UPDATE: Children's Hospital Move

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Friday, November 10th

Children's Hospital gives an 11:00am update on the move from Women and Children's Hospital to the new Oishei Children's Hospital


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Catholic churches are clinical lead coordinator she's Anderson's charge the move. Should he be a brief update. Afterwards guys wants an individual interviews got your chest you still hear them MR. After all Myers in the back here he's an attractive but if you which sent you at this point. With that we'll get Cassie. Cup and it's leading to quick update. That's got to add back in the Q. I ice thanks again for being here we had a great day so far. Our pediatric intensive care unit has successfully and safely move twelve patients over to our new facility. As I mentioned earlier today Scientology and collagen in over there safely with six patients. At this moment in time we have safely transfer to one mother from labor and delivery. And we believe that later on today we will know exactly who our final mom to have a baby in this building will be in help with the guys in person update from her. On and are thinking of the neonatal intensive care unit at this time. Has had six patients leave this building and our senses over at the north tech campus is currently 25 patients. Did you. We are waiting for some news there are couple who are on their way ferry sent. Anything out in the I can't tell you yet we if they have. Get some consent from the mother first mountain. I have we got a couple moms and labor a couple of the ED visits. Actually Adam are discussing performing at first surgeries so we might have an update on that later on today. It's gone really well the teams really excited as expected when you load a new building you know you have a couple of moments of maybe a phone call dropped or something like that but luckily all of our vendors on site along with our IT team. Up clinical informatics and so today it's nothing that would and cause us to stop virtually anything. They probably depends on the patients usually Q what does the patient telling us they mean so it's really. Upset them to let us know that you know they're stable enough and whether that's a lab value or situational thing or emotional thing. So luckily for our pediatric patients we have child life specialists here working with the it goes. That might need a little bit of soothing. What do and some education with the moms on why we're using the type of car seats were using how you address a baby that goes into a car seat on a cold day like this. I'm but it's really up to the patients and so if we think that one of them needs a little bit more time we would simply rearranged the order so we can carry on. She's still here. Now we've had. Now honestly like we had a slight elevator delay here at the old facility but thankfully we were prepared for that just given the age of our elevators. I'll we have four Otis engineers on site to help us that they were able to fix that pretty quickly. Onion has started so six patients when I walk down here had already left this building and Ford admitted they're successfully complete. 39. Still she is in labor but in very early stages so was not at risk for delivering an ambulance right thing. Which is I'm part of the reason why we have a physician in an hour signing off together every patient for the lead. So I'm our medical director actually did have a check them on himself and set everything was safe and so be it over different. They are incredibly excited and very emotional and we've had a lot of cheering and clapping and high fives taking place and definitely some tears and and reminiscing that everybody is very energized at this moment. I'm basically everybody's working a normal shift it's just that we've adjusted some of their timing so normal nursing shift just twelve hours so it's pretty much what everybody's doing so somewhere here by five summit six and summit seventh. I'm now that's so that's total that we're in billing when I walked up to you guys those that includes some of the Edmonds. And so we have one definitely admitted into the Q and into into labor and delivery and then to an emergency department I'm not sure he'll end up getting mad at. At this point I'm yes. I am pretty stand. That's my guess pretty simple keep you posted at that but again it's eyes up to the baby right there in chart. It should be done. On all new emissions are being directed over to the shack and best if somebody were to walk into this building and labor we would again to the same assessment decide is it safe to transport them there. To deliver there and if they walk in here need to deliver here I'll have to change my answer that.