U.S. Canada Trade War 930in716 June 14, 2018

Thursday, June 14th

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It's 930. In 716. US candidate trade war. When we call it a trade war it would be a self inflicted trade war I Canada and you know what. They're not gonna win that trade war with the United States. We believe this will negatively impact as a. There should not be terrorists on product will be back and forth between the border. I'm Tim linger on 930 and 716 powered by the Brothers of mercy a five star rated skilled nursing residents offering affordable living in a country setting. Officials in western new York and southern Ontario deeply concerned about the tariffs on both sides of the US and Canada border implemented by. President Donald Trump in prime minister Justin Trudeau. Buffalo just a stone's throw away from Canada and some of the local economy is dependent on the relationship between these two countries. New York exports fifteen billion dollars worth of goods to Canada annually. Along the water's edge of the Niagara river Wednesday in the shadows of Canada buffalo Niagara partnership CEO Donnie Gallagher Collins saying. We believe that is well negatively impact both sides of the border. And we we spent quite some time. Trying to make this behind us. Just a river and a quarter to open up. The free trade and people in the and and many of the email that. Recently economy. Canadians and over in dollars in buffalo Niagara just recreation and tourism. We also now had enough and your partnership 40% of our members have customers. We're supply chain relationships and campus at this. This relationship we treasure. And what we want to grow. An ugly when president trump imposed a 20% tariff on imported from Mexico and European Union. And it tempers and care aluminum. This creates great uncertainty in the and it's happening at a time when they're trying to say. In it actually increases trade between countries. We are concerned about these and other actions that error the administration is taking that. It really puts at risk our historic trading ship which candidate which is essential to our enemies. According to the house is that in partnership. 470000. American jobs are threatened by the newly imposed. An aluminum tariffs. And many of these jobs are directly across water connect it where our company's integrated supply. You know that Canada is our number one trading partner. We export fifteen billion dollars of goods to annually more than any other sport nation. And we in buffalo are at the center of this incredibly dynamic and powerful economic reach. Our government policies. Should I mean it's it's in Canada. Not separate us and today's. Event is to highlight the critical nature. Of these air. Well most important thing about this of course if you put Hamburg. And he's had eight. Or assembly plant in Ocala area. Congressman Brian Higgins weighing in on the importance of the at all with Susan rose and Brian mess around ski. There should not be terrorists non product will be back and forth between the border. We are highly dependent on the economy at southern Ontario he had balked on Western Europe we have built in the papers probably be content that we have. JetBlue airlines. Helped put them on his opponent and international airport because he added. They a couple of days in southern Ontario but it yankees in a bit of the world to market street partners. 99%. Of trade between the united think that they care pray. That the administration. This president is invoking. And national security concern. You impose. Tariffs on steel and aluminum I don't think anybody we executed it national security threat landscape. So it could it. Hurt and there shouldn't one gearbox broke in north. From the larger you know automobile manufacturing. The smaller component parts swap. Do you think that is a bigger issue or is this this kind of issue of image. The bigger problem that we're facing right now where you have two nations that are supposed to be very close allies. At this continuing war of words with one another. We have worked for an it was trading partners that candidate than what got in every war. They've been great allies. 22 you know how can the president about war and negotiations. And North Korea on the suggested by. He did not. A Canadian content you get to them make a lot of I think there's no the United States is is in the nation has 323. Million people. A candidate donation of 36 million people. We both have mixed economy we both support strong walker writes songs Byron mob like strong human rights. It seems he's the better strategy would be combined efforts United States and Canada to gain more outrage over to Mexico to get a better. North American Free Trade Agreement to Gordon back. A lot of Americans you know you could find it like now. When toward complete with founded in buffalo local and it yours now. And try to go employed by the manufacturer. What complaints that we should welcome place. Quote for decades. And those when you do Mexicans. Border. You know those are the kind of job that united it is in should be combined workforce is. Greg Beck didn't fit the penalties and not have to. A brain we know that members of both parties are challenging the president over this. Do you think something will be done before this all picks him. I don't know of this issue too well what they were challenging with a bipartisan build on that. Technically their prevention which allowed the president to invoke. He should security concerns shouldn't Gupta that position terror. There doesn't seem to be here with the court formal and they're not gonna build. So are the president. Technical authority to continue to head it there unless they can land and certain period so does the court and I particulate. Frankly I Canada has been blocking our dairy industry shipping any milk products. In the Canada you know for forever. Congressman Chris Collins for his part and adamant supporter of president trump in a firm believer any trade war will be won by the US. Higher dairy farmers are suffering mightily right now selling milk below their cost production and then here we are on the border with Canada. And they are not only blocking us from shipping and the no products and the Canada but they attacked or dumping. Powdered milk around the world. So they cheeks. Trump has caught him in that trump is calling them out on that good for him good for Western New York city's doing that. And while we can't we have good relations with Canada we all that. You know they got caught cheating. And trumps not gonna put up for that anymore than he will with other countries. Our president and standing with America to make America great to put America first. Is demanding that they open bear market from milk products. Just like we opened our market for all of their product. So. They they eat when we call it a trade war it would be self inflicted trade war I Canada in you know what they're back in a trade war with the United States. Trump knows that. I think anyone with half a brain knows that they can't limit trade wars are they just need to get their act together. Up a 100% tariffs on dairy products. Open air market like ours is open to bears and everything will be fine. In the dairy is something that could serve brought up a lot and I'm wondering if there might have been though a better way. To go about addressing that issue because instead of you know such a up public spat in war of words that's kind of resulted. Over the last a couple months of talks between the two. What are your thumb their nose at us Brian you know they picked it brought up at every point I brought it up with where are secretary commerce. I brought it up for the administration and others have and they are just very smog. In thumbing their nose at us and saying you're not gonna tell us what we're gonna do I have a nice day well that got out trump operates there may be Obama operated. You know. Saying voters it's a small country. We'll just let him get away with bad bet that in trumpet that as the president of the United States elected. Certainly in my district but I just found. Large majority. You know Trudeau better just stop cheating. It's as simple as that and think that. You know he can he can win a war or whatever president is just not gonna happen. You know at a time when we're negotiating NAFTA. Does this put us in a better position. One abstention we shouldn't happen have to we should they they bilateral trade agreement with Canada. We should Eddie bilateral trade agreement would Mexico. Canada and Mexico have absolutely nothing in common with each other other than one on our northern border ones on our southern border Enders know. Nothing the same between the northern border in southern quarter. The fact that there is 83. Country. NAFTA deal never made any sense to begin what the minute you put. 83 country in you just kind of muddy the water and you end up with a weaker deal that you would if we just focused. But trade deal with Canada. You know there wage rates but you know they see their lifestyles. Except threat is very much like ours verses Mexico where they pay three bucks an hour. In wages and in many of our manufacturing jobs have moved to Mexico. We need a completely different pre deal in Mexico so. You're an effort should stay in place while we negotiated new bilateral agreements haven't one with Mexico and then after goes way. And we just simply have. Two separate deal. At focusing on Canada what does all this actually mean for the American worker in your mind. Well that this spat that we're having over dairy. If we correct then all of a sudden are scary folks. Can start making I have haven't. You know product going up in the candidate to take our oversupply. And provide lower prices in Canada. The Canadians just don't want that they wanna protect their dairy industry and prevent any imports from coming into their country. Well that is not free trade. That is not fair trade and you know trumps not so let him continue to do that in good treat him good for Western New York. Do you see. Trudeau coming around or where do you see this going. Well you know I don't know the prime minister. He he knew he had a bit smug just used and edited. You know thinking he can win some kind of war of words. He's not gonna win a trade war with the United States of America. And you know but he's trying to protect it very industry it's what this is all about and I don't believe it's gonna work. Put him. And only time will tell. That's 9:30 PM 716. We're back tomorrow with a net a radiation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo law.