Van Deliberately Strikes Large Crowd of Pedestrians In Toronto Canada,4/23 Bauerle and Bellavia Hour 1

Bauerle and Bellavia
Monday, April 23rd

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News radio 930 WBA. And it's. So I think gas at this before a pick their PR department is utterly incompetent. And I think we should probably some terrorism based. Well the beaming cotton is no joke you know if you are a lot of us are I didn't know what you're accusing. It's Tom Bauerle you know what been there done that and it's weird period. But now you know you guys I'm sorry I'm a grown up than David Bellamy got this whole thing where you enjoy the I'd. It's our way and Olivia I mean I would immediately change topics on news radio 930 WB. I hit and is Holloway and and is rated at 930 WBE. And we are aired to gather is in the studio. And then for those of you listening to GTA. Toronto though. Obviously you're going through something right now that we're very very sorry to say. You have had had an appellate intentional attack and pedestrians. In the northern part of Toronto I know the we've got not to harm of listeners in Toronto. Edit your anywhere near that area or you wanna shed some light that we would gladly take your phone call. Via telephone number on WBE and is 8030930. That's 8030930. Start 3180616. WBBM. Net David unfortunately. You know stories like this and you know this is one thing I really don't like about being in the media the news it gets to be like tear up body count in a numbers game like OK are there left dead bodies to war continuing coverage or are only talking about two dead people and unfortunately folks I wish it was different but. That greater the number of people who were killed with. The more coverage something gets in and I'm sorry about that it's human nature and there's enough that I can do about that I can't change human nature. While you're going. Oh sometime around 1 o'clock. On young street in Toronto young and finch peers three northern Toronto. A vehicle looks like a white rental van and a writer type of Reynolds and a white van started. Hitting people with what appears to be on purpose. They think the advantage at top speed was going around forty miles an hour. And with the the amount we're told eight to ten individuals or hit by the hand. The police are confirming two dead but you clearly see when you see pictures of the street that there are bodies that are still draped. Which is you know assigned that obviously. There's there's no aid than needed for that individual. They're draped nobody is around them they're not moving and in some cases you concede tragically blood which ooze seeping out from underneath to recovery so it's it's pretty rough to watch the other weird part of the story is that this suspect was taken alive. And it appears that this suspect. Whether or not whether he had a handgun or was pretended to have a handgun. Got involved in what appears to be at least a minute standoff with Toronto police. Looking like he was holding a handgun at them. No shots were fired. This guy was taken into custody quickly they moved in on them. Puts in handcuffs on you know you could argue that Toronto police showed great restraint. Are you can argue that you know it's a lot of things are different on this side of the border because I'll tell you what if you hit eight to ten people. In any magic policy of the United States and you pulled what appears to be handgun at the end of that I'm pretty sure you would have eight and ram Virginia. We we saw three or four months ago David in Manhattan the truck who that drove on the bike path remember right on the guy was running up and down traffic with what turned out to be a big deal out of here is what's happening and he was brought down or get up the pipeline and at least bullets right he had a pipe and it appeared. That it looked like it was. A gun he was using it like a gun but here's my whole thing I mean. Right after something like that if you poll I hit like OK so that their vehicle comes to a stop the door opens to the van. You have police. You know speeding to that van where where it stops. That they surrounded he gets out and appears to pull out. I mean there's images of this guy in a shooting stance with his arms extended. I mean again they must have identified that it was not a gun immediately and that he was no threat because had he been. Anywhere in the stratosphere of that looking like a real handgun he obviously would have put down. The reason I can think of why the Toronto cops did not shoot is they must've had a good enough look at whatever he was holding in his hands too quickly established that it was not a threat because. You know the position this guy assumed that if you're out of the truck which had just mulled over a bunch of people. I think most reasonable people would never indict a cop for using deadly physical force that situation because. You know let's face it you've got to split second to react but apparently. The Toronto cops saw something that there is not that clear in the photos we've seen if you are just joining us welcomed about Linville obvious seventy miles 20 in north in Toronto. North part of the city area white writer rippled and drove onto a sidewalk. Clearly an intentional act because the guy at the and opened the driver's door and got out and put his hands into what would be considered a shooting position. The Associated Press is there are two dead that. Based. The fact that we've seen aerial footage. The carnage that was left behind. I think it's a strong possibility that the death poll. Will increase to at least four or five. And a lot more people are are injured originally basic eight to and casualties. But they given the crowd generally. On the street and get in the times today it wouldn't surprise me if some of the injured had already started to make their way to hospital. Prior to the arrival of personnel so expect that number to increase as well we don't know anything about motive we don't know the guy's name we don't know is. Religious affiliation we have no indication of where he's ever been a mental patient or anything like that. There's a lot we don't know what we do though is your people dead and their people hurting. Our neighbors to them or in Toronto and we will take your telephone calls on news radio 930 WBBM. Specially like to hear from people in Toronto might have a better handle closer to be in accident. There were able to have in buffalo because basically what we're doing is we're following Twitter were following. CNN were following Fox News. And I'm kind of impressed because. A good hours gone by David and not one email yet saying that this Wednesday. False flag attack and that crisis actors are involved and that's specifically naming David ought. So every I'm pleased that hours gone by and we have not heard from the lunatic fringe thank you for that you can restore order rate than humanity. Natalia you know you get a check your email I'll tell you the anger that but. Know it's only it's one of those things week when you look at this response. One of the things you see differently. In Toronto that use that unfortunately were accustomed seeing these types of attacks in Europe. Some of the United States and it turned out not to be terror related but we've had a few instances where people have. You know for whatever res lost control the vehicles but in Toronto when there's an injured person you see a tonne of pedestrians around that person. Did they are one of the things that kind of bothered me about the London a couple of the London attacks the most recent one attacks the stabbing the one that occurred on the bridge with the car. There were people that word really bad shape and you saw pedestrians on cellphones ordering coffee spill mean there was. There seems to be a little longer is a lot but you just Toronto seems to have a little bit more humanity when it comes to these things and maybe it's because. They're so few and far between thank god in Toronto New York City has more humanity. Some of the places we saw in Europe sorry but it just is what is news and you will it would have like that happens in the someone in pain like I think everyone would stop and render Ater at least try to get some help it. You see a lot of that and I'm sure you know this part of the story you're gonna hear. We'll hear about this guy's background I'm sure we'll get a name eventually. But the good thing here though that take away from me is going to be you know what is going to be the cause of us and when it comes to. Folks that religious or political. I think the media is much more confident talking about mental illness when it comes to someone getting behind a van and running people over than they are a half naked guy who shoots up a lawful. What do you think that we need common sense rental truck control. But at the same time believe that student should be going out of class perhaps to protest the ease with which somebody can rent one of these important weapons of mass destruction nobody. You would in all series and didn't know of being sarcastic note I'm making a valid. I am safe in all seriousness we've entered oh but the bizarre world and if you are reading of man. You almost have to think seriously about whether or not you wanna give someone access to a rental vehicle within 24 hours I mean not think that the needs to be a cool down period to give him and when your in this in urban environment. And someone is asking for rental van to use that power and return it within five hours I don't know. You know you've you've won a book that they had in and and do some sort of objected to it I mean is it. It's a little bit crazy it to have to say that we've heard people in Sweden people. In other European cities it talked about banning vehicles in downtown I mean that's a little reflexive. But you know again. Having someone's looking at their background. Whether or not they're finding a goner ready to van. Have we gotten to the point but again we're profiling anyone. It's not that only Middle Eastern people are allowed access to these things. As far as Europe was concerned any vehicle in the downtown area. Right after those German man with a German holiday attack where the attack in east France where that was. It was basically a a semi document that was a little bit that at some of torque to power. Banning those things I mean again on same as it were a lot more comfortable talking about crazy people getting behind the wheel car. That we are about what happened in the Waffle House this weekend where you ABBA literally a guy who. Was arrested at the White House are trying to kill the president United States he's not a prison he's not Netflix and his guns confiscated for Romney and the guns are given back to the father on the condition that they are not giving back to this on again that's what they can and of the gods and kills four people. Can Waffle House now listed. And here we are fifteen or anything we should mention that is not usual for me give people a weekend to beat in a Waffle House in the south. Well did I lived there long enough to say that I'd call that you know most Saturday nights you've got four killed. And appears that this one young Q did just literally grab a hot girl. And wrestled this this are away from the screen hero. Really I mean the guy burn himself much acknowledged by the White House to me it was indeed yeah I mean that's like I say people's lives you know what. David I'm glad we've we've if you're just joining us. Here's what's happening right now at capital about 1 o'clock this afternoon about seventy miles to our north in Toronto. The northern part of the city a ripple then what appears to be a quite Ryder rental van. Intentionally. At approximately forty miles an hour ran over a whole bunch of people the official death poll at this point is to. But we saw anywhere from four to five bodies on the ground so. As tragic as it is I expect the Fed death poll is very likely to rise we do not know exactly how many people are injured at one point police said eight to ten casualties but a casualty can be anything from a fatality. To a flash won't soul. Just let's be careful with that number. And as far as the as the situation it is still going in that Toronto in terms of by the aftermath. The crime scene investigation. Which is taking place the van. That was used in the attack is. Still on the sidewalk. And the driver's side door still open after the attack by the way this looks like a stretch. Rental then it it looks like. You know it it it looks like you know it when you're moving parts you don't have enough to get the truck in the cube van. But to a lot of fan what you want the bigger man. That's what it looks like gather it all of those people now. The guy got out of the vehicle involved. And using the damage to the took a frog looks like both have lights are out significant damage to the real in the bumper. But he gets out of the bad and he gets into a shooting stance Toronto police do not opened fire on this individual he is taken into custody at this is all happening right now in front of the of that happen one Pia we got. New resources in Toronto are reporting up to five dead there also were were about referring to this man is speaking. This is that his description by eyewitnesses who saw the arrest they describe him as wide died. Angry Middle Eastern. Broken English running over pedestrians. And the last thing that was seen before this thing came to a stop. And this is very graphic but a stroller. Went through the air that's what the vans stop that's when the police. Sort of cut him off in what appears to be horse shoe. He got out of the vehicle appeared to be holding handgun. Obviously the lawn for as you stay stated I mean we're looking at an image from either a drone helicopter a building very far away can't really zoom in to see what he has. You diss you do see something dark in his hand any as a shooter stance but. Obviously the pleas to not feel it was a threat. Date were correct because no one was shot. And the suspect is in custody but we're getting multiple multiple reports of descriptions of this individual I'll remind you. These are very early reports we don't know anything we don't have been named we're just hearing from eyewitnesses. And things done I'm not reporters are picking up on Twitter and also there's a lot of images on Twitter that I just completely. Unsuitable for work or yeah we've sketch what are FaceBook page now where we would never give up a lot of warn you that if you look before this on line you're gonna see yeah a bunch of things he probably won us. Route and a David vet is going to be one of the issues we talk about it an attack on innocent people in Toronto within the past day a couple of hours. You know David sometimes with as some of the more recent attacks about talking about 9/11 but for example Orlando. I legitimately wonder whether the problem is more or. Or a mental illness viewpoint or some kind of a combination. Of of the two. You know sometimes with some of the more recent attacks it's getting. Harder and harder to analyze exactly what the motive and the causality. Work. You know it's Timmy. Anyone who decides. You know put up a bomb on their chest and blow themselves up in public. I don't think that's a very rational sane decision to make. But unfortunately when you have a group of people that. Our Brooke hurting people to do. Those types of missions. You have to look at the fact that world. I mean. Whether or not Toronto there's a lot of warnings ice has put out there they've warned about Las Vegas as. There was a shooting in Vegas has there been any connection to al-Qaeda or racist and that that you're shooting. Well not that the government wants to go on the record center there were a lot of saudis in Vegas during a wave of political unrest in Saudi Arabia well we have saudis and just as Arabs in Vegas are are pretty much like you know. I mean there's there's a lot of people that vacation in a lot of people like to go to Vegas and some were happy to be Arab but. My point is that we have not had any official Mitt you know government. Agencies say that this was a al-Qaeda ices connection everything has been off the record or speculated. But in these types of situations these tend to be more related to where terrorist attacks. Were those we are covering the hinting of multiple innocent people by a white rental van in Toronto the driver is under arrest witnesses say that is why I am speaking. English with and a heavily accented way. Stay with the centers for the united thirty WBE. And others say it looks like five are dead which is what we kind of thought heading into the show. It is morally relevant if a news radio led thirty WBP. And Sean Murphy and fill cavities are in the next room that is the Irish mafia. Hourly envelop via lives were following a story and a total of Joe's seventy miles a way. And if you've got some thoughts and questions that you like to offer an ordinarily sometimes we look at the call screen and pretty much every call is from Toronto. So if you are in the GT AA. And that maybe you were meager where this happened in them or to rub though. You might know people who were gear Wear this cap realist as a big cities or satellites in Europe queen's if somebody it's that and let. But I give us a call 803030. Starlet 3180616. WB Ian White Ryder rental van and went up on the sidewalk and started running people over this is something that we've seen taking place in Europe tragically it's something we saw taking place in Manhattan tragically and you know the people who died in Manhattan. Word a whole bunch of south Americans that were here for a high school reunion. The cars in a New York issues and it's one of the reasons a lot of it is you know it's like an international city and frankly so is Toronto. Now this guy is and by the way is for is dead looks like five dead David have confirmed yet five dead officially. Where is our number based noble we've seen it would be assailant when these are. Unofficial numbers but. Were hearing that there's going to be an update within an hour. On the the casualty number and this is being reported by I'd stood reporters that are on the scene working with a Canadian media. And there's not a doubt about it this was absolutely a deliberate act he ran over fire hydrants in red over mailboxes. And it what are the up poignant and tragic. And just horrible images out of issues sure. A stroller. Crumpled near the scene of where the band. Finally came to rest and originally eight to ten casualties reported. Based on our observations from the year it looks like at least five people are dead. And I'm gonna guess that probably a dozen or more have been injured in this attack the suspect is described that we don't look we have no way to verify this at this point. Described as wide eyes a bit angry and the Middle Eastern look it. I didn't get that out of the pictures I saw looked like to me but again I mean they were talking about a picture from all a little bit away or so our guy who pretty Caucasian with male pattern baldness or musher that's gonna. I'm sure that description is gonna start. If you look at the photo of where the van ended up. Did it appears that there are some writing. Think again. That could be any language could be Arabic it could be whatever. That the point is a lot of people are connecting dots that just in this what happens when stories like this happen people try to you know we think it's terror related. Let's try to paint the picture. There's always going to be goof balls and trolls out there there it's come up with a whatever they can't push their narrative. We don't know anything but they will be holding CBS news alert. Is saying that within the hour there will be please update about the young and finch they're calling this a terror attack young and finch. Whether or not that is Islamic terror. What. The new version of terror that we're looking at we have no idea we know that someone intentionally got a rental van ran over eight to ten people. We're told two are confirmed to be dead it could be up to five. And you look I hate to. Bruce Davis but it is it has to be sent this is one of the things there there really aggravates me about the so called gun control debate because. This illustrates as do the attacks in Europe illustrates that. A bad guy or a bad woman will use any thing available as a weapon in order to inflict carnage and it does not matter to the next of Kim where the your husband and wife were babies were killed by somebody with a gun or somebody with rental van dead is dead evil is evil. And this is something that they always forget about every time there is a horrible mass shooting. 803 all right thirty gives me Foreman was starlet thirty on the cellphone 180616. WBE. And but the one thing I can guarantee issue is that we are not going to steal horde of politicians. Dashing the microphones calling for quote unquote. Common cents. Van rental control now common sense struck control yet I assure you. If this had been a gun it even given Toronto's gun laws. It would still be used by people in this country I try to strip officer Second Amendment because once they get the Second Amendment belted the first and everything else this. Ally in doing enough of these stories this is what's suspicious to me. The media has not released the name of the suspect who was in custody there are millions seven leaks in our own government that's getting information from Canada. That tells you that. There's a reason why they're not releasing that name. And the second most telling of the tells it is the fact that they don't they will not tell you what the true motive was. Now that is flag onto itself because we knew we dealt with this with the Arianna dry today. Bombing. We did know what the deal was we found about it in Twitter when the president United States basically said this was a guy had on your radar. We're hearing multiple people on the street that that saw the guy taken into custody they described him. As you know one way his appearance and his broken English. That was another thing that's on brought up. But again they have this individual custody they definitely know the name of who they're dealing with and nobody has leaked it out. That to me usually points towards this is out of trouble for people that want to. You know push their narrative on where the. Great even Fox News crawl at the bottom police are. Aren't sure what caused suspect to hit people it pretty clearly was a deliberate act of violence and terror. They don't three all right thirty is the Paula number I don't to beautiful day outside but when you call them. In your on hold for thirty seconds and then you end up don't you will will get clear we will get the approach at a at a at a tightly and promptly prompt fashion. But you gotta give Warren thirty seconds or so. 803 Oda thirty starlet 3180616. WBT. End. And their field we have the live feed from Toronto we've we've added that we didn't now let's go to the life beats you were at issue was. Whether it's a mental health issue or whether it's a little political motivation religious motivation behind all this that's gonna take some time so there we have a lot. Fewer answers than we'd like that's why we gotta be careful about speculation and right now. The police are doing what they're supposed to be doing its crime scene treated like a crime scene and tiger is on their site they can take all the time that they want. This is CTV news if you're wondering now on your TTV news channel. On the lack sign of your screen is a line look at this situation or we still have. Officials we've got the times out opt police officers combing the area for clans. Also sniffing around that trot trying to get more evidence. From rather that be and that white band which had stocks apple passengers going down. Young straight. On the right side of the screen. That is footage marked the mall we saw earlier. People cordoned off to the sign there is dealing with. The aftermath of what had just transpired which one's not why they. Going down the sidewalk winding down people. Can just adding to or leading shoot complete chaos Markham asking you. For viewers that are just short tuning in specifically for viewers who are in the Toronto area the GT area. The leaks functioning army police are playing down now and I've got at the ACC how will this impact of swat situation now throughout the city would we be on high alert. Bull. I don't think we we don't know the motivation I don't know what's taken place in terms of this guy who's driving the van. However I think you can be pretty sure that maple leaf sports and trauma police are probably having a conversation or will have a conversation. And they're gonna take reasonable precautions and. I'm sorry but there's no way they should cancel the game because you start cancel things like that than the bad guys win you know the one good thing. David when I first saw the van I was worried and I'm always worried when I see a van in one of these pedestrian attacks that. In addition to injuring people by hitting them with a moving vehicle that may be they've loaded up the van with some kind of explosive or incendiary. Device. Tied to go off at the moment when the first responders are at the scene to increase the death poll. Think that's a little. Odd here is that you know you have. Multiple people. Are reporting. Very similar characteristics about this individual you know the writing about that and where that was stuffed. I mean that that's Arabic writing that is. That at some sort of Bob's honor that he stopped that now whether or not it was it just happens to be. You know circumstance where. Dominica got below market we know could be that there's there's no connection there is Lisa. If you speak Arabic could you please go to Fox News and check it out and tell us solid says it's the photo of of the van it's all over the place Jack we'll check out if you if you could translate for us we've appreciated in my library here victim of reserved for that look my point is that there is there's a definite possibility that out of that market or that area a Middle Eastern person walked out of that. And they were seen you know we had with the driver or seeing next to the van that doesn't necessarily mean that the driver of the fans Middle Eastern so. I appreciate the fact that you know people are. Are being sort of slow. And you know some people will say well well wait a second here when I just reported at least that there are multiple witnesses saying that the guy who looked Middle Eastern. I don't know if it was a white individual in this was you know West Virginia and he was right to make America great again had you would hear all those details. And we hear how many houses Sean Hannity owns hide you wouldn't let's go to parties and Niagara Falls Ontario. Are you obviously you're in Canada our thoughts our sympathies. With you guys were great white north what do you make of this. Large estates be angry because you know like you're out of you have a federal government. Data pieces. This kind. Acts of violence and you don't like that they'll be the first to. They'll be the first to sit there Ed Ed and say don't be quick to judge. But I I just wanted to make the comment that you know we have a country. In Canada I don't know a lot of your electors though that. You know our government is except they I there's terrorists. Where Canadian nationality back and they're gonna try agree. Re entered amid the work force were re entered and at this site. You know I we do remember a story like bit Arnie and if you hold and we appreciate that now there is no indication that this guy has been out of Canada without even though well we know his name but we're not releasing it yet until you officially is released. Here's a hint it is not Kennedy it is not Murphy there's a hint. David you know there's a reason. Places like. CNN called making news by some of us and here we have a situation were a band obviously intentionally went on a sidewalk in Toronto and mow down innocent people. Irrespective of their age race created their own religion. And CNN is calling it what. On at the Toronto collision collision. It's just unbelievable to me I mean if at all all the things whether or not we have a reason why this happened we know that this was done on purpose. We know that the individual if this was an accident. The individual would not have knowingly driven at 4540 miles an hour. A day in and out of traffic in opposite lanes of traffic going out its way to hit people can we do every premier of Ontario Kathleen wit. In the security officials at all levels. The city of Toronto I know that the mayor is going to be speaking soon as I said we are all working together. We have highly trained professionals. Who are doing the investigation who are on the scene us and we will make sure that that information continues to flow and safety is our number one concern pregame. And beat her great. Expecting our. Well I I've heard Wright's what you have heard is that there have been a number of people have been taken to the hospital on and we'll have to wait I mean my thoughts and prayers are with family there's. Are there any other car are there any precautions being taken in other parts of the city or province in the wake well there's if you know that's that's part of what is happening right now is that there is information being shared across the province with other police services. I'm as a precautionary. And now. But this is Kathleen win the premier of Ontario that through terror attack again that northern Toronto. About five people are dead dead may be dozen or more injured. This was an intentional act of terror CNN is calling it the Toronto collusion I am absolutely stunned. But again how many times have I told you guys go back read George Orwell politics and the English language and you'll find out how simple use of words can heavily influenced a narrative. In your favorites also called propaganda. Let's get back to Arnie and now it falls on WBE. And you know party what are the thoughts that I have is. True no news or sending his thoughts to the victims and I remember quite frankly before shooting and there was a time shortly after where some of the students we don't want your thoughts we don't want your prayers we want action. I'd like eighty big creek site about that Eric got in front of the camera and -- Bible out because the rock star died of cancer which is tragic in itself. You don't like when he went up like that happens our way and he needs it and get the edit by terrorist group that this is that you draw it and I'm not a fan of the liberal government not the provincial or federal level. Are back my my my game for them is Libya it's a contraction of web related and you know these Libya are going on TV they're gonna be the first ones to say. You know they don't go don't rush to get hygiene you know you don't know what they've been through an office and I'm like are you kidding me. You know it's likely appease these people they come over here and I'm not saying that this guy is Paris. It could be somebody it's just mentally ill very possible. You know as far as I'm concerned all acts of violence like death. Our our form of mental don't break. Yup I mean sometimes let's put it this way but its global work well currently obviously and others like to me the Orlando shooter was quite clearly a guy who couldn't deal with the result of homosexuality. And decided that. I hated that I was screwed up in more ways than just eating the infidels and autumn's I am. Exactly exactly. It's just. I just my my hey breeze Jack call this justice say everyone. Watched the difference between. Why is sad in this country about this. And how they will all go to you don't want to appease. You know try to at the site. With these people as compared to you you know what you guys do it you're side of the border. You want to see justice served. All right thank you very much Ernie for the call will take more calls coming up we've got more details coming up as well that Tom Parker with the news at 4 o'clock. 8030530. Start 93180616. WB and the hockey game is still on and frankly if I get tickets and I was going up to Toronto with my family I wouldn't think anything I wouldn't think twice about in the Toronto. Direct create today this where is a a a single event which is. Took place and now is over and I really don't think you need to worry about your safety in the of the GT eight and more now than you did there. You know prior to 1 o'clock this afternoon and I'm not trying to be naive but there you know it is what it is it's.