Van Deliberately Strikes Large Crowd of Pedestrians In Toronto Canada,4/23 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 3

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Monday, April 23rd

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News radio 930 WBA. And. You know for the longest time we thought UConn came in from Alaska through a back up runners there that they have total awe launched I bet on skis too Leo yeah. If you have more. It's Tom Bauerle you've got to be kidding now at the time that was a really big deal. And David Bellamy got the best at what they do its hourly and they'll be nobody others guys that know. On news radio 930 W. All right thank you guys it has been four hours and so far. Now what email in my email box saying that what happened at Toronto was a false flag attack beat in involved crisis actors and CE they saw David hauled in the background thank you your renewing my faith in humanity. One little step at a time. Unfortunately folks you'd be stunned at how many emails we get along those lines shortly after a terror attack happens and honestly does it your best and get older and somewhat. Discouraging after awhile about your I'm listening to us right now. You probably just go up to work at five so we've got people on hold wanna talk to us but let's just give me the basics. This happened in Toronto young and finch roughly that neighborhood north part of Toronto. A white van. People people wanna Miller we keep saying whites now that's not a race she is a racist thing it's as were describing the man it was a white man. And it apparently was a Ryder rental ban. Intentionally drove onto a sidewalk and mowed down as many pedestrians as you could nine are confirmed dead sixteen are confirmed. Injured Barbara said earlier typically for every one dead you've got to that are injured or maybe three that are injured. Depending on the nature of it. But that we have video in the Bali and bill via FaceBook page of the police taking the suspect in the custody. Also. We've had varying reports of exactly where this fire is in Cheektowaga. Looks like and I could be corrected on this but you know word mob hill park is. Bomb it if you were like at Johnny subs and union. And you threw a rock and unit really awesome arm you would hit Nob Hill park it is it's a brushfire they're saying it's under control it was a brushfire Nob Hill park. Burr road like I Uga and it's. Well thank god it's nobody's house or structure and nobody was hurt. Thank god for that so thank you for the information guys we do appreciate it. But we're doing a ghost show once and somebody called and with that review is our story from knob hill are configured retirement drive past it. It is hourly ability of and we have. Been covering this situation throughout the services of major international news story just happens to be taking place seventy miles from where we are Peters Saint Catherine on WB yen. Go ahead. Tom and David I think in the courtroom. Some complications or its young intentions more towards the young and shepherd neighborhood. That is dominant Sunni predominantly Chinese. It's high priced Chinese neighborhood high quality game million at all homes. May end up condominiums. Combination Chinese Korean if the F support he has exactly there now. I want to remind you something. As you can free in this property. About all once a goal or a guy not a good. And mr. Imus you rented one of those trucks. And tried the plug on a bunch of people and our goods are being used didn't cover it does much but he underway you'll find it. Not a problem is she didn't do that aren't that they keep time. But he rattle what people what the idiot couldn't try. And piece of the truck. And is because it's at the truck he didn't shoot it if people that being not good so I doubt that close. Oh but talk we had a boat for one simple. That was in October of 2078. Around not quite. Where and who are. Approximate. Sixtieth vote. On. It refugees but we always. And tonight to new. Web should I missed it did you sit. Resort Trudeau. To grow it make you. Sixty Dalton or we always turn to calm the typical way I'm sure that cheer. And cry. Crying and telling us. The Arctic yet. It because I'm sure that's something we. Won control. The squad is seen. I've. Brought oh (%expletive) Well I I would say that's very well played. What did you do. What you call the BBC because I've noticed the BBC the I feel like in the old days when I used to listen to radio Moscow as a teenager would you call the BBC. Well no doubt that dot that beat BC as far as politics. I can't think right. The it's a and he. Up. Do we have we have been experiencing. A bunch of a sudden. Refugees. Sure you attack that started in Colombia. Where. Going into the public transport ship you are talking about stripe it. Get going into subway we would ship and all of a sudden we have been having quote. New. Up some who are excellent. Young. Islamic Meehan a war that's likely not vote it is. The peace and proximity to fight yet. She should do this stuff. Good. Genes. But that. Until I know skipping it grew school. In under a month that saw them. You're in a sudden on earth happened to be. It's. Gotten any other applicants scored. Seat at the top but get portal. System but not United States. This woman that we can at prices that. Bitter hole I just just a minute thought you can say well we've got to get rid of Trudeau. But what I see happening in Ontario and Canada is the culmination of literally decades. I'll left wing and political. Indoctrination. And propaganda. I mean this is not the Canada of of Dave Hodge and the sky blue Hockey Night in Canada blazers. Yes you're absolutely correct but what you look on their hit enough depth. Doubt that that have brought people into the country to a lot. Did not begin to which they cannot get jobs it's important now get completing habitat or any don't want outlook. So I'll probably get bumping up against system system that's it Dem and a lot of them but there is. About them coming with experience in and got all we know we're I don't wanna judge put it yet. Don't wait to see a guy that they and that's refugee group we couldn't do it. By the botnet trying to stop good except the potential that you vote. And put up optical pickup problem mr. total. You know that really depends on whether or not we get a name but it. To me when you hear them sit on something so long. And now they're admitting that it's a terror attack were knowing that this guy was known to the government noted to local law enforcement. You know now's the time when most people start pointing fingers. But I just wanted to get confirmation on is this crisis. Is this you know homegrown group what are we talking about it I certainly miles away from our borders. But when word got Peter on the line here the former police chief bubbly be set of Toronto said that this guy at the suspect in today's multiple murder. With an assault van. A high capacity assault ban. Was done by a guy who is known to the government I eat the national government. And the story Peter mentioned from Edmonton. Was a Somalian man. Who also was known to the government as perhaps not the kind of person candidate ought to be sheltering. Correct what I did think about that comic this I would be as blunt as they can. Create yet. I'm very very skid. And it gets them in skit for the class two to three years. Upon looking forward and did not know what to do to silence in Canada. It could be you recognize. That depth unarmed and add them up America and couldn't get about warring people like you I knew about how walling people and up by week. Just go out fight you know the business. And then get all done their business that's a fine. How will get into a fight even a preemptible political battle ships like the main in the Spanish American war but that's another story. Ouch too soon. But anyway. Peter thank you for the call and it's going to be interest daily from my point of view look I mean. This is gonna sound politically correct and I'm not trying to sound politically correct your Brett. In this particular case. Is the predominant issue who. Islamic fundamental. Terrorism or is the predominant issue a guy be in acts. I. I I well I will hold judgment until we have more facts like I cited the Orlando attack before. And through me and again I'm the least politically correct person in the world but in the that had all the makings of a guy who is gay who couldn't deal well. Acted he was gay and decided that all the fun gay ominous start to it it must be because of other gay people some hurt gay people I think the guy was a I think he would. Insane personally but there is a very strong anti gay feeling amongst islamists as well this this is this is true this is very true. Peter thank you unless you're talking about young boys. In which case you get a pass apparently. And that is part of the culture whether or not you want to admit it DH Lawrence you might want to read. All right thank you Peter I'm glad you called a news radio 930 WBU that are actually Lawrence of Arabia I get my Lawrence's are confused sometimes with their various writings. Something about pillars of wisdom I think you're just joining us. Major news story happening in Toronto and I certainly hope given all the people from the buffalo courier who visit Toronto. Mum we we don't know from where the victims are but. David the last hole I had was nine confirmed dead. Somebody is set us on verified information that a tenth person has died. Six team. Are hurting now whether somebody got counted twice we don't know will Payton told the official information comes out. The suspect was arrested and we want it to go to the buy hourly envelop via FaceBook page. Watched the video David posted. The guy being arrested. Patients or reckless and the guys who did the running over. Of these innocent people. I'm multiple occasions be it it it's like he's doing everything heat and to do suicide by cop or to be a marcher. You know what here's my whole thing. And you're only. If you're situation awareness as soon as you get there you putting everything together. We're Monday morning quarterbacking an officer and obviously you were made the right decision because no one got hurt. Any took days do you suspect who now can be used for human intelligence and you'd find out you know what motivated this first and if there's other people on her people. At a great day for her to Ronald law enforcement. However. You really got to why I mean that is even if it was a cell phone. You know that's just way too much time. To be giving orders to someone and for them not to be comply. You know out of sane and and I've got to wonder if the cops got weapons. You know I don't know if he was appearing to someone just wrote in that he was turning off his alarm that the audio shows there was alarm on he opens the door turned the alarm off so at that point he knew that this is a cell phone he was in any danger by. Still I mean there's love that you do with the cell phone that's a really. It's a squarely positioned to be and David can can you explain for those who hadn't seen a movie involving terrorism in the last ten years. Exactly why a cell phone can be a weapon of mass destruction well the someone who's been used. Pretty much since 2006 to go to. Two to blow up any sort of Balmer AD. They set it up win another cell phone you're making a call. And when that phone rings are vibrates that's what detonates the the device becomes the primer now you know that I note that I wonder if atypical approach well I have police officer would be aware of that absolutely those those guys are trained you know buffalo was. We are bomb squad guys and Erie county. Literally were worth taking ideas out in Afghanistan acts and point these guys are the best trained in the world. I do wanna see how did you guys at the buffalo police. It's a tactical unit the swat team ran into Tom on Saturday night went to school with Tom. And he's looking good memories looking stronger than ever so banks of the guys in the city of buffalo PVV. The swat guys the tactical unit. And once they get this cataract. Maybe I can out shoot your eye and his. Once I get the cataract being the operative part of that talking about the situation in Toronto. Just one line is open at 8020 about thirty start by 3180616. WBE and. I dynamic duo is back actually are both really great guys its hourly and Bellamy. On WDE and. It is. Under his radio and at thirty WBD. And welcome to the show and we just joining us. You know folks usually when you hear about these things were talking about France were talking about Maher saying we're talking about a Christmas market in Germany. But we've got a major induced injury and it's happened seventy miles or so from where you're sitting right now a terror attack in Toronto. Nine people confirmed. Dead. And what happened was a high capacity rental van. With the bumpers not above stock but opera's. Intentionally. Was driven onto a sidewalk. And ram over as many people as possible nine and are confirmed dead sixteen and are confirmed herding. We do not know the conditions of those who were injured and not killed. But today you know we've we had a horrible feeling when the bad news broke and we're watching some of the first aerial shots. Bet the number originally given by the Associated Press of two dead was going to prove to be. Inadequate and that's that's not blaming. Or saying bad things about the Associated Press because they can only go with the information today can individually confirm it's just that. With David's background that we were watching the tarps covering the bodies. And seeing. Frankly sites that would indicate that the person underneath that TARP it was quite dead so we had a feeling that that the death poll is they're gonna climb tragically it is now at nine. That's we've got officially as far as the suspect you go to the buy hourly envelop your FaceBook bridge. And tell us whether the police officer. Was. Patients. Or two patient. And keep in mind. In a shoot don't shoot situation. It's always easy to second guess. I suspect that 99%. Of trained police officers would have believed that the use of deadly physical force. What would would have been absolutely warranted and as much as I never ever. Wanna be put in that position. I believe I would have used deadly physical force given the circumstances faced by this police officer. Police officer had just seen carnage the guy who committed the carnage gets out of the driver's side of the van walks a little bit and then make several moves like I'm drawing a firearm I'm pointing it at issue the police officer showed restraint. May be you know there's too much restraint this could had a different ending. It could but I mean you know I guess when your. This officer an instinct and and made a decision and it was the proper decision to make. This time I'm just saying. Even with a cell phone. Someone that agitated. Not knowing what they've got on them not knowing what they could do. Not knowing if that van is gonna below I mean you know honest and a lot of weird things could've happened in that circumstance that could've had a horrible well. As you know that's are one of the things I mentioned is the forward coming on the air they showed the white van I said the message is I certainly hope that this thing is loaded with explosives trying to get the second responder or the first responders because. We've seen that happen in bombings in the Middle East and well in Africa it's not just the primary blast but it's the secondary and sometimes tertiary blast specifically designed to get the people who are responding there would be Israelis deal with that a lot. We arrived in Afghanistan and Iraq that was something that was happening quite regularly that was a part of the enemies tactics but. The whole thing here is that it's just to meet its obnoxious. That dead that you that Canada has not released this. It really at this point look you can do what all you have to do is just give us whatever one is expecting to hear at this point which is basically. This was Islamic terrorism. ME is that is out of our are you afraid to go out of that ledge right now. They've all but said that they said this is Internet and that this has an international component that this is definitely terrorism that this person was known to police. No wonder that served polices what. All the material I look I I don't know how you scientifically. By for Kate this stuff for analyze it but especially with the so called lone wolf attacks and they've we don't know anything about this guy's background we don't know peace but the last couple weeks in Syria and came back because it was pissed off about the air strikes we have no idea what his background is but sometimes I do find myself wondering is have set a few times on the show and try to be politically correct I just I just try to find answers yet it just as you do sometimes I found myself wondering whoa what what's the major issue here is it Islam or is it. Mental illness of somebody who happens to be Muslim but I will tell you David that. If this guy had been wearing a key and make America great again baseball bat. We would already be hearing about the climate of hate Donald Trump is fostered around the world and out of Canada and. It's such it's such a colossal waste of brain cells if people went to musical theater. Where more prone to want to kill you if you know. This was this a cross section of people that go to musical theater and then they decide they're gonna start organizations to murder people let's look into it. It turns out it's Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals. It's only Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals you would want to be safe. All I'm saying is if you have a group of people whether they're psychologists. Are Catholics or Muslims or whatever they happen to be. And these are folks that you know this did deeds whether it's in Mexico and MS thirteen gang related activity. Or the way you look at crisis and al-Qaeda. Would you not want to know what the background is the people you're bringing the country there's a stupid argument about how much red X culprit anybody David but I'm always looking for you know causality. Or Lally causality. I'm telling you that there is this the week that this is being handled right now. Is almost like. What are we going to say at least in this because W we know the prime minister Trudeau this weekend just gave a talk. And talked about how we have to you know be compassionate towards individuals coming into camp he'd said that this weekend this is you know he's on the record virtually compassion for the people who were already in Canada who are victimized. We're worst compassion for those people. Like I passion begins at home different this is something that has not only NYPD officials. Very nervous. But quite frankly a lot of people here in Western New York very nervous. Because if you have cells. That are over 7060 miles across the way. What do you have here in your backyard. An hour and a half drive this guy could have been in main street buffalo. Very easily let's go to Adam in Toronto on WBE and Europe hourly and bella via welcome to the show. Thank you gentlemen good afternoon I'll start with the pleasantries. David thank you for your service Tom it's nice to hear you got through your are. I think get a good. David thank you for being a war hero Tom thank you for being crippled. I appreciate that what's on your side I I mean you know I know I'm just very Campbell's. No I love ability. And I don't wanna get to two got choked up compliance it's just. Beat this stuff is gonna happen we we know this is gonna happen and shocking thing not work here. Is that. A lot of us are shocked and not to actually causing people to be to question and say well like we we almost expected to happen. So that it that way. I agree on and it's not Alter ego this goes back years and years and it's been building for years however. It always that guy. That rolled gaps and not by the fire. By saying the things he sets for example. Quote and I quote. If you kill your enemies. They went there's there's a first. Checked and won all three any hopeful we emotion which is ridiculous in itself out loot. In making comments about it. Returning I just fighters reintegrating them back and decide these are all facts. All of their urgency. I think this is distraught. By hope it's a straw. I want people just keep continuing their. Straw OK after rupture the straw watcher. The straw that break it. Estrada. The camel's back up what because Hamid it would let let's just think about how ludicrous it is Adam. To a Eva Paul wall somebody backed into your country who has demonstrated hatred that. For the very diversity. Of the country upon which it prides itself so much. To may be viewed you don't let these people back in who've been fighting on the wrong side in Syria accused. Well out. That's right. I agree. I guess trying to it is trying to make the point that people are. People sleep on this I this I do believe is is the incident. It's gonna make people start to question stopped listening to CNN and our CDC which is due in the same type headlines in and and cinema billion dollars a year. That's a big part of it too we got me up here. Don't ask tough questions and don't wanna go down rules but I do believe optimistic. That debt. You get PC culture and everything that you wanna throw into it it's starting to Wear down people are starting to see these people who they really you. You know Adam for as much as you say that and as much as I wanna believe it. I just feel that the left given its control of media choke points social media broadcast media etc. Nothing is going to change I don't think this is gonna be the straw that brings the drama buried too which sneezed. Because it is so inculcated in your culture and it's coming over into the American culture that speech contrary. Two and mediating in any way shape or form from quote progressive. Or left wing ideology. Is hate speech we had last week in the United States of America all law professor at CU. And wide who worked on able to do a speech about. Freedom of speech. On campus. So I mean there is a an in tolerance. Wave that is rising not just in Canada but in the United States and by the time it's all said and done I suspect pull out only lose our Second Amendment right in this country but our First Amendment right. What I'd like I pray I pray fight and I'm not a saint I upgraded dot. If that happens we're gone we are we are done candidates to week that that Second Amendment. When when you get pocket of people up here that really know what's going off my apartment she apartment ship. That really know what's going off. They know that that Second Amendment is that fall that happened what you're saying. We are doomed to so we that that it that it absolute facts and on that sentinel. After all that's gone stupidity that's going on and all the peoples temple they're talking about coming out there and outlandish. Layer outlandish opinions. Cured old government and put through our gun control bill. Did not touch illegal guns in not touched again issue every single murder in this country. With the exception of if you are committed by illegal guns trying to find a stack the state. This sort of registered and gone to somebody that's legally allowed to make that aren't any that aren't. You know what is same thing in this country and I suspect we have more guns more fire as per capita here than that you guys do in Canada on Adam you made some great points pulled out of you'd like to add to those great points you're just joining us of terror attack in Toronto a rented the assault van. A it was a writer and looked like one of the extended bands they rent out to look like a standards I've looked like a little bit longer than the standard size insurers got a name that I don't know because I'm sadly not a motor head. But you know have this happen with a firearm. You can only imagine what the narrative would be good there won't be calls for common cents. Then control rental control. All right we are talking about what happened in Toronto terror attack in Toronto David as we have Adam and others on the phone we have some additional information about the suspect. CBS news is reporting sources identified the suspect in the Toronto they're calling it hit and run incident. Which blows me away but the hit her on terror incident as a 25 year old Alex men niacin. Alec and ice in 25 years of age I'm looking as Linkedin right now and an all time Asian. It is MI NN ES SIA. And that appears to be Armenian. But that is not to say that there are that is not a a name used in in Lebanon or ran a but he is an Armenian name. But again will get more into his reasons and his. You know purposes for doing typical. We've for those who do not know typically but not always names that end with an IE eight and ten to Trace back to are mania. And for those of Armenian descent as you well know during the first world war you were scapegoated him one million Armenians were. Genocide by the Turks because they were looking for a scapegoat in the first world war horrible deprivation studies. By via our Armenians but the suspect in this case Alec. Met nation we do not know his ethnicity and we don't know David is a religious views. Nothing nothing only that he's known to police and this is now considered a terrorist attack. But no why idea of what the motive any religious connection or any organized terrorism group. Let's go back to Adam in Toronto on WB eat and Adam. You are not happy with the direction of your country with the political correct. This with the immigration. You think this is going to change things but you know what in this country. Think about this for a moment. 9/11 this country was so united we have members of congress on the steps of Capitol Hill singing patriotic songs and within two years George Bush was being burned in effigy. So I honestly do not believe that in Canada there's going to be some great epiphany about your culture your values and the need to preserve them and watch. Your living in your country. Well I eat it. I I can't disagree with what it sets. I guess maybe part of it is just went public this happens where. You're trying to stay positive you know. My with my wife and I were out discussion while she's a teacher. She went universe you know. Cigar graduated fifteen years ago just you know what's going on university and it happening here to people can look into that up and it will from orient these universities. In people speaking and all of this via. But when I showed her what's going on it's it's like the the book the lights come on so. I guess it's just a matter of you know and your point of the sepia and about to hit Robinson well. Everybody knew right away went out and that's not a hit and run by any and so. I guess. When you stop a van and then come out to confront a police officer is if you have a firearm that is not what I considered to be a hit and run incident. Uphold that we we've got a break your news radio 930 WBE. Edit you don't know what we're talking about there's been a terror attack a deliberate terror attack seventy miles from where you are right now. In Toronto provided you're listening in the Buffalo, New York area. Our phone number 8030 and I thirty starlet 3180616. WBE.