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Bauerle and Bellavia
Tuesday, March 13th

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News radio 930 WBS. It's. I thought that's fun to be million delusional and. It's Tom Bauerle you know been there done that and it's weird you're. But now you know I'm sorry I'm a grown up in David Bellamy let's see if anyone agrees with the today. I would doubt that David its hourly and quality I think I'm living in real bill I think I'm living in reality land on news radio 930 got them. John just texted me I FaceBook instead David you're confusing me with trip net. I go to the trip that goes to GoDaddy well first the ball by that right now in selectivity of people. The second ball trip net dot org is the website. Trip net. Dot four. So jot and is correct I apologize for confusing. And thanks for keeping me on my toes John. I appreciate that John good guy let's go back to the phone 8030930. Star 930. 10616. WB and L is gonna have updates on traffic. We've got a situation on the night he could be people over the age of 64 who else. But let's go to the phones and again you know a lot of information here but. Is there a certain age people should be yet when they drive what if that's even immersed. Steve you're on WB yet what do you think. David I remember I graduated in 1974. Armored. My driver Ed teacher made a statement immediate stock in my mind for the rest of my life. He told me. When they built the New York State thruway system it was privately owned. And they work in it for the money. Only if for the profit that he can put in their pocket the actress in the yet exit ramps on the outs. To waste system in New York State the shortest in the nation. Therefore making it more or dangerous. But if you look at everything it's going our top of that. Word recycling material. You look at the 990 split and they did everything there. Worker goes east did last west towards the boulevard east out towards. Will result Cheektowaga. Okay you look at that stopped they redo the roads and within five months to lifting back up because there'd better be Null. Quality control when they repay the roads. And this loose ball hit it it just listen are we got the same problem all over again we know what's going on a. You say that accidents have nothing to do with age Steve you're saying they have to do with the infrastructure and with the fact that. Someone with that anger issues designed the roads. While ball was in an anger issue which called property issue. Well billing well here's a. Again let's say that what you're saying is is spot on. Weaken due she you can take dad. Should Steve that your 100% correct wrecked our you can take data of how many people. Involved. In accidents that are fatalities on the threw way. And let's say it's designed differently than every other road you take that data and make what ever thing you want people over 65 shouldn't be driving. Maybe it's up people glasses. Maybe if people with Samsung phones those are more difficult to text and drive with the apples their for Samsung should be made illegal because they're too much of a distraction. You can take what ever you want and put in a report. This report doesn't talk about road conditions. Even save the 65 and older people are responsible for the accident it just says one of the drivers at least 65 years of age has died. 222 in New York. Well let's look at let's look cute sweet home rolled when they repay it here they repay it from shared it done in port aren't wrote. With it within a few months of the plot sitting that are newly paved road holds actions all lanes. Abbott wanted to hit which pot holes because all the bill came right out there. No I agree with a what you're saying. New York produce Cuban I'm saying though how people can take data and make their own whatever they want. Absolutely but we need we need honest politicians and we need to guarantee for mark our tractors. That the road to little west of certain monetize. I don't think you're wrong I think you're spot on Steve I do you could call Steve thank you very much Steve into the road thing again it. Hope we can find some common whatever we don't look we the whole show on them by the way. We get a whole show on road conditions how what what we're filling pot holes with a wide we have to do it so much and everything Steve said. We heard from at least fifteen other people's souls would Steve is saying is not uncommon. And it's he's certainly not in the minority many many people believe that we just don't have we don't put enough money to doing things the proper way. Let's go to Shannon and Laporte Shannon you're on WB and. I say I just wanted to comment. I used to teach strikers had two years ago in Batavia. And we get a haven't elderly gentleman with apple designers that almost too topical Carlos that the teenagers. And I didn't prosecute stopped erupting and make sure that we can't be you know the officers in the ferry port. Not that you're actually accept it without their part but I knew we had you know has the right thing to teach them. Because there was such a date dangerous situation and they did find a gentleman finally that he was he didn't know where he lives. I can imagine. What would share I gotta tell you what I mean your driver Ed instructor you you have you gave them a lesson that. I mean I'm sure. I'd never had a lesson until I was involved in an accident in real time and yet that's kind of a really good way to take us. Almost horrible tragedy in and kind of make educational so good on you. What I am looking at it like I grew up in California driving in Southern California as a cleaning lady and I came in New York. I was really surprised at the fact that New York doesn't mandate drivers that. And that's not mandated to do always. Better drivers California New York. What that is better driver. What what's wrong when New York drivers. New York drivers don't have to actually learn to drive biggest. Past performance that growth has been kicked up by the hour course to get a license. While actual point Sheehan. Barrel and I don't want to come out fairly obvious. I'm a net fifty. We pick on anybody and and there were points are really good point you have people it should also know that they hit a pop and it takes that time there were ruined their right to marry. To need to stop take a picture bring it to that town or county make sure that they handled the bell Boris. So they're liable for that if you had damage to vehicle. Let it stand cold and that then choose their task where people actually. I have to complaints and get the car back to that even though it is the taxpayers understand that. But eventually the taxpayers will be like either they're gonna get it back in the their cars. Because they're not gonna drop right but they need to hold people to task a lot of people diplomatic up by the wayside. They show how would you want those little breaks and on the passenger sadly you get. Is that essentially me. I copper company years ago out. And particularly you right now how to drive actually and that teaching to drive but I don't teach her fitness anymore. Oceana give us to boot chips that you see all the time. That could make us better drivers. People knowing what the passing lane at border. And making proper squared glad that they talked top. Could the colors are no way you know what now the most important ones honestly it'd make sure that you can not only seat that hires in front of you when you're behind them pretty adept but after the tires that you seek distance between you and the car and you. Because are the speed and near that you keep between you and another car is. Valuing your own life and others around you can escape a bad situation. Actually call Shannon who blocked port actually call well done. All right that's the cool. Elect Alec atop when someone has this matter expertise. You're talking to sell it this is what they do for a living. You were young kids are looking that you still look at it you Sean with your shirt you bought from the baby gap the water with painted on him. When he worked at TSA what are you doing. His girlfriend bottom that your yeah really tight. At any rate I'm looking did you fail when you talked to some like Shannon who has a so subject matter expertise your job as a responsible adult. Is to sponge off everything they said. Everything US follow up questions what do I do better you talk to an investment person talk Mike Lomas Inglett wiggle. Those guys with when I'm listening DelHomme as the wiggle I just I shut up unless of course you're talking politics and nothing to what they're talking about. More. I love them but seriously when they talk about what they do. I listen because they know this better than I wanna learn from them when someone is you know in in the army. You've been there done that you teach me and and I'll do it ship it out there are given wisdom god bless. And three I don't settlement and what. Comedic. Joseph should hole Ian Williams bill Jordan Williams bill you're on WB and go ahead. I mean are you doing David. My my opinions that god. He should it matter in terms of writing skills but the record. Take a look at an accident speeding ticket and I mean I'm gonna turn Wang. Sliding not on impairment or against any young person. OK in the what's so it's like when you say is skills like it's obviously you're not the same man that you were when you were twenty. Right. I. I understand but I'm saying you you slowed down you're not a strong all that stuff when it comes to driving you'll think any of those things inhibit your ability to drive. Not my reflexes are as good as they work. I pick my takeaway chances are more careful. Are putting great if you fell on the stairs as retired. I've Britain. As what you think and when it comes to drug and how are you faster average Udrih faster you drive the raiders beat practice. I want to get more Jill because of a lot more following questions by the way it would Joseph shame I think you're gonna find most people 69. You don't want to like eighty years old defined folks that. If we don't like all they're too old to drive are we talking 65 to seven because that appears to be in being. There are these people are still working if you're able to hold a job I'm certainly you can drive. And of retirement been pushed back what are we how it wouldn't work they can drive it's. Thank you very much Phil Kennedy Allen thank you think. What's his name Murphy Sean. Private first class hey I think view everyone. Can Joseph Joseph is fascinating collegial. You know like jokingly I don't like them a collared beat around the bush joke like I'll put my reflexes up against anyone. And Joseph when you talk about your driving skills. Would you be honest to save did you know if you had a problem or UN in near miss that you would reevaluate that. Because you don't wanna I needle and her people. Of course my debt was in his salaam. Wait Sotheby's and he came home one day can still drive and had it Buick. And the car was like crooked at the drive with a garbage can back over so what I want them outside of debt you have. I'd of course those are. If you had an accident. Com let yet to take a look up the driveway. A long story short he admitted that he did. Our he had in your midst and his nom I hit it that way and he won forty was responsible. Well I just talked to him and mainly I said you know you've got. You're up my my children which are your grandchildren. Are and you see them I mean what do you pick at the traveling you don't want them. And he just reached in his pocket in the case it was that simple. So so what you found because some people do in a way that's emasculated team and and that's not the approach you brought impacted you know the fact that. Yeah how would something bad could happen and we love you when you love us and right yeah all done. Big command. It from his title Mets got it I would never look is that our debt that we love them and I knew I love them or Italian family it would certain dot there. That's like Joseph right up to bat by the way area go area is god bless you Joseph. Here at all right Joseph Williams now don't believe that his reflexes at the same you know a lot yeah I do now is Italian now. The Joseph that that that I found interesting when he conversation that conversation was from a place of love it was wrong place of respect. And it's like when you go up to someone and say you know data worried mom worried about you wanna do this because I love you and I that's a huge lesson. A huge lesson. In how to talk to people get them to do things that they wouldn't do would like she were talking then let's go to Mike in our rock our friends north. Of the border they still have voices they still have opinions of my age in Toronto Mike what's on your mind. We have a lot of traffic court see. The I'm sick children for them are grown up and the you were still racing and they'll whenever he should drive which I've done with world. Per reluctant to tell them is. Don't hit anybody or any saying. And ruled number you don't get hit by anybody or anything. And arrested a rule we can talk about what you practice those too. Now how many of the children driving it actually delivered on that. 011. Or had a white. Accident but he got hit from behind got knocked it to the next guy so. The rules you broke post for a few words. About his. God had any yet. Do you think though the hardest thing that Jimmy winner driving is the most important. Via Kazaa a lot of mistakes can be made when you panic you hit the brakes when you should. Yes did you what did you take them out in like Ben parking lots just driver on the kids and go crazy. I'd like to view that Natalie we did that in the winter like do donuts and everything. Get to get a feel for the sure there's no vehicle. What he's doing kids that you guys are you forced to take driver's education. They have to take driver yeah leader and is it is also part the F to reprogram. It come back from drivers that get right. Like hey look alikes on Mike if you must all we'll get back to you at the break I gotta think quick brightly come back your calls it'll 30930. Old people and driving report comes out say New York has 222. Fatalities involving what at least one person driving who's over the age of 65 to have a problem old people driving. Had you taken the keys and what are the things you tell a young driver especially in Western New York. What do you if you can give to lessens your fellow drivers and 33 to ninety and ninety what we did tell him you should they had drivers that and learn. And not enough people understand back. With Barley Bolivia after this. Welcome back to probably about it hey Cheryl. That TSA listen. This this I met this woman she took my ticket on Friday with a C my mom. In Florida and check Obama and I met Sheryl. Who's the TS one very professional. Absolutely. The kindest nicest woman. Very sweet beautiful woman. Bought. She called me out was like. Sure to check to check on Friday next time. Who ordered. To get enhanced screening. She's obviously jets team in in making fun but I can't tell. The obvious that we appreciate the job TSA does and in buffalo but I gotta tell you as part of a government service. Some of the TSA agents some have painted on uniforms. I mean really. There have to be aside bigger than actually excel. So I mean I'm just saying Lotta great people there god bless you thank you for the important job you do blot. Kind of but anyway let's go but no that's for audio would you get. When you get called out in real time probe for the players. That's the worst. A Belfast. You're WB and I'll go ahead sir. Yes yeah it took to talking and I got a fuel. Suggestions like I'm 75 years old I drive all over I don't have any problems. And comparing him to a it's like you Wear nice clothes and I quote. There are jerks are so the guy was jerk. Knob just yet as pretend like that was you rate on your behalf. Dog Dick yeah you're I've kidding you got to take a little rib at. There's a jerk when you weren't high school he was still a jerk when he was thirty and the interstate. Ten muted this and jerk. At 65. In that regard girl certain noise when he was talking he still drive and also the way. And you don't think. It where you're from where you're from in your neck of the woods that's when like driving a serious. Because. And I'm all over the buffalo all the time and talking and on YouTube yesterday I was in like one yesterday impact on. But the thing has but that road you were talking about. That I wanted to mention. The state put plot contract. They're so sort of contention that have to be done we never did put down there's a state inspector there are making sure that everything has gone right. It is not a product in America the state one of the poll out in the air. And the other thing when they get down making a road that withdrawal and its ridiculous Derian. You know if nick knowing right. That can't just hold down in a break and who wrote the water grossed out and her treatment and winner and destroyed wrote. It's almost don't spam the Pope wrote a home park. Derek I appreciate it again and people in this audience over the age of 65 are saying hey you can talk on other people but. I'll I'll take the test tomorrow Dickey one of them. And like I think everybody I know that's my huge bigger group within the Wear you out and still do that they didn't act good when I'm. And the other part of bothered us. If a person I am IBC and white. If they wouldn't in the winter I'm older and I said in an earned run going no place and it's two months since it broke. You're now he and Stewart again. You've got to keep up when anything. And it should be proficient. I'm only kidding day I appreciate it great great play dead very good import. And I used as. Given her clothes and there. All weren't kidding I shame that where Dick lives in in his part of of Western New York. That's. You've got some serious hills and winning wintertime out there and the plows don't get out there. Like driving flat Orleans county weather's. Really no problems if you're 75 years old and you've lived in cattle Rogge should talk while. Allegheny. Southern Erie figure out their drive and Ella. I mean that's a dear dear some weather out there are your and if you have a real. About this if Dick at 75 years old. He's one of his vehicles probably it was a rear wheel drive vehicle and drive that in buffalo weather is no joke. Back in the day that's you know that's what they all hat. All but you know there were some cars let's go to what Texas Cary. To register right now it's probably sitting inside a coolant. Cooler of some sort what do you do engines. They mapped actually agree here Latin break and by about sixty when you sing it's colder war. It the media that an average bird bird less access you know in a 160. Let me give you some stats on Texas since you're calling from Texas older American drivers. Texas has. When we see 418. Fatalities. In 2012 of people over 65 that number has increased by 36%. In four years it's up to 568. In Texas. I don't know much about the numbers but I played this sort kicked our they have on the road and pound them. And Lifehacker. The elderly and do it. That was somebody or if I ever centimeter. If we didn't want relocated. There you know it hope that already. You know what when you say that though it. What are whether things that you learned in did you take drivers and. Not good not bad not bad blood a lot of people are meant I have my dad actually hit the vehicle. Shelton. Yeah it's because. If you Shia. But if you like if you mow the lawn for example need to have a push mower but you drove one or he drove tractor when you were Kidder. You just got behind a motor for a really doesn't matter what it is you at least understand throttle. And you understand breaks. And you know you know what speed is I think it's far better for kid before they get their license that just ornament a car for the first time. I absolutely I mean I look now means something knowing that the at even money can't even get people leave their turn signal not is it just slam on the brakes and hit a right turn and Freddie yet. You know if mom ours owned by. Yeah I did have a little bit more about education obviously got to have a driver's bad I want let that out there are being made me. Break out of them out. Now they've enlisted Terry they don't just hand that they don't just hand that out. So yeah I have made that you know like instead on the I'll let snapped my dad made a lot of notes at that spot look for me or everybody stepped foot and I'm Lear Bradley your act. You me. It's. Nothing handles like a Bradley Fighting Vehicle got to admit that. Now I mean lay ahead of them jumped and berms and at least you know that thing you know meet on there probably you know I think the older folk are getting a bath I will admit. I think at their age maybe they should look at what aid that would lead. Apartment but. I yeah I the year Lee kind of examination. In all three at the life. Would you be would you be upset. Would you be upset of every ten years in majors taken on the task. Not not that mattered and not right now the one I hit the nomination Plavix that would ultimately what is at stake here. And I'll stick it up or you'll get anybody. I'm actually ate the meat and as you get eight. Well enough yet still we. Brad. Jerry I appreciate it as always Texas Gerri good to hear from you that you would call them. Let's go to lug Dominic in Erie Pennsylvania. Yes people in Pennsylvania listen to the program and Dominic in Erie so the road and there's a new law to west Seneca that you cannot use turn signals at all. I didn't I was unaware that Dominik. In Erie what's on your mind. I three point and I haven't really heard the first one. Many of those automobile accident those older people learning. Are caused by the post debt. Are never actually in the action. I I used to drive reliving her court. Eraser again for people didn't follow that go ahead. Well what I am getting out its older people especially the the ones that realize their arm tackle Peter are diminishing. They have the speed limit. And at least and that part of the state. That this speed limit tend to be optional. And the younger narcissistic people. I'll do everything they can't get around that person driving the speed limit frequently causing accidents. But they're already down the road by the time the action in takes place. Dominic you're my buddy in your address truck through the yeah. OK yeah but we released to talk when and you would talk about life on the road and all the different things so you see a UC. More accidents when you're driving truck probably than you know. Do you senior share. Oh yes there are older people that should not be on the road. But when when a person is driving the speed limit. You know I actually making you look at some time to drive the speed limit and the count the cars vehicles flying behind me. And I I think younger people are hurt that leaderboard narcissistic. And and so they they care and not think about what goes on around them others it if it's not a out dammit that it matter. And indeed the Irish like I honestly believe that it's an automobile industry making vehicles too easy to try. I learned to drive and a rambler it was power knocked it. Yes I mean learn how to operate the vehicle. That's a really good point it. It's not just a matter of learning how to drive but really to master what you're driving. I can't believe that they shelled vehicles. They have automatic parallel parking if you can parallel park you shouldn't satellite. Well I actually they used to be the clip singing every one. Taking that that did the exam in New York State would have to parallel park. Yeah I think that's part of the issue you have you have millennial state care only about the else. And people telling them don't worry you don't have to learn how to drive because a computer in your car will do for you. Actual point of like Dominick well done Dominik thank you for the call. Appreciate that. You don't look at at these. Our intrepid. Phil Kennedy Kansas some some stats here from the national safety. True it was a national what does this thing here we've got the NHS. NHTSA. Dot tag up. And so these are in us statistics and analysis on age group comparisons with fatalities. By age and sex. And in it's really weird that there's a parallel between people over 65 and people. I'm under sixty. And enough fatal accidents now of course people under sixteen are driving. Wreck. So this is sort of like these are our our statistics show. The age group of people that are dying acts and but not necessarily people that are driving the vehicles and that's where. Odd trip net dot org talks about people driving the vehicles. Give me a cold it'll 30930. Start I 31 in under 616 to Bibi and were asking about. I drivers age is there a certain age people shouldn't be a lot of drive did you think the keys to a loved one that was to wall. And the other one is what is the worst you know what you're you're driving out there. So I would text and an inquest into what is pottery barn. I know what pottery barn is and I'm on I'm 27 years old when you some good. Animal funeral pottery barn is you live bar out of all that. Pottery barn is delightful it is delightful. Whenever you want scented candle due back couch you can get wonderful. Coasters he can't seem to get hundreds of them may Haver never pottery. Or heard anything that you would be an animal at a bar unless of course you questioned what. Let's go to up the phone three all right thirty starting 3180616. To BBN we're talking about. You know all people driving and this study that came out by trip net dot org it says. New York has got a lot of old people are dining car accident driving. In it that are involved one of the drivers involved in the accident is over 65 do we have an old person driving issue. War is just like data manipulation. Where it's one of the two people up the population's growing older. Medicine is is giving us a better quality of life longer life. Of course more people over 65 were on the roads isn't that the stadium. Isn't that something that you're going to have more old people dying in car accidents does that necessarily mean that caused the car acts. You know and who's to say one person can't drive. What's about you know who's to say another person seventy can't drive Dick in Belfast one of those people. Lois in Aurora you are on Bauerle Bobby go right. Payloads yet. While you're on the go ahead. Well hi how are you today. I did enjoy that I thought maybe you ought to have the girl Polly because we'll hear callers have been guys. Dan and older ones. And I'm 84 now. And I have a road person. And I've been driving sense. You know there was not noticed automatic stuff in Paris and alana. And. I bullied kid needs. And just do our guys loans and a joking good. Yeah no I like that lab guys are. I am when he drive the future. But yeah. But Garrett may have the people are very. This cell phones and doing all these things instead of driving AM going to open up. When. That's that's an important. We're taking what piece of this information and say that it beat people over 65. But this time frame we've seen numbers of people texting and driving in fatal accidents like quadruple. But who's to say that your over 65 and you're getting hit by someone who's drunk or higher or text. All right and I denied long distance and driver wrote person and I love going out on the road. I've done several trips. All evens while I was 71. When my announcement shift away. And I don't several 5000 mile trip across the country. And I. I feel secure. But I don't feel secure it sometimes when you get I'd I try to avoid big cities now. I tell you what I toll here I gotta put giant hole most of them do a quick. A break but I'd love to hear more from wars in Lois if you could be patient her husband passed away. And she's been driving 5000 mile trip that's that's driving and that someone who is and she still would thus by the way SOA. She appears to be a safe driver no one's not shut the prison she's not calling from the hospital. She's usually do it well.