West Seneca Teachers Association Pres. Joe Cantafio on Arming Teachers

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Friday, February 23rd

Cantafio says he cannot accept the idea of arming teachers in schools.


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Joseph when you've heard these calls for teachers to be armed in schools. What was your initial roll fought. I thought it was ridiculous idea. I figured. You know what. Emotions sometimes it's better but my hope. Is that people wanted to quick solution for horrible tragedy that now people step back and look at the realities of what it would mean. And realize that there's so many so many more. Effective ideas. In solutions and trying to give a teacher's Scotch. What why are you opposed to teachers having gone to school. Well first of all teachers and train these firearms. Second of all I'd never seen any statistic that increasing amount of guns in an area that is shootings actually lessen the likelihood gun violence. On most of the places the schools yet but violence and arms tired feared police officers. I a great deal of respect for our 100 police officers are fortunate to help what senate to also school resource officer art schools. And security. They are trained. We work very very well without and I think all the additional net. You know in this type of assault. Or an act of violence occurs. There are many things that lead up to bet. Should be addressed source and I think. Our task as teachers educate and I wouldn't even know the practicality. So teachers are accurate fire arms does that mean they keep Monica. And it means they have locked up again locked up to separate. The statistics are firing back yet and Alex for highly trained. We officers. Things like that you're very low so I don't know what that would do. And I don't believe that it will be any league's current. It is apparent. I don't believe that we want to have schools and Arabs. Teachers that are caring what. And again. We're not trained for that we're trying to educate and I think each year. Bill would ensue from students parents. Would. Are any better. What do you feel are better solutions to arming teachers and schools to prevent gun violence in schools. Well I think you know we look. You know. Everything from. First of all. We are very fortunate web site we have a tremendous relationship where are. Police department. It was working without. We the we're very well our community. We have police officers that are building relationships with students and our school. We have social workers we psychologist. And we as a culture west Seneca believes that all the adults they interact with their students whether it's a bus driver whether to custodians teacher coach. Security ops or whatever it is we realize that we can all develop mentions students that we can help. The war these types of situations occur there is no need for schools security and we do get that we have cameras we have locked doors. We do practiced. Rules. Has it that security. Resource officers and police. There are so many other things that could be done. Debt really will make a difference as opposed to just randomly giving. A gun to a teacher. I saw statistic. That it will be armed teachers. The weighted has been presented would actually have more teachers with arms that we would have these costs. Are a couple of again police officers that make it clear. They are well trained. He continued to get more training thus far just taking a teacher saying well. You know you're gonna order so we'll give you extra dollars and eighty per mutual class. You know I just don't see the benefit there. How concerned are you that an armed teacher could make things worse as far as gun violence in schools. Extremely Smart I don't again. And I think we're if you noticed what happened is more and more people. Are coming out against this idea idea came out. I think. I want to believe that people were. You know very sad and angry instead by another shooting and you know our first response. It is obviously should be to protect our student experts think now I hope it's cooler heads to prevail in realizing that. They're needs the many other measures that this is just. Something that. I think. Again many many people are coming up now realizing that that would not be Rex which I think it is. Is different you know I've been teaching. While not yet Utley. We had a lot of these shoot weeks infect. Before the break. In one of my classes. Us to ask about this tonight. Got choked up because. I'll see. About the shootings occurred. That. You know and throughout my career. And one thing that I feel that is very different. And I into teacher I'm very very proud of these students. Hughes in the past it was a lot of yet. I seen now a lot of. Anger into action and then I'd been so press. And and I'm hoping there. We adults take lessons from these teams that are coming together. There are demanding change. That are going to be change and not that I'm very proud to be. A teacher about your privacy these students and I believe years he students are all across the country taking this stand. And making change and I think you'll see that as important it was tracking across what's New York across the country.