West Seneca Tax Increase Doesn't Go Over Well - Councilman Eugene Hart


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Joining us on the line right now. Is town councilman Eugene hearty Eugene when you hear that. It's the sentiment of a lot of people living in west Seneca this morning how do you respond. Well to think that we don't care that we want 88 and a half percent increases. Crazy. We just. It was a very difficult decision for us what the problem. Guess we continue to operate and fortunately unfortunately we have costs. Put much you are surprised soared. And it's not quote go and compensation and then you talk about health care. Unfortunately that makes a large percentage of their six increased. And I think it is we didn't do that. Home alone basis other problems trees couldn't be we couldn't you know of sorts educate overtime once conditional sort samples you can. I'm. It just costs or the low cost inflation our costs go up. Every year just like everybody else in your electric it's these gears after a year Ortiz. We haven't but residents aren't seeing an 8% raise in their salaries of its American Amy who spoke. She was asking each official there how much of a raise they received. Should racist have been given out when the town was looking at such a steep tax increase. The the department has received a 2% raise cores. They have their contracts with Tom followed the or calorie agreement we just had some white collar employees. Or ask. Late last year and and all of the all of the department has received some anchors. Could this situation have been handled better we reached out to shield them begin to join us this morning as she declined in yesterday. A lot of people pointing at her saying she was a little dismissive of a lot of the concerns that were presented. Could have been handled better if maybe there was a more of and outreach. In Europe lancer at least the appearance of one. Well what what I'm proposing to do which is creating a budget that you. Committee or commission or whatever you want to call it. Consistent enough. Solutions volunteers who were. I take part in the budget. Process. Look at he's the numbers look at. You know what we're competing to do the end they also picked sort. You know. So more so that's an important it's where you need to go on government. Today and we're going actually to articulate very close look at that we followed was Cheektowaga model though they instituted last year. And I'm proportionately to the Budget Committee and production this year to. Assistant supervisor or advice supervisor. Budget crop. Up this evolve our budget. There also are accused the citizens of better understanding of repression we're always under. We can't control it goes without fear for example. We had a very big year where we believe go fourteen employees to a significant. Health care issues or their war. Our rate go up medically or. What what about Sheila me you know the supervisor youth are you disappointed in anyway in her actions and heard leaving that meeting with without any access to reporters. You know that's that's something you've got so much Egan. I make myself available and make myself available he would try to champs and clarify its questions. She feels differently. I'm not gonna judge your honor its well positioned at the end. She receives an awful lot of criticism. And I would I would rather not you know comment on that that steps her. Decisions to do what you goes and I do what I do to try to help people understand where we're going in what the problems are what we face. When will these rates be revisited. Went straight direction your pension talked about increase yes in the dictionary. It'll be grievous and weapon next budget. So what's the likelihood of it changing when that happens. Guy he can't predict what the future is certainly couldn't predict. You know what happened with. Health care with. The media. Other cost in the town that it doesn't increase destruction or those sanctions. And he just he just can't predict those because based. Well or not the system where and whether or not he employees use. Those questions. Do you think town government is bloated. Like they count of news or. Yes. You know I and the interest in making more of timing this topic of political action against. What is it. I think it could be smaller. Unfortunately you do realize that and they're blue collar. Unit we do have an amongst their team that was something that it's foreign terrorists. And we can't be vacancies is. A lot. Well on the Wall Street punch itself to a lull. Cost savings and so we can't lose besides the sports most apartments. We can do that and other departments need for a car or white collar. You know than half they were in they used to have seven employees now there's 39. Are more or taken a close look at our police department. We do have some retirements would come up recently in the chosen to eat those positions vacant. Attending and had dozens and that there's no parent in. Police protection. Do you police department is larger than it was saved 3040 years ago. What we have the Seneca Wallace hit a lot of other different touch is so is this put us. Well restrain them and includes protection so now we're smaller. Mom we're looking at. You know we're looking at a we're not saying that we're not console those positions that's in the make. And cute sure but for the time being at least we have the flexibility and Satan perhaps quarter hours. Texas this year. And we'll do that. And then we'll revisit next year whether or not he's position should or should get or he can afford missile. Barrett that is Eugene heart west Seneca talent councilman that we appreciate the time he can hear that interview on demand and of course he scenes from yesterday's meeting. 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