Volvo: Going All Electric? - Lauren Fix


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Lauren fix the current coach she's with us live as we've been telling you this morning carmaker Volvo plans to go all electric. By 2019. In a Lauren it seems like a big gamble here is this Volvo giving Tesla a run for its money. Well actually part of a little bit of confrontational at Havilland later couple. A couple of electric and you get when you actions. It didn't actually what they're doing actually weren't you at what bull would that it is a few weeks ago in Spain. You get a chance to cut with a book where it was announced. But what book will do it that you models start in banking will have forty people in the preparing pork. Plug in electric type. Product. A reluctant to change and call. Until they're what they're doing it pure ED oranges will be and should. Well from cute to buy it model recording 192021. Which would that much you I'm. You are looking at a pure gasoline engine that will be avail however. Plug in hybrid or hybrid engines will be available. And that this article here is there any other automaker. Audi. General Motors and his death because that's what people are looking for but they're also worried that the predict gasoline nickel back up. Stay low key changes their future didn't play. Well if this auto maker Volvo were talking hour right now if one auto makers turning all of its cars into either hybrid you're totally electric vehicles. Mike the cost of electric vehicles at least from that auto maker come down. Not necessarily because personal perhaps to be based on sale is great the more product you produce. The lower the cost will be but the demand is the problem right now but hopefully across eight less than 2%. And with Ottawa they'll drop in. Where is dropping op is. The electric vehicles people are buying them as much you know every manufacturer is age epic because they have to because this gated California. You sort of not pay for the whole country unless things change in Washington and met my turn everything around. You have to produce electric vehicle. And solace in state Californian artists felt vehicles if you saw more than 4500 cars which is pretty much at all of them it is labor eating or are. And there are certain that you know prepare for possibly that all of course from the hurry elements in California. Either they're difficult they are market demand. You didn't it and it stopped and addressed by the people as a partner interest in it that. Global public because geely which the Chinese owned company and they are the world's largest oil importer and it's growing. Because there's something Carson wrote a large market in the world. And that tip our national interest for the president gasoline to rise and more people to demand. Battery powered plug in because obviously there are large importer so they're open a lot more behind the scene and get them. Sort of putting out of Atlanta we're going all electric committed to getting the all electric. So look uptight than ever that take okay that they are getting and I get a lot of credit yeah written headline. Right well you know people of Western New York it seems. Have been skeptical of electric because of our winters I mean have they addressed that it is and it just a ticket you know is it justified. Now you're absolutely absurd correct hears stories when you have a pattern woman has won what their guy. A new army Porsche V altering our our outlook you will note in it depends on Libya on his hand on the battery life and where it. They don't like we don't decrease it would be as much. It could be a Curt Schilling start thinking I gotta go to work and her younger kids at school and record it'll open. Well here also we are a great hospitals you've got it up all you wanna go out how to park Kyra the worry about. What I am up than what actually retreat charging stations you like partners supper. Battery powered I can give you a gallon of energy and economic gasoline is stuck in the side of their work. We never lie at the range anxiety until that can be fixed and he can't push technology we don't know we're going to be. If you typically go short routes there's a lot of great product out there. I'm there are there much bigger share of the lead but the ball because they're regular pure tactical problem. Beat the level with Cutler and I know there are half a dozen and apparently people are. Is he got a problem and they get exit over the phone they got to go pick up a flatbed to equivalent. And that they might be reported at all I have port truck that people power. At the expense. I think they do what you wanna do it needs to be greener greater a lot of other choices about going attempts by Iraq and vocal lot piece about. Aric that is a Lauren fix the current coach joining us to talk about Volvo which beginning in 2019. All of its cars. Will be either hybrid or electric.