The WBEN Comey Interview 930in716 April 19, 2018

Thursday, April 19th

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It's 930. In 716. The biggest newsmaker of the week. On the podcast. Where I guess Coakley wouldn't call a league but legally that's not a leak a you've got to believe that the president is a very very concerned I'm Tim Wenger on the podcast powered by the Brothers of mercy of five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. James told me goes one on one with a WBN's. Susan rose and Brian mess around ski in a wide ranging interview. James Cummings why now we hear a witness and Robert Muller's Russia investigation. Are you risking anything by speaking publicly before this probe is over. Agree with you I. I don't think so Komi talked at length with Susan and Brian on all the issues surrounding the email probe and of course his new book. My testimony it. Maybe someday they'll be a witness that the testimony I would give authority been locked down as prosecutors would say I've testified under oath. At length about it last year in the senate and even before that it was locked down because much of it is in memos I wrote at the time. And so as a former prosecutor I don't think there's much risk at all that that by talking about what I said a year ago under oath I create a problem as a witness. You don't John dean's testimony. Help bring down the Nixon administration he waited until the investigation was over to tell his story. There. And and maybe a different person would have made a different decision. I thought it would be a cowardly thing to weight given that speaking won't jeopardize the investigation. And that I thought I had something useful to say especially now about leadership which is what the book is about not about Donald Trump. And that there would be very very little risk to the investigation and by the way. The special prosecutor in the FBI knew for a long time I was gonna be writing a book and I submitted the manuscript to the FBI for review and there was no request that I and I'd do it. You said this book isn't about the president but it's all the headlines are obviously going to be about Donald trumpet is your goal of writing this book he says it's about leadership on achievable now that you you kind of no longer have this nonpartisan image. I don't think so I think. People read the book. They'll realize too few things in and tell the truth when I say it's not about Donald Trump it's about stories that helped me former picture including stories right did things have not proud of that helped me develop a picture what ethical leadership should look like. And that even if you think I'm an idiot I'm a pretty fair minded idiot and I'm not on either side and and I know the headlines be about Donald Trump but I hope people will look past those headlines. And read the book. In Europe leak of memos. That message sent to the rank and file FBI agents who feel like the agencies being dragged through the mud. Jeff. After respectfully take issue with your press occasion I didn't leak memos. I gave a single unclassified. Personal memo that I had in my safe at home to a friend and asked him to share the substance of with a journalist. So mean I guess cloak we wouldn't call the league that legally that's not a leak a private citizen can talk to the public about their on class of our conversations with the president. That's what memoirs are full of for for generations in this country. And look I get why people question why did that I thought it was really important that I do at that moment. 'cause I thought there were tapes president trumpet tweeted about tapes and something needed to be done. To force the Justice Department to go get those tapes is this entire discussion this book this interview right now turning the FBI into a political agency. A heck now. Affect the FBI is is the opposite of that people ask about the politicization of the FBI the FBI is not politicized since being attacked politically. But it is a resolutely apolitical organization and if you again if people take the time to actually read the book they will see that. You're going to have a lot of time on your hands would you ever consider running for office never. Never. Kelsey against the my wife gets it twice never. You know and listen. Thing to some of the interviews you gave him and including that extend a moment the ABC you mentioned you went back to Loretta lynch is meeting. On the plane is sort of that point they kind of started this as a whole journey off for you if that meeting on the plane never happened. Would you still the FBI director today. It's a great question. May be paid I don't know depends if I can't live imagined lives it would it would turn out a whole bunch of different things. I might still. Have. Well we would have still closed and Hillary Clinton investigation. We would events still been in the same position at the end of October whether or not I did a press conference. And and so probably I'd be in the same boat if I could live that imagine life again I think I'd still be at the job. Five years from now we'll the American people think of James Tommy. I hope I don't think much about James Columbia at all I hope they've. Are having a conversation among themselves about American values and they don't remember me. I'm not I have no interest in being famous I wanna be a great father and grandfather and teacher that's my next thing on your professor. And I'll be totally cool with they don't remember me. WBE and political strategists doctor Kevin Hardwick and Erie county lawmaker in kidneys his college political science professor. Was you know our studios following the interview. Well the first off I think it was tremendous yet for a WB yen. I'm I'm amazed that guy is though that. Trying to sell books in big markets in and doing all sorts of interviews with George Stephanopoulos and everybody else in here O'Brien and Susan are able let. Get him for a few minutes for for radio so. That I think is in and of itself impressive. On the con tendon become the interview and his book. Hardwicke continues he's been subjected to a lot of criticism. In in recent the recent days. From the quarters from every quarter Democrats Republicans. Wonder what he's doing out there I thought that the one most interesting parts of the interview to me was when Brian. Kind of stumped him with the Loretta lynch question you'd think what everybody asking him questions. While these big game interviewers he would have been asked that before and you could get here thinking through would you still have had his job. Had not the Loretta lynch thing happens and he he concluded that no he probably would wind up getting fired anyway I don't know that the there's any. Light shed. On the investigation itself. I think we knew what was there and that we saw testimony. Before congress. You know so we we knew what the story there was I I I think what comes out with a book. And it carries over to this interview is his distaste. For the president of the United States he really doesn't like what president is doing. And he obviously has a problem would Donald Trump. And you see that come over through and through you know all of us have our diocese and homey is certainly not a trump fan. Did dad impact he is is dealings with prompted leading tech this is testimony. I'm not sure that it did because they think I think he. Call me is a is is a fairly. A straight up guy he's an honest guy. You know he said that people may become of him NC. Fair minded idiot he told Brian ensues and and I think a lot of our listeners probably view him as fair minded idiots. With the accent being unfair mine a you've got to believe that the president is a very very concerned. I mean none of us know. Here anyway what's what's in there. But there's certainly a lot of small. And whether there's fire I think we'll find out the next day. Next couple months who knows who will talk with next. Act tomorrow. That's 930. 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo.