U-S/South Korea Maneuvers Rile North Korea - Luis Martinez


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X for going. Live to the Pentagon this morning North Korea threatening. To cancel the upcoming summit between Kim John known and president trump over military exercises that are going on. With South Korea and the US at Louis Martinez is joining us live from the Pentagon Lilly what did these military exercises include. Good morning is this is an annual exercise between US and South Korea. All four air combat drills essentially about a hundred aircraft maybe 15100 personnel. On the aircraft throughout this guy is training for it or air combat. I think areas of the net debt that China outfit or defensive in nature. I'll pick it North Korea insists it's a provocative and and are just planning for strikes inside Eritrea. That was just huge he'd be careful and Fox's glee is South Korea that would date. Last night the issue itself or its statement. But if Foreign Ministry saying that they mean that even go to the Trout in summit on the if the fault that you want is just the unilateral reduction of. A third nuclear weapons program in return for economic sanctions. It has like they're opening the scope they want something war off from the top but felt that that's for things are right now apple has so little uncertainty about. Whether those stocks are gonna happen part. But the Pentagon kind of shows and know what I hesitancy in saying that since these exercises are going to continue. I thank eight day that the exercises are a lot scheduled on the again actually on Monday in the future may 25. I'm in their part of a larger she wanted exercises that the US and South Korea hold at least bring. And the Mercury has always said that say you are provocation it always been against it. Oh wait we have the right up to the potential war is he directly let. So talk without Korea. On the east purchase ailing back in the top firms in generalities that you know. A tiny they're necessary I'm and it totally understand that they have to happen and then there had been no provocative comments from the north. Old the last few months says those exercises continued. Both they were very quietly picking killed by the US. If you went on the military video thank you would like any videos and and taking place as the happening in the past but it just sell public. This is the excuse that they're using right now that he had. Italy where these exercises take place is at. Anywhere near the DMZ. And I know that the embassy. You know stretches that divide between both North Korea and South Korea. All of these exercises held strictly along the southern part of the country. Sure some of those bases where they launch from mark the sixty miles self with the DMZ. Of the aircraft could be approaching and you ready to fly in the water to what I stick fly over and South Korea. That is technically the typically they tried to avoid getting close. She's reportedly treated just because. I don't want a voice of time any kind of provocation. Our debts correspondent Louis Martinez. A live at the Pentagon this morning.