Viewing Tips For Solar Eclipse - Dr Kevin Williams


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Kevin Williams is with us from the whitworth Ferguson planetarium at SUNY buffalo state good morning sir. You are help me out here and Nash a designated viewing site for the eclipse today. That's right. Also put out a call for viewing site. I auditorium at the end of the places around the country and temple. Scrutiny and had a plan and activities then and think I bet. As well as a political content expert. What are your activities today. Well in addition to having put classes. Telescopes with the right shelters on them so we deeply Yugoslav and they have. Astronomy related activities or folks of all ages from you know its results. We have activity is an admission from some of the other cultural institution here in buffalo and we. A couple of trucks to. Austin it's come via via really big event. What it what are the hours when are you invited people to come by. Well it starts at 1230 and residential or it's gonna be in the what state it's son Rocco road and obese. And in the part that kind of intrigued me and food trucks love food truck. But you're using telescopes to see this that's something the can be done as lines there's obviously some protection going on there. Redeker for good or usually you you wouldn't look at the sun through a telescope but just like Reese. Look at lapses we have special filters work out so at about that allows us to either completely. You know we've been hearing that people are doing some pinhole methods and because they don't have. That the glasses and they are even talking about using a colander to look is that is that okay. Yeah the Helm I I have thought actually he and what's really seeing is there anything with a small hole even contemplate how to believe that a treaty or keep your fingers of one hand at a right angle here fingers at another and let a little bit like true. Any time the summit going through a little hole that. It'll project an image of the sun so during equipped you'll see an image of the equipped. All right but I I shouldn't look directly through the call under I should use that project the image on something. Right that is a great point you want to have the sun behind you and then use the colander or whatever it from the US the sun passes or shall there that you at all. So this begins out on the West Coast. I First Amendment you know makes its way toward the east is it longer as it gets here. Un well for us since were not seeing eight total alert that at a partial total here. Be it could actually lap over two and a half hours. Starting at 111 in the afternoon and we'll and that streak could you want. And what exactly will we be able to see here. Oh well I'll watch the disk of the moon slowly passing in front of the sun so what are the C sort of a chunk taken out of the sun very slowly. And then at 230 or at the maximum extent. About 72% of the on debt will be covered by the missile beating at a crescent some. All right and and Kevin briefly again the the location off Rockwell wrote in the Sunni Baath state campus what time should people be there. Yet it's in the parking lot are fourteen and walked or rode out from 1230 until four. All right very good thanks for your time. Evan Williams is the director of the whitworth Ferguson planetarium at SUNY buffalo state one of NASA's designated viewing sites for today's. Kit that's also the Museum of Science in buffalo. That's a hosting viewing parties and will consider point the outer harbor is also hence having a gathering as well today in sharing glasses.