoke chairs listening to collect any link shepherds are subject. Allow that's how do you access your accounts and it was great did you stay for the show a and a that's a talented guy. Yeah really talented so your idea of a perfect aides have to do with nature being outside and it's nice beautiful and it. Music live music he was a perfect day. And do so if you're gonna list top three it's going to be. Outdoors listening to music probably a beverage of your choice this sleep have anything to do without you rate your day. Well I have to keep that machines likely pretty well now. See. You know what. Tell the difference what I mean I am sure people that work you know if you were snorkeling to get ups that the people were sleeping in there near. But this for you personally that he pap machine getting a full night's sleep is it change your life. That is important I don't disagree with the her little survey here that says the perfect day. In itself. We set a record myself one night and I was stopping breathing every few minutes. Yeah and that's horrified. That's were fine but the basic the perfect date begins at 8:15 AM I think it's a little too early to be sleeping in. Gosh I recently inspired title. I've been getting up earlier. Public seniors I guess I don't know. Going to bed earlier getting up early years. What what occasion give me the rundown when you go to bed retired the in the case when when you get to sleep. Problem now. And you wake up. 7 AM. Why how would you do for a living Eumig donuts for Doug Jones what did you. Why advertise that you're supposed to wake capital. Were opposed. Video all right so your party discipline all those years of just pro and you when you wake up and go to a hey Rick I'm glad that first of all you got to enjoy Western New York. And I'm also glad that you had a perfect day and I hope the whole weekend is perfect. All right man that's Rick in Toronto a Canadian friend. Telling us he just can't appear. So an excellent continent the canal side mechanical side is probably the two Abacha perfect. Want to stay positive today we're gonna talk about the perfect day thanks to. The US hi bush. Blueberry council that did a survey of 2000 Americans asking them what is the best mood booster. And the number one answer is finding money in your pocket. Going to bed without an alarm are waking up without alarm clock. And the third one was lying in bed listening to rain I'm sure they're disappointed they expect 250000 dollars nobody said blueberries yeah. Carrey's just there which it nugget council would like after question. Perfect day at once off would you. Ticker got it through all night thirty talk about what is your perfect day let me have what is your perfect date it was last time. What is the last time you had a perfect it'll throw thirty start thirty. 80616 WB and remember to top the hour cash to word. Got a text in December to want to talk to us via text threes and threes are partly they'll be back at this. Bill Kennedy. Once again Joseph Kennedy the board John Murphy taking your calls talk to Sean Murphy. Everyone wants to talk to Sean Murphy he talked to him by calling 8030930. Start and victory you know is that his cellphone. Now that's our our line here to buckle under the program. 180616. WB and you get taxed us at 30930. So a studio show on fire pits and residential neighborhoods. Because their neighbor has burned sixty in a row and there's no end in sight. That might be something we want to write good today but we may hit dead on the road because I'll tell you what the there there are different zoning laws and again. I am I'm with this text here because I know of that could spew football's little fight here whatever they are. You know you climate it's can't put him on a porch to put on would start around the port and they get the Tiki torches and are always birdie down. And it. So I wrote in that green mountain K cops have a blueberry coffee that is to die for an eye and the huge and Italy blueberry coffee. I have to say. That is an excellent cake if your indicate cops say green mountain blueberry England is amazing. The perfect date will be my phone ringing and the cash code word. The people up from Castro tell me one. Listen you're never gonna win unless you play and at the beginning of every hour 45 and six we're gonna read you the cash toward. And we're gonna tell you to text it to seven to 81 don't text it to the other one you detected the seven to 81. And your chance to a thousand dollars Castro were from America I'm perfect day I won't have one until Andrew Cuomo retires another person wrote. Is anyone else. I can you put that nugget as I can do well obviously you liked the beach all day that is my perfect day. No other ones said. I often eat blueberries while listening to the show I forgot to say that as well. A perfect debut waking up at 10 AM on Sunday during football season 65 degree weather. Sing outside with friends day drinking and grilling an appeals win. 14 what is it 4460. Yeah that is a that's a pretty good day. 65 degrees gained 10 AM on a Sunday like you'd go to church if you don't understand that in this. So I sat with friends drinking grueling bills win I can't. I kid you dead and it's pretty good now the next question. In the cash code people will get a hold the view if you yes they and the other thing is if what are the odds of the cash code word. It has something to do blueberries very very slim I doubt that happened at or talked about. The New York Post in an article today. A that is sponsored by the US. Hi bush blueberry council and they they polled 2000 Americans. And you know painful polling can be. And that they asked 2000 Americans hate. What is the perfect day for you and 58% of Americans said actually 50% of 2000 people they said. That a perfect it was finding money. In their pocket in the washing machine or just having money for the the second most perfect date 55%. So that was just waking up an alarm clock it would have taken two calls in 030930 asking you what are your. Feet day. Doesn't involve sleeping and the follow up in Estonia a perfect day. I don't know the perfect day again it's fall. It's going to be sunny all day at Indian summer can we say it anymore is it racist to say. A nice fall day that appears to be like summer but it's crisp in the air. I think apples are involved in my perfect day. A hot coffee is involved in the perfect day. But if I was interviewed by the US hi bush blueberry council. I would feel bad that the blueberry council paid so much money to have me. You know put in this survey that would have to. Up and you know they are statistical data by sane blueberries. You know because I'm sure they were very disappointed if the American Dental Association. Does you know what is the perfect day they're hoping for something related T you know. A great they would be not hearing the word Russia. If you start drinking. If it's too early to start drinking your amateur and we can't be friends you know that's a good point. There's alcohol is is that related your perfect but it is your perfect days relate alcohol beer. Whatever your drink is. And not having any responsibilities to go to a place I always. Felt bad for like people on call. You know if it's if you're you're really messing around with your body if you if you have a job where you can be. Recalled at any point you think you're off but you're not off. You don't mean the DE it's a day off because any moment the phone can range here you know you have to go to wherever a volunteer fireman. Art you know it's got to be really really tough to compartmentalize your life in your day in any minute the phone could ring him. It doesn't matter what you do in for your volunteer by the way. You're going out there you're always putting yourself in a position where you're about to seize up horrible a car accident fired. Our volunteer efforts responders are pretty impressive people. How do you love how do you determine what the best day ever what makes a great day lot of people here sleep involved there's. I had a dog. That's that is this is indicative of how jaded we become but. Almost half of the people surveyed said that a small gesture of kindness and random person. And almost sounds like that was you you'd you'd check that box with here is here. If anyone someone to love me. A question but will take it Lotta people Bob but anyway the blueberry council got involved and they say that the perfect day. According to other people surveyed some 2000 people that a perfect date is 74 degrees. The perfect time to wake up at 8:15 in the morning the perfect time to go to bed at 1059. People enjoy rain when they go to them. And the top three feel good food and drinks. Include sweet and savory treats. Ice cream. Bacon. And coffee. If you put your time this is just the blue heron council has given us such great information here. You can go a million ways with this not let me get this right the top three feel good food and drinks. Are sweet and savory drinks. Ice cream bacon. And coffee. Wolf. Really. Beijing coffee. And ice cream I mean you guys and if you say that bacon. Your baby you've already cut off almost half the population right there. You know there's a lot of people who don't eat bacon religious reasons cultural reasons. But whatever bacon coffee and ice cream this is an American survey about way. You know it out to you what have you asked 2000 infantry soldiers they're gonna tell you Copenhagen. Tobacco. Sick right before. Killed a day in tobacco and a camel back with the 85 degree water that you drink through straw. That when it comes to healthy snacks 89% of Americans believe eating healthy and exercising impacts their good mood. That's pretty you know do you do you sleep to me is everything every one of these answers to what does a perfect day should be sleeping in. Getting to bed knowing the perfect temperature again how much more comfortable is it to sleep in the fall. You know if you if you could open a window into that fall breeze. You know. Do you like to sleep. You're like fifty degree weather and nice and crisp and cool little logic to get under. A cover and enjoy a blueberry muffin you know got a rebel bugs in the fall you don't have to worry about bugs in the fall that's very true you're not a fan of bugs. Your perfect day would involve no bugs whatsoever. Yeah and up plastic straws someone said. Sort of asked if you have ever tried microwave Laker. Now why I have it. And the response that. Never done that we'll figure all that adultery and I've birdies start at 3180616. WB. And now will take your text messages at 30930. Then it will give a course updates on traffic and weather word that same show that we do pretty much five days a week three to seven. And we will level your updates but this is a study that was done by the US hi bush blueberry council. The perfect day a survey of 2000 Americans. And the campaign is positively. Blue travel. Because of the blueberries of course. And though we fears seem to friend you haven't seen a long time a meaningful long hug from somebody you love. A long hot shower with somebody you love now along hot shower. We used nurtured the long hot shower can be cool may be and you'd over the long match but there are times that along not shower me to go horrible. You know I mean Andy usually ends like you know cry in along lunch hour or. You're so filled the and bold wearied from working you along that your hour. But realizing it's a beautiful sunny day the realization. That it's going to be a beautiful sunny day changes 46%. Of the moods. Of the people survey. It's Penn in a dog is up there. If I do the family feud. You know we should actually get the family feud sound effect you know top ten inches on the board. The top ten mood boosters but here's a weird thing when they went to the feel good foods you've heard the the whole term comfort foods. If you're if you're down on your luck you're depressed. There's a meal that you can meet that make you feel automatically. Like you are. Being hugged by the gods. A lot of people at macaroni and cheese or whatever the feel good foods in this survey are sweet and savory treats. Ice cream bacon and coffee. Which ever side. In a million years would you ever have said that if I was to tell you your comfort food. Where the feel good food or the few good drink. You know a million years I never thought people would say ice cream bacon and coffee. And by the way. The odd time to introduce Dunkin' Donuts new ice cream bacon flavored coffee coming. From the US hi bush blueberry counsel their sponsors. But no ice basically copy them. That's an arrest I Matt I'm not sure any of those are few for me personally copy definitely up there bacon. While bacon but when you consider the top of that big state. Yeah a big fat. Nice state that degree of grow any topic realist and so it gave me the the family feud exes yeah that the sound of whenever you get that let me now as well we'll go down these answers the top ten answers are on the board. And we'll do survey says. What is your top ten mood boosters what makes a perfect day would the last time you had a perfect day. And of course we cannot forget it. What are the comfort foods when you're down in the dumps your sick. Or you know your your rod dog ran away you lost your job and you come home and you're like man that was a horrible day you don't gonna make my day. Rama noodles. No totals cup noodles. Or is it like tuna fish and some pistol with their comfort food read it off the tax for 3030. They're comfort food is macaroni cheese and tuna fish. Have you ever had macaroni cheese and tuna fish. We'll get back to your call 30 and I thirty start at thirty and we'll also take your tax masters and 309 threes via the best ever. They asked according to New York Post. And the US hi bush blueberry council they surveyed 2000 Americans. Ask them the best day ever. But added it was sleep. A lot of it had to do with the foods and then it just kind of you know all these questions on this Saturday. The top 3COM. For feel good foods. Ice cream bacon. And coffee. Ice cream bacon and copy of the top three feel good food so we ask you what do you feel good food what are comfort food's the best thing ever I ask you right now. I didn't wanna do what is the best day is involved sleep doesn't involve friends reasonable food. Dozens of opium alone doesn't have all been with a lot of people is weather related. And when's the last time you had that best day ever perfect. And Al lot of people let's export a nice cup of hot liquor. Is what they enjoyed. I tuna noodle casserole is their comfort food grilled cheese and tomato soup I hear that a lot that is a very popular one. My perfect day is limited is a limit of ducks in the morning afternoon that's my dog finished with a few Beers in the evening with friends. Sailing on Lake Ontario is my perfect day. But the day but the best shape ever. Let let the relief well I can call. About the day but the bash it ever issued a secret. Best part of waking up its Folgers in my cap we've got a lot of intelligent Smart funny people. But that to export is got. Best day oh comfort food mash potatoes and yes I hear that a lot so. With a 5204. The perfect date for this person. Is drinking 151. While playing Texas hold them. In the final table of the 24 hour barracks tournament. And I and it's something. That I don't need to see DD 214. I don't need any proof that that person served in the military. But they mentioned 151 take hold them at 24 hour tournament. They were in the united states military amid higher right now at all you need got a job and you know my best ever was. Durkin won 51 in plain and 24 hour tournament in the barracks they're going to be like thank you for your service. Thank you for everything you've ordered way to prove it. Pretzels and be here are my favorite so that their favorite comfort food is bite him dipped. How would you say that though bison but you should dip not bison bison twice and but you shouldn't get I think it's the same guy and used to come back a bit odd couple. Man oh man. Some of listening to Brian Higgins is their favorite. Is the perfect day. You all in all collectively lost her mind this Friday we come back up a break we come back. Switch it up a little bit that we talk about this we'll talk about some other things. We're actually gonna get in this chick filet things you don't wanna put a second chick filet NG the log. And you know I feel much I loved it but there's something. That you could get another in Western New York the thing that you love the most in Western New York pleased to go to ball whenever. And you can put a second location where would you put it and what would you duplicate in Western New York. Because you loved so much should play isn't even here yet Cheektowaga and we want a second one. And I say western New Yorkers we take no for an answer give us three. Give us three triple a.'s second chick inside the first chick filet. And it gave me another chiefly in the lawless because chick filet is one of the best you can just you were ever going to if you like chick filet. Dan I have to question your allegiance to this country because it's just that it's so good that outraged. Gay people still they chick filet even The Who they felt completely offended. I mean did you think about this. It Donald Trump made a sandwich. And 50% of the country wants to impeach him and that's what was so good you still went either. That means it's a damn good which chick filet is amazing Jagan and there are nuggets and everything else are great but anyway. They're gonna put a second occasion cheek before the first when even opens. What would you put a second location your favorite bar your favorite restaurant and where would you put it and walls talk about the best day ever positive. Happy going into a great weekend because we all hope here about the ability you have the best weekend ever more borrowing build it don't forget casual workers coming. Top of the hour more after this quick break.