Tyrod Taylor Back in at QB

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Wednesday, November 22nd
Head Coach Sean McDermott begins his Wednesday news conference by naming Tyrod Taylor the starter for Sunday's game against Kansas City

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If you go headed in. Open up to questions. Tyrod Taylor will be a starting quarterback. This Sunday. And the right thing for a team. I. Here. Yeah there's some dialogue with the united if you overall council. Mike Mike always dialogue with our team and and so that's always that's always a part that. It is nice what was the response. They used twelfth in just what does what you expect the pro and you know he knows he understands and any moves forward just like we all do we were focused on the chief at this time. The U. Like every position every position saying we evaluate every week. Who we elect is. Is. Is there in the right to be the start. What date and so. Partners. Can. Work something out. There. So that's all part of the process. At some point rookies have to play and each CNET from our team you're seeing that even number. By the young players play. Possibly impact that. It's like it better if you play young players you develop. They get experience. They learn from. Things and then and then they get better that's how we all improvement that they develop the future of an organization that's paid developed sustained success that tea. Now the foundation. Continued to to develop players and some of those players are young players and that's ankles with. What. Iris for an you can. Come back in June he just having conversation and insurance maybe it's that definitely needs its impact. Got sent down in the first place in the congress. Started. Nice focused on the cheek to slip meal and he's pro. You know that we understand this week and I expect him to prepare like he's always prepared and come out in this football team. He's going to be he will not practice today so is I dated today. Situation there. I incurred in Davis beat Kurt I possibly could break so that policy thing. If people that you wait for I. Think this. It well. It's always about team so it's about team. And a it will always about the team Whitney. You know on the early focused on the playoffs and focused on China beat cheese that's that's the where our focus isn't where policy needs to be this league is. Is what it is value all CNET for years this year and if in fact it sure is probably a little bit more of well week to week so he saw that last last week. And so anything other than that anything and our focus being on the chiefs right now would be huge mistake it's a good football team. Good football team you know and your reads a heck of a coach. And and they've been challenged in all over the last couple weeks and and like we've been challenged only got to get a heavier focus on the next opponent that's Chi's restaurant. Here. And in effect such a quick hits him. It's. What. It's. Is. It's. What's important number one and now he's in the right frame of mind so that's that's check in check that first box and then. After that is what did we learn from the experience what you do with you we take out of it. There was some good plays in their two and there are some places we all know. In go our way. Men and. He also has to understand that was not all him. And so that's that's an important part so he only takes it to the next time he learned from those and he continues to get better every day. That's there's no fear that when you change greatness there's no fear in rates and I want him to embrace that that mindset. As well as our whole team. It's. This. Week. Well. It. Really again so when you focus on that when you're looking. Your rearview mirror too long in this league lose sight of what's fraud and yet the focus. On the chiefs because more time we spent focusing on that's what that's what month it was forced put nagging it and learn from. We've got to focus on cheese and that's for myself as well as our team. That's well folks. It. When you. So today's Wednesday right so I'm focused on the cheek that's over that's where we're focused. Those questions are for Monday those questions are for early and we we're going forward votes change. It. Do I mean when you go through the situation where we are and where we're going Philly it's the right thing for this team just like. We know I felt like the right thing for the team it start by directing this team's star Kyra. Lets you know it's part of it unite would all parts of the just like any decision you evaluate all parts that you thorough with your process leading up to the decision. And the rationale in terms of what kitchen to decisions that's that's all part. What you say but. It's. Important T do you where you that was. Yours is the whole thing feel what is kind of driving. Thoughts when you decide if especially that crippled vision that when we first match. That's just yet resolved. That's all part of salads. Any trust your guess you get to feel the pulse he would understand worry r.s eighteen understand where you're trying to go now and in the future. How are you trying to build this thing. I try to establish a standard of what's expected that's all all that goes into. Decisions that that that we make decisions that I make in this case and and and so biggest thing right now that we can do is focus on that opponent this weekend and in that opponents Kansas City Chiefs in a strong team. Yeah. Concern you you or taxes now or the guys. Over. We'll. He did. These are listed below you if you. Different. What are. Is there where it would vote court app that. We just do his job. Do your job. Do war. You job. Who I was entries are here. A I'd be happy to do that that's. So these foreign players will not practice John Miller Kelvin Benjamin according Glenn. And the end Dawkins Dion has a has ailments right now. And then limit will be. Charles clay Jordan Matthews Mike Tolbert. DT captain Thomson and then house. We're any closer. It back up your turn. Status is status has changed. You. That's yeah that's what we're we're hopeful for that. You know right now it's still. Oh. It. You know not really. He's gone through that than normal rehab process Christians and you know retain dated it's really feel thing for him. Trying to make sure he's in the right. Place on it as we move forward continued rehab. With Korea's. There. I think part of it is so large part it is interesting big picture a currently others. A lot of teams. All in the hunt we're on buses city hearings today Thanksgiving. And posted in an amendment in the hot stick around that table Mars and on as a Latino that wish they hide Warren on. And it's what you do with it it's how we continue to grow and get better. And develop. That's what it looked for us to do is continue to get better every week every practice every rat. Race that mindset. How does that change. And made what's. Actually put it up ludicrous. I was combines that Sheen pulled into this thing. Org. It's not so Hussein the mindset has always been the same it's it's mind sort of the developing mines that still in the mindset of of growing and every week you look to get better disliking him with a minute mile to get better every rip every play. You know we're not we're not focused on his state. Plows were focused on on what we're trying to get to a grander vision of what we're trying to become and when we get there. You know it. That this town feel and Marie continued to build towards that as we move forward. It's. More. We've got a lot of work to allow worked and you know we spent a lot of time. Last couple of days looking at that side of the ball like we did that we before and seen what we can do better and allow we can do better net. You know that starts with me so. We get a decent things better there and starts with. Get control as you've heard me say before. Understanding how we fit runs understand what it takes to figure runs right way. And then it goes into the passing game after that affect the quarterbacks. On this allowed on that side of the ball we can improve on. Now. Well. Well you had so that's a great point week we've. We operated from you know a position detriment quite the line and we've got to make sure we stale schedule. To be third and second 113 eleven whatever it is third sentinels are. The the probability is not in your corner at that point so. You wanna be out as if there's mediums third shorts. Or write in another first down after that so staying on schedule as they. And that's you know we've we've had a problem there and it found ways to fix this but. That it once. Now he can't mean it's not really typically you ever one thing. Obviously it's not ever want players. Everyman doing their job and and new applicants and why are they creating negative plays but he has artistic with the penalty. Which also is big and there were behind this takes time so staying on schedule to. Yeah. It. It. That was my vision. Honestly dislike. Trying to lead this organization towards towards a goal and vision. You know when I first met Andy years ago. He is the first one that kind of established. Hey you can do it's if you do things the right way and and bike and if you do things right wing alone paid the price. And not a great deal that he's a great football coach he's even better off the field in terms of the person. And how organized is. One of the greatest things that are from and he has. Hampshire you know he's using it now like we are ours hate stayed true position. And I'm planning to set forth when nations and countries now as well. I. We talk about everything. You know Brandon I'm particular week discuss every move even when we don't make moves out we discuss things and it means every day. I mean upsides. There's a lot of thousand. And indigenous to this area against. That was a filibusters. But another nick yet we. We look at everything we talk about everything. As far as Brad and I concerns and then like this before and we communicate with them with ownership and their very supportive. Affect. There. Are. It. It is with respect and we we we talked continuously. Times during the year like it is for most coaches pat you guys as the attacks. And so you know he'll send me a text Austin and the taxpayers who watch these games are parlance gains. And us and the texture. And so you know that's part of the relationship. And the health respected that I have for any. There were. He's been getting it get a good job gain in day. And felt like it's at that point he'd impressed. Us both in the run and the pass game and funny and wells though and we'll continue nightly at that four zip. There. Well he's got this week. A game you grow you learn from every experience where you win or lose if your if your why the right way you alarming. And I just I just believe that that's what you did you learn from Andy Reid are from different coach from from our coaches. And use it to better yourselves and in this case. You situations to better myself and you know that's that's what you do every day because we've got to be better I have to be better tomorrow than analysts today and that's the growth mindset that's what I wanna team. It's too religious breaks that. And focused on that. Sometimes you can't handle you can't control everything. You get a control things you can control and that's attitude preparation effort that's those type of things every week every day different.