What Dumb Things Did You Do In Your Younger Days? 8/14 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 2

Bauerle and Bellavia
Tuesday, August 14th

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News radio 930 WB EN yeah it's Tom Bauerle in David Bellamy got its hourly and they'll be on news radio 930 W. Our live television news radio 930 would you be stupidest thing you do when you're younger. Hopefully that pay well and was fatal you'll be calling it Galactica hijacked the horizon airplane over the weekend I had to IBB channel for any chance you could get a photo of myself that doesn't look like Lee Harvey Oswald's transfer. I mean. Did you. The worst. Ever smoking and credited a peak it does all of this thing. Here. All my Dubrovnik click on that that was his blow up. All I am not only does look like Lee Harvey Oswald it looks like Lee Harvey Oswald a second after Jack ruby's a bullet into instantly. Ams and port. I know I'm not going to be in the government is any time soon. For the love of shot pride magazine that's great for you. Find a photo files where the program passing securities. Yeah well I. Average jail sentence you've got to take your own picture of it and channel four. Picture you exited channel that is absolutely. Horrible. I'll superimposed picture view and some other guys and it went poor guy based of that photo that picture yet it does you bet yeah. For channel four just go to our website lift the putter is aware of any of them c'mon at that well it's like for years every time the Buffalo News ran a picture of it they ran when I called the. Smartly and Tom picture that was taken it lit lumbered back in like 2002. When I was on remote. And let my kids thought it was the funniest thing ever that I would just call all my god it's the snarling Tom picture now finally and I I will give credit to the Buffalo News for doing this they finally have excised that from their photo library and at least they're using one of somewhat more recent vintage were wearing a tuxedo I feel better can they they get a horrible one and it language and Chris Jacobs Christian excellent just like. Still is out wall like I mean in looking at the ground she is better job at least in the I don't know what channel four by channel four is by agencies are well let's does the one of the McMurray looked like he's a male model. I do know is just the story and the purple belt aren't just curious mean this. I guess or shall I call them slam and make McMurray a little help. Slam when. Would slip out and congress to Obama Tyler told us the story yesterday that net McMurray acting in a quote bizarre weather channel four Mick Murray denies all of that. He does that's interesting because I had a corroborating tech's last night from somebody or yes I did. Well I offered him if you want to come on and you know what though think he's concerned about. Given any candidate more attention makes sense. Well let's get back to the calls but before we do David self really quickly guys. Many years ago. Reputed local mob boss Stephane homage to do you know who I don't believe was ever convicted of you even running a stop sign in his life. Still final budget deal. That is how people have butchers from Ohio whose name I just state for the record I've heard all they call them to follow budget you know no they've like madam not in the hot glue or whatever pilot which apparently too much I media reports like sketch squad right exactly soul. And the caveat or Korea Colombia Corfu first avenue rescission admissible lobby. You're not escapee Udoh can put it was my guest and talking about the new candidate David the lobby of so other than being in Iraq what does he done. So anyway. Stephon about a deal for many years why is that he was and it looked at me and I think most people at this point will concede he was a big shot in OC all right he'd ray and the buffalo territory and he ran with a pretty tight. So. 1 morning or one day somebody throws a dud grenade through the window of stuff funnel mug of the those home. In Lewiston. Needless to say the FBI were stymied law enforcement was stymied this guy had. No known enemies with the balls to do that this the final maggot Dino. Mike Hudson writes a book with the Niagara Falls reporter called mob boss Mike Hudson is on the shell. Mike Hudson takes a phone call on the show from a guy uses. Hey Mike you're ever the story about the grenade being thrown in commodity those house. Yeah out that was me and my buddy we were teenagers and we were playing a prank. So for all these years some of the best criminal investigators whip panic the state police BCI FBI they all try to figure out. Why and who threw the grenade the dud grenade through by the nose window turns out it was a couple of dumb ass teenagers. And folks. Andy to have those teenagers been caught I think it's safe to say they would have been in for a rather stern reprimand I don't think they would've gotten whacked but I think they would've gotten a reprimand. I'm telling you straight up a god there is no such thing dud grenade when it's flying through when I guess that's why that is a criminal felony that person should be absolutely brought. To grab a statute of limitations was long gone but that isn't. That no reason to doubt that let's put it this way the caller had far too much information about what it felt it was an obscure restore it just be yanking our chains are ready medal of honor citation. In Vietnam board guy fell on a grenade. And literally the last word said as he put his body over the grenade was I've got this one. Is that not the toughest I mean ambassadors there should be high schools and airports named after. That that is when you see grenade. Your first instinct is what try to kick it away pick it up throw it there are people. Like Jason Dunham from side though New York which by the way buffalo greater Niagara transportation authority. Let's give Jason Dunn on the buffalo airport I mean what are we wait why not I mean seriously. Jason bell about a winner metal recipient took his helmet inverted it put over grenade shaved his is his Brothers in arms. But when a grenade goes through I mean you're that's in a war so. You're out there Eaton act probable sandwich or whatever you do it well I senate whatever. This cardboard story that the mop with a guy he's drinking as one with breakfast and all of a sudden a grenade comes through your window. Well I am a month that's ridiculous why did you know. I will tell us open and a weird way I have some serious respect for the late to funnel by the Dino because. When his cousin Joseph bonanno was making weighs about wanna become the new boss of bosses in New York. By the Dino could head and clipped could hadn't taken out. Mike you did those guys kidnapped Pavano held him incommunicado for like a year and a half before he was released unharmed so markedly though. Actually saved Joba mama's life and Pavano went on to live a very long life eventually retiring too and dying in Arizona. And I had a very interesting conversation where they are very close. An auto female relative. About that out of vacation once and she is literally one of the most fascinating people with whom I've ever spoken. And I know that she was not just screwing around I know that she knew we choose talking about because. I would mention some obscure story that nobody would know and she just immediately built in a filled in the blanks. The Italian and the little offended by now the mob. Stereotypes. Like I Carol did you smile like your music and know what's helpful story know until great story we told you about the Albanian mafia all nobody cares about that nobody cares what the Russian mafia it's always Italian mafia. This is seen aliens because they were the I'm sorry but did you know why. Because in the old days organized crime it was the Italians and they teamed up with a lot of Jewish mobs took to form what we now think of as the syndicate of organized crime the commission if you will. But in in Buffalo, New York. It wasn't the Italian so much in prohibition the biggest prohibition. Era gangster in buffalo was big Corning and big Carty was a poll. Oh. So I mean a lot of it. I think you know obviously a lot of assistance and who you speak with but a big corny it was a pole and I'm sure there's some old timers listening right now who worked for big corny or who knew big corny and somebody actually wrote a book. Was it my cuts that are was Mike Rizzo I think it was Rizzo wrote a book on big corny. We're talking about your younger days things you look back and think you know what. Let's give that to the calls and WB EN here is that Leo Laporte. Joseph you did something in his younger days it did not involve hijacking horizon flight but. Now but and I'm Colin apparently like hardware where have been. When I was out. It's in nineteen that was well a couple of friends and 8000. Are where I live say they I live more for the element of an elderly you know all of winter. And we are playing down in the base of the canal and we found. 38. And it was just it was covered rock. Where we're at 38. Handgun revolver. Well yeah. And thought it out so like we're looking at. First hour or about what you thought about that Lou. Involved a crime because you know you're in the canal but you know and data and what we should call eight no no not a better idea keep it. They'll RT how the direction they are a lot. Is covered in Iraq you know tried to pull the trigger like cock back the hammer. It just wouldn't work in we've sort of gotten used to the idea that it would work but that you know that the chamber wouldn't turn now. Well you know working couple pointing at one another click click click you know trying to pull a trigger. Bite take off my how it I I I just thought I'd bring in WD-40. And let sit for like half hour. Though. We go back we go back out the garage and now at that point hammer cocked back. But don't trigger what Poland and so we're winning Eddie rather. Pulling the trigger I coordinated between my own eyes and I was pulling the trigger. Walked out shortly and I'll terrified I I'd I'd pointed at what our dog or cat. What is wrong with UGO. What it seriously I'm stopping the story right now this is ridiculous. I can't listen to this week yeah for the stupidest thing. Those guys and we. I start but I think there's a cute and all these things you know there are more stupid stories are true you. Where my old artificial belt that that that. Well on they'll bring it in my mind the quartet RLA. Where it happened I admit. Odd between my the barely touching night for a pull away from my eighth. And pointed it at the wind helped pull the trigger but I've never fired on before and then by the way. I I I of course all about where scared. I dropped that they and I couldn't hear I didn't know that. My sister comes running in here. My friend has a war and I'm screening and my sister goes all. It and well not all police and the police you know it. So work or elect god it just it it did it wired the like I opened my curtains and all of the glass who's missing out of the window in my grandmother as you know where Italian. Live off a walk and it's the side of her how. It. Look at it we I have some follow up questions and I actually have a similar story from buy hourly Stanley lord anyone listening to this stuff under the age of 21 that is absolutely. Unacceptable. Don't the FA that is ridiculous you'd never ever ever ever you just assume I don't care if it's a flip block from four to ignite the ever you assume everything is loaded and can kill your everything never point any thing that anything you don't wanna Kiel and ever don't be friends with John -- to go all out lets get practice firearms safety instructor Joseph. In lock ports of the either play in the Erie Canal after extreme make by this old 38 after some WD-40. Gel actually gets mistaken to fighter that joke when the cops come. But what we're where there and was there are enough we're gonna grooves and lands in the barrel that they could Trace this thing any known crimes. I I I. I don't I I don't know what happened afterward that he is it. From what I did and it's just change I mean. And bear even held a four year old I'm I'm still there and they'll just is terrified. I guess. You know one of my friend that was involved the net he he he's that an ally in me it's like I think about that all and then we'll let. Do you wonder whatever happened to that and down I I don't say you know what. I'm gonna call or lawful police department and see if they don't have a record of that and now I'm definitely since I have been patent. How you start to bite you if they have I well you know. Here's what I'd like to now what was the serial number when was that gun made. If they were able to get the serial numbers while better guy and Joseph public service announcement record if there's anyone listening that finds ago what should they do Ngo. But. All the believe yes don't touch it there are but I'm probably I mean I'm still I mean it was but more. Terrifying thing. Don't touch the guy and don't touch that he had catapult and you leave it you don't touch it I'm glad I let you call them grow because if you know what if this still if this story saves just one life it'll be worth the radio time thank you very much. Well David there was there was a story involving not begun but a a round of ammunition either 38 or 22 Ekejiuba this happened back in the fifties. And colonial avenue in town of one. I'm not going to say the one of my Brothers was involved but one of my Brothers was involved one of the neighborhood kids found his dad's ammunition. They go out to the garage with a single round and they're like 89 years old maybe if that. They start hitting it with a hammer. They they hit it with a hammer and sure enough you know what happened. And so one of my Brothers got raised in the leg by either 38 or 22 I thank god it was only that we that this does not anyone listening outside the Western New York area this does not rep respect at all at any this is a 110 of 1%. Of our population. Nobody does that is so dangerous Joseph is lucky to be a lot it's all are lucky to be like the dog every one of them out. That neighbor is lucky to be alive. Could kill grandma. Mark Tway Mark Twain once said our. Just change the topic to like the stupidest thing you've done as a kid that didn't. Involved firearm. How can we do that as we aren't the stupidest thing you've ever did that did not involve a fire were the I'm definitely now what that is we don't want anybody giving any ideas from the show though. Unless it's for educational purposes and I don't think you're ever gonna top that story for educational purposes so take that as it take that is a lesson one caller is making this kind of divert the topic a little bit like air traffic around sea -- was diverted on Friday evening as if you were swimming in Erie Canal and lost your 38 that was a plea thrown in the year jail for a purpose yeah that's wanna know if they were traced it to any crime and how long like if they found it mean if he's 43 and they found that thirty years ago. I wonder how old it wasn't you know maybe there's somebody in the grave and walked worked from 1924. Prohibition that got. Act with that particular firearm. Hourly develop live news radio 930 WBM so this topic has sparked by the tragic story on Friday. Well it started off is like well. What is 29 year old guy part of the ground crew doing taking off and apply it. Oh he's flying it well he's doing loop to loops all look fighter jets have responded and then the guy nose dived and kill themselves. Unknown as the original intentions were suicidal at this point but we'll know more once they are released the transcript of the cockpit voice recorder. But got beckons into our mind anyway the question the stupidest thing not involving a firearm. That you did in your younger days. As I don't think we can take another story like that about so that I put the gun between my eyes and put it between the dog's eyes and that I put it out the window and I fired off around that it wanted to grandma's house. I don't think we can deal with another one of those stories just saying. But let's get back to the calls and WB and here is that giant in slider John you were on the radio hello. I. I picked this doesn't involve a firearm but it if it doesn't vote military. My my best friend and I were about thirteen fourteen years old and he had an older brother that was in the navy. And his brother came home one weekend at aunt had brought some souvenirs they prove irresistible. Thirteen year old boys. One which was area I marker from. Life raft. We thought that was pretty cool and we we throw in the pool of the people on the street that would let a supplement their whole. And now. I really regret that I haven't I haven't thought about that and play forty years but still regret it. Which rupiah at the marker into the pool in the evening and then the next day we looked at it and it there was a work put above ground pool. And those guys markers are meant to. But like 01 mile diameter in the ocean so plaintiffs bottom it turned that pool blood red. And they ended up evident during the pullen and expand the line they had took the pull out I still regret Tuesday at one of those things that what the eclectic. Well did you ever come clean with them. Well maybe they're listening now and now it is maybe they may be the amount I cannot imagine it into a pool a dime marker. Would you say blood red water I believe it was absolutely blood red. Oh I was horrified if they've. Turn my but I I still feel bad about. But you know there's there's no question that comes to mind debate and that is. Did you believe that you had some entitlement to swim in their pool. A jailed ever forget the time Wellemeyer. What my youthful friend it was right the little heat wave back in the early 1970s and my. One of my relatives used to say that you know so once I was just using you because we have a pool and he wants to go swimming. So this kid shows up on the front porch one days bathing suit me says what I wanna do it took effect. I. Yeah most of the bottom of that seventies don't yet know I had pull France still. Now ballots it's tough well you know what now that you've come clean. You can probably put this out of your mind now because all of Western New York knows that and it you have redeemed yourself with a life otherwise it has been perfect. All right thank you a dye marker if we use one of those David. Never narrative here is Mike in Hamburg stupidest thing you did in your younger days. I won't comment behavior best I ever listen do you guys. Now monitors we can tell us what idiotic thing you can back up. When I was about sixteen years old I was a Little Rock at the time pro war side. And dom had a girlfriend. Man actually got to go. Was driving backwards on the ninety. But it did it well I was in the badger was there and I'm thinking to myself well. I think it's gonna go down right you know so. We're time out time out this is getting a little bit to us yet now that's that's not that's not kids listen to the show we've got other peoples in the program. Here we don't need to know that scuba at this particular point made a quick hits it out of congress ball up to handle topics like mature adults. Then maybe well maybe that's the problem there Richard. We where we should move something else that this is let's get this let's get a few more calls and hopefully. Republicans were redeem us. Marty redeem us. Are you of a story from your younger days that does not involve firearms or does it involve Lou the severe some prurient acts. And a cute dog. Earlier sent this pertains to prior breakers because of you rate since you're so go to seventies Ohio street art with the situation. So. This is probably late seventies or guides and a big thank you 68 dodge RT Cornet. Satisfactory treatment there are performed engine blew up. Where hadn't arts from back call from Ohio street when that they're one that still had the through late. Is this that what cracked area that they removed. Four guys. Toward. Eighty to ninety miles an hour open headers. Big lights back corner slow Kurt owner. Who Richard Holbrooke. Or bag and a big old 68 that Turkey. So we did man create it can be. That's. And out. What you blacks all both scored ninety miles an hour one more than a support changing the pocket. No I was one of the geeks who always pay. All of you wanna have fun with become driving let me sometime and you'll be the driver and I'll be the passenger if you're doing one mile over the speed limit going through the easy pass lane I throw a Harry hemorrhage. It's this or like head and the governor won't go faster right now on the early last year rates in the whole foods. Nine miles up art not a quick story back there recent errors. Well Polly ransom brand new Lincoln Continental. Sentence seven level there are still huge. Four and so we pile everybody it would go Krugman. Well overwrought but I military by what we're one of the railroad tracks over the pressure. Meanwhile we're gonna you're onto it and jumped to week on about your sixty miles an hour. I've gotten brand new one can now tell us what what some miles. We could see the launch over there we're attacked we salute that's like it's it. All you aren't good we're a sport man Luke warm and he didn't give secular saint go to get out Carrick all scoreboards. Pitched a clean debt. Alcohol pilot Jerusalem. I. Did did you mention it was original cocker. Yeah absolutely. So little apple would do it if you met back. Also the ball like OK good player requisite political damage it's just put the whole. Oil and airborne over them socialism. Well Texas 1:1 but I am an Oriole this YouTube it was well. This what were you when you cruise around the floor except for a while. We watched as. And have known since your seventh or airborne besides the group's. You can Dukes of Hazzard Streets of San Francisco used ever seen in the beginning like as ever call. Want to approach this subject as with the imports. Still the person I can about Chrysler excited about this. Are you got two good ones always quit and always quit leave them wanting more. Oh. All right Marty thank you very much in doubt those are the old days of drag racing and you know I remembered starting out in the business I think several times a year I had to do stories about. Another fatality Ohio street drag racing was involved you know police are still sorting through the remains to identify the victims. Here is the thing that if you have more than one a stupid story in which you can follow it up where it. I got a dollar here's his remorse for her nephew and I did this and that one time I was in the zoo. And that all high and gave them behavior all the don't even take Dutton. There's a start letting it repeat the story but back in the 1970s and dudes is something really stupid at the buffalo zoo and the players something they were persona non Grata for very long time in the community because couple polar bears ended up being shot because this stupid stuff they did. The big gorilla infant and yes the kid falls in that get issued the gorilla because the roads trying to you know. That's that was a tough call. And yeah I mean who do well yeah because. Some people thought the gorilla was trying to help the care of other people other people said you don't know what guerrillas gonna Duca is by the way it's a gorilla but my point is is that. You would hope that some Perry was hired to watch that kid he was climb up the enclosure. Well that's stupid parents stories yeah. Here is that Joseph in buffalo on WBE and joking this show on track. Well listen position beautiful because it doesn't involve guns or grenades but it does involve a map while. Where kids. 1718 years old. Came out figure out what to do what the guys who come around where it was the nephew of the botched. Not yet named. His nickname which pumping at punted because content look like a pocket so of course. All of the mob related names I've ever heard that is the one I would least want. Well Mike got that produce and. They want Halloween well you know what let's get so popular in court that he is law and meanwhile the Bausch lived upstairs. From the neck. Actually go on election night. No we didn't eat pumpkin just people's tortures we took cheer to happens we took everything we could sang out of ports if he had to do the pumpkin. And put it that this guy's lawn in the middle of the night. So now he wakes up in his uncle wakes up. Election Day looks out and probably I don't know maybe 200 pumpkin. Cheers. Everything that you guys on that you can beliefs. That I don't get is that you had trouble or I believe me we've paid dearly for that little prank it was pulled out this guy. How did you sincerely it's yeah we didn't repeat. Well. I want to abide that we were scared. I don't wanna tell you how scared we were but we'll know pretty scary we got called into a room. All I think I'm just I think every between the lines that now. Yeah so there was a pretty funny story among well like the other nation about it. From the guys in the way that we were kids but this what was. Yeah see you as a north buffalo on the west side you have all these great stories city tunnel Wanda has all the great stories right up was boring. Well we did have a lot of great stories but I think that was one of the best hit. But you know the other but see the other aspect of Buffalo's westside in north Buffalo News. Tom the people who grow up on the west side in north buffalo they remain and to this day lifelong friends. Yeah that's true. But stripe I still see these guys at this agreement scored. In the girls it was what we still each other. It actually wanted to being ebitda. Is great about what I one of the guys that we go up which was in. Ali how all work at the end he actually he called his friend from high school. Wanted to get work which it was such a good look at actual government will make history. The technical. And Al all day three guys mark Christie at an algae out of Dominique de Antonio they all grew up together or new people who grew up together and they're tight friends to this day. Yes yes surely well that's my daughter. I thank you great story love it thank you 8030930. You know they're gonna field a little bit jealous here because. When I think about it our neighborhood was so boring it was sole white bread and the means the most exciting thing and it's not liked. This would definitely count Mac just is a stupid thing somebody that is a young person but a criminal things somebody that as a young person believe it or not David back way back when the sixties there were actually gang fights in the of the town of tunnel Wanda I kid you not. And there was some poor kid gets stabbed at the walking along bigger road in tunnel one when I was a little kid. So we actually did have gang violence in the suburbs and by the way it didn't involves a zillions. I wanna point that out. Two miles away. And there was no art school bus ride. Our energies. Let's actually got to take a break your news reunited thirty WB yet it used to buy hourly and Olivia and Tuesday. So if you're just joining us what prompted this will destroy this little topic today. What prompted it is the young man while 29 years old. Out in Seattle who had decided he was gonna take controls Avaya horizon twin engine passenger plane and did loop to loops of troops in the video. Eventually he nose dived into an area by Puget Sound he did not survive the nosedive crash that would be highly unlikely. Hourly in albeit WB via the opposite of that IE or beat a fellow listeners think that we believe that everybody of Italian descent or Sicilian suspect dissent is is a mobster or even connected in anyway she performed in. I think some people think that I I know. In the fifties and sixties if you were mean. An Italian in you know that was like dollar connected them subic is that my my affinity for Italy and persistently come not from that my affinity comes because. Anybody know of Italian or Sicilian heritage they're very big on their families. And Italian women Sicilian women I find to be. The best companions in the entire world because there's just something about them they get it they know how to deal with their man and I know that I'm generalize but I'm generalize a good trait. Very in the family very good friends very entertaining. And you know bay what I love about Italian slash Sicilian women is. They tend to be strong they tend to be independent but at the same time you'll find a more loving bunch of people ever so that's were my affinity comes from. Plus the guys were great suit still. It's all about the suits it always expected to suits. Course the jogging outfit has replaced the three piece suit much to the chagrin of anybody in any mob movie made the last ten years but now don't go please don't go thinking that like I said earlier. One of Buffalo's premier prohibition era gangsters was a polish American I mean. And we're at we're heavily polish city in the big court he's territory so you know we stood to reason that big Cory was a poll would be the guy. Here's Paul itself on a WB and Paul. Absolutely and coming here are in America didn't think I'd be mining mandate wiped out but big a year ago. About her and we added street. Wanted to edit it never wanted to grant. Britney every time we put all went out grabbed you keep it. I heard him talking again one day it could be taken up they are forever in medical patient out there and dug a little wild game. I'd edit god. Nice flat again about our little piece of it and all the way home apple might can't let this stop work on base and daddy. What Eddie eagle and I don't know more like all right you could you're right exactly what dogs. All of our audit. Well did the ex lax have the expected effects. Yeah I am a total pretty wanted to forget to pay for a good amount told them about remarked later that I would look at the dog yeah. Well I do not encourage animal cruelty to got a problem with a person taken up with the person don't take it out of their pets. But at least you know he is as Shakespeare might have said you were hoist by your own petard. In other words you got covered with the poop you created. A two thanks very much. Well thank you it's gotten to the maturity level has increased I think is significantly on the show. So it is the ability at news radio 930 WB a lot of people want to talk about the stupidest thing they ever did when they were younger because well obviously that story from sea tac airport news and that's what this report that's some Ricky dink airport that's not like you know we're talking about some connecting well we're talking about some Spielberg talk about a major metropolitan area's airport a flown -- deck and I know David do you have as well you've flown out of every airport in North America. You know I mean it's it's a busy airport but just given a free runway and the time that it was done in and the fact but again I'm just I'm amazed at how quickly. Those you know you can scramble those fighters out there. And and Howell you know they were and what they did was they kept him from me any populated areas so had they not been up in the air. You know who you who knows could hit the Space Needle.