Wallet Hub Parking Study - Jill Gonzalez


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A battle back in to expand the US highway. An administration. That I think that from there at that week high would you let me. The larger Bachmann in Jakarta the all of these cities about twenty times higher than those with a low lit parking rate. Now what kind of parking spots are we talking about when you're taking these things into consideration does that include all of the free spots that we have to is it just private lots a mix of both. That would include the average work I think parking garage. OK so looking at part of the whole picture when it comes to parking that some of the private lots definitely more expensive the more you're seeing in some of the other cities do what were some of the cities that were can curable. To buffalo Boston and Chicago right wing buffalo New York City would actually more like 25 dollars and income 24 dollar so. Pretty you are indeed across the board as they thought well this small but all of those for those. Very tight parking rate. Did you tend to notice in that category that some of these smaller cities so word toward the front and dubbed it the the best places in terms of how much you're paying to park in buffalo stuck around bigger cities may be not where you would expect it to be. And the low lit parking rate Greg Craig is like green grass of Aaron North Carolina. For a lean in and at. Definitely Smart idiot nearly can be rented out there and in the black as well a lower cost of living to begin at. That your report looked at driving it as a whole and on the part of driving conditions that I guess buffalo didn't fare too well either. No buffalo beat out Cleveland and Seattle Portland already know these electric the cookies and it ranked. Very glad that the match. Are so couple scores were re didn't do too well but buffalo didn't make the top ten worst cities to drive and so what does buffalo have on places like San Francisco Philadelphia. That weekend you know hang her Hannah. Any idiot can have more on that act by then even more expensive card you'd like food fluctuate back went out and I'm wearing it. All of these he putted the there and more traffic and a little bit. Lack in terms of infrastructure. And I bet they need to drag and all right let it Q Rowley North Carolina Orlando Florida. I'll pack that fact that she paired across the board cheaper gas cheaper and cart should go mean I can't eat your error. So while Buffalo's paying more for parking maybe were paying less for gas than in some of the other cities.