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Bauerle and Bellavia
Friday, March 16th

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News radio 930 WBA. And Jeff for the longest time we thought UConn came in from Alaska. Rebecca turner they're athletic they're for the longest time I've been on Huskies to an early look at moron. It's Tom Bauerle you've got to be kidding now at the time that was a really big deal and David Bellamy got the best at what they do its hourly and they'll be nobody thought I would guess that not yet. On news radio 930 W yeah. Welcome back. Or try this we'll mortgage I'm the darkest hour. Currently ability if we're gonna take your calls and tell it what I love bug Tom. Great guy okay. We're gonna get into a little bit of what I don't even know where this came from. But I'm a little disturbed as to how flippant comments being about it. But there is I've been scuttled by this amount. Tom buy hourly has. Vague interest slight interest some interest other people want him to run for public office which I think would be. An absolute disaster narrowly for com. For me. No honestly I'd I don't think it would I just I don't know. But then again in the post trump era he might end up being like Trey gallery. Because he would have the hair. You have the attitude. He would get on the floor and start screaming. You know I mean he actually is in the post trump they're there is no place for a congressman by hourly. Other than in the post trump world that could actually happen. That did that didn't know Republican could be Brian Higgins but Tom Bauerle comes out of nowhere. And who knows. But we're taking your calls are not near death experiences somehow we got that not Tom hourly so. If your story. You know you tell your story of all by here and it but I might not be as amused this town. Because that's just the way I do I don't know. I'd just like it all some I mean that one. That Norris story was with that in a weird story because you talk about too drunk drivers and a woman who flew thirty feet in the air because some. Olympians can't do that. Let's go back to La Nora. And dye here the rest of the stormy thirty feet in the air from a car. Nor injuries he suffered. My dad was broken in pieces. My age right leg was broken in between is verified and then he believed was crushed. It's their legs. Between is then see and is. I'll say no more or you're just actually damage did you are you still are other problems to this day for those injuries. Yeah actually I feel very well I was old. That I would probably do walk. If I could block. Would be embraces. It and I'm Matt. IE. He had that failure you'll. If physical therapist who was older. And told me dad is I would if I really wanted luck. She it would help me achieve that it would be very painful. Split she was right. And now how you Dylan. Lott I need help about well until I was around it sent speed and I thought I was giving my hip problem. I went to a specialist. And that's how I discovered my back was broken in two places. Yet and I'm 67. When I was 23 they didn't have them. You know they just hit it and they're saying. But Java technology's totally changed in regard to. You know I hope you do a better now and it's a really good story north thank you for sharing that with us let's go to line eleven let's put Allen in Ridgeway Ridgway eight. I know that place Al how are you beyond our and I am doing fantastic Ellen tell us your story of well. Well I'm gonna tell you that I wanna give Norah. I come to a place. Already airport called the Bianchi pain relief clinic. I broke my back 25 years ago and I was barely able to get a flight of stairs like at one leg and then have to lift the other one. In a lot of eighth inning and I went there and they cured my back I ran upstairs now and I am. And 64 in a few years younger than her but. I I hit in the same they get older you're gonna get more arthritis more more pain stiffness. Just gonna get worse and a these guys you're doing amazing work over there and they know they I I heard about them through their advertisements on your stations so. Larry thanks for planners forward Alan I'll buy your feeling continue to feel better appreciate your call let's go to. Like thirteen let's go to Joseph Niagara Falls jell O. And it did its reserves. Reached. Out and working on construction site target through local for a work construction site. We were dragged shoring extra room that we Eddie. Actually ultimately. The foreign for a balk at that. The euphoric like trench it out. A little slower outside of fourteen feet down and we we come. Couldn't get soaring under the guess line. So I decided to be a big amount computer work out of shoring well I noticed. The shoring. Small fire that it took the window machine so we could see. When he did. So you planners are higher clock speed lower at the book and great towards me. And I mean that was unbelievable community of the. What kind of force does that lead actor outside her like a six and checked out owner at all so what what does that feel like you regret about it. What what what what what kind of pressure we talk like what does that feel like you're talking big pressure in all our. Eight saw her Turbo diesel and all. Two bit machines awarded. Ought to be peace when he. Can still see the operators eyes they Ehrlich. Golf ball. And dom when the pocket cheap wine port in the right now fourteen feet down a report goal and it was also a liquidity. And one knee. And lead when he pulled what is this all happened them victories. He pulled muscle you are away from the block is it was just some bumps are and I think our. I mean I was lit that thing would have to would want another. War how would have been three inch is why it. Unbelievable so what was your take. Nobody ever construction site if your bots or anybody ever issued work outside to shorten don't do. Why make them dig deeper reported a narrower Irish to a I might buy the team I operator he started to cry. Put him or real good friends and my boss should do a job out for a whole day. And around. Teacher Matt coming your you're talking about you know it's one thing to work out if you think. Well what's the danger well these are bunched Jack enormous pieces of equipment that move earth and treason buildings and one almost went right through your head. Ought to sing a song it is. This group match who would push over. A thirty century socialism big machine and it. I tell it to this day and and I don't like to think about it so we'll see my friend but we never talk about an hour. Now do you still get like when you tell the story do you still get like your back in it. What Nixon did commit. It can mean how nervous talking about watching him. Virginia and so how did you like leave. You know that hole in the ground in and kind of go home and think wow I'm lucky or did you get like depressed how did you handle you know life after that. Well actually from my office. He. Riordan had brutal war criminals also argue. My box look it up there and look at the optima. Park my truck the driver a lot to vote local partner by my house's. About a 150 yards away at civil order and I can absorb so it's okay well that was that was absolutely. Unbelievable. I heard it on I mean it was international player now. Only destruction throughout the years and don't work outside sure he's never Goldman. Good advice Joseph thank you Niagara Falls appreciate that meant. Let's go to. Yeah. A FaceBook message that was actually really fascinating there was. When we see here. So when I wrote in and Samantha wrote in and said I near death experience when I was five years old crystal beach in Canada. I was being brave went out to my chin in the water was sucked out by the undertow I reached above the water twice as I was struggling to get the top. Now's probably pulled down and rubber very clearly knowing I was going to die even at five years old. It went black and feel a loner scared of the game peaceful. And my father must've realized I was in that troubled pulled me and swam to save me. I now know that there's a much more beyond our lives here and I do believe and I higher power it was Samantha wrote us. Let's go to outline for god gave in wheat field. Gave you what you said some issues were water. Yeah yeah I did I drowned when I was four years old and my dad's. Ground hot tub. Okay so when you say you drowned that's basically. You love were what a conscious. Are there are no I I was up I I have one of those. Or give any recollection of this are the stories that you were told. No I remember it well I'm in that there is a big family party going on in the backyard and had I'm kind of like. But like loading your life jacket the gold around your waist. I tipped upside down like like if fishy fishy barber. I basically. You around and my great uncle pulled out an ad. Administered CPR to bring me back and the next thing I know I was in my mom's arms wrapped up and at all. What what are you remember ME you remember anything about. There it was just like you passed out. Eric kinda like you that path now like everything just went. Black like. Get those kids remember that kid that wrote that book about he had had a near death experience like five that he. Evidently he told his parents that he described relatives that died before that he never heard about do you think there's experiences like that. I feel I highly believe it and my whole family had blocked it out actually not over remembered it. Bill another failure in like twenty years later. Our great uncle was there you have lies. Mean and got to talking about and saying he completely blacked out of their mind than it ever happen. That's got to be horrible. To see a four year old kid you know especially someone that your. Responsible for you put him in the the hot tub you don't think anything would have happened then all of a sudden he's not responsive is going to be horrible. Yeah yeah at that I'm and hold these now. I'm Puerto yet suddenly you can imagine being in the other side of yes thank now it is my own I mean is just cuddly paralyzing. I'm on a Mike often ought to record. The guys know search limited it it's something that you think well yeah this was so long ago it doesn't have any effect on me but. You're like doll I mean this is something that you're thinking about all the time. Andrea ivory timeout before I'm always watching. Empirical it. That's a horrible lesson to learn but I'm glad it worked out just to clear up anyone is listening you were not drinking at the time right. Now at four market out but not refresh our very JPEG for the call Matt a great story appreciate that. About official nomination for field can be the grand Marshal of the Saint Patrick's Day parade next year except night. Took it is British show Sean Murphy another irishman is also taking your calls Alan Harris Moore we're just lousy was. The western Europeans right. And I want you Irish. Irish Italian Irish Italian your Irish right and is Alan Irish. And Irish blood in Romo. Now he's that would complicate it would see Tom puck it is. We should you know what should be a day that we just stall. Tell our our elected we also history we have better campaign for Ancestry.Com I don't do our 23 in me find out what's in our systems at the B get. Us out aimed at. But Obama was that true that they gave Reagan cold blood as a transfusion at the hospital after his assassination attempt. And that led to a Alzheimer. Alzheimer's. I've never heard that story in my life I'd like to look it up I'm just curious as to why you know that. And where you heard it. All the producers Odom. Does go to line one and I get Allen from Ridgway Allen he had more to say and I cut Joplin apologized on on him. It no problem. Aside it's all the time we normally she ago. Well I thank you for the Canadian content Q can you are bordering on spectacular and that's been yes Cory the Canadian. That is yes very true. Yeah out now appreciate that potentially guys. I. Or seven that or one. I was coming to a convenient store 7-Eleven. And it just to buy some pop. In a battle how lucky I get the first I get spot right by the door. And I get out of my car and I hear this. Voice that didn't sense and menacing could give me your keys. And I guess it doesn't sound too good so I just lock the doors and turn around his face to face with a double barrel shotgun. All I found so and it was like six inches from my stomach right nine. And I think I'm like OS's interest and act until and it was 3 o'clock in the afternoon is actually much like today sunny blue sky. And then again OK and went away in a lot of weight is because it was fifteen year old suicidal kid from a broken home I found out later. And he's walking the streets support call for an outright lived it kind. And you know he just wanted to get caught me be shocked killed. And I didn't wanna turn my car over to because I figured. He's probably he probably racquet or kills somebody in the process. That I'm worried about the car. I'm gonna say that wrote this a week here he's got good juries feel a priority of of what's important but no honest to god though looking. What when you're looking at a shot up. What is the first thing. That your thinking about. Why are you thinking at that point I gotta get out of this or like I'm done. Couple things have first of all I that China I call the child because you know they asked me to sign up. Victim impact statement I told them not the victim looked at the fifteen year old needs the help. But I look. Had him and I. You know the trouble in him and then he you know that I'm gonna some politically incorrect but when you see an old western movies. And I guess we'll call native Americans they look up and say. Looks like a good daily die. I looked up to kinds well you call me home party got something more for me to do down here. Either way animal cage and everybody was watching this could you know broad daylight and they said I just reacted like. But nothing you know it was like I was so calm NFL com. And the nicest sonic can't give him my keys and I turned my back on a monster walking into the store. And I kind at that point I realized maybe that wasn't the right thing to say and I braced Casey pulled the trigger because it was cock. And yet its finger on the trigger. And the cops later told me I would have felt something horrible on all sides of the basketball in me. So I kind of flinched and then nothing happened I looked over my shoulder he had lowered the gun. And Ian said I can't believe he didn't give me is expletive keys. And I went into the store and he went next. He went next door to try to steal another car from the drugstore next door and I block in the 7-Eleven. And trying to calm down the Gerlach by noon. He has said he just rob the store in the police are on their way while the funny thing was when the police arrived on the one in the store and I think I'm the one Robinette. So I end up in the back of the cruiser. Until late so other people polled on that you know when they cut the kid next door that would incidents so. Basically. I have a full belief in weren't going. And I know it's actually a better place and that's hard for people get their heads around. I wasn't worried. One way or the other. The police asked me if I'm always neck calm and I had one print my action cases love each come work for us in a while perhaps some. Alyssa some people are you know what Alex Avila is born that way and the ability to kind of compartmentalize. And and in that situation that the gift error at the same time though. You know it also leads you to not realize how bad the situation may be you know sometimes you walk out of a spot you're like all that could have been really horrible but. Mightn't my awareness didn't kick in I wasn't nervous so I just kind of went about my business but you know. I turn my back on of them and I tennis. Flinched just in case people traders mean that the system that was a natural reactions. The plan's got to vote. If you got more for me to do what turns out there's. And that marrying a lady with three teenagers and I didn't know who was working with troubled youth they're anything but. I end up raising these three teenage girls and they are a handful and they were rebellious. Split and we heard her husband split them in the states so. No support my meter and a I mean I had a wonderful wonderful life my wife's cat and mouse and she passed away about fourteen months ago but she said don't you cry for me I'm going to a better place to see just make sure you get up here with me so. I'm that's great Alan I really appreciate that I got to go to break what a nice story Elin and I appreciate the I'm so our fear your wife's loss and. I don't think she is she's been she's good. Won't go for you could free you god bless your your faith and and your ability to articulated that's a really good trait. And a lot of people don't have that comfort they don't. And it leads to a lot of anxiety if you don't have faith of what's next year like what am I gonna do now. Things don't become as scary if you have assurances in your own life that you you don't believe sums gonna happen on the other side that's. That's pretty much why. You know. People would go to church synagogue mosques they tend to live longer there's less stress when you. Have a belief in higher car allegedly according sides but they also say killer bees will destroys all. We'll be back after this it'll 30930 here mark your stories of while you're you're a near death experiences that I am I'm curious to hear it. And I would like hear more from your stores will also talk about this rumor that Tom Bauerle will be you know running for office which is just what it came out of nowhere don't even know where this began. How we'll talk more about that after this. Harley and will be a very special opry. What is it to pad your state tomorrow. Many many. Volumes of beer will be consumed. The Irish go green everyone afterward green there's a sabres tomorrow the big servers came with the that the contest on the salute a veteran. I've always been notified we'll see. 78. Veterans where there are. Significant others or their plus one's will hang out at the veins veins things sweet. Courtesy of veins being Spain's. Very kind of them to do that they're very patriotic people doing strange things the Buffalo Sabres will be playing the Chicago Blackhawks at 1 PM. And a big news about local basketball for an university of Buffalo, New York to Wenger brought this point you know a few years ago. Had the bulls then in the NCAA tournament for uniforms would have said New York on. You know with the big statement that buffalo just kind of like good little spot. Buffalo's looks like the smallest were hurt on the uniform it was just New York right Ers who need new Yorker whatever that state university of at buffalo New York, New York for New York was the largest that you could say. And now they're uniforms just said buffalo and that was super cool to see and days smoked. The air is out and airs on a wildcat I mean but for she'd. And they have by the guy who's going to be most likely the number one pick in the NBA draft in Arizona Gary Payton. So here's your I think may be that the UB bulls just. You know they they did at the rank that they got was was wrong. I mean the other and they played much better than than their seed showed and then the value jackets hockey coming up arms at Kentucky's a perennial powerhouse. Hey man Kentucky shaking in their Nikes. Right now because you be just absolutely dismantled. And let's see help Arnold got to be really great for a bubble sports. Let's go to the phones let's go to find to rob Williams and Ken more. William. Tell me you have a story you like to tell by the time you almost passed away. Yeah I want results will mean an end song but pay. I was about sixteen years old. I had a few Beers and me. And I actually I'll. And no one more way people it works at a bar. Shall I swam are there. There and ten. People are realized fit. I would Jiten. All the caller and undertow or let our but it was struck in the aisle Carla. I panic. But I can live Barbara quite good aren't always. It here didn't so our doll bar where most of the war a lot of and you get out albeit under control. And that's very sure that's that is what they tell you to do you don't swim against the water. Or win the water use you swim. Basically. Side to side from a undertow. But. And this and that saved her life. The more you. And it and we'll. I'll build chula salute title are there has not been gone. Let me when you've been drinking. That's very true. Okay. The other lesson I've learned more. You don't but big hit here on earth so I was under age. I thought oh my god what her arms are gonna find me dad. They're going to do toxicology. They're gonna say I've been during game. And so I saved my life that they liked turns the burglaries. You know there's probably a lot of truth to that. This problem. Lot of truth to the fact that like your adrenaline kick game because. That the shame of of you know your parents fighting now that you're doing something shouldn't have done was enough to. To get you to think straight you know people talk about adrenaline being you know almost intoxicating. That you're either you force yourself to do. You know things that you your instinct just demands that you do them well. Sometimes if you if you have enough. Adrenaline to the point re you can sort of you know you've had enough circumstances where your adrenaline is up and down. You can almost think clearly. More clearly with the adrenaline that you can normally. As some people when they're adrenalin goes there are able to just feel like oh I know exactly what to do my friend said swim horizontally that's what I'm gonna do. And then William some people get that spot and they panic. And they just start you know sucking water because they they don't they can't make a decision. You outlaw OK do I won't keep people locked. To honor those stories are awarded by. Panic took over a million reasons took over and thank god I'm here in my person that goes through that. I appreciate the call will pay him thank you so very much actually just stuff. So on wrote him or talk about Louise Slaughter being eighty years old what's that how old is too old to work. So wrote in if you two birds were gonna foundry are dug ditches you'd retire early. But hourly brags you'll work forever Cigna comfort running your mouth and work guys. Yeah I think I agree with them I had high five we both. Yeah I know I I don't I agree that is not foundry or. Digging ditches that certainly a tough job hey there's an interview with the buffalo news with Tim Graham with OJ Simpson to actually making national news. Buffalo News article Tim Graham asked OJ. Now Tim Graham very good at what he does there were like certain things he couldn't talk about like you know murdering people come. The so. The only everyone's like there's some people on Twitter the like to grow and why should ask them. Because he could he would have gotten the interview unless he you know showed integrity in an honored what was in the interview. I understand that OJ did this interview because of his you know connection to buffalo. And he wanted to talk about like the old days. So it's kind of weird but I think it's unfair to to attack Tim Graham for not. You know asking him questions about what happened on the night of the murder because he wouldn't have gotten the interview under those. Circumstances so we'll. You know why are we giving OJ a platform why are we doing that we'll look if you look at. Did that the basis of the popularity of OJ it's still to this day would add documentary winning Oscars ever went on OJ. Whether we like it or not OJ is is a part of the fabric of popular culture people are interested. Yeah I don't I don't think that that Tim Graham should. Have to be accountable or or Obama owes an apology to someone for interviewing someone and everyone's talking about I think some of the criticism has been a little bit. Off with with the mr. Graham because. He gave his word that these of them the conditions that he honored. And so the interviews in the Buffalo News as you're not national lives on Drudge Report. Another odd crazy a story out of the Federalist you read the Federalist. But you don't Peter struck we talked about Peter struck key was the big guy that was involved. With the FBI he had a personal. A sexual relationship. With a lawyer Lisa page there text messages are what have caused all of this you know. This grand cup ball over trying to get to trump. An office while the Federalist has. We discovered text messages. That have. Peter struck. Talking. To a guy by the name of Rudolph contrary it is. And this is trouble for a lot of people following this story. Because Rudolph contrary is is also a foreign intelligence surveillance. Surveillance court judge. He's 85 sick judge. Never five that the court. While he has a judge who presided. Over the federal case followed. The federal case against Michael Flynn Michael Flynn of course former trump national security advisor. Rudolph contreras is the federal fives at court judge who made the determination that Michael flame. Lied. Under oath accepted the guilty plea of Michael Flynn and Denver cubes himself two days after. The the the case was filed after Michael Flynn. Basically gave a guilty plea of lying under oath. Rudolph contreras. Virtues himself from the case while the pro. I'll find should judge and the FBI. You know agent who brought the case against. Michael Flynn it has a personal relationship with the judge. I mean this is crazy. Or are. Reject. Gil as the more we dig into this Peter struck back who now it's working. Allegedly. With the the independent counsel I should say the inspector general Lisa page also. Is been working with the inspector general this is a different investigation and Robert Mueller special counsel team. But again deliberately. Hiding it from congress. Multiple congressional investigators have told the Federalist. That the messages that page and struck are rumored to have engaged in illicit romantic affair. They also just discussed strokes personal friendship. With Rudolph contreras. And how to leverage that relationship. In ongoing. Counter intelligence matters. Your body the Pfizer court judge and you are talking. And you're telling your girlfriend. About how to leverage that for other. Counter intelligence matters. This isn't a big deal. It's truly crazy and the fact that all of these text messages worked with help from tick from. The the actual old congressional investigation yours team. Deliberately did not give this tumble to congress did not give this to congressional investigators until after the fleeing the deal was was made. And now they're looking back and they're like wait a minute your main witness your main guy the guy and the FBI. He has a personal relationship with this five the court judge. Didn't even that's even on the ray yeah forget giving the war and first forget all of the stuff that we we that led to us being here. You got Michael Flynn on a perjury now again with how people get busted. It special counsel teams. We go back Ken Starr remember those days. You normally I mean there's there's other fees sometimes you get caught it with it and keep some and afforded to tax issue that's what they were investigating. Now we're going into stormy Daniels were final that Robert Mueller. Is it will soon and next week by the weekend we'll know if Robert Mueller is going to interview stormy Daniels. Important stock. A wet are not what this dive into Russia we're not talking weathered a week for somehow the president is going after block. I mean you have FBI folks talking about a conspiracy. Conspiring. To text messages through emails this is what we're gonna now the guy that busts Michael Flynn honey perjury charge. Now understand. The FBI can lie to you. All day and all night the FBI can say what ever they have to say to get used to confess to what they think you did it. The problem is they also have evidence that you did deals right. So the FB I can tell you pay Michael Flynn spoke your son. Interesting things he told us he told us you kill John F. Kennedy. And if you're like I did it I killed John F. Kennedy. Michael Flynn is is admitting to killing Kennedy at that point the FBI has kept evidence that you killed Kennedy right. The FBI is just saying that and it's not true. Well he's still can't lied to the FBI. But what we're finding out about the Robert Mueller special counsel team if that they've done this for a very long time these are seasoned professionals they know exactly what they're doing. Al lot of times. But lied that they get from you. Is a lie that basically it's like did you meet with the following people. A did you meet them in Paris. No I did not meet with anyone compares did you have a conversation in Paris with the following people. You know what I really didn't well I think you would remember it you made a phone call to this guy right. Well you know what I am among the the presidential. Team this the president elect. I've talked to a lot of people out of four people know I didn't help you didn't call that guy. Well I'd then I guess I call them I don't know not you lied you told you name call but should it. That's a lie that is. You know what what they go after rat so lies a lot I don't live the FBI won't get in trouble. But what are if you know that the FBI agent. Is now in concert not like we used a golf together. Or like we went to apartment it's. This you're you're actually texting the guy. You're talking to him a thing. And enough to just get the whole thing thrown out any court America. If if if if the detective. In your investigation. Is talking to a judge. Even if it's about. Nancy is water broke it doesn't matter what the bit it's a girl congratulations. That is something any defense lawyers gonna pick up on and say what is going on here why have the detective talking to the. But while this case is going and this is totally. This is not this should not be. It. What are your text you the judge. And your Europe didn't texting your girlfriend insane. He won't believe what happened turns out this guy I think we can leverage. My personal friendship would this guy. By getting more information so here's some of the exchanges. July 25 2016. You know that in not just a point two months ago that Rudy is on the foreign intelligence surveillance court he. Lease of the girl. Techs up Peter struck on July 25 I did I need to get together with him. He said he got not a month or two ago at a graduation party revolt that. They then start to discuss that out of social setting with others will probably be better than a one on one meeting a sharp just have to invite you back cocktail party. We have to come up with some other work cover for action why more six is perfect after five dinner party. So they're basically like look you one of your body's is a five court judge isn't it just a crazy coincidence. That the guy you're talking about getting closer to. Not wind have a one on one meaning could you don't want any record average you wanna meet about a party won a meet about a graduation party wanna talk to me get. You wanna build upper relationship because. That's a guy on the five the court. They you know and it happens to be that judge that selected the Abdullah the Michael flee kid that's weird to me. I don't know. Maybe it's just my idea. My paranoia from a near death experience I don't know what causes this. We lost Luis slaughter 88 years old we talk a little bit earlier in the program we got some audio from my Kathy vocal. It's interesting I wanna remind my friends it in the House of Representatives are at a senator can die and I knew senator can be appointed. Until election happens and then the people get to decide. You could fill a term in other positions that brought the federal government local like New York State as well. But when it comes to the House of Representatives the people's house the people almost always have represented so that means that the governor. The party nobody can appoint a congressperson you have to be elected racked. So the board of elections in New York has a decision to make do they schedule a special election now. Remember they the Democrats with Connor lamb in the in the week's the Tuesday election march 12 there was an election in Pennsylvania. There was a guy named Tim Murphy. Tim Murphy had some personal issues and sexual issues he resigned from office. There was a special election Connor lamb who is it is a Democrat. Marine pro gun pro Hydro fracking exactly the way they'd assign those I Democrats in San Francisco. Her deep Pelosi Democrats that are always pro gun and pro Hydro fracking. We get to make the argument that that the media. The did that district in Pennsylvania has swung to the far left. The party opposing Obama. It's a bit of an extrapolation. When they got elected is a blue dog Democrat he's a conservative Democrat John Glenn Ohio Democrat right. Here they're the Democrats want the Republicans lost right that's what happened. But in that special election there will be an election in November. So Connor lamb could theoretically be a congressperson for less than one term less than a two year term less than that let's be honest march to November. Now well New York State do that Kathy whole local. Had a very similar situation when she you ran as the Democrat against Jane Corwin indeed Chris Lee. I resigned seat Kathy local won that race she went up against a Republican. Less than now one term later and Chris columns to feeder. So this has happened this is a very short window. And the other thing is. It's so short of a window you gotta worry about the kitchen you gotta get all your people on the back output and then you've got to raise money to do it. Is that what we're doing that's what what people decide. But Louise Slaughter AV eight years old passed away she was an icon in the Democratic Party may be that seat. Maybe that seat could swing over to the GOP announced.