Valentine's Day At the White House - Karen Travers


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While moving on to today's big holiday. And just a little bit. Karen Travers joining us live from the White House Karen. Wondering if there's any Valentine's Day celebrations going on in Washington or is it a little too tumultuous. Split their friend who wouldn't president Jimmy focusing on infrastructure today and tax policy meeting with members congress to. Push for that one point five trillion dollar initiative that the White House released on Monday. He wants to get 200 billion dollars of federal funding he's gonna need to make a really hard sell to lawmakers. That's a republic and that's a lot of money they say it will be made up from savings other places in the budget but not clear where that money would come for. Karen there's more friction between the truck administration and FBI. Over what it knew and when when it comes to brought Porter. Yet at the White House for days have been saying that this background investigation. Rob Porter was not completed and Sara Sanders. And her deputy used the word ongoing on multiple occasions but yesterday the FBI director said. That first they give the White House a report last march they completed the investigation. In late July of last year and they closed the file in January so that would completely contradict what the White House has been saying for days that it was still ongoing that's why he stayed on the job despite these. Domestic abuse allegations. Well now the White House is saying it's little known office here at the White House the personnel security office they hadn't completed their process. And made a recommendation to the White House but then that was Tuesday Monday Sara Sanders said specifically. This is a process that doesn't operate with in the White House certainly trying to put this on the FBI the FBI yesterday says not us. What do we learn overnight about the president making a big payment to a parent star. Not the president the president's personal attorney longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen says he paid a 130000 dollars. Of his own money two adults and actress Stephanie Clifford who goes by stormy Daniels she had said years ago that she had an affair with the president back in 2006. Michael Cohen said the Trump Organization nor the term campaign was party to this transaction. And neither reimbursed him for the payments are this correspondent Karen Travers joining us live from the White House.