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Tuesday, August 14th

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930 WB EN yeah it's com hourly in David Bellamy got its hourly and they'll react upon news radio 930 W. Whether al-Qaeda is cowardly and elevate. A news radio 930 WB EM I thought maybe we could subject David to a small dose of hell. And just say all right David it's all about and by 27 once again today just to make David feel as uncomfortable and his awkward and his overworked as possible who's with me on this one anybody felt that I've got to vote from Sean Sean Murphy is it stating I believe which is nothing new for Sean I'm just gonna tell you that much. Anyway welcome it is Bauerle develop via news radio 930 WB the end users. With you on Tuesday and of course this is that up it might be the only person who's ever happens by. You know you look at your graft strike and it grows long especially because we've got some much needed rain so the rain is coming out you know and and the grass is growing in Guatemala and then the minute you get the mower out. Can look like it's threatening rain all day long but the minute you decide tomorrow that is exactly when the clouds opened up and palaces U I that's a rather unkind things to say to mother nature last night that David fortunately you've got the Amish living by U and they allow other goats sheep to graze on your lawns I don't think you'd have to worry about mowing your lawn. And the publisher that fans via the no listen. To predicted here. No listen. You got I wanna talk about the real issue today you have bad clamps on. Was gonna happen is just a matter it was a matter of time you if you're rolling the dice I honestly guys you're you are right and by the way any claims that come from the Erie Canal. Are not to be. Those are zebra mussels they can carry special flavor to the eureka nail it kind of takes me back to the food hygiene of you know the eighteen what do you are you do you know where you like the best. All. Ocean where actually the all all evening from whence they come out yeah actually. We eat at that very good. With the farm raised but we've also had very good luck with Atlantic Ocean clams so I can't complain and actually the place I got bad clams is also the place at the very finest clams up there than the ones mrs. haggard Bauerle makes now those clams are extraordinary every single time. And you know that it would we have expression in the world of clams. And it is that of compliance the word compliance originated from flips like guitar player John Wood joy or as I like to call him John usual law. On the Sunday because we decided we're going to grill clams now as anybody knows if a clam does not open up consider to be a gut considered to be a bad clamped when he clam does open up it is said of the clam. I hop we have full compliance and I'm happy to report David that at least on some day for the Klan an Italian food fest we have I think 99%. Were close to a compliance with clams opening up on the real. So I was delighted with that but unfortunately last night I knew from the very first bite. No no no no no no no. These are not good clams. I did call the restaurant which I'm not going to name because I like the restaurant and I don't think it's their fault actually and I know that they'll make good on them but let's just say this much. I was very disappointed and this has been this number of clams and ladies and gentlemen before used the send button on the text you're writing right now saying. Archie ever going to grow up I can't believe you're talking about what we are literally talking about the seafood clams it's not a metaphor it's not a civilly it's a thing literary whatsoever we're talking about and clams. Thank you. Steam and it's big in the Vick can be the water through. Don't know it was it was definitely clan and you know it's always know a taste of that what it does give you a little bit of advice and and keep in mind I just got in to clams this past summer with a vengeance all right in this summer guys. We just got a round of applause for the sum of 28 team that we just give yourselves a round of applause for the summer of 28 team because it is just an absolutely extraordinary. In terms of whether course map to bear that in terms of politics either. But. The B restaurant itself is a fine restaurant and some of the finest clams other than the hole made. Are those from that particular places just that their you know I think that they just had a yet had a bad night now I didn't get sicker or anything but understand. That one of the mistakes a lot of people make new to the clan world did don't wanna put a hot sauce on your very first plan to do. Believe not with the very first client you wanna taste that what can you wanna get a sense for whether or not you're in that eating a good quality clamp so don't smother with butter don't smother with hot sauce the first one just puck out of the shell okay. Don't be shellfish. It is taken out of the shell and east it and if it taste at all suspicious. You don't wanna continue eating them you do not want to hide the noxious and as with any hot sauce or any butter you're not doing yourself but he favor now I advocates and I did not get sick and also did not get to enjoy clams last night and frankly gave it to the rapidly. Because of if it's becoming stapled to your well I always like to say this and fellow heart patients. And the here's the irony. I don't like seafood. I'm gonna say that again I don't like seafood seafood has not been a part of my diet. Which is probably why I had bypass surgery at the age of 54 okay. But in terms of little power houses of pro team. With like virtually no fat whatsoever the clam the humble clam is one of the best things that people with heart issues to eat. Obviously if you don't every clan in butter you're not getting the full benefit of the clamp itself. But there's nothing wrong with the clam and some delicious hot sauce to it than what the hot sausage you got to look out for the sodium but again. Here's here's the take away on the clam discussion. Your first plan in a batch don't put anything on it you want a taste it you wanna make sure it passes the test if it passes the test temple would every want and it's gonna be delicious. But now you love clams David part of his of course because of your Italian ancestry in clams and linguine with clam sauce apparently big staples across the on them over the boot but. I think I have surpassed you with my love of what I like to refer to as the humble clan. Him. Yeah I definitely. I can put myself in the same fanatic. This is in the paper you know what type of pitcher it's speaks. Your personality. You Q well I believe it if I could play. A little. I mean. If I were to diagnose. I would say it is and each C teeny bit obsessive compulsive about it. And there is like for example you can't just watch. Film. One time you have to watch that movie 37 times and then. You can't just enjoyed the movie you have to try to memorize as if the three break one day it will ask you for a job of interview. And you're you're period. You know every now and so you wanna be able to remember hey this is held the line is given not the matter if it's winter team no matter if it's. You know god father says you feel and what you want them. To the point where an end. Yeah I agree with the polling and it's the same thing with claims it's now it is in the with a guitar. You EU have rehearsal times you're in a bit and not in a studio. You do this because. You are and I am I'm sure it was no different you are absolutely it's. I'm David because when I look I mean this is not some you know BD SM thing. It necessarily course maybe it is but that's called the violently. But I absolutely admit to you and everybody listening to the show right now the past they do have I think obsessive compulsive temp agencies and I'm not obsessive compulsive disorder because that would mean there's something fundamentally wrong with Bieber. Clearly David you know me and you know the way I am an absolutely those behavior patterns to fit under obsessive compulsive this and I'll take one step further. I don't think I just have obsessive compulsive tendencies I think I've also got adults. Let's see what was it emissary. I think I've got ADHD. I really do that whatever the adult version of ADHD is a because I think you're the same way because there comes a point in the awful. Well I've. I think we're both the same way and I would argue that if you talked a Rush Limbaugh Michael Savage beat if you talk to any great radio personality those are trying to look myself in with those people the basket reflected glory but if you talk with any great radio personality we. All obsessive compulsive to some degree we all have. A goal. Eight. ADHD we all have an element of that because. There are times David we can be right in the middle of this incredible topic with an incredible gast an incredible questions credible response and we'll look at each other. Double like let out a collective yawn like yeah this is going great but he. You know we've done it for fifteen minutes so why are we keeping do. Yeah but the the other side at two. It's not so to me most creative minds. And be little different. And you can't say amounts. But it's a UUC. A creative mind someone who likes to create. This is someone who thinks about a topic. And then and problem fund would really protect people if they they have a fear of machines. Yes I like so what happens is you are on the project. And you don't want to hear the final button on that project right so if you're writing something you all over Eddie over at it. Because the moment you let that go. That project is over there's a fear of what's my next one going to be what happens that you oftentimes start your next project. Before you finish the last one. Because she always wanted to know where your brain is going to be able to sink in to finish. And a lot of people see that as you're procrastinating. You're lazy you can't finish what your mind is just going so fast. And and that's usually occurred people. You know I've figured this out as fresh creative people go one of the reasons we hesitate to hit the done button or we hit the send button. Think about what happens the minute you hit the send button what happens you with that very moment relinquish control coal at a lot of creative minds who have the same issues that I've got in that David has. A lot of us are control freaks and the minute we left something out it is beyond our control therefore subject to all critiques all criticism all censoring you name it and that's why we don't wanna let it go do you agree or disagree. Yes I'm I'm I agree with that I think also that. When when you look at extremely intelligent people and all creative people are extremely algebra you look like Einstein. There's. Dak I slept for twelve hours a day. Right and you know how much it would when someone comes home from work. And you know they're there they're using their mind all day there stressed out how exhausted you bar. After we knew if it you know it's a radio show its four hours you're at the office you're doing whatever. URG you put everything into your day and then you come home it's just like I need. Fifteen minutes it's like a long commute sometimes isn't always the works think the world sometimes you need 45 minutes to hour. You just decompress. Or maybe or maybe get ready for your day. Absolutely and and a lot of people use talk radio to get them through. And it's like well you know do you do you wanna have the type show that your ear constantly. Upsetting people here you're getting them you know passionate about something or do you wanna do that type shows just kind of like you know that got Tom 2 in the morning who's like you know. Beethoven. You know rock tune now Wes Montgomery yeah. That guy is just human you know Ambien. Yeah yeah now it's it I think we bring some very valid points and you know the thing about buffalo is we have some incredibly creative people in buffalo I will argue that when you look at the art when you look at any. Any creativity whatsoever whether it is architecture. And we think of architects is being a simply math geeks basically. I'll architects are very creative people but bay. An architect is able to unite the left side of the brain and the right side of the brain and come up with something that you know were formed its function and function fits form. And I just have a tremendous amount of respect for people. Who do that the one thing I wish they do away with however David is gutters and never cleaned your batters again. Go to WB EN dot com through August 26 and given to win a gutter system from leaf guardedly fury the number one choice in Western New York for protecting. Your gut there's. You know they've put when you're teen Ager when you're a younger David Sylvia I know that you never hijacked horizon airlines plane flew into Puget Sound. But when you look back on it is there anything that you did as a teenager intentionally or not talk about accidents were talking about intentionally that you look back down now and you think what in the hell was I thinking. Listen vacuum that was point nine years all that I'm right right Bryant and that to me it raises some issues as to baggage handlers. How do you get is an air kept car keys in your hobby yeah. How hot don't you can just keep it into two a 747. Or DC ten and or even an 85 C deck commuter plane like this was. And I just started up in the I mean I can't speak for the larger play. Is that there when I was flying to single engine general aviation aircraft and it keeps you go to prior aviation others aboard keys you know this is for the piper Cherokee a 180 horsepower this is for the 280 horsepower and 300 or power. And you actually took keys and you turned on the ignition. To fire up the proper. True that that's crazy now howl at me and if this if this young man and remember David 29 is the new sixty. Because people are not advancing in this that there is a topic here we're gonna probably touch on it as we move along today but people at 29 are not as mature as people. Who were 2920. Years ago. What thirty years ago or sixty years ago the growing up process for reasons I don't understand it may be our audience as some insight into this. People are not reaching. Intellectual or emotional maturity now. Until they're like in the early thirties which is why don't because my mother was twenty years all the shoot three little rug rats run around at 18. You know everything it's and think about it when when that. I remember having a conversation went with someone who say you know when we teenagers get pregnant and it's just the worst thing in the and a before yours called you you know. Twelve year old when your forties and figure itself well. It's. The Eiffel is in nineteen we're pretty. And people get married 1415. Is all right let's leave Jerry Lee Lewis out of Britain back in the day when you had your kids you know what was a dangerous reckless thing to do in nineteenth it. Right yes people would jump on the back cars as they were dry hole he ain't right in the slow all of these jumping out of you know. Crazy that the rope there that can dollar average people jump off a bridge and do nothing has changed well. Now there's the Internet if people are costs in the area other folks to do things that are even more crazy and me. But whether or not this this man intended to commit suicide or an. I mean first of all thank god that he didn't decide it recklessly take that plane and crash in a building or something you know that would cause other people hurt but. Eight I'm blown away at how. Quickly those at sixteenth got up here all that that pretty amazing that is pretty make someone right now is just sitting in a cockpit waiting for stupid happen. That's what they do and those guys are on call all the time and only thing. No if if you don't know what we're talking about you know we're gonna talk about your reckless and want to teenagers but if you're in your computer you can look this up and if you're not will explain it to you after the break but. Over the weekend young guy 1229 years old decides he's gonna hijack a plane there's nobody in the plane. And I'm sure hopefully you've seen the video by now he literally was doing loop to loops in this set twin engine prop commuter airplane over Puget Sound it's one of the most bizarre pieces of video you'll oversee he did not survive I would add. Halt. Six by the way coming up we're going to be mr. email us if David can identify the authors you know is the author said email. But before we go there at Davidson right now remembered him at 6449875. Gets a pair of tickets to the fifth dimension Thursday August 30 3 PM football's view casino belliard at 38 dollars must be nineteen or older and have an enhanced license or passport to cross the border general rules applied to play a little quick game of who wrote that email as you'll never guess who wrote that the culture. Here is the email in question. Top. Just wanted to let you know that the most I ever eight of clams in one sitting. 200. Clams no joke I'm totally serious. Now this individual we both know David soul of every individual you can think that we all know whom. Would be least I'm sorry who would be least likely to eat 200. Clams one serving. 200 clams and once or to let you got you got to think opposites here. OK so I'm thinking it's got to be an O a larger man. You've got to think opposites I skimming the woman you're on the right path was she born in the United States. Think that's really love him but no she was not okay I'm in of people being. Okay this is good conduct of logic. And I would say. She. Extremely tile and yes she does she's beaten multiple language yes. She recently have a child if that's. A mile area at a lot like late and I don't believe that person. I believe that because it has never ever told lie light arms and after the fifteenth clams you probably blacked out. But she ain't everything in the restaurant. This is a true I hope a bucket again. The trouble reading this but I can I believe because she is a an inherently truthful person. I mean a lot of aid in one settings 200 clams. I had to respond to a media it sounds like a challenge to me so 170. On the engines that texted him. He ate twelve dozen times. Twelve dozen clams. 200 and that's a lot of plants like my father had like sixty years of coordinate. Golf impossible I'd I'd. That's the story it's ridiculous sixty years in one sitting I'm telling you don't know how much of the corn he took off Cobb by. He's a person who makes them much cord. Well into the contest or picnic there's nothing about older people eating corn I don't think it really counts depending on pole beer is usually it ends up in the quarters of their house mention. That man had just. Unbelievably it was like John Candy in. The great outdoors yet 64 and stake in each of them. All. That well anyway and Malia are involved yet he Goddard I've known you mean I Gotti degree assault a high 244. Yeah I was trying to do quick math in my head and I just I got lost so what we're we're talking about. This this more this a young man 29 years old apparently he had no flight training David. Now he's apparently is only flight training was video games how this kid was able to properly startup a twin engine commuter plane. And then take it off. He's he's on the ground every day though he's probably seen this whole you know he's he's watching it through the side Ares. You know get on the plane to help clean and companies in all the different. Video games flight simulators will definitely you know teach you a lot like. It's he probably learned a lot just by being on the job but that the critics to think about this was he the only. We heard some recordings you're talking search control and there he was mentioned he was dizzy. That he felt light headed because Andy dot may be that for it wasn't pressurized by it. Let's be honest view of the reason oxygen masks drop from the ceiling is because if you hit turbulence. You go from you know 20000 feet to 5000 feet. You're gonna hit G force and a little something about the Jakarta. Thanks and I have an and I also know why they put little bags in the for a not for the extra food that you wanna take all those bags for a few notches. But anyway the point in her also to take him put it in your car when you have small children. Are you as an adversary but what I have to fly I considered the air sickness bag and in my personal property and I used to put in my car just in case the kids got sick of me did get an enemy and Andrew Cuomo just accident that's a billion plan cooked up. That's all all left its strategy to watch joke but anyway. We we got. The guy does these little tulips first all the first when he dies very close in the water I was precision of duke that was like blue angels quality precision flying or just don't walk I mean he that's what I'm thinking he could have one little wing touch and that things done. And the second one it just looked like he'd. Nosedive or whatever but he was there for quite some time in you know. I mean I just I'm just thinking to myself you know busy airport like seats. Right huge how do you game at just the ability to get. Thank you thank you and I tell you want the I I haven't heard every ten but the air traffic control people had to be going absolutely ballistic because I think David there are so many things that could've gone wrong just entering the rot away. Mean obviously as a member of the ground crew he would have been familiar with certain procedures that he's seen a million times taking place but man. When you're actually that cockpit. You basically depend on air traffic control to tell you everything you are going to do. Up until the moment they say you're cleared for takeoff. So how this it was able to get out here is amazing how he was able to take it off without hurting anybody is amazing how it was Italy and on the way without hurting anybody is amazing. And I think it is equally amazing and I'll try to come up with a another word. But I think is equally astonishing. That he was able to take off that aircraft and basically keep it straight and level and actually do some pretty precision maneuvers with absolutely as far as we know right now zero time in the cockpit of a real airplane. That's amazing infamy. Also these modern airplanes they claim that. They're really not that difficult to operate in this guy get but getting off the here's the thing I think the remarks were to vote for Randall and that safely. That it would have been you know to take off me unless scout unless he had practiced it over and over again and video and I guess David we're never gonna melt even though the tape recordings he supposedly sounds a rather chipper. Will never know hey if he could have landed it safely and be. I don't know that we know the answer to this yet we probably won't until they release all the information from the art cockpit recorder. But was this simply a grandiose suicide at a very selfish grandiose suicide and that because. I mean they had to scramble fighter jets as you said they were there within minutes at which by the way gives me a tremendous feeling of security. It knowing that the fighter jets arrived on the scene. I'm looking for the exact number of minutes but they were very prompt they were not to retake this hijacked commuter plane lightly at all. You know. I. I wonder what goes through the head you know I thought the same thing with united. 93. When that was over. Pennsylvania and a lot of people were like you know didn't feel whole lot of debris we didn't really have a bad. But when you. Would you put that terrible all the way you know when you got it and you. Your intent is to crash a plane you know we've never seen a plane crash like that normally when a plane. Goes down there's an attempt to try to at least do a crash landing to save lives. When someone has no intent to do that we don't know what the debris field looks like but there were a lot of you know conspiracy theories that maybe that plane was shot down. That I think that or when you should have played out to be debris field. They're wise but there are people twenty miles away reporting finding debris pieces of paper didn't like that did anyone report for a while. Geez you're going back to 2001 I don't I don't remember that that would have been the key when did you need to fire ball in the air and the oh yep people actually yes people actually did step forward to say that they sought shot down now the veracity of those witnesses I don't know let me just say this I cannot buy into the conspiracy theory of flight 93 was actually shot down as opposed to crashing into the field in Pennsylvania but I also can't dismiss it. Owing to some of the early eyewitness stories and there was another situation. Was it to flight 800 awful Long Island where does this predates 9/11. Where there are some very credible witnesses were talking firefighters police officers military people and the were military exercises taking place in that area I've often wondered if TWA 800 was inadvertently shot down totally by accident. That war I mean that's stories this horrible that was before 9/11 yes happened and you know again do you the military I'm sure is gonna try to recover you know whatever they wanna cover but he just. I there's so many whistle blowers. You know it's it's. There's someone on eight if something goes sideways there's you can count. Gray is a great example people think that that scandals. In the prisons in Iraq was somehow the media broke that that was someone inside the prison that's said this is completely unacceptable and the army values. I am and bring this to justice here. On the other hand one kid takes one picture or one kid takes a couple of pictures of himself on a fifty year old submarine and ends up getting busted and sent the person locked up so you're like they do each of the crackdown you'd like to think that those you know someone would would report that if they knew what actually happened. My point is. I was absolutely. You know there's a lot of video of this pitcher watching passenger commercial airliner doing loop to loops in the in this guy. And it it made it funny and it's not funny it made it charming and cute and it certainly none of those things. So we wanna find out now obviously. It is there something that you've done in your life bat. If you look back now and you can kind of chuckle about it because nobody got hurt nobody died nobody sprained everything. But at. At the time you were doing it you thought you were eight you know either totally bad ass or you just knew you'd done a stupid thing. These stupidest thing you've ever done in your life particularly when you were younger because let's face it. Your frontal lobe is not fully develop until somewhere around your mid twenties and that is the part of your brain which is the logical part of your brain you know likeable the nationally important animal house. You've got the irrational part of the brain and you've got the rational part of the brain you've got the double and you've got the Angel. And that doesn't really fully solidify until your mid twenties in fact just last week he'll Kennedy finally achieved full frontal lobe development and I think. We should've bit the McKay we get a low lots of candles but that congratulations bill you are now utterly logical which means your resignation from radio will be taking place in about a minute now. 8030930. Is the former restore and thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB and I have the story of all stories and has nothing to do with me on on it except the fact that I was hosting the show. But we wanna hear from you guys stupidest thing ever did. And what you think about this whole. Hijack a commercial commuter plane situation that was absolutely bizarre I have to set the record straight. According to my cousin it was 24 ears of corn. Are huge difference from 64 years of yes 64 I believe he would grade debt I think he would have been cordoned toxic. Court talk Circuit Court doc what are capital Q pat pat pat pat pat pat pat that. 44 is still impressive. That is outstanding but I think it immediately melodic 200 clams in one sitting do you think are wrong and saying that sounds like a challenge I don't think that's possible. Island Aminu is one of the most honorable and decent people and now. IIIAOK. I think it's a challenge and and I think that I have to taker up on the challenge and I'm all. I'm all in demeanor that you want to challenge me to a Klan meeting kind of ball in the beauty 200 stops. At all to all of those are rates. 20 I think my own personal records don't want to go. My own personal. Kyle okay but probably guessed my own personal ones sitting client record is maybe eighty clams. Which which I bet. Just over well let's let's take some calls from people who wanna tell us about their retrograde earlier days on this planet here is. Angie into Ottawa Canada on WBE and and you obviously you've been hijacked your airplane you wouldn't be calling us but you've got a story from Europe degenerate youth. Yeah and I'm very proud of and the panic out. Here is up I thought I'd I have that I know my can't I let the other night and I ran out and I will. You've Virginia. I mean. I know I'm an app I think about it. Like Ahmed and opt out. Did you do in Virginia. Not. Only got to blame the military got to bring that. That's the brits there armies fought and trumped. So you go to your boyfriend will believe the story there and ask you how did you get home. I look and that and I don't predict an Exxon. Attack. Attack deeper I'm beginning to act in and night out but I'm Bonnie. Out at. And that I have been dropping I'll let you block the way and I walked. Over great and a whole lot like a lot of one spot. Out. A whole lot that it would have they now. All right so you left when and your return to win. I love it or get out and back act that I spent one whole night. And impact at that while. You should be disgusted with yourself I and other Cotchery edgy I applaud you another. It took a lot of card for your ears when I'm questioning what god forbid something happened. Yeah and now you're like mom dad. I'm in Richmond but let me explain you know and immediately how do you break that news. Exactly. Exactly I know I. I love this story the edge into a one day I want to stand by because for many years the FBI was baffled. By what in the hell happened the night somebody threw a dead did dummy grenade into the hall of reputed mob boss to funnel by the Dino in Lewiston New York. The answer on this show. Was actually hurt and I'll repeat it after the news at four interest that. Okay thank you for the call Angie. All right stupidest thing ever did what are the chances are first call was gonna involve. An airline flight unbeknownst to her parents at the age of seventy and I kind of applaud that glad my kids didn't pull that stunt but I applaud on the list.