What Can Be Done To Prevent More School Shootings? 2/20 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 3

Bauerle and Bellavia
Tuesday, February 20th

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News radio 930 WB yen was it preventable I say this was absolutely preventable this is that this is one of the most absolutely preventable school shootings that I can remember. Discussing on. It's Tom Bauer latent heat this this suspect. Gave every indication than David Bellamy that that what I find inexcusable that the FBI experts to. They're their first reason for not investigating this further they claim they could fine. This green name of who wrote that its hourly and all of via the kids used to actually make you run the YouTube page so. That's I don't believe that I think there must have been someone somewhere that this didn't take it seriously on news radio 930 WB. This is folly invalid and is ready thirty WBE. And and if you're just joining us we actually started out trying to have an intelligent conversation about. How do we prevent future foreigners and basically you're just joining us a long story short. It is my opinion that Florida did not have to happen as it happened. There is no way in hell the accused shooter should ever have legally been able to obtain a firearm number one. There are already protocols and mechanisms in place. He should not have been able to legally by a doctor about it they are not even at 220. Not even a single shot Beringer. He should not have. Access to a legal firearm. In my opinion. And of course this may be subject to correction at a later date but. Broward county sheriff's four as awesome as they were and their response they could have prevented Beers before it happened and the FBI. Should have prevented this before it happened because on two occasions they had credible. Information. That they were dealing with somebody with the capability. The means. To do business and they did nothing. So any law in the world folks what good is another walk going to do. If somebody sees something that says something and the FBI does Dick. Well there there's also you know sheriff Steve Israel is. Broward county's democratic. And there have been many. So far we've we've seen a lot of pictures surfaced when Hillary Clinton was campaigning in Florida and one should now it. Sheriff Steve Israel. Campaigning for Hillary Clinton as a share by the way that sheriff of Broward County had no problems wearing his uniform to campaign for Hillary Clinton. Unlike. The sheriff in Erie county. Tim Howard who wore the uniform and was asked to take his badge I mean they they want him to resign from office. Well and I again David when you are getting over 35 calls to. House for domestic violence. When you have access to somebody social media showing him engaged in the kind of activities that every serial killer as ever engaged in. When every kid at the school knew who who the most likely shooter was before anybody actually knew the name. That's not a question of falling through cracks that is a question I think of gross negligence a gross negligence. Of law enforcement. And get law enforcement and Charlie but this is why I was I was really kind of what went a lot of people just reflexively turn of the FBI the very beginning. You know it's a huge company federal bureaucracy well I turn on the FBI after considerable flicked it. What I think is so well when this story first came out everyone was very quick to jump on the yet be an obscene before you go. To the federal branch alone look at the locals and what information you're sharing. And the second problem is you know the school at what point the schools it is a videotape that kid in a fist fight. A year ago. And the school system you know that should have been asked that of assault on school ground you get a fistfight New York State against the cops come and YE they didn't process him. And we're hearing a report that his brother is now in mental health. A supervision right now his brother is any mental health clinic. And neighbors have reported him. And basically they're thinking that the brother is going to finish the business the kid didn't start the has made no threats. Nobody's ever said the brother's mentally ill but this this kid is is at a mental health clinic right now voluntarily now against as well and there's a lot of push back. Well that or is it well that raises some civil litigation issue well because they're you are not a demonstrable threat to himself or others you may very well have grounds for federal civil rights lawsuit check it out this is the slippery slope that we want if you want the government to make decisions. On who they should in voluntarily put in a clinic who they should suspend. Rights you know your Second Amendment were your constitutional. Rights are taken away. By a third party bureaucracy. I mean if that's the world you wanna live in understanding you're gonna break eggs every time we make an omelet. I just don't think that civil liberties or constitutional rights now should be broken I don't understand why we can't be safe and respected entry. I am not an attorney we've bank Victor a regular basis but I have to tell you they recognized standard gays danger to self or others and appears in voluntarily. Basically arrested the without being a demonstrable threat to himself or others the authorities down there. You know are gonna probably be Gloria Allred very very soon. Well and that's where it should the government should not be able to some early put people away in a couple of hospitals when they are not a threat to themselves or others. Can argue me and etiquette you take that to its logical look at it to it's logical conclusion David. Most people on the left would say people like us who voted for Donald Trump are probably mentally ill because we voted for Donald Trott. Let me be an idiot for second here. You've got people in high school are accountable under under eight years of age seventeen year old sixteen year old fifteen year old standing up wanting to speak guess what. Nobody cared about what you had to say until you're eighteen they're songs are rock and roll songs that have been written about that. And yeah it is her. Should college back when you're eighteen do you realize that the Democratic Party currently. Once adults who paid tax dollars to listen to two demographics. To demographics more than any other demographic in our society. That is of the child between the ages of sixteen and seventeen. And illegal immigrant who has no right to be in this country were supposed to. Create policy and suspend constitutional rights because of the demand of 1516. And seventeen year old. And the legal people that shouldn't be in the United States you guys have lost your mind and let me remind you. You've spent over eighteen months trying to figure out we get to middle America you know the white voters who work in coal mines and manufacturers. Those people who owned guns it like to drink beer by the six bibles how do we get them get them to vote Democrat would not do it. You've been and coal. You. You know send jobs over to China. You like take their guns and and you make sixteen million people citizens that's how you don't get back the middle class. You call them deep portables and you'd accuse them of clinging to guns god and bibles on December 26. A poll came out that showed the Democrats were going to pick up. What was it 65. Seats in the House of Representatives that brings them to the majority in the house and they would hold onto the senate. So they would have the senate and the House of Representatives and trumpet just to have the White House's Republicans today. It looks like the Republicans are not gonna pick up 25 seats in the house but they're gonna knock the lights out of middle America. The South Dakota is the Montana as the Missouri's. Iowa. And literally going to the states with democratic senators and clean their clock like West Virginia. Beak size. They're talking to people who honestly tax paying hardworking Americans. I didn't know they had a shoot at the table when a shoot that. Well maybe given. Voting for four years and that's why they feel embassy there if you pull their seat away from them don't expect them to vote for you. If you give them a seat back at the big boy table maybe go get your vote. Are you give their vote 803 on I thirty is the Paula you know David I wanna take some more phone calls but. The phone number is 803 on like thirty starlet 3180616. WB Ian realistically how do we stop Florida from happening again there's just something else it has to be mentioned David and we've got to beat around the bush on this but something else that is an issue use American education and the people who tend to gravitate toward careers and stay in careers in American education and I won't go into details on this but I recently met. In addition to miss is there too as a master's in education she left education. Because of the liberal left wing attitudes of most ever co workers it was just. It was an environment in which she did not feel comfortable. I have but two other people who would be fabulous teachers they literally left education because. Diversity is great unless it includes conservatives and one particular teacher who said enough is enough after she was basically put on the receiving end of bureaucratic nightmare because she disappeared due to discipline a child who was totally out of line. Who just happened to be up Puerto Rican. Ancestry and that was politically incorrect so. The at some point David the attitudes of the left in American education and it's the Gemini in American education. Need to be addressed and if you wanna talk about diversity you've got to start including conservative voices in education. Yes and out making him feel like they don't have a place at the table. All here's the other thing I also believe strongly that the left you guys have to stop these these protesters that. Evidently. There is any romance about the sixties I don't know what's going on with this generation of Vietnam. Woodstock protest here. You guys went out you thought it was so cool through. Grabbed the acoustic guitar in and seeing you know woody. What is his name Woody Guthrie Woody Guthrie song. All of a sudden they're over that Pete Seeger there's his romance about just being a professional protestor you're just professionally outraged at everything your told to be outraged about. And what's crazy and see in the same name's Victoria cross executive director of the Western New York. What's funny Victoria we've heard you for black lives Matt Weaver you for women's rights we've heard you've war Occupy Wall Street sweeper before. Every single one of these people there at the airport same way you don't put our doctor decades in jail. Emigrants immigrant it just so happens that anything the president United States puts out there we find a group of folks they'll take their signs they'll. Go to their garage and get their other signs. And just the there are experts and just walk around putting their feelings on cardboard. Fiction into a yardstick. And walking in circles thinking that's how American progress that's what made the slaves a citizens that's what. Goddess the women's right to vote what you talked about didn't read your history. If you wanna make a difference you don't do it by screaming in coherently and blocking traffic. That's that would Doctor King did. That was not the basis of the civil rights movement if you wanna confront something to make a change. You actually have to pound the table take your hat off and respect the other side open a dialog what you're doing here. This to me is. Your pay its its Rush Limbaugh calls that the drive by media. You're turning your there's no reason any of these debates at as a point of fact Doctor King. When he was in Memphis obviously prior to his assassination it was a little bit. When some of the radical left hijacked one of his marches and began pollutants smash shop windows Doctor King was outraged beyond words because that was not what he wanted and it was not. The policy for which he stood there courageously. Under the very watchful lie a FBI. It is hourly ability and again the fire at the yelling goat restaurant in Lancaster we pictures on the buy hourly and bella via FaceBook page. And John Rooney and Marie tutors are the owners they leased that building. There's a bunch of apartments upstairs that is apparently. One of those apartments is where the fire apparently started. Every pet animal was gotten out okay no human beings were hurt thanks to be fast response of Lancaster first responders. That's a very tight cohesive community and we have made the offer to where John Rooney that. If there's anything we on this show Bali envelop you can do between now and seven you know she's even if it's something stupid like I need emergency freezer space. I'm sure we can put him in touch with the right people. It all thrilled at thirty starlet 3180616. WBE a gene in buffalo thank you for your patience we appreciated how do we stop this all from happening again. Example enforce all the existing laws that are on the books right now. I I can't disagree with you that's been my central thesis today like G. She. Said something outrageously controversial gene in let the tax board bridge. Okay well here we go. It does not feel about this not be you'd hear the Democrats screaming about data that we need to have. He's on new let our our takeaway eight yum eat semi automatic weapon or they wanna get rid. All guns entirely. Or basically to Second Amendment which I don't happen courage or the gut actually admit that what they really walker that part of plant more. I bear any Democrat to actually open air I'll can actually say. Our platform that we are going to try to get rid of the Second Amendment. What Doug G and let me interrupt don't you think that the whole F your guns ash tag campaign it was simply very creation of that. So basically it just saying it that way but they're not trying to carve out bluntly just saying hey this is what our platform really hit. Okay he used to be on their web site pretty DNC. But they got rid admitted to that there was a became controversial but people aren't seeing that they hold you got turnovers but remember it now I don't think so. And it Apple Mac or take a Crocker dealt web site but that's still part of their platform. Absolutely and and and what is the reason for it what's the reason behind when we try to have a debate. About what these things happen it's. They put two and a box they're coming after the guns are common after and that it's like well let's talk about any other common denominator that leads someone to actually wanna hurt other people. I'm big time. Does nothing but read about serial killers in the mob. And has a crew encyclopedic. Memory of all these people throughout time this century also read penthouse forum I've done my point is. That when you look at what these people all having common. They they work come. You know law enforcement was dumbfounded they had to find clues they had to track him down here are given all of these. These guys all shared the same thing. They have these you know the warnings they have good. Animal abuse they have the problems in school we have problems with the women they have problems with their own mother sometimes on these drugs. They all end up buying guns they alana going to arrange and they all about sending things on social media and yet the only thing we're gonna focus on. Is the AAR. You know guns don't kill people people kill people. Are right there is no good that I've ever heard of that fired on its own without my finger behind. Well I did see that once and the Iraqi Army but that that's neither here. But no you're right in its there was the Iraq uranium to Iraq are very very close to an American soldier guns go off all the time here. That's just that's ugly that's called Tuesday night. But there's one other thing I do want to mention okay now. For those who work there screaming about what we need to get to the Second Amendment acre real like one other thing. OK I don't care you have been higher congress would mean the house and the senate and the that the program. It still won't slide the could you owed you 388. To ratify or change the constitution had written into. There's no way he could happen to those who were up 38 states ratify. You don't want to have a gene how confident are you. Our being a nation of laws went existing United States law for example vis a vis immigration and presidential authority over immigration. Our sabotaged. And submarines. By judges. I've never seen a more clearly well. There are few as clearly written laws as those which give the president. The authority to decide. Which class of people may not entered the United States for a specified period of time. And despite very clear United States code we have. Judges. That are acting as dictators. And and not following the law but simply putting their own personal opinions. All over extent law I want you to ponder that dramatic is that week we need to break but. I don't know how do we get away from that and you know sometimes I get upset when people don't vote put dwindle when the people that are in office do not follow the law. That there's something fundamentally messed up. Our in television news radio I'm thirty WBB. And senators attacks that I. Well is really weird. Where you guys listening to may have a problem yesterday because as somebody texted us. I worked in a gun free zone but was quietly arm my area was vital to the operation Andy limited personnel area but I refuse to be victims went against policy. There's a part of the David I do wonder how many teachers in particular just quietly strapped nobody eats at day and it bit the feeling being it look as long as that'll get busted well guess what. You busted your careers over. It's not endless and yes please if you decide to break the law and and do that. In the event. That you save lives you will be a national national hero. Anything else happens. You will be. Absolutely made an example of they will charge you and they'll take your career from you that's how serious those. Haven't gone to school but we spoke earlier about people doing their individual risk assessment. That's very true that's very true but a lot of times things happen and if you're not well trained you're not well rehearsed. You don't know that firearm. As well as you should. You're not the candidate you know someone to walk around the fire I don't know what you're doing is you're set on many occasion to train as you fight your buddies you try and by the way there's many people on this tax bored at work in education that I know how they handle. Firearms I would have no problem would them. With my children with a firearm I have no problem with them walking on point we Meehan had. In a situation because they've grown up they've been responsible all their lives. 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB and so what do we do to try to prevent. Florida from happening again back to Jean in buffalo. That gee I didn't see this but somebody texted us and said the Chuck Todd on Sunday said we have a Second Amendment problem. I cannot verify that it just tax just came but I wanna double checked Bettman. That's along the lines are about what you were saying gate you'd be in terms of the direction issues as so called debate and it. Yeah out. Exactly not like outfit if they really want to try to put this issue to go to Lou guarded because my essay even the congress. All congress and the president were to sign something like that which I know they wouldn't because they're congress would be finished. It would take 38 states. To ratify it. In there's no way in my lifetime or even any kids like I'd get 38 states albeit it beat what ratified getting rid of that Second Amendment Egypt is not going to happen. So I don't know they get they get to the cows come home but that's not happen are you happy about the de about what should you do about these federal judges. And after that simply. Abolish the court. And if they still wanna try to rule after the U abolish the court damn you impeached judge. Well you understand my lawyer made abolishing the court obviously we've got the aid system that is supposed to be made up of three separate. And and equal powers. The executive the judicial. And the legislative that. On what I've seen especially since Donald Trump by became president of the United States is tremendous. Judicial overreach and in some cases. In particular immigration and the president's ability to. Single handedly decide which group of people cannot come into the United States we've had judicial. Overrides. What is existing presidential authority. The yeah out because nobody could go to congress actually have the backbone. To do it necessary when it comes to be judges. Even though Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama used the same part of the US code at various points in their presidency when Donald try attempts to do it then it becomes something that can't be done I. I've never seen judges as out of control as they are now that's not the way the system is supposed to work. I agree but like that says if congress congress has the authority. This copy judges in their tracks all you have to do is say okay if you're not gonna probably good in law and the federal judge. Which use war do. We will abolish or court. It if you try to rule after that we abolish the court which means you can make no judgment or any issue they have to do battle in bad federal. Are going to be impeached in that particular judge would be a strategy Jane we've we got to move out of some other folks we're glad you called. 8030 my early start at 3180616. WBE. And hello Tom you were an F Ing idiot those questions you asked ago odor proof you know absolutely nothing of use beat stop please. Now. You know what we found out yesterday that the more people listen to finish all. The more they hate us so tell me what the program. So if you hate us. Maybe you should listen and yes you can you can tell all I think just how disappointed the owner of the yelling go was with our covering of the story Molly is back twice while these bill by the way. Just put in perspective the owner of the yelling go. Due to concerns he once thanking people for support and taking care of his employees while his bill is on fighter. Those are the two things he does thank everyone around for. You know they're kind wishes to know that he's got this under control and worried about as employees not to that protects there but it Dexter I would like you pleased to tell me your name and your workplace speaker is I would like to know what you do for a living and how you do. Pride I guarantee that I'm gonna go. It's Bob in buffalo on WBE. Said Dick and sales. It's a Bob in buffalo here's your fan Malcolm get a Bob you're WBE yeah welcome. Thank you you know until we actually are able to pivot. Imus conversation. The government do anything because they don't want to do anything because all they wanna do foolish or eight. You get a new champ will look Jerusalem but they talked about how the Russians were the ones responsible. Not my president. But yet you had to. The we're doing right president will Barack auction portion collisions so exactly what is true and loans the Peace Center. Also part of the Russian collusion and that so little bit of a lot you know we're we're shorthanded heat talking I was I think sluggish. There are there any other talk shows you what me and maybe put a plug for Michael Savage Michael Reagan and anybody else you're throwing their. Well the reason why is because she was talking about Lance corporal Greg Buckley who was murdered by it she born yet his on base in Afghanistan right. It was doubles and would hurt you action you shouldn't. And the shame kids that are doctor call us and today he could give are ripped so trail overwrought. The shot one being murdered. Buy you out by governor government. But you know what when you when you when you pull out. Did that we've got to have people dying in the streets every day. Right let's just get out of this hole they are debate and talk about what is the our government that is used. In 99%. Of unsolved crime. India illegal guns that are trained you know the transactions none of these gang bangers are going to its straw sales attic and a gun show what talking about these. Doesn't show trains actions that are current and up in. You know mash shootings it's absolutely fiction and here's another thing. You know the dams love to talk about illegal guns didn't the wrong people's hands but when you mentioned fast and furious boy oh boy. Do you get a pucker factor of people David people don't Knowles were don't remember what fast and furious was as it applies the Obama administration they think of the movies so fast and barriers you're really wise and ATF operation that was done essentially they took thousands and thousands hundreds of thousands. Of all firearms but these were military grade Baird fifty kills sniper weapons AK forty sevens they are platforms. And they let them loose. To the gangs across the border. In Mexico and gosh David why ever would they do such a thing. Well it was to track where these guns away and so eventually we could find the gang. People in the drug dealers but what they were used to do was kill hundreds. Of not only in there while the Mexican citizens definitely. But you know. Some Americans died in two Border Patrol agents died in deed and David there was also some talk that perhaps that operation was all about speeding up the quote and quote gun control today. And you're trying to plant the seeds of a mass casualty event so as to advance the agenda unfortunately when you do up pretty much. The wind when you have operations like that which by the way no one has gone to jail yet no one has resign there were no charges ever filed as though. Special prosecutor ever named none of these things were and that was with a Republican congress and Republicans. Do which you would if you were put those kinds of guns into those kinds of hands do you think at least we might be doing a couple years. Off. I mean I've got no euphoria cure is she in your truck at a at a any sort of vehicle stop with the New York police New York State Police your legacy back violation we got an army vet who wade who magazines. In a gun safe Indians frock and is looking at felonies. This guy has done nothing wrong he is not a threat to anyone he served his country with honor. He's probably great neighbor and he has got two felony counts for having. You know. An extra hole empty clip and a guy and say we've lost our collective mine well. Is New York State as I've said a million times if you have any degree of common sense whatsoever visa be anything we talk about staying in New York State. It's not going to change your spoke with somebody recently gift from the political world David. You know oh what do you think of the race for governor what did you think of the so and so candidate for governor. And I said it's a lost cause you're tilting at Windmills in New York State it is not going to change there's not a damn thing that is ever going to outweigh the eight million downstate vote so. Basically in New York State your choice is you take it while you can take its. Or you get the hell out. Exactly how many what Tom. What what are pro gun people do I mean even we're talking about the we know Albany that care that decks are stacked. We know all the people downstate whatever animosity they have towards people upstate the culture difference the gun difference whatever it is. We are all Dershowitz apathy in states like new York and Massachusetts that. You can't get gun owners to be motivated to go out there and vote because they know eventually even with a Republican governor they're not going to be able to do anything we you have a far left assembly and a far left New York senate and that's talking about Republicans. And my advice anybody young who is yet to start your career before you even play at roots in this state if you think as we think. You're much better off moving out of New York State and into a state like Texas or Florida because New York is just never going to change. It is 549 news radio 930 WB and hourly indelibly we've got traffic coming up in one minute if I use these issues about which we don't know. Be sure to Texas at 30930. That's 309 threes early again. Fire at the yelling goat restaurant on central avenue Lancaster lot of people use terror cell in central avenue to get by transit road not a good idea today. Also we're thinking of Lori couscous and did John Rooney the owners of the yelling at goat restaurant central avenue in Lancaster we lot of listeners there we love shared and say yelling go. To Greek locally owned restaurant and unfortunately right around 4 o'clock this afternoon fire broke out apparently. In one of the seven or eight upstairs apartments and the restaurant. I closed until further notice and out John and Lori lease that space from the building's owner. The good news is is that they are insured to the teeth. So. That means it is so it at least they've got that going for them because. You know you that I'd rather be over insured and underinsured in the view week. It'll thrilled I'm thirty started 3180616. WBE. And here is Mike and Grand Island hello. Are you. Speaking on behalf of David or myself it is the best day of our lives ever. That's good that's good. I just wanted to look. My opinion as I guess this is a mutual. I am a brain and haunt under. Actually a registered Republican. I would go in order. And then now. Our iron in the I don't have a problem with. It increase it in gun control I think it's. Explained that the group. Explained we come from on that what what do you mean like. That you seem like we should have better background checks or you're saying that we should limit the type of guns people by what would he mean. I think. I could ignore. No reason that it in general public. Should it be. Military. Type weapons that are yeah I improved wanting wanting all that particular white as quickly as possible. So what would you say the what would your definition be something used in the military. Is that the ballistic or. Houston they're shooting. Are you rack but a savings at the ballistic. But is it the ballistic that you have a problem with or is it the capacity. Of the fire rapid rapid. OK so you're saying semi automatics should be. I'll I Uga has got to continue this conversation after the break. I. I'd like to be great the actors it doesn't make any sense to me you know we have a shooting in all Leann Easter back in the 1970s. Sick kid named Barbara row. Usually 22 caliber rifle to kill four people. God and the high school that day and went to the one of the top floors and used a 22 caliber I think it was a Rupert and 22. Eventually. Died in the he had a brain tumor at the he barber of those who view. With the Internet that can look it up and I don't think that that would be considered a military grade assault rifle I don't know the use many twenty twos and erupted.