U-S/Canada Trade War - Congressman Brian Higgins


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We've been talking this morning about the bombing trade war between the US and Canada and joining us now on the line is congressman Brian Hagan says but before we get to that so wanna talk with you. Just a moment about us your thoughts on the current direction. Of the Democratic Party. And seeing this morning ID you have some thoughts on Nancy Pelosi kind of the direction the party is headed. I'm wondering what you're seeing them what your deciding this morning. Well Democratic Party that he's offered something affirmative Ian and the fact it would match. Advancing. As an alternative to crichton's biggest campaign promise that the infrastructure bilk it nobody here and he period. Congress does not debating the nation's mayors and governors are you know because a lot of real bill. Democratic EQ offer ultra commitment to one point I was going dollar bill. It will create a kind of millions of jobs over the next on news it will produce. Economic growth one and a half and in addition true. It truly have and as the economy look at without it. There is something substantial that the new goal. The Democratic Party but they all ought be out of policy credibility possible. Without it we're just gotten debate. And you know I don't I'm not going and the president trump but I think we have to the party. Popular culture something beyond that and and that is substantial plan and help here. In infrastructure that we haven't gone. Does present plan proposed that twenty billion dollars each year conflict a lot of money over ten years that it. Your lead in the month month and there have been spent. We don't devoted Christians are asking. Where we can nation building at home in America. Are you saying the leadership just isn't there right now from Nancy Pelosi. I'm saying leadership Democrat parties not bear arms and you can issues yet to be specific you have to tell people what you want to do. How he's been doing and how it's going to affect a lot of that not happened we need to do better party. Not only nationally but locally as well. Brandi a trade war that's brewing between the US and Canada. What does this mean for buffalo as a border city. Well it's important thing about this in the port in Hamburg. And you can't eight. Or chablis plant in Ocala area. There should not be terrorists. Product will be back and forth between the border. We are highly dependent on the economy at southern Ontario in ballclub Western Europe. We get the bills and sabres probably because at that we have jetBlue airlines. Southwest Airlines to supplement an international airport because he added. They a couple of days in southern Ontario but it you know he's thinking a bit of the world market street partners. 99 could amount of trade between the united impeachment. Is Arab person. That this administration this president is evoking. A national security concern. You impose. Tariffs on steel and aluminum I don't think anybody believes that national security threat to date. So it could increase at hurts you in the same direction and publish your book though not. From the larger automobile manufacturing. To smaller component parts well. Do you think that is a bigger issue or is just this kind of thing issue of image. The bigger problem that we're facing right now where you have two nations that are supposed to be very close allies. At this continuing war of words with one another. Yeah we're friends were trading partners that candidate who whipped us in every war. They've been great ally. 22 you know how can the president or at negotiations. And North Korea on the suggested by. No he's not. A Canadian crime and it doesn't make a lot of sense but I think there's no the United States it is in the nation 320. Young people. A candidate in the nation at 36 million people. We both have mixed economy we bulk support strong walker writes songs bottom of strong human rights. It seems to me the better strategy could be combined effort is the institute can't to gain more outrage over Mexico could get a better. North American Free Trade Agreement to bring back. A lot of Americans you know keep in mind at Tyco. When toward the plate were founded in buffalo well over a hundred years ago. And try to go employed by the manufacturer. Michael Gordon that we ensure what complain. Or per decade. And those when she's beat Mexican. Border. You know those are the kind of job that night if he can and should be combined workforce is. Are productive and stay with an obviously not have to. And Brian we know that members of both parties are challenging the president over this. Do you think something will be done before this all kicks him. I don't this issue out what they were going to do the bipartisan bill on that. Technically their provision which allowed the President Clinton folk. He should security concerns. Gupta RT position. That that could be due to go to court level and they're not in the bill. So our president technical authority to continue to. It there must take it away and it doesn't period doesn't support. Particulate.