Weighing In On Cuomo Comments About Nate McMurray - Michael Caputo


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Strategists and W the N contributor Michael Caputo joining us now to talk about. Governor Cuomo and lieutenant governor Kathy her local and Michael it seems like a heavy push to get camped Iran against congressman Chris Collins listen. If you want to win which he tried to do is get the strongest candidate. And the overwhelming feelings McAfee hopeful would be stronger future. Michael what do you make here of what's going on. Under the about a day late and a dollar short you know we were supposed to be done and I was out collecting signatures for Chris columns. We get him on the power back helpings work you know they keep your candidate you did you collect signatures to put Obama about. All. Instead. The Democrats are complete disarray but what really edge during this bit from him it's about early on to run as Carl's. One of them should on Barney who is. It was a military veterans and the prosecutor. Who who declared his interest. Elected job. It started raising copious amount regrets at raising quite a bit more easily eat Warren Norman out there. And frankly grip column did not want to run against a military veteran an important part about the lack anymore. But band Erie county Democrats including mark one cart. Court on Barney out of the race declaring that they wanted nick McMurray are. And may have been even live in the districts. Right on target we're out by the Democrat nick McMurray in the carpet Bagger confidence. And now. I am good Cuomo we're trying to shove me McMurray absolutely. It then there's the immune are quite electorate that report that found in the Bible while this is really reject. My notes one thing to think it. I think it's a whole another thing to say it's were you surprised that the governor came out and said what he did yesterday. Well the idea of the art and a bit in orbit idea to leak have been reported by the news broke except. On the record so people part of an add on bar. A bit relative to admit that made a hurry control. Because if it quote what was in supporting him. If you want another candidate he's dead in the water and there's no reason for that he may have been policy and Andrew Coble made a deal some months ago. The global we're gonna get deeply involved and how. Races. In New York State's two big weapons being in trying to take or the United States House of Representatives. He made a commitment to me look good beer there. And it gave McMurray took a step outside that means it's probably going to be completely out a mere 27. And group called we're gonna walk. Could get local still getting into this congressional race. Well there's one way she can do it better you know they are on every position when he started to look at the committee. Are usually made up county chairman of the counties that are involved in the press shortly. Bet bit bit is starting to help replace. I can't debate very big get on the ballot in keeping your spare or something happened those people simply vote among of these at least six or seven album and they pick. The replacement therapy without ever brought together signature. He bit the smoke filled room with the old cigar chomping bowl. Sitting Americans say you know what it's time for me to go that it has had you know what what although I do. It gives every single one of those people aren't backed committee. In order to horse may well. Art should people be. Yes I sickened might be a strong word but should people I guess shake their head at the fact that we're talking about the difference in money raised by AM Mick Murray and tolerances Mick Marie. Only and I say that with quotes around only. Has over 36000. Dollars of cash on hand according to some of the latest campaign filings. That's a year salary. Should people be sickened that it cost this much to run for a congressional seats. That's the way it is just caught a lot of money to to run for congress to run a primary look at Robert general. It can cost millions of dollars from district this one not so much because. You know. It doesn't have what in your city or walking into a media market in its order the TV ads aren't all that expensive but let the debt backed him. Think McMurray is unable to raise money. Sean Barney. The military veteran. S army veteran and our arms around a much rupees or read a military veteran and a former prosecutor. With raising money hand over fist and they Wear him out. What people need to be upset about here. It's have been Democrats aren't yet ready in this in Erie county but first reports out of a veteran prosecutor. Who could have. Raise money is given called Iran is for its money. What are you could not raise money and now the guys who can't raise money who lived outside the district is being dumped out by the government. This is a bit our Democratic Party in disarray they should have had this thing sold out before they went out gathered signatures to put somebody on the back. There's also word Michael that Sam Hoyt has gotten involved in he's made a call to Mick Murray. Sam Hoyte who really left in disgrace right. He did it mean not just want the white he's got he's got called out for sexual harassment or certainly inappropriate activity. As an elected appeared to American member of the McLemore pointy. You're out of order be too hard on on their quarry but you're not the guy you want out there as your messenger respectively in the need two year. What sexual harassment arbor. Actively like that are being called outright and let you know the problem is. Andrew Cuomo doesn't have a lot of great friends. In Western New York you know deep division who would probably the closest man to serve as a bit of trouble. And can't be helpful we've leaned on him white dude I feel badly prepared or not that they have not want anything to do with the but you know when it comes down to there's always been the difference between. The present regime. In the Erie county Democratic Party and Andrew Cuomo they have been there at all for quite some aren't just a couple of years ago become acute and made up. And here we go look at there's going to be a wedge between the state and the county party. And you know regret regret probably gonna win and a walk. Hey Michael we appreciate the time as always that's Michael Caputo talking about the congressional race McMurray or vocal. Who is the better candidate.