What Can Be Done To Prevent More School Shootings ? 2/20 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 4

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Tuesday, February 20th

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News radio 930 WBE. What annoys you about that Jesse. Then. Went into the her room. Blackberry hand. All live wherever I hope that we got a backup you know this is a bite you're saying this is. An actual health hazard because I think it paid guy I don't wanna crazy. It's Tom Bauer lazy butt or you say that it's also really uncomfortable and awkward. When you're in a restroom and so would have a conversation with them. And it here. Question. That the plan offered me that a car insurance company. And a it is just that time where should raise my head in conclave at you guys I can't tell you that number conversations I've Apple's any happier than David Bellamy is that we're. With who ago. What are you talking. It's the hourly and they'll be well doctors' offices. Businesses that are doctors offices that the like talk with a doctor's office. On news radio 930 W. Look back to buy hourly and. But the B 8030930. Start 3106 with sixty BBN. What we left. We were talking to Mike in Grand Island now I want to tell you first of all how much I appreciate a guy like Michael and program. We disagree. OK but this is the type of dialogue we need to have in the United States it's about. Mike proving me wrong or media emasculated by acre Mike calling me a name or Mike. I really wanna know where a guy like Mike is coming from. And and I'm intrigued and the fact that he's a gun owner this is something we normally don't hear a whole lot about this is Mike from Grand Island line three. And Mike thank you for call the program and and we novel I appreciate it. Yet here OK great so I. You called in just to refresh every one your gun owner and you're basically saying that military type of handguns rifles. These are the things that as a gun owner you find a necessary for civilians to own. Auto correct OK can I just ask how many like what types of guns do you own. I hope they thirty six. Quite well with a high powered scope out and use your running and I have but 212 gauge shotguns they use now. Small game hunting I used to use sharpens your morning. That is. Again I don't want him gone about. Happen again here in India actually yeah I think envy. Do you find that that did it because it you would be more stressed owning handguns because. Either you're not carpool with it or you're not familiar with what we heard is that you know sort of the fact you don't have a handgun what's the reason. Are are you out. They can handguns in slow walk in its. Pretty much. Decide hurt. The same thing as the assault won't include were all human being killed you've been at close range. I don't seem correct you know where you're gonna feel it's important addition the FC yeah just it's an emotional. You're very hopeful. So your the primary purpose of your firearms in your life are for honing only. And and you do you have the shotguns I mean. We will we see home defense weapons right you know people talk about ER fifteen right. Felt like he needed to go home defense. My folks who would keep it won't be sure exactly when. The object. Right and most people that buy you are fifteenth for home defense. That that doesn't make a whole lot of stand there and you understand a handgun or shotgun being used for the purposes so can you understand all or do you have RD do you truly not understand why someone in there. Either their passion their recreation or just the fact that. There are responsible citizen. Would want to have a handgun. Or HA AR. All want to put this way compared. I hit it and everything that all of a and get people. Has anything happened within hours of the Olympics is. Is anyone gonna provide them or us. Are we that they're responsible gun owners. Problem there and not for that its reputation is and numb. Skill that sort of thing so. These are members of your family when when you have a conversation with them. How do you how do you approach that disagreement as it is it something where you come at a from position of like help me understand or insane you know. I don't I don't know why you need this because. In my opinion this is why these type of firearm beauty. I I installed April. I don't get it he hadn't bought all of our problems was watching your kids are in perfect family. Op. Knock on wood everybody's got her straight with. It. You know that you share in the keeps repeating itself over and over in this country. The common denominator the missing assault won't. And Ed about a decade or a little. You met today. We're going to be you know the Second Amendment. Which was created their 7091. It kept right. Whaling try that again it. What was the Second Amendment when it comes around 1991. OK we're an injury that for a. Ninety once when we're limited practice again. And you know it it basically says it's so we your right to bear and pumping out I think we should capable. Homes of their time. We know what all did you at any college right now. That they I mean it is. What would you argue though that the the standard muzzle voter that the that the colonists used. Just you know ten years prior to that against the the British was arguably the same rifle that they have their own. You Greg yeah it's so I guess the whole point is I would get worked up when people talk about the founding fathers as if I mean how many times Mike do we think about the year 21% and he. You know I mean I don't think of anything 300 years in the future I don't I think anyone that tells you that it's it's really been misleading us. And I don't believe that the top of us at any. Inkling or thought of what the future would be I think they're reliving very much in the present. And and they they literally had a British government that probably and they went to war thirty years later and 1812. With the same force that they started this thing with. And I think they weren't insecure people and the other thing that they wanted to gain the trust of the columnists and. If you think about what the second and then it really represents. It's the ultimate check and balance for government to say we're going to to represent you. We're going to have central power but you get to keep the guns. That statement is something you don't see a lot in the rest of the world. Gave that one just I'm just a dazzling like that you just. Heard right. While I. So let's get to the ma Mike let's get to the modernization argument. You say that it's a weapon of war you are thirty got six which you obviously the data that's of that's of a round that'll reach out and touch. It'll do a lot more damage. Than a 556 or two to three. Right okay so it's not the bullet that makes it a weapon of war. And it's got the look at it because I get a Ruger 556 in that looks like. You know like something you would shoot air soft right away that doesn't look like. A a far it doesn't look there are some rifles that shoot the exact same bullet. At the exact same semi automatic feature but they don't look black and it'll look like the military area. So what would you describe adds the thing that week that makes it a military rifle you're seeing the semi automatic feature. I'm about and that. Yeah Lou although all the all important. No I understand I'm a single its you're but again I'm not sure I'm distribute. See what what your definition of what you think a military because of its the semi automatic feature than every handgun that semi automatic. And anything that semi automatic could theoretically. Buy your round every time you squeeze. That you love. It does on research and Armstrong. Calling to let her ball that. In Australia. The last minute shooting that the third and people were were given it's great salt and won't all or 1996. Are we then not a three week period and there. That they're shooting they beard. To walk in the all in all ethnic. White hopes. 99 and got into it should be. Strong post nineteen and so. So if if it was a an issue with accessibility to the firearm right. All you can get into all people killed in 1996. Guys. They hit thirteen actually didn't even if she moved to. That's right from 79 to 96 that's right. What were the weapons used though those mash unit you know. The journal the weapons that it is like. Rabid you know what the weapons that were used in those other thirteen shootings. There were handcuffed. I'm just saying like what when it comes to per capita ownership of guns in the last forty years in the United States we've gone from 50%. Of the homes in the United States that have only gotten. Were down to 27%. Of homes owning guns. And yet from 1963. Until nineteen. 1982. We had six mass shootings in the United States. So it if you took it to the fact that the accessibility to guns makes us more dangerous. Then from 1963. Till 95 and one half of the country own guns. There would have been more accessibility to guns the erratically using that. That number that argument we would have more mass shootings more accessibility. A cool kids always. You know the world. Certainly it's this loose change since this can. So let me just get back at 21 more thing in that I'll get to other caucus Mike would you should know that. That guns are the only problem if if I got if you if you wanted to HR platform it gave you all the AER's. And so okay JR's are illegal. Would that be the only thing you would want to look at it that shootings do you think that once the gun removed. There's no accessibility to it and the shootings will go. No I I actually got certainly. We have all been all their issues. It'll untreated the that that need attention. Ed and multi. So we can weaken losing your saying we can have this argument simultaneously. With a mental health. A case of people that are only talking about guns right now you would disagree with that. People that are only talking of guns as the only solution we disagree with that you would think that this is more complicated than just. Oh. Well I think we can agreeable that Mikey Graham an excellent job OP vote respected I did you wonder if the next time a police officer shoots someone. Anywhere in the country white black on armed armed. Would the argument be made that the cop didn't have accessibility to his firearm that that person. Would be alive because a cop is more apt to use something. That is deadly. That if he had I don't know high voltage teaser. That more people would be alive because they've gone. Is what made the officer escalate. Comic book the argument here is that you know can eat tool can have gotten kind of firearm or weapon whenever you like call. What is it about this particular rifle because I'll tell you what an AK 47. What I look at acknowledged that golf I think bad. I'd never icicle stick up I think Soviet I think you know Viet Cong I think basis I think al-Qaeda I think terrorism. I don't see good when I see naked just condition that snap that pop that teeny pop of the Nikkei is burg. I had for the rest of my life I hate hearing it. I hate hearing next to me I hate the AK forty cent a look at that disgust me when I see. It's art is. The rifle of the American military rifle of freedom the arrival of yet but the 556. The two to three the ballistic of that round. It's absolutely. Obnoxious. To talk about the lethality. Of the of the 556 of the trajectory the bullet itself is not the problem because obviously 36. A gala Mikey at thirty acts so now we're gonna have the argument of Mad Magazine capacity. Or at the argument a bolt actions only. You know and I manually loaded rifle this you know better for the population that makes my autumn so it's the feature of the semi automatic. Did you believe makes it deadly. But you understand that I could take a semi automatic 22. I can take a semi automatic shotgun. They make those. I can take anything semi automatic it's not what comes out of the Beryl it's how fast it comes right. With accuracy right. So. If we're gonna have the debate that this is just one implement that we can take away. I think we're we're really missing that the piece here let's go to Jared in Toronto. And one jet you're on WB angle again. My great show you guys I wanted to run it by you. Nobody like when people get killed you know wasted like what just happened that. Doesn't seem like all these school shooting it's always some former student or student of that same generation. What I was thinking was under a certain age 825. Years old wouldn't it make sense for. I want to go by gotten in 22. I would get to sponsor to sign off for me on a piece of paper with their. Name and phone number and then that would give some sort of check. To the fact that I was a loony toon the wouldn't get that or you don't mean to be. That's it that you don't want it not don't listen any pain but no coalition that that's of that's a proposal I mean we're huge ad about proposals. We're not hearing about dialog I appreciate. The idea that. Here's someone thinking outside the box Jeddah is. Al volunteering the idea that if you're kind of like a car insurance right if you're under a certain age if you own a certain type of car. Felt like that would that they cannot bar in Las Vegas. It older how we gonna control that I don't know exactly. But what you're saying let's take it in pieces. Let's take an MPs is what we can control. If that makes sense to me the other guy that did earlier caller whose. Hearts in the right place I think the whole point is. It's the hand that pulled the weapon it's good or bad it's not a weapon in that comes from. You know what I mean and I think that the more armed the community is the secret is. I mean I really think but it ought to be in the right pat. You know what Janet throttle thank you for the call I tell you something. The voice is like jags where do you agree with the jet or disagree with them. Those are the rational common sense approaches to problem that are being drowned out by the complete fringe elements. And don't get me there are fringe people on the don't side. You know I might actually be with those guys to be honest with you reject calls in insist. What if you did something extra for people at a certain age. If you buy a car and you're under certain age guess what. Your insurance is more because you might take that mas are rowdy and wrap around a tree because what. Brisk assessment people determined that people make different stations from sixteen to 25 than they do from 41 to fit. So if a person wanted in a are from this age. You have to give a character reference or some sort of background checking in though that is done by the way when you get a handgun in the state York. And in other states as well there are places that ask for you know character witnesses they can't be called. If you wanted to make an extra step it's so it's somewhat throw something out there. No one none of these voices want to be entertained by the left they want just totalitarian. And ban get rid of 030930. Start I'd thirty. Can't we have you rational discussion about guns about school violence about man shootings. Can we talk about it rationally without trying to prove the other person right or wrong or emasculated and going after them. Talking about their ignorance and trying to score points came out we mature enough to have that debate. Let's talk about it like mature adult. 8030930. Start I 310616. WB and it's buy hourly and bella via your home for a reason. Hourly and LV I appreciated I hear from the other side and you know I think maybe we could be a better example of two people were listening to the other side and just. Here the common ground. I intentionally didn't interrupt him when he talked about the Australian gun buyback program which we hear all the time well. And make outlets we can talk about the Australian gun buyback program 1996. There was. I'm a guy in his twenties he was in Port Arthur the Port Arthur shooting it's like Tasmania in in now Australia. And killed 35 people. And Australians went crazy they're not a gun group and gotten people this was outrageous. And it's a horrible tragedy horrible crime terrorism every call. So they've data buyback program. And in the buyback program. What's interesting about the 1996 buyback program is that depending on the numbers you get. Cost the Australian government bought 650000. Guns too high and of a million. And that still represents a fifth. To a third so 650000. Would be 15 of Australia. One million would be heard of Australians firearms so not everyone complied with the if that's number one. OK so debris I look at this two thirds of the Australian population never gave up their guns number one. Number two hole if you took a third or fifth of the guns in the United States we have 325 million people living in America. You would have sixty to a 105. Million guts. Sixty to a 105. Million god could you imagine the federal government. Confiscating a 105. Million guts it's it's not even compare ball. But let's get to the numbers of what the 1996. Days are mean quarter equaled because two thirds of Australia kept the guts but. The 13 that gave up their gods. Let's look at. Not firearm suicides. This is an important statistic remembered whenever you hear about gun related deaths. You adds aid conservatives have to ask the question. How many suicides. Are a part of that gun related deaths will include homicide a suicide. These statistically he marked as it homicide. OK a suicide you're killing yourself it's still a homicide. So when you look at gun homicides. You have to ask what is the suicide number of those homicides number one. Number two all of the suicides. You have to and then ask what is the non. Your arm suicide rate. Or why is that important. Because things triggers this vital people. Bad economies trigger suicidal people. I talk all the time about you know veterans and posttraumatic stress and what is the trigger you know the triggering this is the state. The military. Actually studies. The people who commit suicide does the American Dental Association do that. Do lawyers have statistics are probably lawyers commit suicide. They dealt. But we hear about the military suicides all the time people are committing suicidal across the country. And the reasons for doing it they vary but they're tend to be trains. And we followed the trend so in 1996. There were thirteen per 100. Thousand non firearm suicides in Australia in 1996 when they started taking the guns away. And in 200610. Years later. There were less than eight. It's not a firearm suicides per 100000 that is a drop of five. Per 100000. In the ten years after the gun. I'd take away. Problem is that's non firearm suicides so. If so would didn't kill themselves with a gun in 96. They wouldn't go that you know it if they're not New Zealand and the suicide rate has dropped five per 100000. So let's look at firearm suicides gun buyback problem. To buy back program in 96 and Australia. Two per 100000. Firearm suicides. Ten years later without us. One point 65. Per 100000. So again shoeless Joseph decline in but that number didn't fall off that the man. And here's another thing. We saw that gun accidents. After 1996. Were the lowest in the history of Australia blood. The actual. Gun related homicide. Firearm homicides. Had zero significant effect. From 1996. To 2000 it's. Don't act inched down to nothing. Firearm homicides. At at the same level if not higher. From 19822. By 2004. 1996 to 2004 almost identical numbers so. Again just when you're brought up the Australian buyback make sure you have the numbers on yourself. Let's go to line three Eric in wheat field Eric you're on WB and guide. I don't date. It's interesting when you bring up the different statistics people can make him sound anyway they want there. I think the Australian one's a great example. Because from what I heard I can't speak factually. But you know people say Australia is also an island so when they. All the guns ended up giving brought back. We didn't have them coming in from places such as Mexico and things like that that we would have the opportunity. To have to compare apples to apples. Anyway that's a very good point the the proximity that Australia's cut off. It plays a big role in that. Yet you're just not gonna get them coming back end. Right excellent point Eric and we feel really deport them to go to another caller. Let's go to game the west side and you're out of Sharia 515. Day in the west side. The whole. You know first Floyd. I still love you guys even though he's still there. But. How to kill you today whenever. OK okay all you so that was not on form because little holder grant the right side that sparked. But they had here holder that. Loose I don't I still who said what I'm computers. All of a lot in the course of the conversation you know then. Again it was not a form imagine not. These specifically but anyway I just I'm just like playing and so. I just want to clarify something. Because. OPEC is not open to people or out of control and depressed. And end in the literature even at the bit. If so that's that's the cause they are great and ought homicidal rage and the and you know I thought I'd say you know from the late in the ninety's so what the order in the barracks and all the way courts of the. Here's the prozac is a factor in this Jessica. All. I'm damn I'm with the and the dead were reduced. Our. I don't I don't think you did appreciate the call I'm I'm with you bro I don't know what you're talking about but a review. Because I'm singing it's eight you have a contributing factor by the way. I give subject a prozac he looks at any plot and he sees his kitty cat he loves it. That prozac is gonna work different for that guy if I give a guy any plot he sees his mother melting. With a with a knife wound in her head. Give improves he might be different OK so one drug does not have the same effect for every person blunt. If people were knocking windows out in a neighborhood and I took fifteen of those kick it. And I thought what these kids all have income and some of them are white summer black some had divorced parents some met married parents what do they all have in common well they all drink monster energy and smoke marijuana well. Maybe you can make an argument that monster energy drinks and marijuana somehow. How are the only thing they connect these kids right. But maybe just maybe there's something that affects you know the wait their emotions their emotional state. Why wouldn't we have that debate that did and just brought up white talked about how many of these drugs were giving away what we expect to get back. And out what it's actually doing to people. Let's go to mullah law and I'm line three and you're on WBE. And go ahead let. Eight data I don't take. I am fantastic limits on in my. You know I earlier. Mile an hour or so ago Joseph was calling about must get some of this is what fate. Other Chinese fathers were thinking about the weren't thinking you know to order yours at the future that sort it explain to me by history teacher many years ago. What is. They wanted to send themselves against security potential of the current government had. My kids they had mosque it's what does our government military have now. And soars. So what's civilian version of an important out musket. Thank you Glenn and let you know Sam Adams was. Okay how Sam Adams got the beer the man yeah OK Sam Adams today it would be a member of and chief. Sam Adams was a guy who did not trust the British government he was all about liberty and he did not trust any government there was a group of columnists after the war. They did not trust. Any form of government because of the experience that they had in Boston. Boston it was like collusion of our of of the United States in the colonies back and they were the violent guys all the problems or and Boston. New York at the British everything was cool but the idea all of the Second Amendment came about because they had to placate a large site section. Of people who fought to make this a free country. And meet the security that never again and would it king. Or group of people. Take away either individual liberty and letting the people keep the same gun that you were military has and that meant cannon and shot by the way. That mat cam Inman shot the other reason let me ask you bring up. We have now come up with a centralized army and that's very expensive for countries starting over. Giving everyone the right to keep and beer are and the state once the military had and that was really good so America didn't get invigorated again. We wanted to make sure that we can defend ourselves without a centralized. Military that cost money since last year eight. They want them to have the same guns and everyone else had. Because they wanted the government to be afraid of the people the people that fear their government they live in tyranny let him. And peaked when the government is afraid of the people and that is called liberty. And that technology progressed we have to match the government's technology and weaponry. Yeah out now that we're not. Yeah yeah I would you live from president thank you and god bless let's go to Mike in buffalo line too Mike you are on WB and go ahead. I just it's more quick question I just wanna Knoll how many round position our guy and told and how special they issue. When the Russians and the Chinese yet here. Well that's a good question here's what I want and now. What are the speed of the round dictate like. You know the thing really kind of upsets mean if your liberal op or listening to you disagree with guys like Mike you get guys like me whatever the case may be. Here's my point. When you start an argument by claiming I don't know anything about guns I'm totally ignorant about guns so why. Is it that you're allowed to have XY ZU little credibility you're totally wiped away from serious conversation. Serious people don't introduce their ignorance before they make an ignorant statement. That's good climbs do if it's just never do so might comes out says imminent. What is the capacity that is safe. What is the speed and the trajectory of the ballistic that's safe the toll what are right now you know the great irony. The because it only works when you have ballistic body protection. When you add that supersonic. Of a 556. They're asking the field for an enemy that is running around with that. You know without the sophistication of western military. They're saying we want a slower around we want that around we want to be more stopping power so. They don't understand ballistics don't care about the platform. To show you. That's gone identical rifle identical to the ER that looks like grabbed the shotgun. And acreage you can take a thirty round the magazine toss it in that thing and you got the same shot the same bullet. The same trajectory of the eight are but it looks less dangerous. I think I I think one month ago Mike thank you for the call let's go to our bill. And our whole town of Eden they love us out there bills but a school board. Bill would undermine. Heyday that like yours and explain all of Australia. I was taking and that since that that liberalism as a potential disorder. And that we felt flat unduly disturb people they have done. It would policy you know since the liberals in the Democrat would just voluntarily surrender their guns and let the conservatives and Republicans. Keep the things that responsibly. You know what don't I I don't think that it's all a mental disorder I think at the core liberals are people that are passionate about what they believe. I think that if I listen I'm gonna tell you what right now when we get to heaven bill I believe that that is it liberal utopia. I believe in god I believe it in Christ I believe that when your head in. Everyone can be trusted in everyone deserves the same because there is no jealousy and there is no rage in the heat in the original. Problem I wanna live in unicorn village I believe that that is head. I. I am going to have a master lock on my keys. You know my my car is going to be locked. And my children are going to be protected. And until you can clean up the streets of hate and murder scene and crime. And people who hate gay people as much as they hate Muslims and Muslims who hate Jews and Christians. I am going to have a firearm and you know what not to be all corny. You need us to have firearms did you have shown throughout history my friends on the left. You guys you don't wanna get involved in this this is for the proletariat. To defend your liberty to be an art major. At the university of buffalo we defend your ability to grow your eyebrows together like there in an argument. You'll have that right. Because gone nuts wanna get better haircuts. And they wanna go out there and defend this country and when they come home. After being shot. After having the nightmares of combat you are telling me you don't trust them to have that seeing rifle the rifle being slapped. The rifle they showered with. How much these kids are carrying grenades machine guns shoot their bodies up. Shoot each other up in the army in in the Marine Corps. So what do we learn from that training education. Responsibility. Enforcement of the law these are things we have to talk about it we're serious about. About about gum. So we're serious about making a difference but people haven't done anything wrong. Tell you what. You can pass all the law as you want. Would you don't understand if you are comparing Australia. Or Canada to the United States. If I have to explain to you how ridiculous that it's. You are never gonna get a my friends. If you think that the United States have the same gun history of Australia and Canada. You guys are watching the different PG movie. Wait until 6 o'clock hour before he even brings out the airlines departing incident here's the guy a guy who's passing gas not shown any respect the pilot gets involved it's a bad day. Don't give him. It will be well. Yeah. Well bill. And window.