Vatican Responds to Priest Abuse Scandal - Tom Rivers


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We told you earlier this week about a scathing grand jury report by a Pennsylvania grand jury. About hundreds of clergy who raped and molested more than a thousand children over decades. Now the Vatican. Is weighing in breaking its silence in the spring and Tom rivers this morning at the foreign desk Tom what's spend their reaction from the Vatican's. Yes Google look really cool date say a written statement from the Vatican expressing. Shock and moral and that you didn't barely strong language calling of the action. Abuse that littered literally hundreds of these priests over decade criminal. Morally reprehensible. And they say that what the church at the learned Latin legal earn less than a decade ago. But. They also say that there should be accountability or the abusers. And also those who permitted the ball abuse to occur but those are covered it up the courses you know per year if they had a quote unquote. Priest with with issues they would plucked a model one diocese and and put himself Morales and only be the wiser and it wasn't just isolated cases. This was done systematically around the world. When you talk about a maybe something being done tech help those who were used to the idea of prosecution. Off the table because of the statue of limitations in many of these cases is their hope that may be the Vatican can laid down some sort of punishment double. I don't know help but these those who were abused to move forward. Yeah I gotta get thinking you know maybe counseling something like that but I tell you a lot of these priests are dead now. Lot some of them have resigned. Mom and did you say again over many many if you come but some Abbott may be in the fifties or sixties. Bomb the very very difficult to prosecute. It is they've stopped the until more recent cases yet. They can be glaring example and being shown around the world fruit from the courtroom and not only in the US but around the world. Various countries are going to the same thing or have gone to the same thing in Ireland you name fill in the blank. But yes so the older cases there's not a whole lot you can do at this stage. Is there any hope that because this Pope seems to have kind of a new attitude. That says it may be things actually will change moving forward. You would think so I am also may yeah may be the man of the moment home but again history catching up. With the church and maybe previous Pope got a kick this issue into the long grass down on the road etc. When you have report like this. That are sold glaring sold damning. You are forced to use. Kind of language strong language of Sorrell and asking what forgiveness. Because. And all the facts speak for themselves and in essence. Yes this bowl may be different but he is being forced to deal with this issue front and center. Tom we appreciate the update that's Tom reverse reporting from the foreign desk on the Vatican's reaction to a grand jury report about clergy abuse. In Pennsylvania.