Wettest April Ever - Meteorologist Dave Thomas


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Let's bring in. Dave Thomas this morning from the National Weather Service in buffalo Dave looks like we wrapped up a pretty wet April around here. We did it was the what is the pro here in the buffalo. Record history. Now wettest April I think that might catch some people by surprise because I don't know it's doing it seemed like just a normal April exactly how much rain to begin at. We had us six point 38 inches so. Rainfall for the month. In that there's little bit deceiving. We actually had one fewer day of rainfall into normal response. But we did have three record. Breaking. What is the normal. Of rainfall for April. The abnormal rainfall for April was actually. Just about three inches of rain we've had more than double the liberal moderate rainfall. What's today look like. Today we're going to be warm out temperatures there climb into the seventies. And will be watching one of showers and thunderstorms will be. Approaching the focal area this afternoon. In these terms have the potential to become a strong is that there was some damaging wind gusts. Hey looking at that warmth how warm was April I know have for awhile there we are on track to be media top ten warmest April sever two. Yeah we actually did finish in the top ten. We finished right debt. Actually part force that plays for the warmest it brought record so. With the wet but it also warm. But then the rest of this week after today were cooling down quite a bit. We are. It's going to be fifties pretty much straight through the rest of the week which is the actual look below normal so it's going to be quality pants then. On the course side here to start. The first week of may off. Harry Dave thanks so much has Dave Thomas at the National Weather Service in buffalo.