Wellsville Mayor Randy Shaler on Dresser-Rand Closing

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Tuesday, February 20th

Wellsville Mayor Randy Shaler on the impact of Dresser-Rand's closure on his village.


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First of all when you heard about Dresser-Rand. It Siemens the parent company of Dresser-Rand selling. It the business that's Orwell's fill in the facility closing and a couple of years what went through your mind. Other person willing to mumbo and so moreover when people feel more info on. Won't won't in the room in Portland or. How big has Dresser-Rand meant to the wells go economy over the years. Well well who wouldn't want to miss if you are. Two. Our and they problem or is he or won't he won't moral people. All we go with whom you won't use all. Vulnerable infants who open wounds and move the ball roll of well we won't won't mean bones. And more World War. I who wouldn't want to know. We weren't going won't won't won't won't won't call from them. We go along with people the world wealth or or at wouldn't know. And on into tomorrow we'll we'll poll which will be. And how aggressively have you been pursuing over. Businesses to come to wells bill granted this. Announcement came yesterday the year to be employees there. Well one won't we won't know it won't we won't. We'll well. What sort of room at all will will move in with oracle or can people do so well. And we won't we won't you won't mark it and you and open. Well performed well what. Earlier you said this would not be the end of the world and their clothes repressed surrender would be a challenge. How significant of a challenge will it be to replace address around. What could happen. What can come won't want. Who. Want. War. More world won't won't won't won't won't. What role do. You who know it will be mole problem or as well formal world this fourth. What womb you. What can reform and we won't know what we've gotten. That rule when all wanted to. Well wouldn't. Fall for. What Newton who who. And as for the two or fifty people who in the next couple of years we've losing their jobs how is the employment picture in wells Melissa optimistic. Wouldn't Cuomo and then you know. Yeah and quote. Who who who won't won't won't won't look informed Cuomo. I wouldn't you know. Or won't wounds and couple you know people will quell the room. And world report or form. All we won't mean Newton was in which we wouldn't you. Who wouldn't we wouldn't. Well. Some moment. Or looking for a whole wall all.