U-S Combined Bid Wins 2026 World Cup - Ryan Burrow


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A joint bid including the US Canada and Mexico has been awarded the fifa World Cup in 20/20 six correspondent Ryan Borough. Is covering this Brian a lot of anticipation for the decision this morning how much of a surprise was it. You know it wasn't much of the supply the United States I should say the united did which includes the United States Canada and Mexico. Once a long favorite. However it was so late entry by Morocco they kind of folk raise some eyebrows. I'll Morocco thinking if you could take on the kind of proximity. Q African nations as well as European nations saying essentially look we can put. At these games in prime time and look at the audience that will get but. I at the end of the gate at the united bid which includes Mexico and hit that 43 venues in total seventeen in the US. Would promised eleven billion dollars in profits to people whereas the Morocco won only promised five billion dollars self. You know they did they really came down probably to at the financial well said Don. Now this is so being called the unite did did did with the US Canada and Mexico but most of these games are going to be played in the US strength. Correct seventeen venues across the United States the cities on the West Coast midwest and East Coast as well only three in Mexico three. In Canada and we're not exactly sure what realm these games will be played and that that it's an exciting moment first sports then soccer in America because. We have hosted the World Cup in 99 before it's got a while but we ravens have a team participating in 4018 because. I didn't qualify there's still polluting cute jeans and they qualify for the World Cup now there will be forty. Eighteen by the year 22 point six of the US almost certainly get and that's. Today hopefully finance World Cup final though we know where that'll be held rain. And at MetLife stadium. OK you're talking about the 20/20 sixty sorry yes yes indeed that. They'll be excited. And coming up to a wolf kind of get a better sense of where the games will be played. But says do we have the actual World Cup for this year starting tomorrow. And maybe this like a little consolation prize for all of us who are so bombed that we're not going to be able to cede the US play we have this look forward to. Yet you know I've actually been talking with some soccer officials here in the United States about how this will hurt the sport in the United States not happen again yet American team to unite behind. I think I don't think it will be used level they say registration is as strong as it's ever bad. It's still a sport that that's really appreciated at the youth level what you know the Americans. The casual American made up stay up that block some of these games surfer countries that. They're not familiar with spike the whole aspect of the campaign to be that it is root for your roots secure German. I root for team Germany if you're Portuguese refer for the Portuguese team itself. I'll we'll see how that plays then we'll see what the numbers look like in the United States re going to be Cold War. You know it's a tough one I've got one side of my family from Germany once sat in my camera from Sweden they play each other and Saturday the 23 act. Who I love mark. All Mascoll Betsy you know what but that'll tell your both your parents who you actually do love more is so what color should happen on Saturday. Ordered American shirt that. It's good though alternative hey Ryan thanks so much. For the update is the US or wins their World Cup bid now it's a US Mexico Canada but. Like 75% of the games are being played in the US including all of the knock out round to gain so would the US getting the bulk of the World Cup. In two point 16.