WBEN's Michael Caputo- The Nunes Memo

Sunday, February 4th

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It's hard line on news radio 930 WB and good morning this debut belt. We are talking for a much of the program this morning at least the next hour. About that noon as memo compiled by members of the House Intelligence Committee. Basically looking at some classified information or was at the time classified information. Says declassified since released publicly and basically alleges in a lot of different ways. That's the basis for our surveillance warrant. Of Carter page it trump campaign aide. Was based on this dossier. That was put together by Christopher steel with funding from the Democratic National Committee. The memo goes on to basically allege that because of that because it leaned on something related to the Democrats. That it becomes a by strictly political prosecution. And therefore Robert Mueller and the whole lot of surveillance. Issue. Has a lot less credibility gonna talk a little bit about that. This next hour. In just tomorrow will bring in Michael Caputo a former trump staffer of course you know Imus also a contributor here. And WB and a guy who has worked on the term campaign and also worked on other era political things including working in Russia so he's someone that's connected to this. In some ways that gives him insight. That we just don't have some of those and that's why we've got him coming up I do wanna set the stage that was something that came up from CBS this morning. This is off their face the nation program represented of trade dowdy. One of the four offers authors of that memo said on face the nation this morning that he believes a surveillance warrant for the former trump campaign advisor. Carter page would not have been authorized without the existence of that controversial steel document. Gotti when I'd say the public will never know if the surveillance against Paes was justified saying that the warrants relied on three pieces of information the dossier. Yahoo! News article. And some other information about their. That that was sent to the judges who approved the warrant but I this is the interest in part dowdy the only Republican on the House Intelligence Committee. Has seen the actual memo newness has that defies a warrant applications newness hasn't seen them. Dowdy emphasize that the memo does not discredit Robert Mueller is investigation. Not to me it doesn't I was pretty involved in drafting the memo he says there is a Russian investigation without a dossier. That seems like a good point to bring you in Michael hi good morning thanks for joining us. I'm good level let's talk about this dossier all of that this memo. Do you agree with Kurt excuse me trick daddy do you agree with Trey Gatti in saying that. Even without this dossier there would still be an investigation. I I suspect there would be that the problem we have with the Asia. Our house the senate investigation even. Tomorrow our investigation is it that it is feeding frenzy in the Democrats on top of brokered a nation to begin with. Understand that. About the game to play improper for the game weekly player Washington when you go after president you more after every game you create as much. On the board line and then. And in that regard even though there probably would be an Arctic is still on now we want our aspect of normal. We might not have a special prosecute. And so are the idea that this part of the old boy making machine coming out of the art party in orbit part of that you know. Making you know are producing a dossier it would political. Partisan. Research. And then selling it back to the media and over and took a national security apparatus. As intelligent. It is the first of many lies with old here and now with the memo. We understand. That there are several different people in the Obama national security rapper I'm sorry I've apartments are as herb FBI. Bit worst mining Warren are are required for our toward. State Department Arctic and they were not. Telling the judge that was paid for by Hillary Clinton. But if if true if trade dowdy is correct and says that the investigation going ahead. Even without the dossier OK we discount that dossier we label that dossier as a political document. There is still enough meat there to to make the prosecutor celebrate now. Piper without that stop you there be you know Carter paid slightly. It certainly Carter pages volume in the news media but when we're put paperback of the Democrats care about it wouldn't RP and it would be too. Right and I and I'm all we're gonna band with dowdy on the fact that. I don't think that what you know we're very much if you look at that memo all the people you know the fight a war process. And the people that were involved with Sally Yates was involved in it not just McKay but not sure. Call me but probably with the principal author of these fires and wars our community the more the most often offer RB part of war. Our department or application all at all of the support for tension in obese people pre dated. Our ball or he may know all of them. And they may have wanted to hit a Condo auto white horse to protect their beat him it doesn't look like you really have a lot to. All right now you also mentioned he flies a warrant extensions I know that they were renewed at least twice. If if the initial. Am. Information that was used together the warrant was tainted albeit this memo here. What about the renewals can we say there was enough there to continue to pursue it even again without the dossier. The talk quite clear to me what the prime loans the year yet but you have to we all under me to understand the underlying. Intelligence or a historic political. Campaigns leak search. There were passed off as intelligent. Our name from our our current super deal. Armed with that kind. Our leading up to the prize award was in fact a consulting. The FBI on it and and ride around I'm a part war application. They'd be cited because it's something Betty and Don and bad but it is no longer credible source. For their information. However they still went for the fight a war. Application and that the tensions and somewhere in that process there most certainly know between themselves that they hit shots. Our our our thrown away. It altered brokered the deal away at the source and end it bears have been among themselves and yet his work still stood. As part of the base is up I don't war. And he didn't know the judge that eater. You know I think it needs to be armed are fully investigated. In need to be prosecuted if someone committed crimes and that they did they need to be locked up. All right 8030930s. And number Michael you mentioned that the investigations. Plural continue. We want talk about that in just a little bit and especially your involvement with one of them. But the phone calls are already starting lineup we have a newscast to the bottom try to squeeze in a call between now and then. And kicking off for a series Tony and Clarence hey Tony thanks for joining us. Good morning and I'll be entire. This investigation to go out about other page started in 2013. And before our president trump being regularly was got a lot it was good and all the Ayatollah Al Ahram. Because he was being recorded by the Russians. Aren't herb page. It will anarchy secrets students union. I don't know what he did it. Their entire fuel on the other vital alliance that would dot and I don't work. Don't let the I'd be happy by Spiegel. They are based upon the apple is talking to an Australian. Open at. Eight and got big option 2070. And lucky that. But I will make connections that it is important that we write that Belichick action. Between some other people well and that I'm campaign. And that rush. Don't actually get that is that bassist. He did not say itself as an ally in the worst but got bullets and eating what Australian diplomat. That it's. I got really brought it to mr. Steele. Mr. Stephen Harper at the airport has collaborated with the FB. Because being led the charge of British intelligence. In the lucky you comment. Upon forward into a question for me Tony so we can get Michael to have to respond. I didn't hear a question there Michael but I'm sure he says enough for you to react to go and. But it would probably get in here and and are not all wrong here I mean. The fact is part of pays in the looked into our because they close at BR orders being recruited. To work from the Russian intelligence services than any active back into what we are. And he actually. Our our you know cooperative investigation and not somebody who went to work. So. That the caller who wrecked about that and in fact we're Tony that. Begs the question how does he may yet. How when he batted to become a byproduct presidential campaign that the questionable that right can be that it beat the other. How fast they were trying to recruit these good art campaign so much so that they've been in the past you know the only error if there isn't a problem with any of so that the good point but at the same time however the fact of the matter is the dossier. It into every single and every application and and pepper spray agreement or application. And our applications for instance all of that are at war that we are talking were part of the war going after Carter page backpack. And oh let's say we were proven and that this I think is a question and ask now a look at the answer after the news break because there is that the strange situation in Carolina that makes them need to be completely thoroughly on time. When we come back. Michael tell me what happens to remove the dossier from the investigation. Is is does the house of cards and collapsed more ahead it's hard line on his radio 930 WB yen. It's hard line on news radio 930 WV and this is Dave Devo. We are talking about that memo the new and as memo as it's called. From the House Intelligence Committee Republicans. Looking at some of the intelligence that was used to justify the flies a warrant to surveil. Campaign operative Carter page. And the basic conclusion of the memo is that so much in there. Was based on a dossier. That was connected they say to the DNC. We're talking about it was Michael Capuano found former campaign staffer for trump certainly someone who is got a lot of background and in the way that term campaign ran. And certainly has an interest in defending them but he's also got some background in Russia in the way elections work there he is served over there was some of the elections in the past. And I figured that makes him and imminently qualified guy to talk a little bit about this. Michael let's let's say the memo is everything that it appears to be. Let's say we remove the steel dossier out of there because it was tainted three of the poison fruit. And and and basically it take away the dossier. How much of the current investigations that go on still stand even without that dossier in the equation and equation. If this memo discredits that enough does does the rest of the fall apart. I don't think so are I think the credibility of the investigation. Is is hurt but more importantly I think. Are we need to use information from a scramble at the proper supplies are our war process. To correct the problems here's another a lot of people out there are more the the kind of odd problem with the powers that the government gains on replies I mean there are at a waited for. Days on the air for a. Pfizer is basically a secret court set up after 9/11. That allows domestic intelligence surveillance of terrorists. With overseas connections. It's a secret court in allows the FBI to do something you wouldn't otherwise be able to do which is surveil in the United States in my right. Our right and and that is designed for terrorism it was used are all well. And and I think you know really at the end of this week we need to understand that when they went your name is some bit of war. And make a map you've been there are able to listen to everything you read every. That you're sending premiere sport they're able to go back to the database. On the national security the import every email every phone call you ever. All right now I want to talk global more about the steal dossier he was intelligence operative at one point in Britain with Amway my sixth. And the Wall Street Journal had an instinct he's there yesterday. Written by Daniel Hoffman a former CIA operative. The headline the steel dossier fits the Kremlin playbook the likely objective he says must underline rip undermine. Both Republicans and Democrats and even American democracy. Is there to your mind a logical. A train of thought that says. The Kremlin is behind this part of it not collusion but certainly meddling. Well no doubt that the Kremlin is at hand in the deal about. Bell bell could be. Our they're deep you can do your part is why. Who had spent many times that the group would be nobody people thought it was his war light duties stopped Donald Trump being present. Using huge. Our critic of Donald strong. And he went back to result there are contacts in the KGB. We have settled retired KGB we don't know any got information now aren't in or having lived at Rutgers seven years. And encountered many barricade you Myanmar or wherever you are the area a archetype and there's not a good thing as a retired KGB general. At impacted general that was allegedly killed because of the RPA re search. Are with someone who who was freelancing. And served as a private intelligence agent jump like he'll watch. Developing it all intelligent and operate what. A bit mapping a former KGB officer. If not guided by what I'm a law. All right let's throw some calls here again made 030930 Baumann buffalo you're on the air with Michael Capuano. But the good morning government. Period comparable great I was solutions especially at Washington all night we are also Michael I just have a couple of quick questions are accurate rocker. It's collusion or cry. They're investigating. Not crying. Are they now looking for crops are strange that they can and by an MP. And what could you tell me about us Brothers and I'll take up. All right the first one is very interesting is collusion crime I would think it's. Treasonous if not actually illegal. No collusion is not a crime in fact our. By your definition of the arbiter of the term however if you were colluding to commit crimes it colluding to work it. Allegations. Two of Burke you know the national security interest of the United States. That would be inclined bet subvert optical or collusion. Have a caller said appeared to be wallop if you were an immediate despray. Our Internet it was used in the America and the instructions to the special counsel. It's really not what we're looking for here however. Are there is no way there's no crime to a however in the process of of investigating collusion. Are what typically happens is people may commit Mets are open and lie to the FBI and an interview relied or after the Justice Department. And bear you know like Martha Stewart. I knew you're gonna go there I was headed that way to absolutely. Lying to the grand jury is what she was ultimately convicted of rather than the initial insider trading charge. Let me put this on other though Michael if collusion technically isn't illegal. Do you think it would be right and I'm not saying he did it because I know where you stand on that. And do you think it would be right for president Trump's campaign to work with the Russians to keep Hillary Clinton from winning. If if if it's not strictly illegal. Is it at least wrong. Yeah if I I would bet the our campaign when the call Europe I was ordered picnic proper Arab doctors who we are good at it. But it should be reported severe PR that. I was probably worked more experienced campaign people and in trump tower at the time I was there are not degrade people. Are who won the election for Donald Trump bat just to say they're. He went with outsiders humor with people that might not have that depth. Right and and that very appropriate with the KGB North Korea for firing him you know Bloomberg the corral a little longer. I've heard ever encounter of the earth orbit the car had to bury it. About who were the conduct brokers. All I can hit that very quickly. Can't and that there's an advisor to who are Obama and the clintons are very high level. Person who ripped his chemical and all kinds period of government we've got them on both sides the white and the web of ever. John is extremely important or is also the guy who got an email hack because the air and air to request this. Email they're pumping Europe are kite who would do. Right he was also a former chief of staff I believe President Clinton as well. Right right and and in a period our opponent but that it came to watching the same time they were inseparable brought our way. And and they've broken their for decades. Our instead of going into government like his brother did open the lobby shop and impact. Don't regret and dark and that it would. Would go work a lot together from David talked a bit further shareholder and I'll read. Lobbying Sharpe Tony work with anyone like most lobby shops do like all men or they're. He worked for both started at work for countryman. And Arab leaders all around the world. And make it relevant for me why did Bob ask the initial question so what the best drew Brothers are involved. Or pony and that their work for work and rip Paul airport. Are on the and he also with the ball and uranium want he also was lobbying political largest banks in Russia the armored sanctions where. And he was into and I can go down in the registered lobbyist as were several different people rivers are for Russia and Russian interest. As well as. I am at by my count about 45 other Democrat connected to Clinton and Obama. So if there is a Russian connection you point to dust and say. Is to the Clinton side not the Trump's side. I think both sides Russia was working with artwork Russia little wall in Russia along parts Russia you know. It's not of our armed rogue state like North Korea if it on the you know on the National Security Council the American people who work and politic in the United States UK Germany. Represent Russia and their home base and at lobbyists. When the president of the united state Democrat the Democrat if all the contract. And limit within which is over Republicans may lose their job and those nations higher Republican lock. It perfectly legal but you know how much are doing something like colluding to our to subvert the national interest the united. Franken Malays really Europe now thanks waiting high. Although it is argued that note that this is the ability figure in the seventies. The Watergate thing which and the good compared to. All during the show political court became. Public. Was so either I'll I was is that. Makes and people bug the Watergate Hotel livid as Democratic National. Committee look it is the in this is that there's so many characters as well convoluted. Yet Russia yet. Trump children meeting with Russia yet be at my side note to the heat. I would think the best crib note would be read the memo. Take it may be with a grain of salt listen to what the Democrats eventually have to say about it. But read that memo and lays it all out in the way that you can at least understand what's being alleged would you agree Michael. I I'd do would operate the caller right there're there're two layers one layer of layers to this story. And Albers came together and want and that the band are above all be on me. It will probably later if that I've only really touches on about. 40% of you know and that is an all those back in there. The day after the election. Hillary Clinton Campaign. Senior leader met and decided that Russian collusion with issues were comical or are. All war and hundreds of millions of our. And they have executed. Perfectly. They're probably the best in the. All right John in Rochester quickly let's move to the calls here Europe now. They gave gave Michael. The only thing that gets lost in the whole city is important to Destin issue. Worse the media coverage and this media it's all out of control to a lot to globally literally ticking off split I heard. While Michael Carter paged by heard through Bob I tickled with Glenn Glenn Beck quote and I read in the newspaper. Called Carter paid sort of low. Stumbling block leaned. Diplomat. Oh what are your thoughts and terror agent deal that they want to mention too is what Obama is interference and Israel the Israeli elections. In a Canadian elections recently it's it's unbelievable. I think we can say that all governments do to some degree. At least the United States under Obama Mandel in elections. However I think it's also fair to say. This is different because you have a campaign working with the federal government. Instead of say a government working with campaign you seek to see the different sides of the fence and trying to drive John. Let's let's get the answer the other question too though. Michael jump on in here. RRR. I of the and the side I would that the writer in 1994. By. The Clinton administration to meddle of their election like state seven years so I read it goes on all of the world but they don't and it is very similar to what Obama there. With Israel now are Carter paid I'll tell you real quick I've never met a guy and a respond well our my understanding is that hole. Our campaign advisory committee that he was not sort our our medical little white. One time with the president hit and a headache ever they were recruited. God knows how remotely from weekend from what I understand a Carter page was an active it'll pop a couple of reputable work you earlier. Find their. You're the one that's called public topless coffee boy. Is try to page more skilled he got more background less of an intern. He was he was that a private equity group in Denmark are met a lot of these guys requisite legal term but. You know he he knew people in Russia you need to have Guatemala to Russia. He made some money there in the oil and gas sector and in my opinion that the guy is it'll look what it when he first came out we've looked at people of great beauty every. I would suggest I couldn't believe in the direct eye I think art oval act. Our paper doesn't it seem to be happy with here or like power threat but operate war now but I want what happened. And he by the way governor happening Marty's he's he's he's our parliamentary. Going to be hearing finds all. He's thrown himself on the mercy of the constitution. Of the United States. And I don't know maybe it would be kind of got our Revere ware. But it doesn't mean like he did anything wrong in fact how the government Norway and Russia are in the past. All right Michael you've talked about the investigations when we come back we'll look at your involvement there. And there's a new developments talk about we'll hit that when we return and try to squeeze in the final phone calls too with Michael Caputo. Next it's hard line on news radio 930 WB and it's hard line on news radio 930 WB the end this is Dave Bebo. Michael Caputo is with us and with the amount of calls are coming in he's graciously agreed to stick over just couple minutes after the newscast if you're on hold to stay there. And then after that after 11 o'clock we'll bring in. Tony Bruce a former federal prosecutor from west New York. But someone who has also worked on national security issues and has some interesting insight into this new and as memo we're talking about the memo from the House Intelligence Committee. That basically says some of the information that was used to get surveillance on the term campaign. Was based on a political document. That had its origins deep in the Democratic National Committee. Michael we we've been talking a lot to about. Russia and how they are involved the kind of things they do. You've shared stories about your involvement in Russia working out elections that brings us a little bit to some breaking news and I'd like to get to. Back in July you testified. Before the House Intelligence Committee. About Russian meddling or or their Barrett inquiries rather about Russian meddling I obviously didn't say there was any medley. And now it turns out. You're going back for more testimony tell us about that give us the latest news in that regard. You have to rope broke for me through. Did the same information to back out of representative banner over and over and over and over again. Same information each targeted. And ignore price they got to take. You know pretty high priced attorneys with me every time so that caught were caught are fairly. A tremendous tremendous amount of money we don't even know how much it's it's. Probably more than my mate no doubt. You are being called back again to the House Intelligence Committee when. No matter how how does has moved on. Our Marquette when we're drive with that in have been made public with never made. And diet seemed to me that the senate would residents are part of my attorney are. Bennett Rocco about bringing me here and they kind of go off for a little while and it seemed to be going another direction but after the first of the year. Suddenly we were contacted by. The senate intelligence and Judiciary Committee. Inviting me to accommodate that about three interview. Withdrawal you know right see and they're happy that they courses without it there's no way be back on never they never fair share information between each other. They have no. No well problem. Inviting somebody who testified in the repeat whatever percent other committee. And the house intelligence in the Senate Intelligence Committee by virtue of intelligence and our name. Automatically you would think could be closed is there any chance that the Judiciary Committee will be open in public testimony. Robert I'm not that far along yet our mapping for open. Their hearings in both. I'm rob we'll see what happens. A fact of the matter is our armored judiciary side. I was Derrick contacted. And invited not subpoenaed. Are driven by albeit finger invitation. Wanna make sure. There weren't needed arm I'm available. But. The invitation came from her as a minority leader. Other senate judiciary committee of in the majority didn't participate in her and the pace and I was one of I think nine or ten people invited. Not even clear. How compulsory it really is. It them that the majority haven't participated. Is there a timeline when might you be there again doing this. Well look like remarked that word and it seems to me but even though it you know my. Find part time in the minority leader. Of the art of the Judiciary Committee I think I think he and I are met I know her you know and a I think he's trying to move or resolutely. I think everybody on her list. All minor ten people were told there are big big big organization in the month of February love Al I'm an intelligence problem with certain. All right now the fact that these three have asked you backed. Does that tell you anything about the status of each of their investigations. What they're keeping because when I when I went in. On the house while permanent let me in the ultimate that would really weird date from the army if you understand that rebel situation you're. You're going to what they called the skip. In an a secret pop secret area representatives. And behind. Inside of the door that like a walking reason or a block signal you'd spent I spent four hours and there. And it was clear to me promote patter of the question. And I'm in all the way to protect act and the thing. Think art is over and over the Israeli clearly a bit position that no back line pretty early in the process them. As a witness you can understand that they were trying to do it and fine. Michael you've sat in this chair you know all about how breaks let's continue this in a moment it's news radio 930 WBN will get his take on the new and as memo. We're talking about that now though with Michael Cavuto. Former aide to the term campaign local political consultant someone who back in what was it July of this past year. Testified before the House Intelligence Committee. About their investigation. Into possible collusion between Russia and the term campaign. And Michael before the break bit of breaking news we're just telling us. Then now the Senate Intelligence Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee have both in directly that the the Judiciary Committee at least through it's a minority group. I have asked you back for more testimony probably by the end of the month. When when we had a break for news you are saying that jeepers this is just a fishing expedition is net. It is a minute they're so popular in the air there with my goodness these these committees in the house. You know hundred good opportunity to work a few people don't know right but they're they're really. You know what if they're giving me at this stage evidence that is the this year in an intelligent man they really are. Aren't so ripples of the issues of the witnesses and it appeared. New York are are trying to on in the past they need it. Before your house testimony in July. You sent them basically a letter outlining your position and saying that you'd be willing as there Ben similar exchange in this one what have you told them thus far. Kirk currently I've had my are turning on the market leader ball below. Are are in court armed with from Barrett is you know represented equally. In there were trying to discard the parameters of document production and that sort. I'm gonna come dot com time for my appearances. I know the director of the hill as well. Arm and you know back where you need summary of note that there are gonna approach our room well so you know even normal witness. It's really important for all the witnesses to come in with all all right our borders there's. You know you can inadvertently make a mistake here to talk and Jack are. I right now I think we had pretty much known obviously the House Intelligence Committee was investigating. A logical assumption that the Senate Intelligence Committee was investigating to what degree is this a new development that judiciary is now involved. Well and to me on a boat are looking for the same thing for me so I don't know what focus. They're different between their focus on paper quite Spain where they're interested in mind. Are any mediate back have with our campaign officials about Russia or any. Communication with the Russians about the campaign and so on. And of course I have none of that but their you know you'd still need to prevent hundreds and hundreds of pages of document. As someone who work comic here in new York and our Manhattan that from tower. You know there I've gotten partners in our a lot of email exchanges on all topics of the day. But not a bit about Russia of course. Wreck and you save all those you keep those. I do I mean I. In art art and the security. We're all like all the money. I email communications and crime involved in the campaign. I keep every one of them because. I've destroying them would be right there with which it quite critical. Oh world I know I didn't ever really utilize that Donald Trump campaign account I have one thing that they're using Mario and account. And at the Gartner to consult not a fair Herbert. You know I'll tell you that it in north a lot of work here are these are the things might our production was well. All right let's clear out their final phone calls here again talking more specifically about the noon as memo. Back to the phones feel and Amber's you told that I've been on hold for a while I appreciate that Europe now hi. Phil are you there are going wants. All right let's puff filled back on hold and see if frank in Niagara Falls with us good morning frank. Happy Super Bowl Sunday everybody a man. Like how could they doubted the social club with that somebody should be taught a tactical slop lateral it. Yeah and he would GOP establishment. It actually remember a time that conservatives product that just you Terrence so politicians take its secret meetings with. Hey rush paid agents of Russia. Beta that they will rule on the people's lives blacklisted that if you don't even firing squad. They're like you know I'm I'm an exception because I've progressed so. And it and all the time right wingers called me and Connie yeah you know finding out things change right. But I don't know what I find really disturbing is a major legislation coming up in the next few weeks and haven't switch it through this Saturday Shelton. Our news cycle that are dominated by the news that ma'am soap. Opera. You know winners and about how the trump and some demonstration that web ready to sew up control of our. Nation's vital infrastructure private and interest. I I think sir that we have heard discussion of the infrastructure package to the degree that they exist. I don't mean to unload on you but it really bothers me when people say why haven't we heard and then they go on to describe everything they've heard well. It's out there are you wouldn't have heard of it did the whole the media is not doubt that at about fellow blank. And gets a little tedious with me Michael helped me out here. While also they know as we've seen in the last. Five days and infrastructure acted we heard about. Oh privatization of the car and bring in their belt and become a point now in impacted. A lot more traditional than that it looks a lot more like government program. And I think that the progress of Harlem would probably appreciate a lot more inevitable quote this week at those who seek or. And additionally I missed and did it really important for people understand the last couple of weeks about the memo that the Republican memo Republican strategist Robert Byrd. They investigation. And pepper and we've heard people saying these FBI they're Republican they're Republican. How to may be partly your arm the Republican. Let's not forget the Donald Trump was opposed by the Democrat and Republican. And it is not beyond the pale to imagine. The number of Republicans who were bit haters of Arnold strong it within the apparatus. Our our ever growing government and that they it would still hate him and want to get rid of them I would work with their fellow Arab. Bureaucrat deeply imbedded in the in the administrators say. They're they're they're what are they can't stop. I want to close on May be a slightly provocative question is it fair that the Republicans have the least of their memo. And yet the Democrats want is still classified. Wouldn't it be better if everything was just poured out on the table there's the new and as memo there's the Democrats play FBI what do you know. We report you decide kinda thing put it all out there and have the public look at everything that's up there and then judge accordingly. Is it unfair that we haven't seen the other side in an official memo resemblance to classified. All of us I think we can see everything that we can say we see with our without revealing national security epic week. We have a Democrat or disable. Wherever the Republicans have been able we ought to be a Democrat in fighting the we hear memo from being released were saying that there were Arab you know. Methods in and secret that we're going to be revealed and it was irresponsible. Are are a bit against national security and of course there were I don't. You know there are all so. Concern raised by the FBI and the DOJ about very rapidly information and the and there are and the memo and they're not. So the idea that the Democrats worked wringing their hands and crying about national security that this memo wouldn't be wouldn't come out. Turns out what they reclaim and what's not true at all well. It turned out they really didn't care and national security secrets and there are all came out if they wanna be released without any review. Opened it up Obama on both sides both sides of playing politics and reality all of us are here fly over country all we wanna be in the back. All right Michael always fun talking with you I appreciate your time this morning thanks so much for their joining us and and talking not only about the memo. But your upcoming testimony before the senate judiciary and the senate intelligence. Committees. Michael Comodo former trump staffer political consultant based in east or Ernie are occasional contributor obviously here.