What Precautions Should You Take During A Natural Disaster? 9/14 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 1

Friday, September 14th

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News radio nine and thirty WB EN it's Tom Bauerle in David Bellamy got its hourly and they'll be on news radio 930 W yeah. Happy to be done away those long never ending and throws we get to spend more time with who and that welcome to buy hourly ability that we made at the Friday under Israeli in my thirty WBE and Phil Kennedy to control Sean Murphy is your call screener. And we are a couple of Irishmen in the next room well Americans of Irish background as for me on the lucky charms. Guys saying that always after me lucky charms David very busy night for you last night I urge you and Michael Caputo and Tim Winger and the cast of thousands that is the WB EN newsroom with. Primary coverage and one of the biggest surprises of the night and I heard the excitement in your voice in a kind of grudging excitement the fact that you're county actually admitted differences statewide race. We'll look at idea you know ideology aside. Eight it's it it's incredible. Successful victory for journeys Eleanor for mark Poland cars from the Erie county Democratic Party. There are very few times. That you can point to our region as making a difference you know in an election now had it not been for. Really Kathy hopefuls old congressional district people really know Kathy Oakland. You know there in the rural counties as well you can also throw Monroe County in there. There's no way she it's lieutenant governor should not on the ticket. If if she if the if that does support wasn't there and they got the vote out and you know you expect her to do well. You don't expect 80% that's that's quite impressive. Well I met you know again we have to I gotta give respect and props to Erie county executive mark polling cars and beat Democrat chairman Germany's only because. Getting out the vote David as you well know with your political background getting out the vote is everything it's not just one thing it is everything. And the two of those guys and the Democrat machinery of Erie county kicked into high gear. And as much as I don't like to have to say this I have to give them props for doing their job and doing very well and it's. Slippery slope when you do that because as much you wanna support you know your your home town. Favorite cat the local there is a tremendous amount of anti equal wall. You know there's a lot of apathy out there when it comes to Governor Cuomo there's Democrats that. Don't appreciate. The stain that he's put on the party in New York State and good luck you can say whatever you want to about the policies under Cuomo's state fact that things it. We've sort of Nash or teeth over. But there's scandal has been everywhere and this scandal is not six degrees separated from Andrew Cuomo this is right in his back pocket aces. You know those closest to him. Per cocoa in and you know the holes sin and I'll leave the block these are folks that have supported him throughout his entire career that are close to his family. And there are Democrats out there others say listen you know. It doesn't really matter you would you find someone that left the senator and as a Democrat. What is your allegiance to Andrew Cuomo outside of the fact that he represent your party in most of your your thoughts there's not a Democrat that was in that race. Or did you you can throw a dart and hit we're gonna talk to what next week because of an interview with. The mayor Amir miner of the former mayor of Syracuse who's now running in independent candidacy against Andrew Cuomo mayor minor major minor. Publish very talented if she did join the military she could have been major minor major minor that's true. But we're talking so it's like you're gonna get someone that's all there are conservative Democrat that doesn't exist in New York State. Her quote what brings a lot in these trying to use of exercise the demon killer would set he has aspirations. Become president. And if that's going to happen it can happen in that it can happen in the next eighteen months but here's the real take away. You know someone texted me at the end of the program yesterday Woodward and extending coverage and media and over the primary you know the real winner in this. It is going to be a stadium for downtown buffalo it's gonna be the potential of lead new convention center for downtown ball because the buffalo billion was a complete disaster and whether or not you think. It was successful. The money went to where was supposed to go it is perceived to be a boondoggle it was perceived to be corrupt enterprise cell. When you heard Kim who grew out of the blue unsolicited say. We're gonna talk about a new stadium until after the gubernatorial. Race after Election Day. Well that to me is is a little bit of tea leave reading but to have a new football stadium don't we need a professional football team and how is it that kind of an important component with a whole equation that would be helpful but most robust health the American cities. All of their main attractions in the downtown area. And it's very difficult to point to a major. Metropolitan area in the United States that does it have to drive 45. Minutes ago few. A large and so the take away from this is that it Kathy hope coal. Getting the nod as lieutenant governor is a step in that direction because she will be the advocate for western U I as much as we may not agree with her politics at least she is from this end to the state. I don't think cameo pleasant thing to do it I think it's Andrew Cuomo is making drug deals right now and I think that's part of the offer that he's going to put towards you know Western New York look. I mean what do you point to. Under the Cuomo administration has been good for buffalo if anything we should have elected Terry to a grueling as governor of the state of new York and who has done more for. Western new York and Terry Google. Terrible ghoulish should be that the governor the president of the people's republic of New York he's done more for buffalo. Jobs opportunity hope you wanna talk about the waterfront in hotels and everything else I mean. You're gonna go to uncle Terry at some point and say we might need a new arena. How much of UN four I mean there are owners in in professional sports that are good for 10%. Your Google is not that owners you're gonna look and lean on temporary line share of the cost. And honestly it's the way it should be if you're making a profit off of business you should be the one investing it. But that being said. Cuomo has a lot to do with making good with upstate New York buffalo was part of that problem and Rochester has been all but ignored. To note David the one problem I see with that is that they're Andrew Cuomo's allies are squarely on 20/20 he wants to be the next president of the United States so buffalo make it short shrift do the population situation because Andrew Cuomo fundamentally recognizes. At the votes and the support. From New York City and the bedroom communities of New York City that's his bread and butter while. I don't think you're gonna see history being built while Cuomo is still the governor I think you'd still going to be probably 20/20 three that's with a lease expires. And you know but did ground forecast to be laid in the next eighteen months if that's gonna happen but here's a reality Governor Cuomo is gonna wake up and realized. I have a better chance of you know flying out the window that he does have been president. These these democratic socialist and everyone was moving far left. That's all cool of the gang for popular votes but when it comes to an Electoral College. If you are anti gun if you wanna put a tax on soda pop like Mayor Bloomberg if you wanna do all of this stuff gets what. That's not gonna play in the south and what we have gotten to a point in our presidential elections where it really comes down 568. There is 45 states just on paper the five states that are in play. Yep Florida. Ohio those two big ones and then you've got the one or the other either Pennsylvania or North Carolina you get Virginia or Michigan. But everyone knows New York is going to be blew everyone knows that you know Alabama's gonna be read. The states that are in place the toss up states when you talk about core bedrock issues. That's not flyover country in Ohio it's not fly over country Florida. If you start talking about you know overreaching with the federal government if you start mass is if you you know start. It does what plays in Brooklyn does not play. In Ohio. Or. Doesn't gubernatorial race in Florida and I've never seen polling. More exaggerated in this gubernatorial rates in thwarted his Gillen guy. They're not even if they're not having canvassing areas that are are. They're not talk about the panhandle of Florida they're not going into areas Central Florida is much more than a Orlando. You can't go on sale settled it really with the Tallahassee mayor right now. The telecast in the tally the Tallahassee mayor is an FBI investigation for fraud. This is again. Whatever the main stream media wants to say it always comes down to election night. And a Governor Cuomo candidate model absolutely is dead on arrival in an Electoral College it's never going to happen. It is Barley enveloping a news radio 930 WB eat enough for those of you were bored out of your ma. IA and any time somebody talks about politics. Chill it's all good because what we're doing we're doing a recap of what happened yesterday. David Bell via Michael Caputo to Winger and the entire WB Ian newsroom to great job what their primary coverage. As far as that these Cynthia Nixon. Verses Andrew Cuomo situation. I thought that Cynthia Nixon was gonna lose by eighteen points and it turns out that I was way. Off I actually think you said that I thought you receive you and 18% which would he would have argued I don't care ever when news at Phoenix was getting crushed that wasn't the the question the question was. How many get what percentage she would do it. In a primary with a sitting governor if a third of the people are voting again it's do you. You're in trouble that is Sino look at teacher out the last time there was a primary is Governor Cuomo. You know you should this with a a woman who didn't give barely broke a percent. Yesterday's at Phoenix and got close that the pretty 5% of the vote that is astonishing that is that is extraordinary but it also opens the door to other people we're seeing with the former mayor of Syracuse who says hey how running independent run against formal. Youth through all. A far left democratic socialist and Cynthia Nixon you put an independent. Progressive on the ballot you throw libertarian in there you have purple again. That is the best case scenario from Marc Molinaro. And he's got a ton of momentum he's very likable guy there's not a whole lot of baggage that he cared for in the ballot box but here's the thing he's fresh. He's coming into this from downstate. He's got a lot of support you know in areas that are outside of sort of the deep blue areas of downstate New York. And what comes at Western New York people roll out the red carpets he was on the show in studio. Yet now so it's he's got this is one on one it's trouble for any Republican. But a guy like Molinaro has the U with the vitality. And he's got three other people that are going to be literally sucking the life line out of Andrew Cuomo on election. But you know David took to counterbalance that we've also got to a lot of those votes from people in Puerto Rico who considered New York City or New York State to be the actual stay a resident so they'll be able to cast her absentee votes. You debris larger Puerto Rican community in New York City I don't think it's any act that the Governor Cuomo took such an active role in the damage done by the another storm. Down in Puerto Rico and obviously tried to shamed Donald Trump over that situation well is. That actually gonna come back to bite all the Democrats now that are accusing Donald Trump of revisionist history with the count we have. You know 3000 people were kill Puerto Rican you would think and or was there fifteen times. Would men and 3000 died in Puerto Rico. That number news is it it's very similar to the death count that we Iraq War started. You had UN organizations. Were awarded the war in back. Indeed and one that was killed since the Americans invade and would say yes I am for cut out for dad drove. How many people do you know that were killed I know and people okay look at embodies what the and it would if it. We are just. He. Just yet. A number of its estimate of how many people died out 5000 people with other people I. I have to court in the media like that story is not frightened senator I mean if you don't think the president is about 3000 that Puerto Rico. That's 9/11 numbers no matter no matter what trump does he's going to be chance arise but let's get back this idea. Of a crew did field David I know it's very difficult to say but the probability. That Andrew Cuomo might not be got there. Think pieces I believe the more crowded the field is more people can suck off boats from the far left and deliberate terror and candidate is probably gonna hurt Molinaro more than Andrew Cuomo. But I still think that with the Democrat machine and in the U stay with you get out the vote apparatus they have I think if a very uphill battle were Mahler wrote to emerge victorious mattress. Well you know it is right now we don't know. There's all this is a journey to get to Election Day we annoys you what happened skip back over for iced. Here's the deal if if trumps approval rating goes up to 40% let's say that prompts October super guys releasing the fives. Our court. Trance crypt let's say we get to actual warrant from the fires a court and we thought I doubt that this entire thing is complete. Utter nonsense and it's only made up and we've been lied to for eighteen months which I believe we have been. All of a sudden we have a little bit of boom momentum shift and a demo managed shift happens at the right time. Now is it a far left candidate is going to take. Upped to twenty to 25% of the vote away from Andrew Cuomo so that means that the striking distance them on B two B and is around the 38 to 42%. It's sort of like at. We're looking to add a situation like 1992 when you add. You know how how much of the vote. Do you think Ross broken steal away from George W. Bush. But wait Clinton never got over 50% of our elections are so they're a very good chance of Marc Molinaro can be your next governor at 40% of the vote. On the other have a David just like the Republican and other Republicans we often are given on moderate Republican the Republicans are often given. Basically a choice split have to hold their nose and pulled the unit it indicate the vote like I had to do for John McCain and I had to do Mitt Romney. The Democrats likely to do the same thing and say look these other people on have a chance of being elected gov or I'm gonna hold my nose I'm gonna vote for Andrew Cuomo because if fight doll that increases the chances of Molinaro giving elected. Will she have the problem that 25%. Of the Democratic Party that wants to go to beat cultural marxism I don't think they've really true. Understand marxism in John how does that count with a couple of guys in New York City today about. Is it neo marxism is it caught what is it there like now it's cultural marxism these these far left guys have no idea what marxism actually is that they did not want whenever sign up for so this cultural marxism that they wanna talk about wealth distribution but they're wearing 7000 dollar Gucci's pantsuit. I mean that's not that's not socialism if you're wearing a 7000 dollar. Should we how it. So if if these folks at that presents a 5% of the Democratic Party York's. They had before the governor that would have helped them vote for a while. As they seek at the local must like this and Michael Bloomberg they've seen you know they don't forget that she was a account as one who got the NRA endorsement. And that's gonna hurt his ballot and hurt his ticket. But again what does it say about under call eight that he doesn't show up in his own X doesn't give a speech British Open I don't party. This is a humiliated wounded guy there's blood in the water and by the way why isn't that herb or Syracuse who are. Paul why is she throwing her hat in the ring now why don't we have other. And again he can't just run away spent fourteen of title seven million dollars left. Where is gonna spend that money and are the Democratic Party. Ready to get rid of we did take a break and who's ready at 930 WB we funniest stuff coming up for those of you listening who may not be in the politics that's totally cool because we've got nonpolitical stuff coming up on news radio 930 you are hearing hourly and they'll be up on news radio 930 WBE. And the voice of buffalo. Yeah it's. It thirty WB GM fan and good to be with you I'm spreading and hopefully your drive is okay. My. And it was not because it is as I've said many a time this summer I hate simply I you can probably relate to this you can't get from point to point B and Western New York. Without running into a wolf all of traffic. Last night main street Williams or another doing this whole big project and main street in buffalo which. Our main main straightaway Huntsville which is going to be great when it's done but man when it's 1030 at night and you've got to traffic jam to tell us from north forest virtually back to the high school that's just a little bit much on just sent. But was almost gonna call cajun navy for evacuation when I was stuck in Trey put on main street last night then did the cajun may be is in the news again and why pray tell David with a cajun navy so called beat in the music. Because the cajun navy as a group of volunteers it just basically ticker on bass boats in. And and help people out there's always that yeah yeah we all wanted depend first responders but I think the key to survive abilities. Hopefully when that first responders second responder in. You know blow things we've been hearing about with the storms you know these first responders there. Families to in the of homes and they just picked up and do their job and help other people on the rarely help themselves. You've got the Coast Guard you've got the military reserves and National Guard out there but there's a lot of people that this storm is effective we're looking at. The potential of three million people without power. They've been told for five days this is where it's gonna hand and events and changes obviously in the course of the storm but you have to. If you're told to not to leave an area. Today we heard a story of a town in North Carolina a 150 people that needed to be rescued. Hold on for for a second that that town had 8000 people and I'd say well. Honored for the people decide to stay behind in you know folks say well you know it's economic situation maybe can afford to move. I'm not sure you're looking at the same video that I'm looking at these houses are. Over 600000. Dollars. The outer banks is a low income area you've gone to vacation there any time. This is of you know if you beach front property waterfront property automatically you know we're talking about a cost of living issue. We're talking about people who want to stay back a protector their belongings which is their right they can ignore whatever they want in orbit. Why why should sort of put their life in jeopardy. Because you ignored. You know what I think is a pretty sober in prudent order which is to just get out and put your life first for your family your pet's life. It's it's not like there wasn't when he awarding of this David and I know that they are all kinds of reason and try to put myself and the situation of those people who lived for were the hurricane was supposed to make land fall but. You know obviously you're gonna have some people who are non ambulatory. You know maybe it's very difficult for them to move around elderly people people in wheelchairs maybe people who just got over major surgery. You know they're they're gonna be a little bit more time but they've had enough time to get out. Then there are those people who stick around because they don't want their property to be looted after they go away and after everything is blown wide open. But that being said it seems to me David to be an incredibly selfish decision. When you intentionally disregarded. Mandatory evacuation orders were for that matter even a suggestion. That you might wanna get the hell out of dodge. Causing other people then to put their lives in danger in jeopardy to save your Botox. You hear all the time. When they're driving bands and people call it with the constitutionality. Of made driving and I I totally hear where your comment to the libertarian. Argument of can you eat can you tell all an American citizen that they can't travel I all that all that aside. If there's bad weather coming to western new York and you know that schools are closing and roads are shutting down and they're putting out. An advisory groups Dre travel ban. If you put you decide that you are gonna continue to do what you have to do regardless of of this of the ban that's out there. You're putting yourself in the situation where you're upside down and your card. We're gonna get you only get Tia I mean that's just the way it is at some point you have to show some sort of accountability for your own actions. And in the situation where you've got the flood walls that we're seeing right now 24 inches of rain. And again this is now a category one storm with 75 mile an hour winds a hundred mile an hour gusts that's down probably 65 miles an hour. From where it was yesterday it was a category four when it was in the ocean. Probably it landed at a category three between. But it's been downgraded because it's making its Whelan and what pro. Because the because Donald Trump decreed that it be downgraded because after all he is being blamed what looked like could be one of those mega storms and now he ought to get the credit because he waved his magic weather machine want to make it to a less American in partnership with the CIA and the weather machine. But but you know if you. If you're gonna spot where you need to be rescued out of an area because she ignored cover mean to me the argument was always made when New Orleans got it. You know why didn't local civil authorities and state authorities to war. And it became well black people all white people and Kanye West when national television to that when the George W. Bush didn't care about any other than white people. And it was divisive and it was crazy. But there was an argument can be made. That there were people that were in. You know areas that it would cost them money money they did not have to be able to pick up their stuff. And give out her jump on a boss or do whatever the case may be. You can make the argument that in large. You know heavily properly populated city in America that there are some people. They either are disenfranchised because economic gap between the rich and have not. You could make that argument I disagreed. There was plenty of opportunity for folks that didn't have the money to get a bluster or get out. Neither here nor there this is not the situation you're seeing in the Carolinas right now. Because as you'd said at the very beginning when you look at these houses these houses is our their half a million dollars well over half a million dollars so the idea that the people did not evacuate because they lack the financial resources to do I think is specious and I have a hard time believing that the municipal authorities did not serve a supply some kind of shuttle transportation. For those who don't have vehicles unlike the other storms we've seen in the past even Houston in and the one that hit Florida last year. The the federal government what whether it was lessons learned from Puerto Rico our. You know the political fall from whatever FEMA was I've heard nothing but glowing remarks. Post-Katrina. FEMA Dave Reid structured everything FEMA. But the accessibility to funds they had federal money accessible before the story in the end. They they had money going into that area. For water and four filtration systems and ponds and back up generators and diesel fuel. All of that was accessible and being staged before as the storm was building the storm is thought to be category five in the Atlantic Ocean. And they were they were stockpiling fuel and generators and pumps so. You can't say that they were prepared federally and at the state level and unlike New York State. These states and south tend to be a little bit more powerful when it comes to emergency spending Tex had a rainy day fund of fifty billion dollars. And that's that's what we spent and Medicaid. Think about it and these guys save that money just in case. North Carolina South Carolina they have a plethora of money in savings the federal government ready to help but folks just did wanna go well for whatever reason. So should other people put their lives at risk to save the people who refused to listen to the orders to get out of touch 8030930. Star nod thirty. 180616. WBE. And goers David to be very difficult I think especially for somebody like yourself. To Joseph just sit back and knowing that got a boat right here and you know what I can probably safely go and evacuate people but because they didn't get out of their own volition when they had the chance after the suggestion order came through screw up totally into the fate I can't imagine you doing. It means you're for. Responsibilities to your family writes the baggage your family out in appear and able bodied adult and you can help people out that's great but. There's also a fine line between trying to help first responders and getting in the way. And we've seen that a lot even in Western New York with storms has folks that are going through in cleared off groups and making sure that. You know that the thru ways clear that you got folks it take it into their own hands. And one I get out there trying to help but in. In essence there in the way of people that can do more help at a larger scale so it's sort of sometimes it becomes a double edged sword. Your intentions are good. But there are professionals that can do a better you know Erie county emergency managers they don't need some guy. With a pickup truck to you know play hero they've got tons of a folks generated do it and are prepared to do it so to me. In this situation with a cajun eighties you were these are just folks that are needed because. There are people I mean when it's when you tell my floodwater there's a limited amount of time exposure alone I mean we. We always talk about World War I you get your feet wet and boots you're in trouble. But hypothermia. All the sewage that's out there that that could really hit you. That won't find out what people listening have to say I am you know you we've got to have people listen to us right now who have folks France friends family and loved one down in the hurricane area anybody stick around anybody not evacuate in your family or circle of friends. Here's some Mike and a cell phone on WBE. And Mike should other people put their lives at risk to save people who did not heed the reasonable warnings to get out of town. I'd say absolutely not. There is great guidelines good. Get out of dodge by IPO but they don't get. You don't like let them or not. I'll after they come out. At these people are calling it now what are yet there is dull. Immediate. You know light that danger. They're prepared to that there's a quote window looking at the water it's just so I agree that another story. But I. At sorry that we had earlier odd it was that we'll get to Q when we get. Now did you ever been the situation here in buffalo where we've had driving bans her travel bans. Yet. Hear about Ayers said that the arc at what they don't golf growth I don't go a lot of. You prepare your secrets and we expect to number. Food. He just don't. Dot prepare for things like that kind of an area and they tell you gonna be bad people people pay attention to it out. Thank you very much for the call Mike. 8030930. Start at 3180616. WBE and you know how voice to text sometimes doesn't communicate what you wanna communicate here's an example. Which has got a text on greater read it to you how many times this week alone has these people been told that they need to get the hell out of their houses I'm sure they're watching the hurricane from last year that was ridiculous and devastating how many people didn't ejaculation that either and had to be rescued. The following heard the word ejaculation the word that was intended was evacuate so you'll have to be careful with the wasted tax. I wanna double check it. I'd just I'd just say that we all we've all had Texas did not come out quite the way we want it that's so should would you put your life at risk for somebody was told to get out of dodge but it didn't and in buffalo you know David we'd certainly have never sure of a winter storms were travel bans are in effect. Winter travel restrictions are in effect them. Invariably people get pulled over and get tickets for that when they're driving in areas where there is infected driving ban except for nonessential people. Yeah. Non essential thing is kind of curious too because I mean if you have that for example or radio guy who's doing extended coverage is now essential. Which I would beg this is true you know that I have to I have to do the show it's it's it's my duty as an American. 24 hours and on the trump you know come out. Quickly during the winter driving situations in buffalo media are exempted because we do act as the conduit of information so technically we are considered essential doctors nurses considered essential police officers first responders considered essential. I would argue that the clerk at the Crosby's with a pizza is also essential to. You know the Volkswagen or departure export Dave in that way senator writes and says you know I think they should be built if you know if your rescue costs you know they put. Arbitrary number on how much money they spent trying to get you off your roof for where every year or you know you have to be rescued from. And that that'll change things real quick I mean I don't know if you've ever had the misfortune of being mercy flight to anywhere but. That can be an expensive helicopter righty and if it's ten minutes you're spend a lot of money can you imagine if he Coast Guard chopper esta. Drop a latter down and someone asked do you know slowed down and pull you out of something well here's 151000 dollars maybe you should listen you're governor. Hourly and bella via so what do you make of the people who did not evacuate and the efforts that had to be made to evacuate the people after the fact who had plenty of room before the fact to get away from the path of the hurricane it's swayed the people are saying women. We pay for these services these are part of our tax dollars well. You know and the allocation of essential. Services and emergency services I mean think about it this way. If it's an emergency that can be avoided that means the only saving taxpayer dollars but you're also getting the things that you can't avoid which is why it necessitates an emergency. It if I hold town decides to stay putt in the town is like any. We'll get to you but it's gonna cost us resource as manpower and maybe just may be. You know a person through and is trapped at at the hospital. A lot more difficult to evacuate EC MC in an emergency that it would be your residential neighborhood if you're able bodied and able to get a car walk out in your own. Why should we we wanna spend the time going to the nursing home going to the place where you know people are are ill and and and can't leave rather than go to a place where healthy people just want to ignore. It cost us a favor if if you're gonna call the radio station during the show unless you wanna go on the year please do not use the on here numbers because. This is gonna sound like a real jerk your Shawmut and and Phil they don't care what you have dissent. So when you call in and you just say I don't wanna go on the year but I wanna tell you something Sean. It's never gonna get to us and all all it does this type telephone lines so unless you wanna go on the year please do not use those phone numbers to share your opinion which on or feel they are not the ones doing the show we're the ones doing the show so please do not waste their time calling those numbers unless you wanna go on the year thank you for your cooperation I'd rather let you know because you know sometimes people say well how come you don't put more callers on the air and sometimes is because we don't have callers sometimes we don't have callers because everybody calls them is like. I don't wanna go on the year but I want even know this which is a total waste of time because believe me. They they're not gonna say into our head phones here's what somebody just said on the phone started the show doesn't work that way and we do thank you for your appreciation and and I'm sound I'm sorry if that's not a little harsh but I'd rather what you guys know what it's like behind the scenes of your radio so distracted and threes and threes which is our. You know where to partner export you know I'd never thought about this but we have a lot of couples coworkers that people do things in the audience we've preached. But you know how many people are just. In 177. Basics when someone came up with the idea of a federalized polls service. And they made the wild allegation. That we will be rain sleet snow electrical Il's volley from the guy that we will deliver your parcels. And they're still upholding that today it really is crazy that even in the most cataclysmic disaster category four hurricane. Poll workers to continue to do their job in in all that whether. I mean just because Ben Franklin was flat but it comes. It's odd that Franklin to sit. At lightning storm there's a kite oh here's a peek let's have some fun if your kids did that great discipline for her do you think though that the Postal Service 2008 teams should be and ordered. Essential service and that's to form the actors are really need that belt pack you know on paper it was a for the Belle peck might in my box every week and I'll give exist. You know a lot of folks. That doors open. And report.