The unnamed NY Times fiasco 930in716 September 6, 2018

Thursday, September 6th

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It's 930. In 716. Perhaps the most read newspaper item of the year. We'll have been written by the end unnamed. Writer. Somebody quite literally in the White House. Two is it is fighting against the president. They know who wrote it. They are not revealing the identity because it would cost the officials their job. It's cattle were who has no idea. Are what really goes on the White House and we're proud of the work aren't telling you the truth if you don't believe me you don't need to call. Who could it peace. I know the woman but are in on our kind of cautious art or is he is trying to keep it from. From saying her name but yet our belief is what I believe I know where it is. I'm Tim linger on 930 and 716. An opinion piece in the New York Times by an anonymous senior administration official claiming to be part of a resistance working from within the to thwart president Donald Trump's worst inclinations. Set off a wild guessing game on the author's identity. In an extraordinary move trumpet treated demand that if Doug gutless anonymous person does indeed exist. The times must for a national security purposes turn him or her over to government at once. Trump has ordered aides to identify the writer. So much here. It White House is reeling this morning I mean Karen Travers covers the White House president from acted and reacted and very angrily last night he is furious about this. He was calling on the New York Times to turn over the person that wrote this. He says this was a gutless op Ed by anonymous source who's probably failing. Sara Sanders said the person who wrote this should step up and resigns in called the person powered soak the administration is in very much. Damage spin control mode right now not in new technology some of the contents. Of what is in this op Ed but the fact that the op Ed was written in the first place. Is it interesting TU you know you have lesser Sanders calling on this person to resign their eaten we are hearing kind of what we usually hear about the staying at that. When it comes to someone who synonymous the president usually says while. And that means the person doesn't exist you were not during that from the White House really. I. Really I mean I think this this person in ST you know this is somebody that the New York Times says they know who wrote it. They are not revealing the identity because it would cost the officials their job. But the near times it clear it's not like this was anonymously sent to them and they just published it. They say that this add significant value to the public's understanding of what is going on in the drug administration from someone who's in a position to know. But there's going to be a serious effort to try to name the person ranked. I mean I think everything in Washington tends to come out at some point but it's not like you know. We. Did the White House wants to drag it to the bottom of it they'll be doing it through an internal investigation in some way but anything important thing to note here is that. There are household names that people know from this administration but there are literally hundreds and hundreds of senior officials they don't have to work in the west wing they aren't or anywhere on the White House complex they can be at an agency and department the National Security Council somewhere else in the administration. And how that senior stats. Whenever a person beside at the plate that profitably should quit. And the stood up like what in general there with courage and as that would occur to their search. Some pointed words today from political contributor Michael Caputo on WB yen and he says. He knows who it is. Well we got at all I don't think it is an unusual. And I'm a usual meat locker room what she wrote. I can argue that our administration. Go with people are just like her. The problem with two of those people who. Came into the work out with the pros and put like rights group and other two were not committed to the article you are importing people like her in place. So that this person and others can or can I mean the president's agenda. Unfortunately it all the (%expletive) that are coming home to roost. And I remember Kurt Kurt tell you that they're active. Programs to stop while. Loyalists from joining your frustration into purged from loyalists. From departments within. The president's administration. And so are her operators who really just from what I considered should be. A symptom of larger problem. You mentioned her and she a couple of times do we know it's a woman. I know the woman that are in on our kind of cautious Smart or is he is trying to keep it from. From saying her name but yes I believe what I believe I know where it is. Armed and you don't have to look at his fervor event. The department of this of this administration that completely purse all twelve people from the Atlantic. The first indication what's so wonderful world the carpet. And do that happens very clear the identity. In depressants during critical of the op Ed but do you think you actually read it. Of course keep it and and if you read closely park you'll see it's very cleverly. It really. Are entertaining either period they were picked up or writer clearly it goes straighter occurred counts of murder the very tightly written. Very professionally written. She can't write this well. You know the reason I ask that question is because in part of that op Ed. In the middle is there he's on foreign policy in public in prime that this is reading from the op Ed president trump shows a preference for autocratic dictator such as. Vladimir Putin. Kim Jong-un displays a little genuine appreciation for the ties that bind to allied. Like minded nations and this morning as the right after his tweets slamming the op bad. Is it tweet from an hour ago Kim Jung Hoon of North Korea proclaims unwavering faith and president trump. Thank you chairman Kim I mean he's an improving the op Ed right there are NetSuite this morning. Markets earlier this I don't expect the president to change is. And strategies range of tactics and world. Our affairs just because of that this mortal person and his cabinet or don't expect at all. Our and it is part of it that it could happen I would be very supportive of president the person who wrote the talk is error and I'll pull themselves if she is from salt earnest. Captain America. And you know I got to tell your arm eventually she will be found out. Of orbit op Ed writer above all it was how. Because it happened before where like for example in the prep and president Obama's. But I'm sorry president Clinton's administration. When he did. Welfare reform. Our major of our good friend is a major member of his cabinet. Quit and then broke very strong words about that pulse beat him his disagreement with an opposite effects. What are a proper person goes out this person in the count. What the times decided to run with this with the with. You know an anonymous person. Well I think it was there that the times. I have my disagreement and to pursue the newspaper that published. The Pentagon papers and they weighed it very carefully they say they got more deeply all of it caught or picked up a lot report from the without. The premier talent felt that this is something that beset. And the fact that I'm a senior administration official give it to wait so I don't blame but you're tied for doing there are certainly gonna make good money off group. I've been important. Event I think you've lost yesterday while in the capital what Baldwin in the city. Are so little there it certainly would newsworthy liberal on fire while. You know at what point does this go back to the president you know all throughout the campaign at 26 team we kept hearing about how. Tumultuous. It was in the campaign where you had to campaign. People who were on the staff. Coming and going in it was kind of wild in there and now we have this op Ed this pinning a similar picture and of course all the reports that preceded it. Of inside the White House I mean at some point oh you have to point a finger at the presence say you know what kind of shipper you running here. Bryant stopped buying this stuff all serial. Really I mean. You you're one of the people who on this air said it was tumultuous in that campaign and now a similar pictures being painted of the White House. And of course it would have been a tumultuous and WP year. Stand out I mean my could listen to what I tell you that this is a particular cattle org who has no idea. What really goes on the White House and we are proud of the work aren't telling you the truth you don't believe me you don't need to call here it would be okay. That's our bread was written course. If you look America uses words like a load stuff. Which sent directly to part doesn't turn enemy uses words like. Ours are also real were sent directly to general Kelly and then use words like first principles would send you directly to go to a general matter. This occurs in the so how. They dropped important words often used fighter Ali. To try to Robison and often that it's Howard you know what tumultuous the whole idea of how would like that. Writing this off their. And and hiding and trying to blame others that it's tumultuous and operate well that's their agreement on back probably need for some. On the left and right in unity to stand up and be counted or goal. Michael leaks are rampant in Washington house soon. Are we gonna know with a sense. Our you know our idea or we will find out you're back to Washington this person will probably. Leave the administration's going to take about what she. I think that Parker worked there and part of her really strange personality. But at the end of the day our water on the New York Times will not review. I think that she has carver threat significantly. Cheer painter's TARP fire Gerber president who received related to. And all of this will come out in the law. You expect it to happen soon given that I mean you've referenced her a number of times if you already know somebody else I'm sure does too. If it's Brian X it's one thing Gordana part of person with a member banks try to prove that. And try to do something about the benefit from it's related but someone who's powerful and ever point the government. Then we're gonna have a little problem getting rhythm mark we prepare for example what we have to do with understand that this all about impeach. All of our good the 2018. Our our mid term elections this person drop this thing very carefully very well aren't in order to. Mid term elections that the Democrats cervical. The trump supporters will stay home the Democrats went controlled house. And the president will be impeached that's what this is all about we got to get to permit her to deal with afterwards. Is this a name that we're familiar with. Of course it is the name that everyone from your work everywhere Bloomberg you're park service seem to remember the administration back there barely means that it is either gonna sit. I'm sorry our deputy director for the level of all the departments or harder this is not somebody who reports paper they're all. Our prospect of functionary in the National Security Council based page senior administration official that the New York Times that only about fifteen people. Does the president have an inkling who it is them. I'm not quite certain that the president does I'm doing everything I can't art form of our bird everybody's around and I know who understands. On the nature of the person that wrote this thing understands exactly who she is that would eventually be brought under the white out and the other ones Tampa there's probably not think he too. Michael as a FaceBook post up with a photo of Elaine Chao in a red arrow pointing right to word for what that may be worth. Now this whole idea of White House administration officials leaking and talking to the Washington press isn't such a new phenomenon says Dave Leventhal regular contributor with WB yen. He's with the Center for Public Integrity. Almost every day there are quote. Senior White House officials who are talking to members perhaps this would happen all the time Whitney were members of the White House. We call for comment tried to get on the talk about something that's it now we can't ever names attached you can Courtis senior administrative official you can quote it is a senior White House special. That is just the regular native Europe and anyone including the president says that. At this is something that is abnormal. And that extra simply not kick to get all presidential administrations. Try to play this game that the than very. Strange situation now that there's somebody quite literally in the White House. Two is it is fighting against the president or trying to defend against. Actions that the person being the president is doing to be detrimental to the country's it's very bizarre situation. And one again that is really wild the whitehouse grout president. And just based on it many tweets that is creative about as in the past day. Hewitt significant significant degree again. There there's you know at all from the Bob Woodward book title other seem to be some degree you're here what this person is going to deal. I guess by the tone of the op Ed to you know you would say that dispersants fighting against the president but it's appeared to. May be always categorize it like that you know these people are advisors and they are advising the president on what they think. Ya how much of this is a shocking revelation how much of this is a White House official doing their job. And it and there's always part of that and also Q right now I think it's important to that. Regardless of who the person as they firm may be at its a cabinet secretary. There's going to be a limited amount that he or she is it going to be able to do the president is still the president then. Decisions are going to be made by the people who would have been what it to you. I execute the power to have advisors. And people who are in the orbit but not the decision makers themselves. They they inherently having limited ability to affect the ultimate outcome of political decisions that are going to be made. Fallout from this one no doubt for a long time to come. That's 930 and 716. We're back tomorrow with a net irritation from the studios of WD EA and buffalo all.